2009-11-17: Sydney Wynns



Date: November 17, 2009


Ivory's therapist tries to break up with him, but ends up being his key to sanity, and vows to be his conscience in such odd times.

"Sydney Wynns"

Ivory's Limo

All it takes is a phone call. A phone call to set up the next appointment. It came from one of his many female assistants, but the Senator of Wynning Ivory has decided it's time for another session. And that could mean so many different things. That same classic limo has pulled up in front of the building, just to make sure that its easily recognizable. Even the back window has been rolled down in an effort to let Senator Wynn's slightly shadowed face be seen by the therapist if she's upon the side of the street like she was last time.

And, like last time, Sydney is waiting outside the building, in her black knee-length a-line dress, and matching black heels. Her peacoat s done up, covering her otherwise bare arms. Feeling secure in her resolve Sydney clutches her pad of paper, a pen, and a card for her supervisor. Yes, she's going to refer Ivory on. But moving a client on isn't something to be done on the phone; rather, it should be done in person. And so she agreed to meet with him again.

With that familiar clapping noise of stilettos on pavement, she strolls up to the limo and opens the door for herself. Yes, she independent, and it's not worth waiting for the driver to do so. "Senator," she smiles as she slides into the limo.

Ivory raises an eyebrow, looking as if he's about to turn and take some words to the back of Gimmie Dat's head. But then Sydney doesn't appear to look upset about the door not being held for her and thus he just kind of lets it slide. He'll have to get to the reprimanding a little bit later. Right now, though, he's trying to figure out something else. Like why there's formalities. Ick. "I thought I told you to call me Ivory." He's already grinning like he knows where this whole appointment is going to be headed. Almost like he's ready to just jump right into it. But there's very likely a big difference between what he's thinking and what Sydney is.

Sydney can almost feel her determination wavering. She bites her bottom lip, "Yes, well… I…" Her face flushes, her palms feel moist, and butterflies fight against the inside of her stomach. "Iv— Senator," her eyes narrow into slits. "I need… to tell you that…" She feels like she's about to melt, her thoughts are becoming cloudy, but she fights the urge sweeping over her "… I can't be your therapist anymore." There, she said it. Took her long enough.

Ivory immediately frowns. Here he was about to take this woman on a drive through the city and there's no reason to do that now. Not while she's breaking up with him. "… You decided this after one session? Was I really that bad of a headcase?" Ivory's eyes are narrowed too. In addition to the frown that's climbed onto his face. He doesn't look like a happy camper in the least. In fact, he looks like he's offended. "I thought we had something special, you and I."

"Ivory— " Sydney raises a hand to her forehead. "It's… it's not like that. I…" She shakes her head and places it next to her in the car. Her shoes have suddenly become the most interesting thing in the limo. "It's been a very very very trying month and a half. And after last week I… I couldn't get you off my mind… and I…" Frown. Sigh. "I'm a professional. And a friend I trust said some stuff about you… " She sighs again before biting her lip. "And I don't know what to believe."

"… Oh. I see." Ivory sighs and looks down at the floor of the limo. Especially when he hears what the reason is. "I suppose asking you to be unbiased was asking too much. I shouldn't have started this." Ivory leans his head into his hands, trying to figure out why in the world he even tried to get some help. Can't get any help. Help is not allowed for Senator Ivory Wynn. "I won't push you. It's not my place. People only know what they know. I thought you'd get the chance to see who I really am. But… I guess that's not in the cards." He's reaching into his jacket at this point to get out his wallet. "I'll pay you for your full hour, Ms. Falkland. I appreciate what you did for me last time, at least."

