2007-10-08: T-Rex Talks


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Summary: Sharon's gift for her nephew brings her into her first conscious run-in with Benjamin. And T-Rex makes a cameo appearance!

Date It Happened: October 8th, 2007

T-Rex Talk

Upper West Side, NYC

It's morning, and Sharon has the day off today. She really isn't much of an artistic type, but she's found herself up in New York's upper west part of town. She's just coming out of the Museum of Natural History, which is a topic she can relate to a bit easier than the various art galleries that New York tends to offer. She just never got into the whole painting scene. She's even got a little bag from the gift shop carried in her hand. Nothing too out of the ordinary, and people might mistake her for a tourist if not for the fact that she seems comfortable at dealing with the usual New York crowds, something that only somebody who has been around the city for awhile is usually able to accomplish.

Benjamin isn't much of an artistic type either. Abstract art makes his head go 'splodey, especially when people try to tell him that the splotches of paint represent a repressive society and suffering. No. It's a splotch of paint. Unlike Sharon though, he's not coming from the museum. Being on light duty means get out, blend, observe. Don't get killed. So here here is. Upper west, mingling in and blending with the crowds on the street.

Paint by Numbers is hard enough, so they have that in common. Sharon happens to be heading in Benjamin's direction, when someone bumps into her in the crowd, causing her to drop her bag, which bumps and is knocked around by the masses' feet until it stops about fifteen feet from Benjamin. At this point a Tyrannosaurus Rex, about a foot tall and made of hard plastic and powered by Energizer, walks on out of the bag and starts walking in a straight line, right for Benjamin. It must have gotten turned on in all of that bumping around.


People being bumped, spilled belongings. It happens. Most people ignore and keep walking, but not Benjamin. He actually heads towards the spill and starts picking items up off the sidewalk. Like the T-Rex. Finding the switch, he turns the toy off. It's probably obvious just whose things were spilled. "I think this one was trying to get away," he says as he holds out the toy and bag to Sharon. If it's not hers, someone in the immediate vicinity will correct him.

RAAAR! RAAAR! RAAaa… *click!* No more roaring from the T-Rex. Sharon grabs her bag, which has a few other things in it, and reaches out to take the dinosaur. "Thank you. Sorry about that; just got bumped and the bag slipped a little," she tells the man. "It's a gift for my nephew, who is starting to get into the dinosaur stage of life," she explains to Benjamin. "Hope he wasn't too difficult to catch. Hear they can be quite vicious," Sharon adds with a small grin.

Benjamin grins a little himself, handing off the items. "Thank goodness they're extinct and I can't time travel." Haha, what a funny guy. But seriously. If he had of been paying more attention to the occupants of the street corner oh, a week ago, he might recognize Sharon. He was just a little preoccupied however. "Really? That's great though. I'm glad kids still go through a fascination with dinosaurs stage. I thought kids these days just kinda skip past that and go straight to wanting an iPod and cellphone."

Hmm. Well, that book did say something about time and space manipulation, but that's really rather far from her mind right now. Sharon laughs. "Well, if I could time travel, I don't know that heading back to an age where there were a lot of very large things ready to eat me like I was a single Skittle in a pack would be particularly appealing". Because really, that's about their size to some of those creatures. And if Sharon hadn't been unconscious while Benjamin was dealing with things, she might recognize him, too. "The younger ones still do. By the time he's ten, I imagine it'll be on to the iPod 2050 or whatever name they give to the newest music device," she says. "Of course, I own one, but I held out as long as I could. Just replaced an old walkman with one last year". She shrugs. "What can I say, I'm a holdout. Besides, they didn't have some of my preferred running songs downloadable yet".

"I'm right there with you on that." No dinosaurs for Benjamin! Unless they're harmless babies, freshly hatched like in the lab in Jurassic Park. "I don't have any sons," and he didn't know about his daughter until she emerged from a cocoon at his doorstep fully grown, "so I wasn't sure if kids still got into dinosaurs. Oh you too? I just recently got an iPod myself. I've been having to exercise more, doctor's orders. They come in pretty handy." He slips his hands into his pockets as he stands there, conversing with Sharon. He's getting better at small talk with strangers!

