2007-03-13: Taking Advantage


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Summary: A date.. between… Angie.. and Benji..

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

Taking Advantage

A Jazz Club in Greenwich

Early evening, off from work, but not heading straight for home. Oh no. Benjamin's got /plans/ for a change. Plans that have him nervous as hell, mind, but plans none the less. He's meeting Angie at one of the little clubs in Greenwich. It feels odd, considering even dating after being married, divorced, having a kid out of wedlock..

The woman he's meeting is taking it easy on him, at least. Angie has ditched her goth-girl attire for something a little more mainstream, wearing a low-cut and tightly fitting black dress with heels and a faux-fur-lined poofy black jacket. Her black hair isn't in its usual haphazard braids. It's in a single french braid down her back and she has diamond earrings in her ears. She's waiting outside, cigarette in between her fingers. Even the Evolved have the same weakness to addiction, it appears.

Benjamin is secretly relieved, while mildly disappointed at Angie's attire, which is the most conservative thing he's seen her in. Apart from her 'business' clothes that is. He walks up to Angie, smiling somewhat shyly at her. "Hi, you look nice. I hope you don't mind this," he gestures at the little cafe. "They always seem to have some nice music playing."

"I totally dig jazz," Angie says, taking one last draw from her cigarette before putting it out in the pot provided outside of the cafe. She takes on of Benjamin's hands possessively and asks, "I decided to try something a little different. Sometimes the goth thing tends to put people off."

"That's a relief, I wasn't sure what kind of music you liked.. I probably should have asked. I just figured if it wasn't to your liking, we could do something else." Ben's nervous, in that first date teen kind of way. When Angie takes one of his hands, he gives a squeeze in return. "It does? I haven't noticed. I was too busy starin.. nevermind." The last is sort of mumbled as he leads Angie into the club.

"Like I didn't notice," is Angie's equally mumbled reply, smiling as he follows Benji inside. "I think the important part of a date is just being with the other person, right? I'm pretty open to anything you'd want to do… I want to see what relaxes you and what makes you happy. All I've ever seen is Scared Benji, Sad Benji, Paranoid Benji or Benji Hopped Up On Pills."

Benjamin grins in return at Angie, it's a little reserved at first. Let him warm up. "You're right, it's just been a long time, but I still remember that part. I think." He sort of ducks his head a bit as he leads Angie to a table, and pulls out her chair for her. "The first few times we met, they weren't exactly the best of circumstances."

"I had you pegged for a true gentleman that first time I came to your apartment," the woman says with a smirk, taking the seat Benjamin's pulled out for her and scooting in to the table. Angie asks, "So, how have you been the past few days? Is Rose gagging any less over the thought of us potentially snogging?"

Benjamin settles into his seat, "It was beaten into me as a child. I'm still trying to get over it. The outlook isn't good." Ah, there's a hint of the man's humor. "I've been alright.. and not really. I think she's just being herself, and any excuse to give me a hard time is one she'll take."

"So, a typical teenager then," Angie says, "I remember those days," tapping her chin, "That was like… a year ago." Yeah, she's trying to get a rise out of Benjamin. "Don't worry. Teens get better, you know? She loves you. And someday she'll realize just how much she does. I know your situation isn't exactly… traditional, but traditional is sort of overrated."

Benjamin's brows raise and were he drinking anything, he would be choking. "I already feel like I'm robbing the cradle." It's most likely a stretch, but there's no denying the age difference. "Yeah, typical teenager. Not that anything about me was typical, so I'm getting to experience this fun first hand." He shifts a little in his seat. "I don't think I would know a traditional setting if it smacked me in the head anyway, so this is just as well."

"Don't worry. I'm all growed up and capable of making my own decisions, even in the law's eyes." Skewering Benjamin with a smile, Angie runs the inside of her foot up the man's leg. "So… you going to be nice and order me a drink?"

"I've noticed that," Benjamin says then erps a little at the woman across from him. "Oh! Sure.. what do you want?" Maybe he'll even do away with his no alcohol rule and have just a glass. He's a little tense.

Angie must be picking up on that tension because the next words out of her mouth are: "I'll make sure you get home safe. No funny business." She glances towards the stage and listens for a few seconds, bobbing her head. "I love that guy's voice."

Benjamin orders up a couple of drinks. Something specifically detailed to the club with a funny and quirky name. "Ha. Thanks. I don't think mom would be pleased if I crossed the street without a buddy," he says without sarcasm. While Angie's looking at the stage, his gaze doesn't follow. He's studying her, still trying to figure out in his head why she's here, with /him/.

"Mrowr, kitty has claws," Angie teases without looking at Benjamin. She grins though and says, "You're staring." Now she looks at him. "You should learn to let your inner catty bitch out more often. It's totally hot." Totally.