"Ivory, I wasn't going to leave you high and dry, my boss, she's a better therapist. And I've already scheduled my time for this today…" Sydney soothes as she slides a bit closer towards him. "And I am unbiased, I don't really believe it's true, but I know he believes it's true and I…" Sigh. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have leapt to conclusions. I should've asked…" But then how does a person ask this kind of thing? She frowns as she reaches out to place a comforting hand on his back. "It's not your fault I have such paranoid friends…"

"Look. I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do." Ivory's words are coming out as honest as he possibly can make them come out. Which is pretty damn honest, considering that he doesn't. "All I want is someone to talk to. I have the nation on my shoulders and everyone I even try to communicate with has some kind of preconceived notion of who I am and I've already been sentenced to death before I even open my mouth." Ivory shrugs, still going through the wallet to try and count up the money needed to pay for the session. "I don't need anyone else. If you're not going to help me, then I'm just not gonna' get any help. That simple."

Sydney blinks, "I…" A moment of hesitation. Her resolve is gone. She can't leave the poor Senator alone with no one to talk to, can she? Not in good conscience. "Put your wallet away," she says rather calmly. "You are my client and I think we have rapport. Amy can find her own Senator's brain to shrink." And then she continues, "Besides, you can't not talk to someone. I knew last time that you needed a sounding board. Consider me your sounding board. Anything you say will be met with rapt attention," that's understating it. She slides right next to him, almost leaning into him as she draws undiscernable figures on his leg, "Your personal therapist. At your beck and call to do your bidding. Any hour. Any day." Smile.

Wow. Ivory's a little confused about what's happening right now. Especially with the sudden placement of Sydney next to him. He can't seem to put his wallet away fast enough. Though, even while doing that, he looks a little wary. His eyebrow raises up and he turns a bit to look at her. "So wait. You're telling me that I can call you… at any time… no matter what's going on…?" Ivory's not even sure if he believes it. "Okay. Let's see about this. Pop Quiz." And the smile on his face is practically beaming, since it seems like he's just going to toss out a playful little question. "It's 3AM. I'm alone in my apartment. I call you. The bus ride from NY to DC is… insane. But I need you." He grins. Yes, -THAT- kind of grin. "What do you do?"

"Any time. Any day," Sydney soothes as her fingers touch the edge of his tie. She smiles flirtatiously. Biting her bottom lip she tilts her head still rapt on his every word. Her lips twitch as she emits a flirtatious giggle, her fingers still fixed on his chest, "Hmmm…" She bats her eyelashes ever so slightly, "Well…" Mischievous grin, "I slide out of bed, put on my trenchcoat, and hop the bus." The smile continues on as she leans into him. "Has anyone ever told you that your smile could melt a girl's heart?"

Ivory's eyes travel down to where the fingers are… all over him. He can't help but to find himself smiling even more now. It's not his fault that he's staring to get distracted from his pop quiz. "Well. I'd say that's a right answer. B+." Ivory smirks a little bit, since he's already started this new line of analogies or what not. He might as well continue on with it. "I can leave it at that. Unless, of course, you'd like to work harder for a better grade." Uh oh. Who knows what he could be thinking about right now in terms of making her earn that A.

"Ivory," Sydney blinks as she begins to unbutton her peacoat, still smiling. She slides the coat off her shoulders. "I told you last time, I'm an overachiever. Do you think I could settle for anything less than an A? I've never had a quiz I couldn't ace," she pouts playfully as she continues to fidget with his tie as she kicks off her shoes.

Ivory has no idea what's wrong with Sydney. But he's not about to stop her from taking stuff off. That's for sure. What kind of a male would he be if he did that? Not a good one, that's for more sure. "I love that about you." Ivory admits, reaching up to stroke at his chin. "Bonus Question. I come all the way from D.C. to see you. You try to pawn me off on some other therapist. But you realize the error of your ways. Unfortunately, I'm really pissed off." Pause. "What do you do?"

"I pay penance, Ivory," Sydney's lips twitch again as she raises a hand to his cheek before planting a light kiss on his neck. She lifts her chin slightly as she whispers directly in his ear, "Anything you want Senator…" She plants another equally light kiss on his cheek. She backs up to look him the eyes, "Is that penance enough, Senator?"

