Taine Whitaker
Portrayed By Jesse Spencer
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 2, 1978
Age 31
Zodiac Signs Leo, Earth Horse
Aliases Dr. Pryce
Place of Birth Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Actor (Currently: Dr. Pryce on Afterlife)
Known Relatives Kaine Whitaker (father; bartender in Australia), Judith Whitaker (mother; nurse practitioner in Australia), Imogen Whitaker (younger sister)
Significant Other Erin McCarty
Known Abilities Great Hair
First Appearance She Has Amnesia


Born and raised in Australia (Cairns in Queensland, to be exact), Taine Whitaker grew up with a bartender for a father, and a nurse for a mother. Two very different lifestyles, but his parents raised him with a desire to be better. Unfortunately from a young age he showed an inclination towards the entertainment industry, something his father approved of, even if his mother constantly told him he could be better than that. While still in school, he learned to play the guitar, and sang in a small band that frequented his father's bar, even at their young age.

Writing songs would never be his strong point, so he mostly did covers, and sang songs other people wrote for him. This talent continues into his adulthood, though it's become more of a hobby than anything else. He has no aspirations of releasing an album, though that may change in later years.

It wasn't until he was ready to head to university that he found his true calling. Acting. It was a trip to the Sydney Film Festival with a few friends that really attracted his eye, and he started to take up acting.

Starting in low-end commercials and school productions, it wasn't until he landed a role on an Australian soap opera that things really began to take off in Taine's career. His character became highly popular and skyrocketed him towards localized fame. He quit University (his degree would have been in the arts anyway) and devoted all of his time to the soap opera through it's various series. Five series worth of the show before the sixth failed to get signed.

Various flings with his co-stars also made him insanely popular, leading many tabloids to speculate that he was a playboy. In fact he wasn't as much as they made him out to be, though he did tend to date women he worked with, and the relationships rarely progressed beyond a certain point. The longest he was ever in lasted for a year.

With this, he moved on to a few small films, all Australian, and then landed a guest spot in an American show being filmed in New Zealand. Making a few friends there, they recommended he get a work Visa in the US and try his hand at American shows. The friends he'd made knew agents in New York, so when he did travel overseas, he went there.

His agent recommended a slow start in American television and movies, citing many famous actors and actresses who got their start on soap operas. With his particular resume, it also seemed more likely that he'd manage a long term soap opera. And there happened to be one filming right in New York. An audition later, and they actually created a character just for him, allowing him to keep his accent. Dr. Pryce (first name unrevealed as yet) was introduced in the summer of 2007, as a mysterious young doctor from Australia, an expert in neurological issues.

Of course Taine is hardly a neurologist, but that's what writers are for.


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