2010-06-22: Take A Chance On Me



Date: June 22, 2010



"Take a Chance on Me"

E50 - France

It's about a 4 hour trip from Paris to Alsace, for those that count the minutes. Lizzie was quite insistent that she rent the car and drive but unfortunately, she went for the little economy model and forgot to take into account the size of her traveling companion.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't think you'd have to fold up quite so much to get into the passenger seat! Are you sure you don't want to drive? Do you have an international license?" It was one of the things she got before she made her trip over. It cost enough but she's not complaining because she finally has her license back, tucked deep into her purse where no one can see it. "I didn't know what kind of on the road snacks you like so I just packed sandwiches and Perrier, that's good, right?"

And then there's the ABBA cd.

The young blonde is smiling bigger than the Cheshire cat himself as she watches the road and listens to their crooning melodies. Every once in a while she even sings along and to her credit, she's not horrible. "If you change your mind~ I'm the first in line~"

The woman's companion rides in the passenger seat, and he's definitely counting the minutes. While it isn't exactly comfortable in the car, he isn't complaining, but the comical appearance of being folded nearly in half doesn't look like it's a walk in the park. Yet he remains stoic, flipping through an atlas detailing all the roads. He isn't even on the right page for where they're going, but seems to be passing the time with looking at all the different maps.

And then there's the ABBA cd.

While not his favorite band, he isn't complaining about that either. He might prefer a good piece on the piano, or perhaps some classic rock in the way of an arena band, but he lets the young woman sing along to the tunes. He even cracks a smirk once or twice, but other than that doesn't comment on it. "I'm fine," he says, waving a hand as he flips to the next page in the atlas. "I've been in worse places."

"We can go dancin' we can go walkin'~" Liz pauses and looks over at Gabriel for just a moment. When she fails to get his attention right away, she swerves the car just a touch and looks over at him again with a big grin. Her black eye has faded to a light yellow bruise which is easily hidden by makeup, so she's not completely hideous anymore. At least by her own standards.

"Hey! Good to see you're paying attention!" She grins as she steadies the car on the road again, "You know this song is way better when you're singing it with someone…" It's a hint, by the expression on her face she's really hoping that he takes it. She begins humming a little bit to the song and glances at him out of the corner of her eye. "You can sing the man part, it's really easy… It's just 'Take a chance, take a chance, take chika-chance chance' and I'll do all the rest, okay?"

When the car swerves, the map falls off of one of Gabriel's knees, and he reaches down to pull it back up and re-adjust it once he's made sure they're not, in fact, swerving off of the road and about to die. (Not that he has anything to be afraid of, really, but Lizzie doesn't have regeneration… as far as knows, anyway.)

"Oh… no," Gabriel says, politely shaking his head at her hint. He most certainly doesn't sing outloud in front of people. He doesn't even sing in the shower when he's all by himself. "You can keep singing," he says, turning his head so he can look at her. He tries and offer a consolatary smile, but it doesn't really come off the way it should. "But I don't think I will."

"Come on… pleeeeeeaaaaaaase?" Liz keens, even going so far as to give him a little flutter of her long eyelashes. "I'll buy you a Toblerone~ They're the beeeeest~" She slows the car a little as they approach a herd of cattle wandering alongside the road. Thinking it might be best, she actually comes to a crawl as they pass by the bovines and their walking owner. "You don't ever see this in New York…" she comments lightly, "Though, I bet if there was a cow wandering around one of the expressways they'd get hit by an SUV or something."

"Take a chance on me~ That's all I ask of you honey… Take a chance on me~"

She interjects her conversation with a few lines of singing every once in a while, making it rather difficult to follow exactly which stop her train of thought is pulling up at. "Oh hey! Have you decided which places you want to stop at while we're touring around France? There's like… a billion things to do. I already picked out where I want to go when we hit Alsace."

He's still resisting, shaking his head at her advances to get him to sing the song. Doesn't she know who he is?! — Well, she doesn't, really, now that he thinks about it, but…

He raises his eyes to look at the bovines and their owner, more than a little surprise. "No, you really don't," he responds, tilting his head slightly as they come to a crawl. That's a lot of cows for one guy. He must be used to it, though, or perhaps the cattle are used to the path they're walking, because they don't seem to be trying to get away. Turning his eyes back down to the atlas, he shrugs, flipping the page again. "I don't know," he says in response to what he wants to do, "I haven't really thought about it."

He continues to look at the atlas, idly flipping through the pages. He sees the flutter of the eyelashes out of the corner of his eye, unable to help the smirk that pulls at the corner of his lip as he shakes his head. He remains silent for a few more moments, but then, just barely audibly, he sings it. "Take a chance, take a chance, take chika-chance chance…" As soon as he does, he's moved on, already on the next page and closely studying the roads. He's in some country not even near where they are.. but it provides a good distraction, and pretty good cover, too, to not continue to sing.

