2007-08-14: DF: Sylph Rising


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Summary: While training, Peter Petrelli and Elena run into a spirit of the wind. Not only does Peter absorb her ability and nearly cause a disturbance of his own, but they finally get some information that could be the most important pieces of information he's gotten in the future so far.

Dark Future Date: August 14th, 2009

Sylph Rising

Ruins of New York

Much of the city has been transformed by the last few years, leaving behind collapsed buildings and torn up roads. This would be one such area. A few buildings remain in skeletal form, with windows popped out and jagged pieces of glass clinging to the frames. Others have collapsed into piles of concrete and steel. Very little life remains in this part of the city, but that doesn't mean it's empty. For example, there's two people moving through the rubble. One of them is considerably faster than the other, but she probably knows her training partner needs a break, which is why she's actually waiting for him when he finally catches up, immediately dropping to his hands and knees to take unsteady breaths. Peter's eyes are still green (thanks to Boost) when he looks up towards her. "You're— a lot— faster than me…" And he used to think he was athletic. No longer the case.

The young woman he's been trying to catch up with has managed to land on top of one of the small piles of debris scattered around this portion of the desolate cityscape. Elena's fingerless-gloved hand brace onto her hips, glancing down where she's seemingly run Peter ragged. Her golden eyes gradually shift to brown, letting go of the ability as she stops the current run for now. There was no shame in running, in fact, she did it often before she learned how to fight with it.

"Can't be helped," she tells him. "I'm a lot lighter than you are and I've mastered it." She's let -him- do this ability on his own, so when she lets go of the power. "You can let go of it now. Slowly. Take deep breaths. Even breaths, and concentrate on slowing down your heart. Close your eyes if you have to."

After delivering her instructions, she props her foot up on another scrap of debris, surveying her surroundings and narrowing her eyes a little bit. She lost track of how far they've run today. Unfolding her neurotransmitter-homing ability, she lets that loose in its maximum range to try and detect other living bodies that might be around.

Empty places have a way of attracting people. Especially the people who want to be left alone. Evelyn winds her way through the rubble-strewn streets as if quite familiar with them, pausing when she enters a clearer stretch to shake back shoulder-length black hair and glance around. There are always surprises in the debris field — such as the pair of people down the way. Hazel eyes narrow as the girl studies them; when she resumes walking a moment later, she drifts to the other side of the ruined road, clearly planning to give them a wide berth.

Deep breaths, feel his heart slow— yeah— that's easier said than done. But Peter does close the heavily green flecked brown eyes and tries to follow the instructions where he kneels in the rubble. Within moments, he gets it where it needs to be, though he's paler than he probably should be, in the aftermath. Like someone who exersized too much and needs to sit down and have some juice. But when he looks back up at her, surveying the area, his eyes are brown again, only the barest hint of any other colors present when the light hits him just right. "What— what're you looking for? Do we— need to get back?" Homeland patrols are a worry in this day and sage, he knows that, but he's still not used to all of this. Still, he gets to his feet.

She doesn't coddle him, though to give credit where credit is due, Peter was certainly coping with that aspect of her ability better than she did when she first started with it. But at the halting, breathless question, Elena doesn't say anything. At least, not yet. She does sense something coming however, pinging into her mental radar. Human. Female. Alone. "Someone's coming." Her hand drops down to her Glock sidearm at the small of her back. But…Evelyn becomes visible, and while her fingers brush on her gun, she doesn't pull it out. She squints at her. She looks familiar. But where?

Empty hands by her sides, Evelyn keeps a cautious and maybe-safe distance as she continues to walk, steps slow. She watches Elena and Peter from the corner of her eyes, so it takes the teenager a while to realize they're oddly familiar. Not a welcome feeling, to Ev's mind, but she steadfastly ignores the hint of a breeze that moves through the skeletal buildings and toys with her hair. The longer Elena stares at her, the more uncomfortable the girl becomes, until she finally looks directly at them — and then thinks better of whatever she might have said. She doesn't need to see behind Elena's back to figure out the meaning of that stance.

"What?" Peter asks in an unsteady voice, having not quite regained his breath yet. Maybe one of the things helping him train her power so well came from already being fairly athletic to begin with— or maybe his body just adjusts a little easier considering… he's constantly switching between abilities as it is already. Far more often than he had been two years ago (or two weeks ago to him). He has to follow her eyes until he sees the figure— that does look familiar. But he has an advantage. It's only been a couple weeks since he saw the girl— even if she's too far away to be sure, and there's differences. Only when he notices the cautious stance that his companion has taken does he say anything, "You don't have to reach for a weapon all the time…" He's almost sounding as if he's chastizing her a little. "It's okay— we're not here to hurt you." Don't mind trigger happy over there. And she really does seem familiar. Maybe once she's closer— and even if she doesn't start getting closer, he does.

