2007-08-30: Taken Over By Aliens


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Megan has her first training session with Mohinder using a human test subject: Meryl. Alien possession and lots of Ms.

August 31st, 2007:

Taken Over By Aliens

Primatech Paper - Mohinder's Lab

The big day has come! A room has been prepared for controlled environment testing of Megan's abilities. True to his word, Mohinder has gotten a volunteer for the testing. There are also standard pieces of equipment for monitoring. Aware of Megan's tendancy to faint during ability usage, he's taken this into consideration. Much like he did when testing Mara, there are padded mats on the floor should she fall. There is also water and juice chilling nearby should either patient or volunteer require it. Now all he needs are the two ladies.

Reluctant to admit that she had abilities, nervous about actually testing it, Megan has her hands clasped in front of her as she looks around the lab fitted for this whole test. The idea that she's going to willingly and purposefully do what she does on another human being unnerves her. The only reason she's okay with it is because this is being done with a volunteer. Having been led by agents into Mohinder's laboratory, she hesitates in the doorway. "Dr. Suresh?" she calls out, voice a little high pitched and wavery. "Are ye here?"

Meryl is late, because she was busy painting 'YOU SMELL' on one of the bathroom mirrors. Of course, she knows that she's got an appointment, and when she glances at her watch - which hasn't worked for a couple weeks now, she realises that she has somewhere she needs to be. Like, five minutes ago! Of course she volunteered for this… Because she likes Megan, first of all, and second, she's always wanted to be a guinea pig. Well, not always, but at least since Mohinder asked her to do it, which was a couple days ago, and that might as well be 'always.' As Megan hesitates at the doorway, the agent appears just down the hall, and smiles. Professional, right! RIGHT. This is going to be a professional Meryl that approaches, a stern scowl fixed on her face— Oh, stuff that. She'll throw her arms around Megan if allowed, and squeezes. "Hey! How're you doin'?"

Mohinder is just going over a few more things in Megan's file when she's brought in. Hearing the woman calling out, he smiles and glances over. "Hello Miss Deatley. Come on over here, and have a seat. I would like to begin setting you up with the monitors." The agents don't leave the immediate vicinity. In fact, they stay right outside the room after playing escort. Just in case they're needed. "Ah, Agent Wolfe, right on time," he says politely, even if Meryl's a little behind. Which is fine. He waits for the greetings to be done with before gesturing to two comfy chairs set up with the padded mats beneath. "If you ladies would mind having a seat. I would like to get started. Agent Wolfe, I will also be monitoring your vitals as well."

Since the agents are behind her, Megan isn't expecting Meryl to suddenly just appear there and wrap her arms around her. Startled and already nervous, she lets out a shriek and stiffens. Then, when she identifies it the voice and the arms as belonging to Meryl, she relaxes slightly. "O-oh! M-Meryl!" Unsure of what to do, she just starts to walk forward slowly, allowing Meryl to hold on if she wants to or let go if that's what she would prefer. Removing the arms and hands around her would bring skin on skin contact, which would start this training session off a little earlier than planned. Looking at the comfy chairs, she picks one and drops into it. "What're ye gonna have me do?"

"Monitoring my vitals, Doctor Suresh, REALLY. If you want to ask me out, just say it. I only bite when I'm angry, really." Good thing Mo' isn't her special friend this week, right? Letting go of Megan - and sticking her tongue out at the other agents as she actually steps into the room - Meryl shuts the door behind them. Notably? Meryl's looking a little tired… Dark circles under the eyes and all that, but that's not a discussion for now, at least. In any case, she'll take a seat near where Mohinder will be monitoring said vitals, so he doesn't have to, like, get extension cords for the EKG or something. She could make this difficult. "I hear he likes it when people sing showtunes. Know any good ones?" she replies to Megan. Green eyes wink at Mohinder. She's clever, see. Anyway, more seriously, "Ah, I guess we're going to try to figure out how your ability works, if I'm right. I mean, sometimes I tune him out, but this was pretty cool, so I think I actually heard about half of what he told me."