Turning toward Gabriel with a smile, Lizzie pauses her own singing just long enough to give him a verbal nudge of encouragement. "Come on, don't stop, it's fun!" Then, just as the last cow passes by she begins to sing again, this time at the top of her lungs. "If you're all alone~ When the pretty birds have flown~ Honey I'm still free~ Take a chance on me~"

The car speeds up with a jerk as she floors the gas pedal and the tires squeal behind them, leaving a bunch of milkers staring after them in mooing confusion. "We can go dancin'~" Pause. "Oh my god! We should totally go dancing!!" She chirps while turning her head toward him. Every time she looks at him (which is quite frequently as he's not singing enough) the car veers toward the steep ditch.

Shaking his head, Gabriel definitely has no intentions of singing anymore. She got the few words out of him, that should be good enough! He isn't exactly… well, a person that does these type of things. He's the kind of person that reads an atlas quietly in the passenger seat.

After the car swerves again, Gabriel snaps his hand out and grips the steering wheel and corrects the swerve, putting them back on a straight path down the road. "Careful now," he says, turning his eyes on Lizzie. "I might be ab—" He pauses, mouth still slightly open, but he closes it and shakes his head. "You don't want to get us hurt, do you?"

Gabriel's got control of the wheel, so Lizzie's free to look anywhere she wants. Where does she choose to look? Right back at him. Her large blue eyes bore holes into his brown ones as he speaks and she twitches the corner of one of her eyebrows down. "You might be ab — What?" A quick glance is given to the road, but then averted back in his direction. "You might be ab — solutely in love with the idea of dancing? Alright!"

"We are going to have so much fun." Now her eyes are on the road again and both of her hands on the steering wheel, until she decides that the cd needs changing. "So what kind of music do you like? ABBA and what else?" It's a light hearted tease and though she's got her bottom lip bitten to try to hide the smile, it's threatening to split her face in half. "Did you know that there's this little island off the coast of Spain that's like.. a huge rave? All the time!"

The man continues to hold onto the wheel, managing to keep the car straight— but then, it's such a tiny car, he's practically in the driver's seat anyway. "What?" Gabriel says, actually letting go of the steering wheel to snap his gaze towards Lizzie, but she already has her hands on the wheel.

"I don't dance," Gabriel says rather firmly, shaking his head. "If you think I don't sing… then I really don't dance." Zelda had a hard enough time getting him to dance that first time— and you can ask her, that was the only time. "I'm sorry. I hate to be such a bore, but… some things I just don't do."

"Think you don't sing? Oh, sorry, I know you sing.. You just did it." Lizzie smiles as she presses down a little farther on the gas and weaving around another tiny car on the road. They're progressing at a fairly good clip, the kilometer markers zip by them at a nearly frightening pace. While the road they're on isn't some country road, it's certainly not the Autobon. None of this seems to concern the reckless little blonde in the driver's seat.

After they pass all of the cars, she glances down at the stereo and reaches to push a button. Immediately the radio begins to blare, I don't mind you comin' here~ And wastin' all my time~ It gets a nose wrinkle from the dainty blonde and she just gives Gabriel a quick glance. "Could you find a different station? I don't know what this is…"

"I sang a few words— that doesn't count," Gabriel says, shaking his head. "So by that logic, I'll do a couple dance moves, and then we'll be even." He pauses for a moment, and then shakes his head again. "I still don't dance, though, so don't get your hopes up." As for the music being changed, the moment he hears those lyrics coming out of the radio, he moves into action.

"Whoa, whoa," Gabriel says, moving Lizzie's hand from the station dial. "This is The Cars! Now this is a band I can get on board with," Gabriel says. He doesn't move to change the station— in fact, he turns the volume up just a little bit!

When Gabriel turns the station up Lizzie just balks and sneaks a peek at him from the corner of her eye. Is he serious? He doesn't look like an old dude, he has good hair and that sexy five o'clock shadow that you see on coffee shop guys or … The car careens just a little off center before she snaps her eyes back to the road and tries to keep them there.

Clearing her throat, she sets a pathetic little expression on her face and slouches back into her seat for at least one minute of the song. Then, giving Gabriel the most pitiful look (along with eyelash flutter) she can manage, she quivers her chin and whines. "It's making my ears bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed."

The music gets just a bit louder as Gabriel turns the dial even more. Hey, she got to listen to her ABBA tunes. It's time for some classic rock 'n roll. He looks up as the car careens off center again, and catches the expression on her face. Shaking his head with half a smile on his face, he turns it to some random pop station. Some song about what you say. Gabriel has no idea what it is or what it even means.

"If you say so," he says, sitting back in his seat and holding the atlas up in front of him. He readjusts his legs as best as he can, getting a bit more comfortable, and lays the atlas across his lap. "You're missing out on real music."

As quickly as he changes it, she changes it back and her expression switches to defiant. "You can listen if you teach me the words! I can't drive to stuff I can't si— and I don't know the words to that song either!" Never mind the fact that she can't seem to drive at all.

The rest of the ride is met with that compromise, with every new song, Gabriel talks the words out to the music of the chorus as long as it takes for Lizzie to learn them. Once she starts singing at the top of her lungs, the music gets the better of Gabriel and he even hums along to tunes without realizing it.

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