She doesn't have to reach for a weapon all the time. Elena gives him a glance, her eyebrow lifting upwards slightly. For once, she holds back what she's got in her mind - that he was right. She didn't -have- to reach a weapon all the time, but for completely different reasons away from any semblance of pacifism. But she removes her hand from the small of her back, leaving both hands visible and unoccupied. She'll let Peter approach the young woman though - and seeing her clearly now, she can't help but feel a little guilty. She was…young. Very young. What was she doing here by herself?

There's a few ways Ev' could parse Peter's statement, if she was minded to be suspicious. And she is. "Right. The ones that say that are always trouble." Her tone is dry without much humor; the flicker of a smile which crosses her face falls equally short. The girl stops moving as Peter goes on the approach, but only lets him close up to a point; she takes a step back well before he reaches the conventional three feet of 'personal space', laying claim to a lot more. Well before that, the wind in the street picks up to the point where Evelyn is forced to shove her hair back out of her face. Repeatedly. "What do you want?"

There's quite a breeze. Luckily Peter's hair is short so it doesn't even hang past his eyebrows right now. There's a single black curl that touches his forehead near the middle, and it shifts in the breeze, but otherwise… "I recognize you— you were at the— at the hospital, and then the bookstore." The three feet of personal space is more than enough to make out her face, even if it's changed over the years. He glances back towards Elena, "She was in the quarantine with us— a few mo— two years ago?" It was a lot less time ago to him. Whatever did happen to that scary virus that they worried about. "We don't really want anything, we were just passing through and— do you need anything?"

The quarantine. Recognition shifts on Elena's face as she stares at Evelyn. "…I remember now," she says. She suddenly finds herself in th middle of a memory. The sterile, white walls, the snarky nurse. She remembers Yael bleeding from the hand, and Jack trying to help. She remembers the cop, the blonde nurse. She remembers falling asleep on Peter's shoulder and spending the night that way. And Evelyn, the quiet girl in the corner just watching. Waiting. She slides her hands in her pockets, dropping from the hill of debris and walks a few steps closer. And then, the wind. It kicks up a bit. She can't help but turn her gaze to where it was coming from.

The hospital…? Evelyn is quiet a while. "…Oh. And the bookstore," she finally replies. "Yeah, I remember you." Hazel eyes flick to Elena; she remembers both of them. Her gaze returns to Peter when he speaks back up, although it doesn't stay still long; she keeps an eye on Elena's movements. The girl can't help but grit her teeth as a gust of wind meets Elena's glance up the street. Just breathe. Careful, deliberate breaths. "No, I don't need anything." The statement is perhaps more defensive than true.

Yeah, the hospital and the bookstore. There's a lot going on inside his head. Just like the other young woman who'd been in that room with them, Peter's flashing back to it as well. That had been a long night, and one he's not soon to forget, for reasons very different from the other two. But he's also concerned about the girl gritting her teeth, and the reaction that she gives. "Are you…?" he starts asking— but doesn't finish. All of a sudden another disturbance hits the air around him, exploding outward in a burst of air that rushes at high speeds away from him. It starts just at the distance the dark haired girl is from him, and extends for quite a ways, sweeping up debris and pushing away dust, and creating quite a visual disturbance. Not only that, it may knock the two women down if they aren't careful. One person, at least, would have an idea what it is— though it's entirely caused by one person untouched by it— because he's standing at the center.

That was unexpected. Elena's eyes widen as the sudden gale explodes outwards. She wasn't expecting this - the weather in New York's been wonky since the freakish weather phenomenon that happened two years ago. However, she didn't expect this - the girl being Evolved, or that this was her power. "Pete— !" The warning is cut off when the wind slams at her right in the face, knocking her backwards and sending her a few feet away thanks to the direction that she's headed. She bounces off a rock, rolls off it, and disappears behind it. Don't worry. She'll be -fine-!