Mohinder tries to soothe Megan's frazzled nerves by being incredibly patient about this. "For starters.. Relax. You're in good hands here, I won't let anything happen to you. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself. Agent Wolfe, I will get you started on the monitors first." That way Megan can see what he's doing, hear the explanation before he does anything to her. Which… he hesitates doing as Meryl is well, herself. Looking a little flustered, but soon masks over that. Really. He should be accustomed to her outrageous statements. Seeing the dark circles under Meryl's eyes, the geneticist frowns. "Agent Wolfe, are you quite alright? If you aren't up to this, I can get another volunteer." For the most part, her banter is tuned out as he hesitates a moment, before starting with things like the heart monitor, pulse and EEG.

Perched on her comfy chair, not really taking Mohinder's advice at relaxing, Megan just watches as Mohinder prepare all the medical equipment. She doesn't understand all of it, so she just watches curiously. Trying to take the advice, she takes a few deep breaths. "Showtunes? No, dunna know any." Oh, right, she's trying to be funny. Whups. Oh well, she's a little nervous. "I figured tha' part out. Just. Dinna know wha' 'm s'posed to be doin'." She's kind of under whatever direction Mohinder can give her. Because all she knows is that when she touches people sometimes she, apparently, possesses them.

That gel they use for EEGs? It's hell to get out of hair. But this is exciting, it's awesome, it's AMAZING. She's going to do science, she's going to conquer it, and be its master. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Little run in with — uh. I don't remember his name." She does, really. "The jerk with the silly looking hair. You know the one." Yes, even Meryl gets angry at times. It seems that Benjamin has stepped over the line this time.

"Anyhow, I guess I'm ready." Elevated heart rate - slightly. She's worried, kind of nervous about this. After all, if these two even knew… but, no. They don't. It's just something she's had to spend a very long time getting over, and it's impossible for her to completely leave it behind. Meryl's demeanor changes, just slightly, toward the more serious volunteer. "Should be fun, right?"

Mohinder procures a pen sized flashlight from the pocket of his labcoat, and proceeds to check Meryl's eyes. Whether she wants it or not. He frowns at Meryl's description, not quite sure he understand who she's referring to. "I see.. Well.. I will be monitoring your vitals this entire time. Don't be afraid to ask to stop at any point where you no longer feel comfortable." Meryl's given another critical look before he moves to start rigging Megan up to her equipment, he also takes the time to explain what the devices do. Mainly for Megan's benefit. "Yes, this should be fun, at least I hope it will be. I will be honest, this can get exhausting." He smiles at Megan over her concern. "We will start slow Miss Deatley. You say that you faint when touching people? We will start with some basic contact."

Unaware that Meryl's jerk with the funny looking hair is also the jerk she knows with the funny looking hair, Megan just let's the quips slide without comment. Now she's just trying to focus on calming down and getting through this. Because, well, this what she's supposedly here for. To learn how to control her powers, to see what she can do with them. If there's anything that can be done with them. Though Mohinder is being nice and explaining all those machines to her, she's only getting the very basics of what he's saying, trying to remain still as things are hooked up to her. She's not at all sure it's going to be 'fun' for her, but she gives Mohinder a weak smile. "Alrigh'." There's a determined nod once everything is finished and ready. She can do this. "Alrigh'. So ye want me ta jus' touch her?" Hesitantly, she reaches a hand out and places it on Meryl's wrist, like it may be the other agent that's about to bite her instead of the other way around.

Yeah, Benjamin. Oh, he's so gonna get it, and he doesn't even know. MERYL doesn't even know, actually. After spending all night tossing and turning, she has no idea what she's going to do to him. Or what he's going to do to her. In some ways? This is the best thing ever. A war of human versus evolved! Powered versus unpowered! Dork versus Agent M of the Men in Black! But, back to the present.