"No kids of my own either," Sharon says. "My brother though, he's got a half dozen already. It's kind of frightening," the woman admits. Scary, scary stuff, one's siblings having a lot of kids. "They're good for running. Breaks things up a little bit, though I've never been a fan of them in the gym unless you're doing your running there," the personal trainer says. "I'm still working on figuring out all the buttons. Kind of embarrassing if I can't figure them out but my clients can," she adds with a laugh.

Benjamin laughs, and raises a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "I've got a daughter though, long story, but suffice to say I missed out on the whole raising her part." He looks a little puzzled when Sharon says she's still working on figuring hers out. "It's got a little control wheel. They're easy to work. It just takes forever to scroll through things unless you have a playlist set up. I guess I shouldn't have gotten one of the classic models. There's too much music on mine. As for having them in the gym? I love it. Having headphones on means I can politely ignore the coworkers I don't want to talk to."

A nod is given to the comment about him having a daughter. She isn't going to pry too deeply into that, not really knowing the man. "Oh, they work fine for treadmills or the bike, but they're poor for a weight room. Too much of a distraction there, I think," Sharon says. "Sorry. I'm a personal trainer, so it's just one of those things. I've seen a few too many people get into a song and start subconsciously trying to lift the weights in tune with it. Torn muscles tend to follow, or dropped weights". Sharon shrugs a little bit at that. "I got mine as one of the touch types," she explains. "Though I did at least get the playlist going on mine. I just feel like there are so many extra options that I don't know what to do with them all. I'm used to just having 'Play' 'Stop' and 'Rewind' still. Though I will say that ignoring coworkers is another great benefit of the music players".

"Oh.. I see. Yeah, that would be a problem. I'm allergic to weights, so I just stick to treadmills, bikes and the elliptical." Benjamin grins a little, "They do take getting used to. I can't say I'm a technology geek, but I think it's a guy thing. Taking to electronics and gadgets easily." He laughs just a little and scratches at his ear, "It's convenient, having a workout room in my office building. There are tv's too, but it's just easier to tune people out rather than fight for a particular channel, or talk with the guy a few cubicles over whose stapler you want to hide."

"Yeah. This thing has video on it too, which is good for leaving on the treadmill if they insist on watching some daily soap or other horrible show that really belongs on the four AM slot when nobody sane is watching television," Sharon says. She would know. She often sees these early morning shows and most of them are terrible. "Though weights aren't that bad, honestly. Just takes a little getting used to," she tells the older man. "I wish some of my previous jobs were as nice as that, but most of those old jobs were in college. 'How may I help you?' and watching the clock is about the extent of your day in some of those".

"Mmmm.." is the noncommittal answer given by Benjamin. His workday is anything but what could be considered normal. "I can't say I'm a weight person. I do a lot of walking anyway with my commute, but extra exercise can't hurt. According to my doctor." He's also a very doughy appearing sort of person. An appearance that does need to be kept up.

"Fair enough," Sharon says with a nod. No, his day wouldn't be particularly normal. Sharon's is fairly normal, except that her life is really just one long, continuous day with sunrises and sunsets. "Anyway, thank you for making sure my nephew's gift didn't go running off. It's his birthday in a couple weeks, and I need to send it to him. Hopefully FedEx can get it to Colorado in time".

Benjamin extends a hand to shake, "My pleasure. Besides, it just would have been rude to not help you. Even if you aren't exactly a damsel in distress, or anything remotely resembling one." He doesn't mean anything offensive by that. Sharon is obviously physically capable of handling herself. "A couple of weeks? Yeah, I think FedEx will get it there in time. It was nice meeting you m'am."

"The pleasure was mine, sir. And it was much appreciated," Sharon says to him. "And you'd be surprised at what a risk that can be with them sometimes," she adds with a laugh. She takes the man's hand and gives it a firm shake. And with that, Sharon will move on to dealing with the rest of her day.

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