Peter's question passes in one ear and out the other, not even really heard by the girl. Sensitive to air movements in a way she wasn't two years ago, Evelyn can't miss the pressure building. She's not sure /why/ it's happening — it's not her… right? — Evelyn yelps, crossing her arms in front of her face and looking away. Where the wind reaches within ten feet of her position, its speed is severely blunted, to something far less dangerous. Once it's passed, the girl staggers and lets her hands fall, bringing one back up a moment later to wipe a trickle of blood from her face. Since she takes the time to look between it and Peter, he has opportunity to see the scars on said hand — rather shapeless and indistinct, but covering most of the skin.

What— Peter's had major disturbances when it comes to his abilities in the past, but few left such a wake of… possible devestation (nuclear bomb aside). He hears his name yelled through the wind, and glances back to see Elena fall and tumble down into the rubble. There's a hint of panic in his expression, but it's the blood that draws his attention when he looks back towards the young woman. "What— did— was that…?" It's not easy being able to absorb people's abilities and occassionally display them completely at random, like this. But it's her blood and the scars that draw his attention most. He glances back towards where Elena fell— please be all right— before he tries to approach her. The atmosphere is decidedly unstable right now, almost threatening another similar burst, but it doesn't happen yet.

The teenager shakes her head slowly. "I'm… not sure." Sticking her finger in her mouth to wash off the blood, she looks over at where Elena was thrown to, then back to Peter. A gust of wind flits between the buildings; Evelyn doesn't even make the attempt to fix her hair, this time. Hazel eyes narrow, and she lets her hand fall. "…That was you." He was in the center; she knows well what that means. She lifts her gaze to the air above them, looking more hopeful than not — hope quickly dashed, as the tense atmosphere, caught between two aerokinetics with poor control, continues to roil.

"That was…" Peter follows her eyes back towards where Elena disappeared, which causes a tense line of worry, and then he looks back at her again— and follows her eyes to the sky. Without the mastered senses, he doesn't know what it all means, but he can see that the weather itself is not normal. It'd been different the whole time he'd been here— different than he'd been used to at least— but this… "You control the air?" he asks outloud, stunned, but then breaks away from his approach to her and starts to move towards where Elena landed. He has to make sure that she's okay first— "Can you fix this!?" he yells, as his sudden panick only adds to the wind, shifting the direction in ways that couldn't be considered safe.

Hardly mastered — just sensitized. Peter's words earn him a blank look that quickly shifts to apprehension, but he's already gone to check on Elena. "No!" It never works like that. Evelyn bites her lip as she watches Peter, hoping that /this/ one came out okay… and that she can keep Elena that way. Closing her eyes, she takes a deep breath. Slowly, some of the air movement calms. Mostly the part coming from her. It doesn't stop, and it's definitely not /fixed/ by any measure, but it's a little less out of hand. Every little bit counts, right?

The fact that she can't fix this worries him even more. But— at least he starts to lose any and all ability to disrupt things further. What damage Peter'd already done remains, but he's no longer actively adding to it— that much is clear to her, whether it is to him or not. Dropping out of sight briefly, he kneels down next to an unconsious Elena— she struck her head when she fell, but he can tell she's breathing, and he knows he can fix this— but moving her isn't a good idea, either. With his touch lingering against her cheek, he stands up and looks at the dark haired girl. The aerokinetic. The wind's still slapping around— but less now. Maybe it can level out before it turns worse. "She's okay— she just hit her head." He'll tell her that much, but then— "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen…" Looking up towards the sky, he waits to see how bad this will get.

Evelyn opens her eyes as Peter speaks up, and looks visibly relieved. Accordingly, the wind calms another notch. "That's good," she replies, with a bit of a real (if rueful) smile. She walks over far enough to glimpse Elena's unconscious form herself, though still doesn't get close to Peter. "…Neither did I." Although… "What /did/ happen?" the girl asks, since Peter seems to have some sort of understanding. At least of the half of the picture she lacks.

Even two years ago, if something like this happened, Peter would pretty much just come right out and say it. This is no different. With her in sight now, he kneels back down beside Elena and puts his hands on her face, looking for the main injury and just trying to make sure she's breathing okay. Healing won't happen right away— it almost never does, but he keeps his hands there. "I absorb other people's abilities," he explains, not looking at the girl he's speaking to. "Can't always control it… like— like just now," he does look over at her now, frowning a little. The wind settling helps, knowing Elena's okay helps, but… he's still worried.

"…Oh." Evelyn has to stop and think about that for a minute. "I'm sorry." There's really not much else she can say. Clasping her scarred hands loosely in front of her, she looks down at them, quiet for some time. "I can't really help you," the girl admits softly. Hazel eyes focus on Elena again. "You're sure she'll be okay?"

