2011-08-30: Take A Card
AIR DATE 08.30.11
Cast: Alvin_icon.pngElliot_icon.pngHarry_icon.pngFrank_icon.png
Location: ACRU Headquarters
Synopsis: Frank sneaks in ACRU in an attempt to get a scoop on the Patton story.

It's been a day or two since the havoc at Patton Hospital and Harry has been jumpy and a little spacey in regards to her work. It's not that she can't perform her designated tasks, but instead it just takes her longer and she seems distracted. Case in point, she wanders out of the CSI labs with a thick folder about a case and a puzzled expression on her face. As the door shuts behind her, she stops and looks about, as if she's forgotten why she's here. Quickly, she looks down at the file in her hand. Right. She was delivering this to someone. But who was that again?

Likely not Elliot, who wouldn't really have any business with such things, but it's Elliot who is wandering past right about then with a tray of coffees in one hand and a bag from a local deli in the other. Yep. This is what he does at work. Very exotic. He slows and finally halts once he notices Harry standing aimlessly, and he cocks his head to one side. "… uh, did you get lost or something?" he half-jokes.

Alvin Drake is on the premises. Which may or may not be a good thing or even allowed. He's lacking his briefcase, for once and just seems to be casually wandering around the immediate area. His 'Internal Affairs' badge is proudly clipped and displayed on his suit jacket to make sure nobody thinks he doesn't belong here. He wouldn't want to have to show anybody who's boss or anything like that. He pauses at the occasional desk to peek over anyone's shoulder or lift up any particular folder that's not being hidden from his eyes. Nosy? Understatement of the Decade.

GAME: Frank has rolled ANONYMOUS and got a result of GOOD.

Oh, now that is convenient. With one guy already wandering around and making a point of sticking his beak into anything that looks the least bit curious, who's gonna notice another guy sauntering behind him and just casually taking in the scene? Even if he doesn't have a badge. Or a uniform. Or even a suit; that plaid monstrosity draped over his shoulders lost its claim to that title back when its wearer was in grade school. And then a quick couple of double-steps later, he's right alongside Alvin, notepad and pen already out and ready to go. "Internal Affairs, perfect! Just the man I need to talk to. You got a few minutes?" Of course he does, otherwise he'd be lawyering or collaring or something instead of sightseeing.

The question from Elliot doesn't make her jump like it did the last time he surprised her in a reverie. Instead, she just blinks and looks at him, as if readjusting to where she is. "No. I just…" she thinks for a moment. "I was pausing." Zeroing in on the coffee and bag from the local deli, her eyebrow raises. "One of those doesn't happen to be more me, does it? Or, if it's not, will anyone miss it?"

Pausing. Sure. That earns a quiet scoff from Elliot, but he ultimately turns the coffee tray to put one of the beverages on the corner forward, the one with sugar packets and creamers balanced on top. "No," he utters, "but look, that one suddenly has your name on it." And indeed it suddenly does, in bold black Sharpie. "Were you looking for something to eat, too?"

Blink. Frown. Slam Folder closed. Alvin spins slightly to find that he's being invaded in the personal space by someone. Immediately, his eyebrow raises and his face shifts into a scowl that clearly has 'I'm A Cop, Bucko' written all over it. "No." comes the simple response from Alvin, before he takes a step to get around this personage and he's immediately pointing at two uniformed officers as if they were security.

Frank doesn't miss so much as a beat, easily switching to the other side even as he hangs a step back. "Well, that's all right, I can get this done and over with in just a couple of minutes. A couple's less than a few, right?" Not waiting for even a one-word response this time, he bulls right onward. "So this thing out at Patton State— nasty business. All I been hearing all day is A-P this, A-P that. What's the deal out there— they got 'em on the staff, in the straitjackets? Both?"

Despite Elliot's well meaning gesture of making the coffee appear to be hers, Harry tenses a bit when the name changes on one of them. Nothing to panic, Harry, it's just Elliot. Shrugging it off, she smiles. It's a nice gesture. With a shake of her head, she takes a coffee cup but not the food. "Thanks," she smiles weakly. Balancing the paper cup and her file, she takes a quick sip of it to claim it as hers. "Honestly, I needed this." However, her thanks is slowly turned about when she sees Alvin talking to someone she doesn't recognize. "Hm. Follow?" she absently asks Elliot before sidling up to the pair. "Agent Drake, hi, sorry to bother, don't mean to interrupt, but I was hoping you could help me with something?"

"Good, because I need this bagel." Just as he's about to move on, Elliot is summoned to follow, and spotting the beleaguered IA agent, he isn't inclined to disagree. While Harry speaks with Drake, Elliot offers Frank a beaming but wholly mirthless smile.

"Of course." is tossed directly to Harry, before more motioning to the uniformed officers happens to get them moving faster so they can come and get the following nuisance out of Alvin's immediate space. As for the question asker, the only response he gets from Alvin is, "Your only choices are to voluntarily go or be arrested for trespassing, obstruction of justice, tampering with an ongoing investigation and stalking a police officer." Alvin offers a small smile in the middle of his intimidation tactics. "Your choice." And with that he's turning back to Harry so that he can help her with whatever it is. "What do you need?"