Meryl puts her hand on her knee so that she's more easily reachable. She's still looking at those machines, still somewhat nervous about the whole thing, but she did volunteer, and it was either Meryl or one of the other people around here, and some of them are just crazy. Pot, kettle, etc. etc. She almost pulls back as Megan reaches for her, but that would be silly! And, so, Meryl allows the contact, heart rate picking up as soon as it happens.

"Yes please, just simple hand on hand contact," Mohinder says upon finishing with the monitoring equipment. The results are fed to a printer in the room for the EEG, and there are also computer monitors that display the readouts. Instead of paying attention to the machines just yet, Mohinder's intent on just watching what happens when Megan touches Meryl. Bodily possession.. not even his father anticipated an ability like that!

Not really worried about the science of all this, Megan is more worried about what this all means for her. And for what she can do. If he sees it, can understand it, maybe he can help with the fainting, maybe even make it go away. When she places her hand on Meryl's, there's a moment where nothing happens. And then, without any warning or much drama or sound, Megan passes out. She's still breathing normally and her heart is still beating at a regular rate, but she's just not conscious any more. After she goes limp in the chair, she's not responsive to questions or anything. Instead, her worldview has been shifted to opposite of her. Now she's simply seeing the world through Meryl's eyes. Luckily, she can't read thoughts, otherwise she might be afraid of where she is. Meryl won't feel anything different, or notice any change or restriction of movement - other than from the medical equipment. This is a passive possession.

There was a point somewhere in the past where Mohinder probably explained his theories on Megan's ability to Meryl. At the time, however, Meryl was either stuffing her face or thinking of ponies, which meant that most of what was said went in one ear and out the other. That's okay, though, it just means that Meryl's first reaction is somewhat less than stellar. In other words, as soon as Megan passes out—

"AAH! AAH! I broke her! She's broken!" Speaking of the medical equipment, she pulls one of the EKG nodes off her shoulder and— And— "I think she needs a shock, can those machines shock? Is she still alive? What did I do?! I was just sitting here, really! Megan?" Pokepokepoke. With the node.

Megan's concerns are all valid. Things that Mohinder is taking into account. The geneticist keeps his eyes riveted on Megan as she passes out. There's a brief look at her monitoring equipment, unresponsive, but everything is stable. His attention shifts to Meryl, and starts asking a series of benign questions, "What is your name? When were you born? How do you feel? Agent Wolfe.. stay with me. Please don't poke Miss Deatley.. Look at my eyes." He's trying to get Meryl's attention now.. and apparently the woman feels just fine, given her reactions. "Please don't remove the nodes," he's .. patient.. but getting exasperated as he tries to reattach the EKG node to Meryl.

In her comfy chair, Megan doesn't move, nor does she respond to any questions. Meryl should definitely know the answers to those questions, there's nothing different about her. However, when the Agent starts to poke her with nodes, the Megan watching everything from behind Meryl's eyes starts to panic a little. Are those things supposed to be touching her? Is this messing up the test? Does that mean she'll be stuck here? Blindly, she grasps, using her own feelings on the matter to try and pull Meryl back, to stop her from poking her and possibly shocking her.

Dammit. At least Mohinder's calmess is catching, and Meryl sits back in her own chair with a rather wary look toward unconscious Megan. She even meets his eyes, though she pouts while doing it. Her name? "Classified." Where was she born? "Hogwarts." Even Agents read Harry Potter, it seems. HOW DOES SHE FEEL? At this point, she's tempted to reach up and tickle Mohinder, and say 'LIKE THIS,' But he probably wouldn't approve, so she doesn't. Instead, she continues poking at Megan, and then— stops. It kind of feels like one of those falling dreams a little, where her hand kind of jerks back suddenly without her meaning for that to happen. "Uh…" Poke. Poke. But with less gusto this time. Count Meryl weirded out, which is a rare thing indeed, punctuated by the fact that she holds the node up to Mohinder and asks, "Did you want this back?"