The scarred hands also have a little fresh blood, which Peter knows is thanks to him. But he can't even heal Elena right now, much less reach over and heal this girl. Yet. He's looking rather pale again, taking slow breaths. At least he's not passing out— the wind hasn't risen again. "No— it's not your fault. But— you control the air— and…" he looks up towards the sky. There's that frown again. "Yeah— she'll be fine. I'll make sure she's okay, but— there were tornados— two years ago? Were you…?" He's from the past, trying to find out what went wrong. And the tornados were part of it.

Evelyn's head snaps up as he jumps straight to the question she hoped never to hear. Her spike of fear promptly undoes every effort the girl made to calm the winds, their sudden return probably giving too much away. "Was I what? Here?" Maybe he'll write it off to bad memories. Which isn't wrong. "Yeah, I was here." So many memories; all of them bad, voice sharp with remembered hurt and fear and sorrow. Her focus turns inward, and the wind snaps through the broken buildings. "I had to dig myself out of the rubble." Hence the scars. "There was /nothing/ left."

Kneeling beside the young Hispanic woman, Peter's hands remain on her head, trying desperately to get the consentration to heal her enough so that she can wake up. Warmth will pass through his hands and into her when it does happen, though he's no longer looking at her face. Instead, he's looking towards the young woman. She was here— and the tornados left her trapped in rubble. A sympathetic look passes across his face, and he keeps looking at her, "Do you know— what caused it?" There's no direct accusation in his voice, but it might still come across as somewhat accusing. She's not the only one who can do this— and now he might be able to do it too, unfortunately.

When she wakes up, it's a calm thing. Elena's eyes flicker a bit, before they open partway. The clarity of her vision doesn't return. Not yet. But she doesn't groan, or even makes too much of a noise. Her eyes make out shapes, sharpening slowly. Peter's worried face looms over her, and Evelyn standing nearby…. beyond him, closer. She could see the details on her face now. But the light. She shuts her eyes again, and lifts her hand to press against her face. An eloquent "Hhrjhrgehghgrrhjhegh…" escapes her mouth, muffled a bit by her palm. And not one to stay lying down for long, she starts to sit up.

The set to her jaw and the look in her eyes are probably answer enough, especially when the girl doesn't provide a verbal reply with any speed. Fortunately, Elena provides a timely distraction; hazel eyes flick to her, and Evelyn moves a couple of steps away. "They said it was Sylar," she recovers, with an attempt at a nonchalant shrug. The air, at least Evelyn's contribution to it, begins to quiet; not merely become calm, but /too/ quiet.

At the awakening, Peter turns all of his attention back towards the young woman, who of course is trying to sit up immediately, "Hey— I just healed you— don't… You're not going to listen to me, are you?" He starts to complain, but ends up just shifting his hand down towards her arm, letting her sit up as she might wish to. It seems like he wants her to stay laying down, but that isn't going to happen— and the rubble isn't too comfortable anyway. "Right— Sylar— I heard he killed someone with the same ability… but that doesn't— I'm not saying you did anything on purpose, but…" There's a pause. "What's your name?"

"….wait, what's going on…?" Elena murmurs, feeling the hand on her arm. When Peter accurately predicts that she wasn't going to listen to him, she gives him a faint, lopsided smirk….until she lists a little bit to the right. Her palm presses against the ground, fighting off the cloud of fuzzy that's overtaken her head. Give her a few, and she'll be able to focus on her own abilities to cheat just a little bit. When Sylar is mentioned, and him killing someone else with the same abilityher dark eyes move to Peter, and then to Evelyn. Her expression is serious, but she doesn't say anything yet. Now was time to Listen, not Talk.

That Elena doesn't speak lets Evelyn focus on Peter. She doesn't answer right away; the girl really looks like she wants nothing more to turn and bolt, but her feet have been glued in place. Or something along those lines. Which means, eventually, the name is supplied. "Evelyn." After a beat, the girl smiles thinly. "What does it matter, anyway?" The name? She probably won't see him again. The tornado? Old news.

What's going on? "I knocked you down when I absorbed her ability," Peter says, flinching a little as he moves to continue and offer some support. It's not perfect, but he's trying— He feels bad about knocking her down and hurting her, that's pretty obvious. He'll explain about Sylar later, but right now. Evelyn. "Evelyn— remember when we met at the bookstore? That— that was only a few weeks ago." Old news? Not to him. Hasn't even been a headline yet. "I know it's hard to believe, but with everything that happened— I'm from the past." Undercover? He sucks at it. He's not good at covert at all, is he? Worst Secret Identity EVER. "I came here— two years into the future— to try and… stop these things from happening."

