2007-03-23: Take The Drugs And Run


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Summary: Hiro arrives at Suresh's lab seeking drugs, and not the over the counter kind.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2007

Log Title Take The Drugs and Run

Isaac's Loft / Reed St. Laboratories

Excited babble on the telephone. In Japanese. Every now and then, the phrase 'Ando-kun' pops up in conversation, usually with varying degrees of optimistic thrill. Looks like somebody's gotten a bit of an encouraging charge from a friend. However, Hiro Nakamura quickly hangs up when he reaches the door to 'Reed Street Laboraties', and takes a deep breath. Okay, here goes.

Hiro knocks twice at the door, and calls through the glass. "Doctor Suresh? Doctor Suresh, are you here?"

It may be Easter Sunday, but Mohinder's at work already. (Naturally a basket of goodies was left in Molly's room overnight.) He's working with the samples of dried blood he had lifted from Sylar's things. It's just not the same as working with fresh or preserved samples for the sake of this study, but it will have to do. The knock at the door breaks his concentration, as does the familiar voice calling out his name. It has Mohinder's heart stopping at least once. Leaving his work table, he goes up to answer the door and tries to mask his surprise, and guilt. Opening the door, he says, "Hiro.. this is a surprise." Considering the Japanese man was in custody last he heard.

Which is part of why Hiro's been out of the world for a spell. A brief spell. He doesn't know much about Easter; there are Catholics in Japan, and they care about Easter, but they don't give a damn about chocolate eggs and bunnies. So, it doesn't seem strange that Mohinder is working on that day. And, unfortunately for Mohinder, Hiro is a little canny. "Why?" he asks, with a little curiousity.

Mohinder steps back from the door in case Hiro would like to enter in a conventional manner. The simple response and question from the Japanese man of course could have several answers and the geneticist thinks he knows which one is wanted. "Well, last I heard from Cass Aldric, Peter Petrelli, and Elle Bishop, you had gotten taken and were held by the Company." That should suffice, right? Maybe not so much.

Hiro bows a little bit and steps in. "I escaped," Hiro says, simply, "Once I knew that everyone else had escaped or been released. I've been…" Hiro stops to think. "Keeping my head down." Is that how it goes? Ugh. Where's his English tutor when you need her? "But I can't keep hiding! Everything's still happening, and Sylar won't be injured forever."

Mohinder shuts the door behind Hiro. "I'm glad to hear that," he says and it's sincere. He never wanted anything to happen to Hiro or his friends in their rescue attempt. "That is a very wise course of action, but it's not safe for you to be here." He stays put right inside the doorway, hesitant to move down the stairs with Hiro present in the lab. "I know Sylar won't stay injured forever, or without his powers. He came to me once and I'm certain he'll try again. He's desperate. Hiro, with your ability, you should be able to stay ahead of the Company. I know that it must feel like living on the run to you and it can't be pleasant."

"I had to come," Hiro says. "You may be the only person who can help. While I was being held, the Company had a drug that they gave me. I thought at first that it was the Haitian, but it wasn't. It kept me from using my abilities. And it wasn't as nice as the opium," Hiro adds. Bizarrely. What the hell does he mean by that? "If you could make some, we could use it to stop Sylar or somebody else without having to hurt them," he explains, hurriedly. Well, probably not killing someone else. Sylar is not on a 'no-kill' list. "Like an MP drain!"

Mohinder blinks in confusion as Hiro does not strike him as an opiate user. "I.. yes. I'm aware of the drug they used on you. It's designed to inhibit ability use." He rubs at the back of his neck, looking away from Hiro. "Sylar, he already has a virus in his system. A strain of a virus I'm familiar with. Molly had a form of it. There is possibly only one cure for it. But.. I've already thought of what you suggest. This particular drug, it's temporary. It has to remain in a person's system to be effective. Although in your case, it doesn't appear to have worked that well." Unless it was tampered with, or immunity built. "It could work short term mind you, the same way one uses a tranquilizer gun."