"Miss Deatley… if you can hear me.. have Meryl scratch her nose." Mohinder has no idea if this is going to work, but it's a shot, an educated guess if you will. Checking the monitors on Megan, the panic does register, that means she is aware. Meryl's answers raise a quirking of the eyebrows. Well.. Lips twitching in a faint gring at Meryl, he takes the node, "Thank you kindly Agent Wolfe." The node is placed back where it was. "Meryl? How are you feeling?" The woman is definitely sober in comparison to earlier behavior, he can see that much.

Meryl isn't the only person weirded out by what Megan was capable of doing. Though she's not an empath and can't really feel what Meryl's feeling, she can definitely feel the recoil on Meryl's arm. It's like a spring. Unsure of how she was even able to do that - unsure if that was really her - the command from Mohinder is met with something more akin to distress and incredulity. Make her scratch her nose? How in the world does she do that? Without fear and distress fueling her actions, she tries to think through actions. Even though this is someone else's body, she can still feel it, it still feels like it's hers. Mentally frowning, she merely focuses on Meryl's hand. Okay, hand. Up! Up! Up! It's just like her own hand! She can do this! If anything happens, it will be slow and wavering, without much - if any control. And should Meryl freak out, the control is likely to completely vanish. The arm will be hers again.

There might be a reason Meryl was chosen for this. After that original reaction, and even though this is still the weirdest thing that's ever happened to her, it's damn cool. OH. OH, Megan did that? That's awesome. "I'mokay," she says quickly when Mohinder asks. Her hand is still kind of hanging in the air from where she gave the node back, and when it starts to move without her meaning it to… "!" There's no other way to describe the sound Meryl makes.

Sure, it's not perfect, and eventually Meryl's hand sort of mushes into her cheek before she decides that's enough and jerks her arm downward. "Sorry. Sorry Megan," she mutters. Wait, wait, this is too cool. "Hey, hey, say something. Can she say something, Doctor-guy? This is awesome." Resisting the temptation to poke the unconscious girl again, Meryl sits forward in her chair. Dear diary, today I was taken over by aliens. It was the coolest thing ever.

Mohinder watches patiently. No notes are taken just yet. He can refer back to cameras and the test results later. He's too fascinated by what he's seeing in front of him. "Miss Deatley.. just think of Agent Wolfe's body as an extension of your own. She is yours to control," he instructs for Megan. To Meryl he says, "Don't fight it.. just relax. Nothing bad is going to happen to either of you. Not while I'm here." Looking amused and fascinated by all of this, then, "Miss Deatley, can you make Agent Wolfe say, 'Aliens do not exist?'" Because that is something Meryl would not say. Ever.

This is really just as fascinating to Megan as it is to Meryl. Holy God, she's making someone else move. It's not perfect and the hand she's trying to move is kind of just smashing into her face with no real command as to where it's really supposed to go. When Meryl forces her arm to move in a different way than Megan intended, the control is gone. For now, Megan doesn't attempt to fight to get it back, either. Taking over someone's body seems odd and just a little wrong. And while it may be easy for Mohinder to tell her to use Meryl's body as her own, it's not so easy in practice. Meryl's body is nothing like her own. It has a different weight, different proportions, different feelings. And she has no idea how to make Meryl talk. Really loudly she thinks, "Aliens dinna exist" but, that in itself isn't enough to make Meryl say it.

She wouldn't ever say that, no. Not ever. Because there are aliens out there, she knows - possibly also on Earth already! Like Megan here. "Relax, right," she says, slumping as much as she can in the chair. Nothing's going to happen. Megan's not the kind to, say, take over her body and, like, go rob a bank or something. And if she does, Meryl very much hopes that she remembers it, because cool. Right, relaxing. Relaxing.