"What was it, Aerokinesis? Gravity-manipulation?" The wannabe scientist is still in there somewhere. Elena's got her hand on her face even as Peter moves to support her. At least she isn't swatting him away, things have been relatively okay between them since the blow-out fight about his drinking a couple of nights ago. But she does remove her hand from her face after a few so she could look at the younger woman, and Peter's explanation. She stares at him. How many people has he told about this? But this looks important, so she sighs. "It's true," she tells Evelyn, her voice with a little hint of resignation there. "He can time travel. It's one of his abilities. He isn't joking, as hard as that might be to believe."

That wasn't what she expected to hear, and it shows. Evelyn looks between Peter and Elena, more than a bit stunned. "…The past?" Two years ago. Before the storm. Before the war. The girl frowns. "Seriously?" A beat later, she turns away, walks away — but not to leave. The shift in her emotions brings movement to the air again, a ripple of breeze that tugs Evelyn's hair back. And she stops in the middle of the debris-ridden road, looking up at the broken buildings.

When she turns that's when she sees them. Her eyes. Amber and striking and not all too common. Elena's own widen a bit, even as the image moves away from her like a slow-motion spectre, with Evelyn moving away from the both of them to stand in the middle of the road. "….it was you," she says. "My stepmother…" She closes her eyes, shaking her head hard and slamming her power into active so she doesn't feel any aches or pains from the throw. She cheats that way, much to everyone else's chagrin. She stands up slowly, easing away from Peter. "My step…back then she wasn't, but my stepmother saw visions. It led my father back to….an area not far from here. He took me with him, and a good friend of mine. We started asking around. This girl….said she saw another one just standing there when this cyclone moved through the city. Dark hair, and unusual eyes, and young." There was also mention of a blonde female who broke up a fight nearby, but that doesn't seem relevant right now.

"It was control of the air— aerokinesis, I guess?" Peter answers the question, even as— yes, he's told many people. There's… 1, 2, 3… okay, pretty much everyone he's spoken to since he got here. Worst secret identity ever, okay? "Yeah— I'm serious. It's not— if…" He might have made an attempt to continue, but then he glances towards Elena, surprised all of a sudden, and listens to what she says about her stepmother. Desiree. "It was her visions that made me come here… Listen, Evelyn— all I want to do is find out what happened— what caused the storm, the war— all of it— so that I can go back and stop it from happening. I know Sylar can be the tornado— the storms— but now it looks like it could be you and me too…" And he's not going to dismiss himself from this, either, it really could be him.

She hears them behind her, but she isn't entirely listening. Evelyn looks up at the buildings; looks down at her scarred hands. "You can take it all back," she says softly. It's not even slightly a question. Another pause, a long one; then the girl's shoulders slump, and she shakes her head slowly. "It wasn't him. Or you." A quiet admission. Still facing away from the pair, her humorless smile is hidden. "Unless by one hell of a coincidence."

That same, stubborn expression returns to Elena's face. She doesn't want to hope too much - her father was right. Knowing how fragile Peter actually was, she couldn't put her heart behind her hopes. But if he could find and develop some semblance of strength here once he sees just how messed up the world was now, maybe it would give him enough motivation to change it. She couldn't dare to hope too much….but now with this sudden breakthrough, she can't help it. It was there, and she clings to it like a life preserver. She closes her eyes and takes a deep, slow breath. "…yes," she says, not looking at Peter and focusing on Evelyn's back. "Yes, he can." Take it all back.

It's strange. Peter watches her turn away, and then he moves to let go of Elena's arm and fully stand up, once again attempting to approach the young woman. "I can fix it," he says in a determined voice. "It doesn't have to happen like this. I— I understand how it feels— I know you don't think that I possibly could, but— this isn't the first time someone's travelled through time to fix a mistake caused by these abilities we have— last time it was me— I exploded in the middle of Manhattan— like a nuclear bomb. They stopped it last time, and— this time I— I can stop it." He didn't actually kill those people, but sometimes it'd almost felt like he had— when he realized his own weakness had been the cause of it. Speaking of weaknesses… there's that burst of wind again, moving out from around him. He's not trying to do it, but there's no real control with him in this— it just happens again. Not as strong as before, but still picking up dust and debris. He's probably going to need to figure out the triggers on this one before he goes back.

