2010-01-06: Tag Team



Date: January 6, 2010


On the third day of back to work my true love gave to me, a big case of frostbite… and no joygasm or a coffee….

"Tag Team"

Midtown NYC - Outside the Petrelli Office

A cold day in hell, yep that's what it is. Cody is outside the Petrelli office with her notebook in hand and her hotdog cart sitting in front of her. The location wasn't chosen for any particular purpose aside from the fact that politicians and their employees never have time for lunch so they're always in need of hotdogs. Besides, it's a great place to watch the folks passing by and just sit quietly. Unfortunately, Cody hates the quiet. She hates it almost as much as her current lack of chocolate. As she stares out at the traffic, she ponders running to the newsstand across the street and grabbing a few more bars to keep her company while she takes notes.

It's true, politicians and their staff hardly ever have time to eat. And today was no exception. With her day just over, KeLyssa Gallagher, an assistant to Nathan Petrelli, exits out the building where Petrelli's office resides. She stops, right outside the door, and places a hand over her stomach. Did it just growl or was that her hunger-ridden imagination? True, she had snacks to tide her over throughout the day, but she's still hungry. It's then that she notices, quite nearby, one of those amazing New York hotdog stands. Should she? She does have food at home after all. But then…she's hungry now. What the hey, why not? She approaches the stand and smiles widely. "Hey. Do you have footlongs?"

Unlike Cody, Jo is late to the party in a way. Dressed like a meter maid, she pads towards the hotdog stand, a walkie-talkie on her belt and a ticket book in her hand, poised to write parking tickets should anyone have a faulty ticket. Quietly she walks past the stand as she approaches a nearby parking meter, shooting Cody a very quick, knowing glances.

"Yeah, footlongs? I got a bunch." The curly haired blonde gives her customer a winning smile and begins to prep a bun. "Want anything on it? I got chili, sauerkraut, onions, some of that cheese stuff that's not really cheese…." She prattles on, not even acknowledging the meter maid ahead of them. That is, until she approaches with her ticket book in hand. Swiftly, she puts the bun down on the cart (ew) and raises a fist into the air. "Hey! I'm just tryin' to make an honest living here… I got a license on the cart, see?" Yeah, it's expired.

KeLyssa smiles widely. "Mmmm…I think I'll he me some've that not cheese cheese an'…chili. Thank ya kindly, ma'am." The southern girl, whose clothing, while professional looking, does not suit the weather appropriately. It's enough to make her freezing. Or…well, a normal person anyway. "An' I'll get me a coca-cola too please. Or…do ya serve pepsi here?"

KeLyssa doesn't pay mind to the little shindig between the cart-woman and the meter-maid. It's not her battle. She does, though, step to the side until hotdog lady finishes her hotdog.

"Did you know this license is expired, ma'am?" Jo asks with a detached smile still playing on her lips. "And that you're illegally parked on a road in an obvious ten-four-ten-four fashion when obviously you're supposed to be on the move? This isn't a location that you're permitted to use a cart like this." The smile, however, breaks at the bun placed on the cart and is replaced by a single eyebrow raise. "That's disgusting," she remarks with disdain.

She turns to KeLyssa, "Does this vendor park here often, ma'am? Please let me know. It really is illegal. In fact, purchasing may be deemed illegal as well…" The last sentence is said after KeLyssa has obviously placed her order.

Cody picks up the bun again and places a footlong on it. Then she slathers it with chili and cheese, eying the meter maid the entire time. "Do you mind? You're really disrupting my business here. I just need like, four more sales to get a profit for the day." The vendor is explaining away as she juts the prepared dog and a can of coke in KeLyssa's direction. "That'll be four buck, ma'am. Free if you stick around to witness me being brutalized by NYPD's finest."

The series of questions that the meter maid is asking her customers though, at this Cody jumps from her seat and points to the curb. "I didn't see a sign anywhere. That one over there wasn't there before!"

"I…what…" KeLyssa looks between Jo and Cody. "Um…thank you…" She says to Cody. "I…no. I've never seen this vendor here before. But umm…I really don't want to get in the middle of something. I mean…" If a light bulb could appear over someone's head, it would appear over KeLyssa's. "I could go up to Senator Petrelli's office and he could get this resolved easily. But I wouldn't wanna bother him. You see, he's my boss and, well, he doesn't like to be bothered after office hours. BUT! I'll get him."

"Ma'am you're going to have to calm down, I need to write you a citation," Jo states in her still-monotoned voice, her cool smile long forgotten as she scribbles on the paper and offers it towards Cody, "Take the ticket, ma'am." However, at the mention of the sign, she twitches. This one isn't going to be easy.

She reaches towards her belt and picks up her walkie-talkie, drawing it up to her lips, and pushing the button to emit her voice to some unknown other, "Mountaineer to homebase. Mountaineer requesting backup at Times Square. Please provide back up. I have a uncooperative vendor here —"

"Sending back-up," a man's voice cracks through the walkie-talkie.

Following this, Jo turns to KeLyssa, "Unfortunately ma'am, I'm going to need you to stick around right now until my partner can take a statement, particularly if our vendor-friend chooses to claim brutality. Let the record show I did not, have not, touched her."

Remember the movie fight club? Well Cody does. At the first mention of nothing happening, the woman very unwisely punches herself in the face and falls to the ground. "SHE HIT ME!! Oh my god!! She hit me!! Senator Petrelli's aide is my witness!" Is the woman crazy? Who knows. A nice little bruise is forming on the woman's eye to corroborate her story now. As long as her customer plays along.