Ivory just shakes his head. Even though he's got a big ol' smile on his face, he can't stop himself from pushing his limits. He's just going to keep pushing Sydney's buttons until she goes off. Or something like that. Here he goes again. "Not even close. I'm very, very, very angry. I even feel… betrayed." His expression is not even showing any sort of this displeasure. He's more happy now than when he pulled up! "Shame on you, Ms. Falkland. Shame."

Pouting playfully, Sydney furrows her eyebrows, "Well you certainly aren't being very forgiving are you?" She tilts her head at him, and unzips the back of her dress. "Better, Senator?" She still kind of wearing it, but it hangs precariously on her shoulders as she continues to study him. "Or… do you have an idea of how I can make it up to you?"

"Ideas? Me? Would I have something like that? Really?" Senator Wynn just kind of smiles, though. "What I do have, though, is the rest of the day to watch you try." Seems like Wynn has cleared his schedule for this particular meeting of the minds. And he's already starting to see that somebody's not wanting to keep her clothes all the way on. Interesting. "How would you like to come back with me to D.C. for the night?"

Biting her lip, Sydney kind of nods at the invitation before she manages slyly, "Well… only if it would please you, Ivory…" Pause. "Of course I would. I'm not doing anything important." Her appointments can wait, can't they? No one is suicidal or anything. People can do without their therapist for awhile. She adds in a whisper she sidles up next to him again, pressing her side into his, "I would follow you to the ends of the earth, Ivory Wynn." And she's not lying. Lazily she strains her neck to look up at him, in as near to a moment of clarity as she can have at this moment, "That decision you were trying to make last time we talked… did you come to any conclusions?" There's a short pause, "Did it involve trains?" It's almost a test. Almost. Except, even if Ivory doesn't pass Syd's not going anywhere.

Ivory just kind of slaps on the wall to have Gimmie Dat continue on his way and drive them back towards D.C. This should be an eventful ride. But before the events can actually happen, Ivory can see that he's going to have to deal with this issue. "The train thing is true. But that was before I knew anything. That was back when I was blindly following orders. Then they crossed the line. They kidnapped a couple of children that had nothing to do with anything. Innocent children. And that's a line I can't cross." Ivory's words come right on out without a problem. "I refuse to stand by and let them torment innocent people any more. I just… have to play it smart or we'll lose the only leverage we have in me being the head of the organization responsible for all this mess in the first place." Oh yes. The Fall Guy.

Sydney studies Ivory a moment and tilts her head, "What can I do to help?" The tone is sincere. She fully believes Ivory, of course, he could tell her he's an ostrich at this moment and she'd believe him. "I'm a mediator by nature— " or ability as the case may be. She swallows as she smiles sweetly at him. She adds with that same sweet smile, "I knew you were valiant from the moment I met you. No one could convince me otherwise." Make her skeptical? Yes. Convince her? Heck no.

"Right now? I need you to keep me sane. I need you to be my cheerleader and help me stay on track. They… can be very persuasive when they want to be. And if I'm going to take on the President, I'm going to need a constant reminder that I'm actually doing the right thing. It's going to be hard enough trying to do this and not end up on the nightly news." Ivory speaks more truth, unable to really stop himself from just confiding in his hottie therapist.

"So much pressure…" Sydney bites her bottom lip as her entire expression softens further. "I'll be your sanity," she soothes easily. She's being helpful, right? "And I was serious. I'm your therapist, 24/7," she reaches over to squeeze his hand before she lets her dress slip off her shoulders, exposing her black slip underneath. "But more than that, I'll help be your conscience, Ivory Wynn." Smile.

"Thank you. You don't understand how much that means to me." Ivory says, before his attention shifts back to more important matters. "But! Let us leave things like that for another time. We have a long ride ahead of us. And I was hoping we could find another way to pass the time." Wink. Yes, the Senator just gave Sydney his patented Wink of Wynn. He's clearly ready to get this party started, thanks to the way Sydney keeps trying to remove her clothes. Mrowl.

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