This time, Evelyn doesn't retreat from Peter, assuming she's even aware of him walking up behind her. Although she does hear him speaking. "I hope you can do it again," she says — and whips around a moment later, hazel eyes wide. This time, her instinctive reaction does little to blunt Peter's power; the debris that gets close to her loses its lift, but the wind still whips right past. When its gone, Evelyn has to rub the dust (and hair) out of her eyes before she can refocus on the situation.

Oh dear Christ. Elena takes a few steps back from the dueling aerokinetics, but one hand is out from her pockets, her fingers twitching a little bit in readiness to act. If need be, she can knock Peter out if his ability goes out of control - but she won't be able to do that if she gets knocked out again. At -least- it's not as strong as before, and a quick learner by nature, she is aware enough of the signs to know to pull back and be ready.

"Sorry," Peter apologizes when he realizes what he's doing, but he can't really stop it when he's not sure what's causing it— beyond her very presense. But what he can do is distract himself. The best way he knows to do this is to think back to an ability he picked up the first time he ever saw this young woman. Reaching out to take her hand, the hand that's still bleeding from the wind that he flung about early, and he works to heal it away. It won't remove her scars, but at least it gets rid of the damage he did right now. "To do this— I need your help. Need to know where I can find you. When I go back. Evelyn won't exactly help— I doubt you're the only one in the whole city… And I can't exactly count on you showing up at the bookstore again…"

"That's all right," Evelyn replies, offering Peter a small smile. "It's like that. At least anymore." She looks down as he reaches for her hand, a little stiff, but she doesn't run away. Which leads to a surprised look at Peter as he fixes her hand. "Thanks." The girl glances to Elena, smiling crookedly as she notices the young woman's retreated to a safe(?) distance. But at least she's still standing this time. "No, it won't and you can't," Evelyn agrees, looking between the two. "I don't suppose one of you has paper?"

The crooked smile causes Elena to relax just a bit - the threat seems to be over. She nods, and reaches in the back pocket of her pants so she could pull out a pad of paper. It looks worn around the edges, and singed, scorch marks on the edges of the formerly white surfaces of the pad. The color of the cardboard cover is pink. There's a Hello Kitty head on it. Odd to see a grown woman have such a thing. A marker doodle on the edge of the cover bears the initials J. G. Written by a childish hand. She walks over, and hands the object to Evelyn, along with a stubby pencil. They're both pretty small items, stashed in pockets easily. "Thank you for all your help," she tells her.

This is when Peter decides to keep concentrating on other things, in fact… his eyes start shifting towards green as he moves back to give her room to write. Using another ability, one he can control, is the best way he knows to avoid pushing people around with wind. This brings him many steps closer than he'd been before— a fortunate coincidence, really— or destiny is far more likely, as he's long ago decided that coincidences don't really exist. There's something behind this— something that led them here randomly in their jog— and this is what happened. "Thank you." … is that a Hello Kitty pad?

Sure, it's odd. But here and now, you take what you can get. Evelyn doesn't even bat an eye at the notepad; she accepts it and the pencil, and flips to a free page. Full name. Phone number. Address. She tears the page out and offers it to Peter — at which point, Evelyn /does/ double-take at the green of his eyes, her surprise punctuated by the gust of wind that toys with her hair. "If you can change… this…" Her voice trails off, not quite before it catches, and Evelyn shakes her head to another flutter of air. "I suggest you call and ask to meet her somewhere," she says, changing the subject. "If you can take the page back with you, so much the better." Handwriting. Good supporting evidence for a far-fetched story.

She takes the pad and pencil back - she needs those. Elena slides the pad back in her back pocket after sticking the pencil through the little metal rings that hold the pages in place. The more Evelyn talks however, the more she relaxes. She believes them, or even if she doesn't, she probably thinks it's worth a shot. What was the harm, right? That probably wasn't her address and phone number anymore. So she takes a step back when the two converse yet again. She turns her head to the side, perhaps to keep watch on their surroundings. She's unusually quiet, then again she's not as chatty as she used to be.

There's so much that could go wrong with this, but Peter takes the piece of paper and reads it over once, and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. If he takes anything back to the past with him, he's going to do his best to take his wallet back. Because it's his wallet! Credit cards, id— there's a lot of stuff he needs in there. Tucking the piece of paper away, he puts the whole thing away again. "Thank you," he says once more, looking oddly grateful, even if there's no way to know if this will help things. Meeting her could have made things go either way— could be worse— could be better. "We'll fix this— I promise." There's a strong hint to add in that he'll try, but— he knows that's what he needed to hear when he thought he was the bomb.

