2010-03-01: Tain(e)ted Love



Date: March 01, 2010


Yet another one of the Afterlife stars goes missing…

"Tain(e)ted Love"

The Streets of NYC

With a little luck and a little information from her room mate, Cody's plan came together quite soundly. A van was borrowed from a small shop down the road from her old place, with the help of a hefty bribe. In her line of business little details are important. These little details just happen to be a black silk bag with a cord just big enough to fit a bowling ball, zip ties, two balaclavas and a pair of wire cutters. Placing those into a small leather satchel, she gets into the van and drives off toward her next location.

Right about now, Tori might just hear her pay as you go cell phone ringing. Should she answer instructions are given to be outside of her apartment in exactly five minutes. "Wear black, something comfortable, you're going to need it." Five minutes should be enough time to change and get to her front door. There's no real time to dilly dally.

Wear black. That's ominous. Tori finds a pair of black pants, some black boots, a black turtle-neck sweater. She really isn't one for all black — she looks like a vampire with her dark hair and pale skin, and she's really not a goth. Once outside, she is picked up by Cody in the van, slipping in and peering at the other woman curiously. She doesn't ask questions, however, and simply lets Cody drive, figuring that she'll be let into the know when — if! — her new "boss" sees fit. "I never thought I'd actually be wishing I were back home reading Chaucer," she murmurs to herself just as they pull up to a garage.

Pulling into the large parking garage, Cody parks on the same level that Tain's space is. In visitor. Jumping from the driver's seat to the back, she pulls the two balaclavas out of the small satchel and tosses one of them to Tori. "Don't put it on until I give the word. Oh, and you're driving. When I say, you're going to pull up perpendicular to that spot over there." She points to Taine's space. "And just stop. When I get back in, you're going to drive to an address that I tell you. Got it?"

Cody sits low in the back of the van and peeks out the side window, just watching and waiting. This is the part that sucks about black operations, the waiting.

The Brit's brows knit as she looks at the mask after catching it. "If you're with the government, why do you need to be so stealthy?" she asks. "This all looks rather … dodgy." She unbuckles her seat belt (law abiding non-citizen, here!) and slides into the driver's seat. "I'm not really much of a driver. I have a license back home, but I lived in London. No one drives there. I haven't driven in … probably a year," she tells the other, looking over her shoulder, hoping that Cody doesn't pull out a gun and shoot her in the head for this confession. It's not her fault! "And it's on the wrong side," she adds, frowning, wondering how well she'll manage that extra challenge.

"The trick to driving on the right side of the road is to make sure that you're going with the flow of traffic. If you're going against the grain, then you need to switch over. It's really not that hard." Cody's tone is rather matter of fact, not impolite or short, just stating a fact. "If you feel uncomfortable driving out of here, just drive as far as pulling up behind the vehicle. I'll do the rest." She pulls a tranquilizer gun from the inside of her jacket and flicks the safety off. "I am in the government, sometime people aren't as cooperative as you want them to be."

"Remind me to stay on the cooperative side of you," Tori says, glancing at the rearview mirror as she notices the tranquilizer gun and giving a little shiver. "I think I can handle it. We used to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas back home. It's all on the wrong side of the road, too, but I managed. Of course, real life's different." She adds the last, lest Cody think she thinks life is a video game. "So you're going to grab someone?" she asks, more quietly.

While the ladies talk, a very recognizable blond man appears, walking down toward the jeep that's parked in his spot. It's not one of those semi-SUV jeeps, either, but a full blown sporting vehicle. It doesn't suit the weather at all, but the top is pulled up over the rails, and it looks like it could be heated. Not right now, though. Right now it looks positively cold.

The Australian soap star who plays a doctor on television has gotten used to the driving in this strange country now. He doesn't even have to think about it as he walks up to the driver's side, and begins to unlock the door with rattling keys.

Here's your cue, Brit.

"Wait, I recognize that guy!" Tori says when Cody gives her the signal to drive. "Bloody hell, we're kidnapping a soap star?" Despite her flabbergasted remarks, she manages to drive the van to the spot that Cody had indicated; though her hands shake a bit as she does so, she manages not to crash into Taine rather than pull up nearby.

The complaints are met with a "Be quiet, everything will be fine. It's all for a good cause… think of yourself as one of Robin Hood's Merry Men and I'm Robin Hood, okay? Oh, and you might want to put the balaclava on while I do this." As Tori drives, Cody eases the balaclava over her head and prepares to jump out. The van barely pulls to a stop before the woman jumps out and rushes toward the soap star. She pulls the black silk bag over the actor's head and once that is done pulls both of his hands behind his back with the speed of a policeman. "If you want to see your girlfriend, you'll come quietly."

Should he do it, he will be escorted toward the van. If he decides not to, well… It's a good thing Cody brought the tranquilizer gun.

