2007-12-11: Taking A Break At Kirby Plaza


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Summary: After spending the whole day walking, taking a break sounds like a good idea. Too bad others don't see it that way.

Date It Happened: December 11th, 2007

Taking a Break at Kirby Plaza

Kirby Plaza

"Kirby Plaza…" Tyson says, looking around, "I haven't been here for a while… not that I'd have much reason to be… but I guess it shows it really hasn't been than long since we first met, Phi." He shrugs, noting the Helix construct, and getting the impression it must have been here for a reason, somebody must've put it there, right?"

"I don't believe I've been here since then. Mostly been in the park. Kind of missed the benches here, though. It's great to watch people, you know?" Ophelia glances around a bit before looking back to Tyson.

Benjamin has forced the little altercation he had last night from his mind. Bundled up in his coat, his right arm immobilized in a sling, he exits one of the tall buildings in the plaza. Fortunately, the plaza is surrounded by them, so if one's not paying attention, it's hard to tell which building a person is coming out of.

"The benches, huh?" Tyson chuckles, examining one as they pass, "Well, if that's the case, it seems almost unfortunate for us not to fully take in their splendor." He says laying a hand on the bench and motioning for Ophelia to sit down with him for a while. "We have been walking a lot, it couldn't hurt…"

"Yeah. It's funny the little things you miss about places when you haven't been there in a while. There are some people I see here frequently. I figure I'm not the only one who hangs out here on a regular basis." Ophelia moves to take a seat on the bench next to him. "And there's something about benches. Even though they aren't the most comfortable of things… they still /are/ comfortable after walking a long time."

Benjamin's path to the public transportation he uses daily takes him past the two young adults. Funny thing about the faces seen frequently here, because Tyson and Ophelia are not recognized. In addition to that, they look a little young to be working in one of the office high rises in the plaza. Just a few months ago, he would have kept walking. Instead of that, now he backtracks around one of the columns that front the buildings.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.
"The fun of almost unimportant things, I guess… is that they are important in their on rights." Tyson ponders for a moment, keeping his eyes out. It was his realization of his actions, however, that prompted him to relax some. Sure somebody had just walked by, looking pretty preoccupied, and then walked back around, but was that a real reason to suspect someone one treachery? "Man, I need to learn to loosen up. Ever since being in that hospital, I can't help but think people are coming after me…" He sighs, believing nobody would be doing as such, but not feeling that way at all.

"I think it's the little things in life that really matter, anyways. It's why spontaneous gifts are the most fun. The unexpected, you know?" Ophelia leans back on the bench a little, then looks to Tyson. "Well, there are the Aces. It's not as if they don't really have it out for us in general. But you, sir, are not allowed to end up in the hospital again, no questions asked. Seriously." She, on the other hand, while usually quite perceptive, takes no notice of Benjamin.

Benjamin pulls out a Blackberry from his pocket and starts checking it, as if going over messages. Maybe he forgot something back in the office, or is making sure to recall errands before going home. He looks unassuming and very much like well, an accountant. Despite the fluffy head of hair he's sporting.

"The Aces…" Tyson recalls, shaking his head and letting his paranoia settle. "Oh wait, now I remember why I feel like someone's going to kill me… they /did/ try to kill me… But, I'm more than reasy for round two whenever he is. I'm not sick this time and he's still a punk." He was heading down painful memory lane, but is distracted by Ophelia's warning, "Oh, really? No hospitals for me? Well, how are you going to make that happen if I keep on brawling?" Now he was trying to trap her, make her see his point from a couple days ago.

"Oh, I never said I was going to keep you from them. I'm just going to have to beat the crap out of someone to avenge you." Ophelia smirks, folding her arms over her chest. "Besides. If you have problem with round two? I've got your back." Benjamin remains unnoticed. Ophelia doesn't really go for accountants anyways.

Benjamin continues fiddling with his Blackberry, listening in on the conversation. The attempts to kill comment catches his attention. That part isn't exactly dismissed even when Tyson mentions brawling. People in Kirby aren't unusual, far from it. There's just the fact that the two are practically kids and an office plaza isn't exactly on NYC's list of places for tourists to visit.

Tyson just looks at Ophelia at hearing her answer, so much for trapping her. Finally, he manages himself, "And what about you? Aren't I allowed to care about you? What're we going to do if both of us get taken out? Somebody needs to put an end to the Aces, and I really think it should be someone like the police. Because being a vigilante is fun, but I'm not going pro." He shakes his head, distracting himself by trying to pay attention again.
GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

Ophelia frowns a little. "I don't know. I think I owe their leader a little something, perhaps. Especially for what he did to you." She leans back again, looking to Tyson. "But I'm fine. Don't need people to worry about me. Takes a lot to take me down."

Benjamin holds his blackberry to his ear, turning around and going back inside the building. It could be for innocent reasons, such as unfinished paperwork. He could very well be going to the security room inside his office building to go over surveillance from the Plaza.

"Nice double standard… miss." Tyson sides, continuing to look around; seeing the guy who seemed to be quite lost in himself, turn, and head inside a building. Hadn't he just been heading for the public transit stop? Oh well, it probably had nothing to do with them, seeing as they haven't even done anything… "But seriously, why do I get all the protection? Can you answer me that honestly without being all cryptic about your past?"