"I hope so." Tucking her hands in her pockets, Evelyn looks out into the distance. And remembers another detail. "…Oh. One other thing," she says, turning back to Peter. "I don't know when it happened — if it already has in your time or not. But at some point, I lost it. My… ability." The girl frowns. "I don't know why, but it was gone for a long time. A year, maybe. Like I'd never had it at all."

"When did you lose it?" Elena asks suddenly. "Do you remember? Did anything traumatic happen to you before it disappeared? Or did you get sick?" A lot of questions to be sure, but whatever little bit could be important. She tries to dig into two years ago, what she could remember and what she managed to find out. God, it's been ages since she thought of it. A fingerless-gloved hand rakes through her hair. Maybe that was it. Her ability was there, somehow lay dormant for a while….and then suddenly snaps back into place. There was no way she, or anyone, could've expected it to come back.

There's a frown and Peter watches her for a moment. "I know this might— you wouldn't happen to have any marks on the back of your neck, would you? Or— maybe taking any pills at the time?" That's his contribution to the big questions, though the ones Elena already asked are important to, so he'll listen to them all. What could make someone's ability just go away? One thing he knows of is those pills— but only one group has access to them. And this group has a habit of leaving black marks on people's necks.

In response, Evelyn shakes her head. "I don't remember when, exactly — just that I went to practice, and nothing happened. And I realized it'd been gone for a while. Nothing else was different." Her gaze shifts to Peter, and there's another brief headshake. "No pills. No marks, either, that I noticed. And my hair was still short then." So she would've noticed. The girl lifts her hands in a helpless shrug. "Then, six months ago…" She gestures towards the ruined city around them, a stiff breeze winding through the buildings, the little group. "It - my power - hasn't been the same since. And I don't think…" Evelyn smirks slightly. "I've had a lot of time to think. I don't think I could do… that… again. Not before, not after. Just then."

She wasn't sure if it happened yet. Hopefully Peter will remember all of this, and to ask her when they meet back in his time. "…." Elena's hand compulsively lifts upwards, tugging on a lock of hair and she starts playing with it. It's a gesture Peter would recognize - she has to fiddle with something while she's thinking. But it was so…-weird-. How can it just vanish like that for a time that long? Maybe it hasn't happened yet. If Peter got back there fast enough, maybe he could see how this entire thing started. "What do you mean it hasn't been the same? Stronger? Weaker? More hair-trigger?"

"Do you know when this practice was? What… month? And year?" The days are less important in these terms because… honestly Peter's half expecting his entire presence here to off-set certain events in time. "So we weren't in danger of causing another tornado— that's good at least, but— something else influenced what happened to you…" So just finding her might not be the only key… Losing her ability, sudden surge in her ability, never the same again. Elena's playing with her hair, and he's thinking about it too.

Evelyn nods to Elena. "Hair-trigger," she affirms. "I had it… more or less contained, before. Now…" She smiles thinly, ruefully at Peter. "Like I said. I can't stop it. I just try not to let it get started. It kinda works." At Peter's question, the girl closes her eyes. "Before the war started," she can answer easily. The rest takes some thought. "It was… almost two years ago. I think it was colder —" Evelyn looks to Peter again. "Maybe it /hasn't/ happened yet for you. In your time."

Colder. Fall or winter. Elena gives Evelyn a quick nod, wondering just how she could suddenly lose a handle on her powers that way. Summers in New York were hot and humid….at least, back then it was. She had lived in the state all of her life. But this was definitely better than nothing, and Peter at least has information in his hand that he can drag back to whenever he decides to leave. She glances over at Peter then. She can't think of anything else to ask.
But it was certainly something to ask Cass about. Whenever they get her back. She might've come across this phenomenon before.