Once gets you an implied threat, twice gets you an overt one. Frank doesn't go fo the triple play of staying all up in Alvin's business, but he hasn't quite given up on this car chase, either. He backs away, hands up and flat in an I'm-going-I'm-going stance— then turns ninety degrees and gives Elliot a once-over instead. "You know bagels are just day-old doughnuts?" At least he has enough brains not to crack a cops-and-doughnuts joke. "I like 'em anyway, 'specially with some good lox— Anyway, help me out here? Anything? Mr. IA here is booked solid, I get that— I could be your best friend on this thing!" he adds, raising his voice and lifting up on his toes for that extra little bit of emphasis. All the while, he is still backing away toward the front doors, he's just dragging it out as long as he can manage.

Harry juggles her coffee and her folders and glances between Frank and Alvin. She came over to make sure he wasn't getting harassed, but now she's not completely sure what's going on. "Right, yeah. Just about the, uh, gravity case." The one they talked about before. "Who is getting thrown out of the building?" It's not that she exactly protests, just that she's curious to know who it is.

"I'd back away faster, if I were you," is Elliot's altogether unfriendly response to the reporter. "This tray of hot coffee is heavy. It could wind up anywhere." Whatever Harry and Alvin are discussing, he doesn't seem to hear; it's probably not relevant to him.

"I'm losing my patience." Alvin says nice and loud, as if trying to give this dude a chance to get the fleeing on. "And I become very unforgiving when my patience is lost." More words come out of his mouth, the moment that his face is completely and utterly facing Harry. Which allows him to put on a smile that does not match his authoritative tone at all. Just play along, Harry, gosh!

Frank squints at Elliot, then shakes his head. "No comment," he drawls, jotting it down as he goes. Yes, he needs the mental assist; this is just one of a dozen appointments on his list today, and they won't all throw him out on his ear. He hopes. "Look, when you want to talk - and you will! - call me. No hard feelings, I promise." A business card is dropped on the nearest flat surface at hand, and then he's retreating in earnest, already pulling out his cell phone as he goes. "Billy, you there? Yeah, I talked to a couple guys at the station, gimme till dinner to get it all sorted out—"

The scene is altogether confusing to Harry, but Alvin and Elliot seem to have it under hand, so she allows them to cajole and wrangle the reporter out of ACRU. "What was he asking about?" she asks in a softer tone once the man is starting out the door. She missed that part and now wants to understand what happened.

"Whatever he could be slimy about," opines Elliot, setting the coffee aside and digging around in the deli bag. Bagel. Yes. "That's what reporters do."

Alvin raises an eyebrow and looks over at Elliot the moment the slimy comments come ut and he smirks. He kinda' likes this dude already. "I'm Alvin. Alvin Drake. I'm here to… help." He's pretty sure the IA badge speaks for itself, but his attention is drawn back to Harry with the utter quickness. "Patton." is all he says, in case the damn reporter is still listening in. But that should be enough to have Harry on memory lane or something, right?

While Harry doesn't have the same reaction to reporters as Elliot and Alvin does - she deals with them far less on the science side of things - the mention of Patton is enough to make her lips tighten into a straight line. Memory lane, yes. Her eyes widen in a bit of a panic gesture just slightly before she covers it with a big gulp of stolen coffee. Yum, isn't this coffee delicious. "Oh! O-oh?" It's like she's rehearsing a line. "I see." It's a good thing he didn't descend upon her at first glance. Changing the subject, since who wants to stay on that horrible one, she adds, "I thought I'd come over to, uh, rescue you from what seemed like an unscrupulous character."

Elliot can only grin at the introduction. "Charmed. Elliot Couch." He's not a dyed-in-the-wool cop, so he doesn't react as distastefully to the presence of Internal Affairs as he maybe should, but he's at least intelligent enough to be a bit wary.

"Huh." Alvin's response is to both Elliot and Harry at the moment, before he realizes that this is going to be going downhill pretty damn quick. He frowns slightly and is already reaching into his pocket to come out with his personal business card, which is offered to Harry. "We should talk. Not like this. And not here." Yeah, he's not too trusting of the cops here. "Soon. You look like you could use a friend." It's a very small half-smile that Alvin attempts to try and soothe the Harry with. "If you want, that is."

"A gentleman and charmed, all in a matter of days. Precedents have been broken." Harry gives the probie a smile. Taking the card from Alvin, she blinks at it and then nods. "O-okay." Tucking it into her pocket, she smiles at the IA officer. "Thanks." It's a sincere thank you. "I should get these files to…whoever I was getting them to." Moving toward the other end of the room, she gives a warm smile at the two men, "Thanks for the coffee. And the card."

"For my next trick, I might even compliment someone," Elliot remarks wryly. Giving a nod to Alvin, he also picks up his coffees again. These won't deliver themselves.

Alvin stands where he stands for a moment or two after the other cops are starting to make their way out. He turns and moves to make his way out, fingertips brushing across a desk as he makes his way off to the exit. Time to go.

Huh. Where'd Frank's card go?

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