Being called miss causes Ophelia to be a little paranoid. She glances around for a moment, but doesn't seem alarmed by anything around, but then she looks back to Tyson. "I haven't lost anyone I'm close with since my dad died." She replies simply. "So I get protective of people I care about."

"Oh… Sorry…" Tyson says turning back to Ophelia with an expression exposing his guilt. "That'll definitely do it… but it's not like you're the only one to lose anyone. That's why we have to rely on one another in order to get as far as we're supposed to get, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I just mean that I don't want to lose someone again like I lost him." Ophelia rubs her arms a little. "I don't think I would stand it." She glances back to him. "I know we need to rely on each other.. but I don't want to risk losing someone like that again."

"It's the risk you run, when you a) have people you care about and b) do things that put you in the kind of danger. Take our parents for example, do you think your dad was going out for groceries when he got shot? Maybe, but it's unlikely. In the same boat, I'm fairly certain my parents weren't out at the dentist getting a root canal when she walked out." Tyson, however, keeps a tight lip on the comic, he read.

Ophelia glances back to him, heaving a sigh. "I don't want to lose anyone, though. I mean, maybe I'm horrible and have a double-standard, but I want to protect everyone I care about. It doesn't matter what happens to me if I can keep them from coming to harm."

"Yes, but it matters to me…" Tyson says, nudging Ophelia. "And I know why it matters to you, so what do we do?" He sighs, too. "We all ready know one of us isn't planning on giving up fighting any time soon and that there's some people standing in our way of fightless happiness, but… doing anything about the latter equals way too much of a chance for losing anybody… It's not like you're Storm or anything…" Tyson sits back and hangs his head over the back of the bench, drained by thought.

"Yeah, but it matters to me…" Tyson says, nudging Ophelia. "And I know why it matters to you, so what do we do?" He sighs, too. "We all ready know one of us isn't planning on giving up fighting any time soon and that there's some people standing in our way of fightless happiness, but… doing anything about the latter equals way too much of a chance for losing anybody… It's not like you're Storm or anything…" Tyson sits back and hangs his head over the back of the bench, drained by thought.

Ophelia nearly chokes at his phrase, trying pretty hard not to laugh. She fails, however, bursting out laughing. "No, I guess it's not like I'm Storm. I mean, it's not like I can fly." She giggles, leaning against him a bit. "How about we agree to just not die or anything?"

"Ah-hah!" Tyson exclaims, more like he was apprehending a criminal. "Try not to die, huh? I think we've just made our point… but… we'll /try/ as much as possible." Done arguing any point, he opts for a better conversation; laughingly going back to what Ophelia said about flying. "So, what? You'd be Storm if you could fly? That'd be sweet, causing storms and stuff like that…" And saying that, seems to bring Tyson into some kind of awareness, though he says nothing. Something about storms…

GAME: Ophelia has rolled BLUFF and got a result of SUPERB.
Ophelia laughs nervously. "Oh, I wouldn't say that. I mean, that I'd be like Storm. Besides, if I had a superpower it'd likely be resistance or something like that, since I can take such a beating." She murmurs. "What about you? If you were a superhero, what would your power be?"

Any doubts Tyson had are gone when she replies, but it only made sense why even if it was the truth why she wouldn't just admit to it. "So we're talking powers, huh? Well, if I had to guess, I'd say… Really good depth perception. I mean, I can dodge really well, so it'd only make sense, right?" He's smiling now, but is it because he's telling the truth or imagining how simple telling people what he can do would be.

"Well, I mean, you're all into comic books too… so it's not as if superheroes are a weird thing to talk about." Ophelia is curious about his mention of the power that he would have, but she doesn't pursue the topic. "Oh well. At least we don't.. no pressure that way, you know?"

"Comics are one thing, but 9th Wonders is another." Tyson states with a certainty that may leave Ophelia extremely curious, but he won't say anymore. He can't say anymore- well, he could, but should he? "Having powers, though… would be cool, if only because it means you could do something about the world. You're right though, no pressure if you don't have any…" He sighs, internally, not wanting to give himself away; all the while thinking, that he should think about trusting the girl, she had trusted him…

GAME: Ophelia has rolled WILLPOWER+CURIOUS and got a result of GOOD.
9th Wonders is another thing, but Ophelia doesn't ask. "I don't think I'd want one. It'd be kind of scary. That's the thing about comics. You've got heroes.. but you've also got the villains. I'd rather not have those guys out there."

"Yeah, but you've got villains either way. Take our Aces for example. They don't have powers, but they're causing a problems." Tyson states, standing up and extending a hand out to help Ophelia up as well. "Powers or not, that's the world we live in. Now, let's get going. I'd hate it if all the business people thought we were waiting for a drug deal or something, because that's just one example of how one group are heroes while another sees them as villains."

"I guess that's true." Ophelia mores, getting to her feet after taking his hand. "Heaven forbid people think we're dealing drugs. As if we don't have enough to deal with already." She glances over for a moment before looking out at the street. "Guess there's never any clear hero or villain.. just depends on who is looking."

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