"If it's cold— it may not have," Peter says, glancing up towards the sky. Even if he has no need for the Boost right now, he's leaving it on, just because he knows this is an ability he can control, it's getting his heart beating, makes him feel a little geared up, but it's also tweaking his vision. The clouds wouldn't have gone that way. "It was July when I left— I'm going to try to go back as close to then as I can… this was before the storm, so if it was cold… we might have some time to figure out what happened and keep… your ability from getting that bad." When he looks back down towards Elena, he offers a hint of a lopsided smile, before he looks back at her. "Do you frequent this area? In case.. we think of anything else we should ask before I go back?" He's closer to being ready to go back. A name, an address, a phone number— and a hint of something that went haywire. Though they'll need more research to figure out what…

Evelyn follows Peter's glance up at the clouds, but doesn't comment on anything she sees. When he resumes speaking, her gaze returns to him, and she smiles crookedly. "Not really. I move around a lot." The girl glances away, chewing on her lower lip, a hint of wind toying with her hair. Ignore it; maybe it'll go away. "Are you familiar with Kitty's orphanage?"

"Yes. My stepsister frequents there," Elena supplies, fielding this one for Peter - though to be honest she isn't sure if he's run into a few of the regulars there. "Is that were you go most often?"

Kitty's orphanage? Nope, it doesn't look like Peter's heard of that one, so he looks relieved with Elena seems familiar with it. There's a lot here he's not familiar with. Two years time difference really changed the city he grew up in, and even back then there were tons of places he wouldn't recognize. Portia goes there, though— that's helpful.

"Most… reliably," Evelyn corrects, after a bit of thought. "You can leave a message with Kitty, if I'm not there. It might be a few days before I get it." She shrugs slightly, although it's not a very apologetic gesture.

"Okay. Thank you, Evelyn." Elena takes a few steps back. She leaves Peter there, in case he wants to talk about something else with the younger woman. Meanwhile, it was getting dark. Patrols were coming out soon and she can't help but want to do a sweep again, in case something jumped out of the growing shadows. Again, paranoid, but better paranoid and safe than…..well. Not.

"That'll— that'll work. I have a few more things I need to do before I can… go back." Like find the guy who can take him back so he doesn't have to try to do it on his own. But Peter isn't about to tell this girl that part— considering he just promised he'd fix it. Somehow. Whatever it is. He looks towards Elena and then catches the expression on her face. "Looks like we should get going. I'm— really glad we ran into you, Evelyn… and I really will help you— however I can. In your past— and my future, I guess." It's almost sheepish, and again he reaches to touch her shoulder. Just that, before he looks back at Elena, eyes still slightly green, body still boosted. Hopefully she'll understand why he chose to do this…

Evelyn nods slowly. "Yeah, you should. Probably not a good place to be anytime, but especially after dark." She glances over at Elena, then back to Peter. "You're welcome. I hope it helps enough." She made the error of not trusting once. Maybe this will make up for it.

"I hope so too." She can understand - he could be doing this for several reasons. Elena can pick just one and it would be sound. She gives him a nod, and then she turns, to start walking away quickly, zipping up her jacket and pulling up her hood in one, swift motion. She tucks her hands securely in her pockets, and she extends her 'radar' in its maximum range. "Patrols should be starting any minute," she murmurs to Peter. "We ought to bail, and quickly." She didn't anticipate staying out till dusk, but her steps are easy, as if she had all the time in the world. After all, you look more suspicious running.

There's some options to get out of here fast, and one of them actually gets brought up pretty fast. Peter glances over at her, that hint of a smile showing up in the corner of his mouth, lopsided as it is, "How'd you feel about flying?" It's not an offer he usually makes, but hey, it's faster than running— and they can take the rest of the way invisible once they land— he knows better than to land right at their destination.

"As long as it gets us out of here quicker. And I suppose it's much more comfortable than super speed." There's a pause. "……….you didn't absorb that ability yet, yeah?" she wonders, looking over at him. There's no hesitation, the last thing she wants is for either of them to be caught in the crosshairs of someone's rifle. So she extends her hand towards him. "You know where to go?" she says. She isn't sure how familiar he is with the skyscape of the city, now that it's so markedly different from the past.

With the pair making their departure plans, Evelyn sketches a wave, taking a step backwards. "Good luck," she says, turning away and starting off through the debris field. She also should get on her way out of here, seeing as her only option is ground travel.

"You know anybody with that?" Peter has to ask, because— no, he doesn't have super speed. "Be safe, Evelyn," he nods towards the young woman, before he reaches to not just take her hand, but to actually wrap his arms around her. He's not Peter Pan. Hand holding isn't going to do the job. She's flown with him once before— she should remember. Within moments, they take off, the green fades from his eyes, and she'll hear his heartbeat slow. But when they land about twenty minutes walk away from the Towers— he's going to need a short break. But— it did save them quite a lot of time on their trip.

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