At the first touch, Taine tries to struggle. But training in stunts and keeping in shape does not equal military training, so he doesn't even stand a chance. Bested by a woman! Good thing the cameras aren't rolling. Then again, they'd probably find that sexy. "Bloody hell, what do you…" His girlfriend. The struggling stops. There'd always been a possibility of it happening… Eyes close under the black bag, and his muscles start to relax. Mouth stays shut, though, as he just stops fighting.

No need to shoot him, looks like.

Tori puts the mask on when asked, not liking this at all — it reminds her too much of the criminal past she thought she left behind — but even more dangerous. When Cody pulls Taine into the van and she hears the door slide shut, Tori glances back to ensure both victim and assailant are in the back before putting the van in drive. She follows the green EXIT signs out onto the street, not speaking lest Taine hears her voice, to let Cody direct her to wherever it is they are going.

Once they're safely in the vehicle, Cody zip ties the man's hands together and secures him into a seat. "You can take the hat off now." She says to the driver, nothing like driving through New York City in a van with a ski mask over your face. It might call attention. Taine's bag is tied just tight enough to let him breathe comfortably. "Now then, Taine. Can I call you Taine?" She pauses for a moment, then shakes her head. "Of course I can. I hope you can understand that precautions need to be taken. We're going to take you to see your girlfriend, but you can't see us and you can't know where she is. It's for her safety." She doesn't care that Tori can hear all of it, the student is in her employ right now and might be for some time to come. "Don't struggle or else I will tranquilize you in order to allow her to see you."

Once inside the van, Taine doesn't try to look around too much, and he can't really adjust thing swith his hands tied behind his back. "Did you get my keys?" he didn't hear them fall, but he knows they're not in his hands anymore. He'd rather they not be left on the ground outside… But other than that, he seems at a loss for what to say. He doesn't wish to be tranquilized like some kind of animal, which is obvious from his silence and lack of struggle, but… "Once I see her, are you bringing me back here and letting me go?" Are they the people who took her? They have to be… "Who are you? If you're trying to use me against her…"

He'll what?

Tori glances up at the rearview mirror, but drives, a little over-cautious perhaps, since there seems to be no need so speed. She certainly doesn't want a ticket. "I don't have a driver's license," she mutters to herself, forgetting her resolve not to speak. But then, Cody can make her whole past disappear — what's a misdemeanor for driving without a license? She steers the van, listening to Taine and wondering just what she's agreed to. Does the government operate like this? Or is the government thing a lie?

His keys? Oops, they were kicked underneath his car. "Your keys, yes… well.. You might need to get new ones." Damnable chinks in the plan, holes in the armor of her schemes. There's always a variable. Relaxing in her seat, Cody closes her eyes for just a moment and thinks. "Just keep under the speed limit, you'll be just fine. We're not doing anything wrong." Aside from a little kidnapping. Maybe extortion later. Focusing her attention once again on Taine, the Agent begins to try to calm him. "When we get where we're going you and your girlfriend will have a chance to talk and visit. What you want to do from there is your decision. If you want to go back to your regular life, I'll give you a phone. You will be able to use that phone to arrange more visits." She doesn't use Erin's name on purpose, Tori doesn't know that she has the other starlet too, which might be for the best.

"You're being awfully cryptic. I feel like I'm my bleeding character all of a sudden," Taine says, closing his eyes again, and relaxing. The want to talk to Erin is strong enough that he doesn't toss out the threats he might want to. Instead he stays quiet for a few moments, and then simply asks, "Is she safe?"

Tori sighs. She doesn't get paid enough for this — or at all for this, more to the point — at least in anything tangible. The intangibles of freedom barely make it worth it. She just drives, dark eyes flitting to the rearview mirror now and then, but mostly keeping an eye on traffic. Eventually they near their destination. Tori glances back for directions from Cody.

Directing Tori to a warehouse, Cody nods at her to slow. "This is where you may wish to stop," the Agent says lowly, then she climbs into the passenger seat and lowers her voice even further. "You might want to go back to the garage and find his keys. I'll give you a hundred dollars if you can do that." Not much, but it's better than the nothing she's getting for driving. With Taine still secured in the back seat, she gives the Englishwoman the telephone sign. "I'll call you if he wants to go back. You'll be able to do that one alone."

"You didn't answer me," Taine speaks up from the back seat. Of all the things he wants an answer to, that one question is it. "Is she all right?" For all he knows, they could be taking him to identify her body, or hold her hand in the hospital. Which he would do, the last part, but it— it would probably make him feel better if he knew. "I appreciate you sending someone to get my keys, though."

The van pulls up where Cody indicates and Tori nods. "I'll go," she says quietly. The money isn't the issue — his keys are on the ground and someone could break into — or actually not 'break' but just unlock the door politely — his apartment and take everything he owns. While she's a thief, she doesn't really wish such bad luck on anyone else, especially a handsome Aussie who's already having a bad day.

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