"This is about th— " Weirdest— "Ehh?" It's not as if she stops herself from saying anything, it's just that she feels as if she's going to go in a different direction with her words, and then it doesn't happen. "…About the weirdest thing that's ever— Not that you're weird," she says to Megan. Who is unconscious, but obviously not. Because she's making Meryl move, and… "I think she tried?" Meryl relates to Mohinder. See? She's being helpful.

Mohinder looks incredibly pleased by the initial testing. Even if Megan isn't following instructions to the letter. He didn't expect that to be the case. So far though? This has been an excellent application of Megan's abilities. It's far from perfect, but that is okay. Smiling broadly at both women, he says to Meryl, "Excellent.. Thank you for that.. now Miss Deatley.. try to come back to your own body please.. I think you both should take a break." Other scientists and doctors here would push the women extraordinarily hard, but not him. He wants to take this case with baby steps.

The weirdest thing is right. This is all strange and new and a little terrifying (and a little exhilarating to be honest). Megan can make someone move! Small, singular movements, but that's something. It's weird. But, getting back? Um. That's not something they covered. All the other times that she's done this, it's sort of just happened all on it's own. She can move someone else's body, but getting back to her own is like an entirely different language. Looking at her slumped body on the chair opposite of Meryl, she just sort of makes a mental push. Which does nothing. Lovely. Sorry, Mohinder, she's stuck here for a little while.

So now they wait, right. Of course, Meryl makes stories up as she waits. Outlandish stories. Like the one where the squirrels that live inside her brain are holding Megan hostage, and she can't get out and back to her own body. OH GOD THAT SUCKS. So instead of doing the logical thing - Megan needed touch to get in, right? - She reaches over, grabs Megan's shoulders, and gives the girl a SHAKE. "MEGAN CAN YOU HEAR ME. Don't let them keep you there!" Another shake. "They're just squirrels, you can beat them. It's not working, Doctor-guy! She's trapped forever! She's going to make me rob banks and — paint my nails ungodly colours like tope, and adopt … Marmosets and beluga whales without my permission. MEGAN WAKE UP."

Mohinder watches and waits to see if Megan can voluntarily return to her body. He's not sure how she managed to return before she was in Company custody.. Then.. Meryl steps in to help give Megan a shove back to her own body. Yikes. He takes a step back, before raising a hand, "Agent Wolfe.. easy.. no.. she's not trapped forever. Just be patient with her. She's just learning how to use her ability."

Before in Company Custody, Megan didn't have any control over her ability whatsoever. It came and it went randomly and she just passively went in and out without knowing how or why she did it. Now, though, she knows what's she's doing - at least in theory - and while she's actively trying to push herself back into her own body, she doesn't really know the trigger of how to do that. Lucky for her, she's jarred back into herself when Meryl starts to shake her violently. Body's defenses start to kick in and after the second shake, Megan tenses up, her eyes snap open and she gasps, automatically reaching up to grab Meryl and stop the shaking. "'M up!" she squeals. "I dinna even know wha' a marmoset is! Eep!"

Meryl stops shaking! But not until she's sure Megan's okay. Despite her methods, the fact is, she likes the girl, and would hate for anything to happen to Megan because of her, or the brain squirrels, or whatever else. "See?" she asks Mohinder, before turning back to Megan, and… Meryl is beaming. "That was awesome," she says enthusiastically. Weird, yes, but also really cool. Some people can shoot lightning. Others can fly. This is just in a different category completely. "Oh, marmosets. They're little animals. With. Eyes."

Or something.