Slowly, she gets up from the ground and wipes a little blood off her cheek. A crooked grin forming on her lips. Boy does she have the meter maid. New York City vendors got their own special brand of crazy and they all stick together. "Remember, free hot dog and coke if you're my witness. Otherwise it's five bucks."

KeLyssa takes a step back. "Look, I don't want any trouble. Honest. I…I just wanted a hot dog and a drink. Why do you need backup anyway? I mean…we can all be civilized, right? We're grownups. We can talk things through." Or can they? It's hard to tell sometimes. She startles as Cody punches herself. "Or…on second thought…" She gives a look to Jo as if to say, I'll only stay if you're here. She frowns at Cody. "You said four dollars before." Not that it matters. It's only a dollar.

"I still haven't touched her!!" Jo insists as she takes a single step back. "I'll pitch in the extra dollar if you'll stick around, seriously!" she states as she looks around for her back-up. "Seriously! Such a freakin' drama queen!!" She takes a step towards KeLyssa. "Thank you for sticking around. You're a model citizen." Oh the irony. She reaches into her back pocket and takes out a notebook and pen before turning to KeLyssa, "Tell me your name for the record. It'll make it easier once my partner turns up."

The hotdog vendor is all up in the grill now, busting into the meter maid's personal space. "You've gotta be kidding me! You hit me an' gimme a black eyes and…" *paff!* Another sock to the eye, man that's going to leave a mark. But the vendor doesn't look like she's going to stick around for backup, she's calling some of her own. Grabbing a cell phone from her pocket there's a subtle snap of the meter maid and her witness, then the woman's eye twitches as the phone begins a rapid speed dial. "Yo Johnny and Freddie, I got a copper here beatin' the snot out of me. Gimme some backup before hers gets here." There's no discernible answer to the request before the phone gets flipped shut.

KeLyssa coughs, clearing her throat. "Please…we don' need ta call in more 'calvary' none, do we? Don't need this ta turn inta an 'us' versus 'them' sorta scenario, do we?" She moves to stand behind Jo, holding on tight to her can of coke and hot dog. "I know. Why don't we all just go our separate ways. Miss Hotdog Vendor here can contest the ticket it court. I'll show up, we'll all show up, and this'll get resolved infront've a judge!"

"Please ma'am, you're going to have to calm down. And you don't want to do anything irrational…" Jo attempts to soothe while glancing over to KeLyssa, for just a second, a slow sly smile spreads on her lips for an instant as she reaches down to her belt to find a new pen. She turns to face KeLyssa and takes a step forward with a new pen and note paper in her hand. An unmarked black police car pulls up to the vendor, but no one steps out, not yet. Instead, the meter maid enters the blondes space to jab her 'new pen' (which is actually a faux dart) into KeLyssa's shoulder.

Cody bumps into her customer, jostling her toward the parked car. Apparently the vendor is trying to make a getaway, that is until the cart gets stuck. All that succeeds in happening from there is that KeLyssa is pinned between the cart and the car with two arguing women on either side of her. "Look what you made me do!" The little blonde yells frustratedly, grabbing the redhead by the arm. That's when the door on the opposite side of the car opens up and a man in a black suit steps out with a gun. A dart gun. Ready to fire. And fire he does, right at Cody.

KeLyssa drops her drink and hotdog out of surprise. "I…I…" she backs away, staring wideyed between Jo, who punctured her with a pen-thingy, Cody, and the unmarked vehicle. "What's going on? I don't like." Her breathing becomes shallow and short. As a man with a dart gun comes out of the vehicle, KeLyssa instinctively raises up her hands in fear. "Please don't hurt me!" Doesn't matter that he's pointing at Cody. She's scared. Really scared. One of her few fears, one that's a big phobia…the fear of being hurt in any way shape or form.

Suddenly, from her hands, emits a bunch of tiny ice shards, heading directly toward Cody. If it were at all possible, KeLyssa's eyes go wider. "Oh no…oh no no no. Stop! Ice off! Ice machine unplugged! Umm…umm…icicles end!" No of these seem to work though…as if they really would. She closes her hands in an attempt to stop. Luckily, it works. She reaches out to place a hand on Cody's. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" This, however, only allows her ability to manifest once more, this time causing ice to cover the entirety of Cody's hand. "Oh no…not again!" KeLyssa murmurs before collapsing unconscious.

"Dammit!" Jo sputters as the shards are directed at Cody, running to her colleague's aid to deal with any injuries incurred. She presses the button on the walkie Talkie, "Smythe! Hawkins! Get our friend into the car. And get me an effing Medic!" After the orders are barked two large men exit the black vehicle to haul KeLyssa's unconscious body into the car. And a white unmarked car pulls up to attend to Cody's injuries. "I'll travel with the prisoner. Harker, tend to Ma Baker as needed." That said she steps back to the black car and disappears, along with KeLyssa, into the undisclosed.

The dart that hit Cody didn't put her out though, it was just a placebo. Wrenching it from the side of her neck with her good hand she tosses it to the ground. "Damnit this hurts! Fucking!!" The cart is left where it is as the unconscious woman slumps to the ground, only to receive a well placed kick to the abdomen. After the temporary burst of frustration is let out, KeLyssa's head is bagged and she is placed not so delicately into the trunk. There are cuts all over Cody's face and neck where the ice shards punctured her skin. The frost all over Cody's hand is likely to develop into a nasty case of frostbite, if not worse.

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