"Er. It was in the past. The evil general, Whitebeard, imprisoned me and drugged me to keep me from using my powers to save Japan," Hiro explains, matter-of-factly. What the heavenly hell? Is that what Hiro was up to for four months? "And to escape from the Company, just kept trying. I tried all the time. Eventually I escaped. I guess I eventually rolled that twenty," he explains, before shaking his head. "Right! And usually you can't inject somebody when they're using their powers, but…" Hiro tries to conceal his pride. "I can."

"I see.. well yes.. opium would hinder your mental capacity," Mohinder says as he listens with interest. Remarkable, Hiro went that far into the past? Or at least he assumes it was quite some time. "Right, ah yes, you would be able to do that.." His voice becomes distracted as he thinks. Ranier and Bob will have his head for not subduing Hiro, but at the same time, there is misplaced trust. The internal dilemma wages as he speaks, "Who would you use this drug on?"

"If Peter Petrelli explodes," Hiro says, "I won't have to kill him," he explains. He sounds like he's given this a great deal of thought. "I chose to free him. I know I did the right thing, but I have to take responsibility for the danger."

"You have a point, yes. He is a good man." Mohinder reasons, even if he's unsure that it's even possible to kill Peter. "That's a very heavy burden that you have placed on yourself Hiro, and your willingness to take responsibility.. It's noble. I can get you one dose, so you will have to be careful with it."

Hiro bows again. "Thank you, Doctor Suresh," Hiro says. He's without his sword, but still — he's beginning to look the part of the samurai hero. A little bit more serious, a little bit more traveled. Little changes, bit by bit. "Oh! Forgive me. I was in such a hurry to talk about Batman stuff. How's Molly and Detective Parkman?" The latter of whom Hiro has somehow never met, but knows extensively of.

"Don't thank me Hiro, not yet," Mohinder says, squirming a little on the inside with guilt. "Batman talk? Uhm, oh, Molly's quite fine, as is Matt. I'll tell Molly that you're fine, she'll be happy to hear this. She's .. well she's a little upset that Sylar's loose again." Which is putting it mildly.

"Yeah, I was afraid of that. Finding Sylar is my top priority, at least as long as I think we have some time until the tornado hits," Hiro explains, before sitting himself down. "I don't know if Molly is ready. But if she can find Sylar, I can stop him."

"She's hesitant to find him, and I don't want to press Molly," Mohinder says and there's no hesitation in his tone. He's firm on this. "I understand that finding Sylar is a priority. Everyone should fear him, even without his abilities. Unfortunately, we may have to wait for a sighting and be quick to act."

Hiro nods. "Right. I will keep my eyes open. And I'll keep looking," Hiro says. "Just be careful, okay, Doctor? He came here once. He might come again."

"I shall be careful, and I have no doubt of that." Mohinder thinks a moment before saying, "Give me a few days to get the dose for you.. and you be careful as well. The Company won't make the same mistake twice with you, I'm sure."

"And I won't make the same mistake, either," Hiro says, with a surprisingly steely resolve. "I do not believe that is an acceptable evil," he explains, further. "But I know now that I must be smarter in fighting it, even if that means fighting it alone."
"Your resolve is to be admired, Hiro." Mohinder doesn't meet the Japanese man's eyes. Instead, his gaze drifts down to the mural left on the floor by Isaac Mendez. "I hope you stay out of their hands. For now, it's best that you go. Check back with me in a few days."

Hiro repeats his nod, and when Isaac looks at the floor, Hiro rubs a little hole with his foot. Left by Ando's sword — the same sword that impaled Sylar. "Right. Don't forget my number!" Hiro reminds, before he shuts his eyes and does his disappearing act.

"I won't, Hiro." Mohinder waits until the man is gone before pulling out his cellphone. He hesitates a moment before dialing a number. "Bob, this is Mohinder. Hiro Nakamura has just been here to see me.."

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