So, she can probably pull these things off her, now, right? She's so gonna have to wash her hair a million times to get the gel out of it, but it was worth it. One by one, Meryl liberates the nodes from her person, and sticks a couple of them randomly to Mohinder's arm, should she be able to reach it. This should make the monitors explode, if her calculations are correct, which they very rarely ever are. "Y'hungry, Megan? After I get this stuff out of my hair, I'll bring a pizza back. Doctor-guy can come to." She looks at Mohinder. "If he wants."
<OOC> Meryl says, "EEGs suck. :|"
Chuckling some at Megan, Mohinder offers her a bottle of water as she comes back to herself. "Relax, take it easy, you did just fine Miss Deatley.. and you as well Agent Wolfe. We're going to take a break before starting again." A bottle of water is offered to Meryl as well. "Would some music help either of you?" Then he's blinking at Meryl, "We can find someone else to test with, or leave it here for the day." The nodes attached to his arms are just.. eyed.. He's painfully patient with Meryl's antics. He might know something about her others don't. Hence the tolerance. Carefully, he removes the nodes placed on his arms and offers up babywipes to help with the removal of the gel. "I see Agent Wolfe feels just fine, how about you Miss Deatley?"

Once the shaking stop, Megan lets her arms drop and leans back against the chair. This is all very strange. Gratefully, she takes the bottle of water from Mohinder and takes a long drink. It's not like anything she did was very exhausting body wise - all her body did was slump - but it's mentally trying to attempt to make someone else's body move. "Donna all animals have eyes?" Meryl may be confusing and has antics, but her older brother is like a five year old child sometimes, too, so she's used to it by now. This is just immature in a different sort of way. "'M…I dunno." She's confused by this all. "Pizza's good. And I dinna think that music'll help. 'S too much like some…I dinna therapist's office or somethin'. 'M…alrigh'. I guess. 'S just…yeah. 'S weird." As well as kind of awesome, like Meryl said.

"Oh, we're not done?" She takes the water and pours in in her hair. Because that's what it's for, right? After all, were she thirsty, she would have asked for water, right? Breaks are good. Still. "I mean, if we're taking a break, I can grab a pizza and be right back. I promise, no detours this time." Once the bottle of water has been completely emptied, she hands it back to Mohinder and stands. "RIGHT BACK. Promise."

Grabbing the baby wipes for some unknown (And doubtless, nefarious purpose), she skips off, tries to push open the 'pull' door, and runs into it, and looks back and smiles, and then makes her way out of the room. And, of course, she will detour on the way, because she'll forget at some point that she was going to get a pizza, and… Well, her first stop is the shower, of course. At least she remembers to place an order for pizza before she does so. That'll save a little time, at least. "SOME CAVE LIZARDS HAVE NO EYES!" she calls back over her shoulder, voice fading as she escapes down the hall.

Mohinder nods his head at Megan and offers a smile. He settles into a chair with her chart and starts making notes. The mental drain can be worse than a physical one at times. "We'll take a break for lunch then, and try another test afterwards." He makes a note about no music. "I understand it can be weird.. How do you feel about being able to try and make Agent Wolfe do things? It can be overwhelming, but we'll try a little at a time." Speaking of which, he glances at Meryl as long as is polite to stare as she puts the water in her hair. "Take your time Agent Wolfe, Miss Deatley will rest and we will talk."

Lunch. Lunch sounds good. Not like Meryl is about to take no for an answer once she's got the idea of pizza in her head. "There're cave lizards that dinna have eyes?" Megan sounds a little confused about that, but, well, that's the least of her worries at the moment. Drinking more, she slowly and carefully starts to peel the nodes off of her forehead so that she can be free to move around. Just like the other woman said, it leaves sticky residue that's hard to stop rubbing at, since she can feel it there. "I dunno. 'S so strange. I can make her body move somehow. 'S like 'm me, but at the same time her. And…I dunno how to get back out on my own. 'S tha' somethin' you can fix, too?"

"They do have eyes.. but they're essentially blind, not needing them in the dark environment." Mohinder turns the monitors around so that Megan can see them. Wipes are handed to Megan to help get the gel residue off her skin. "We can certainly work on that. I think that will come in time as you learn further control." For the time being, he points out things on the monitors, explaining in layman's terms as best he can to the woman what everything means on the test results. When Meryl returns.. there'll be food, then another testing round.

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