Benjamin chuckles then looks faintly embarrassed, but he's still grinning at any rate. "Really? You're not just messing with me are you? I thought being catty was a little unbecoming.. unless it's necessary." Then again, he's a bit of a mouse.

"No… if you were catty more often I think Anders might not pick on you so much," Angie shares, looking down at the tabletop. "I have a confession to make… I'm still pissed off at him for getting an apartment in your building."

"I think he'd find a reason.. I'm kinda used to being picked on. It's annoying, but I expect it out of him." Benjamin says, then scoots his chair around a little closer. "Well, I think he did it just out of spite.. hey.. what happened with him anyway? He showed up drunk at my door yesterday morning, and was seriously ill in my trashcan."

Angie chews on a nail and shrugs her shoulders, "I told him no more booty calls the other day… but… That's about it. I didn't say that you were taking me out or anything. I think he got bruised up in some sort of training. I know he's on pain killers."

"Oh, then he shouldn't be drinking. I have no idea how he was holding so much, and wanting more to drink." Benjamin says, then sits up a little straighter as the waitress brings over their drinks. "He was insisting on taking me drinking and finding women. He's a bizarre guy. His face looked like it had met the end of a battering ram."

Angie is only sort of listening, really. She doesn't want to hear about Anders, but that part about wanting to find women, that has her perking an eyebrow. "Oh really? Finding women. I guess maybe he doesn't have too many girls in his little black book." Sniffing, she takes a sip of her drink. "Bizarre is one word to describe him. I'd probably go with Cavemanesque. He would have been right at home in ancient rome as a gladiator or something."

Benjamin laughs aloud at the comment and is all too happy to not talk about Anders. "What kind of things do you like? It's kind of not fair, I think my entire life story is in the file that you've seen, and I just know you like the goth clothes, smoking, reading.. and now jazz."

"You want to know about me, huh?" Angie purses her lips and looks across the table at Benjamin, gauging him carefully. "Okay… I'm the youngest of five kids. My dad was a construction worker and my mom is a bit of an herbalist. We were poor. Some of my siblings still are. I've been using the money I make to take care of my mom because my dad isn't around anymore."

Benjamin really does want to know! He takes a sip of his drink and gives Angie his full attention. He blinks as he listens, "Wow.. I never would have guessed that.. No offense, please don't take any. You just come across as so rough. That's incredibly good of you to look after your mom that way."

"I watched my dad get murdered during a break-in," the woman says dispassionately, looking at Benjamin but not in a way to suggest she's trying to get a rise out of him. Angie is being serious. "The man who did it was special like us. I couldn't sleep for a year without checking all the locks twice. Sometimes I still do it. So I take care of my mom, because she needs me. I'm the only one who even talks to her about it."

Benjamin blinks once, then reaches a hand over to lay atop one of Angie's. "I'm sorry to hear that.. Was the guy ever caught? What happened.. sorry.. you probably don't want to talk about it. Not very good date material."

"No, he wasn't… and you wanted to know about me… and that's definitely a big part of my life," Angie says, smiling just a little now. "Anyway. So mostly now I work. I take classes up at NYU sometimes. I'm on the eight-year program, I think. Sounds about right anyway and I met this really huge dork who I find attractive for a reason that hasn't quite hit me between the eyes yet."

"I see. I'm still sorry to hear that. I guess, when it comes to things like murder, it doesn't matter if you have abilities or not." Benjamin grins a little. "The eight year program.. Sometimes I felt like I was on that. I did my four years, my exams.. wha? What dork.. OH!" His hand squeezes Angie's lightly. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You should. Geek is the new black," the girl quips, fidgeting with Benji's fingers. "I've had a couple of years to get over it, Benji. I'm not a victim. And I don't plan on ever being one. I make my own fate. I work for the Company because they're doing the right thing. I could care less whether it's legal or not as long as it is the right thing."

Benjamin nods, smiling a little in Angie's direction. "That's good that you aren't taking a victim attitude. It's a pretty healthy mindset." He listens, and he's got his own little dissenting view of the Company, having been hit upside the head and such. After that? All was pretty well. "I do have a teeny suggestion.. hit people with pillows, not guns.. well Anders anyway. I swear my head still feels tender, but it's probably my imagination."

"Maybe he fractured your skull," Angie suggests with a straight face before breaking down into a grin and laughing. "You're fine. They checked you in the hospital. And as far as Anders goes, he's not exactly representative of the rest of us. He tends to be a little more… overt about things. A nice way of saying it is that he wears his heart on his sleeve… right next to his Glock and his brass knuckles."

"That really warms my heart," Benjamin says with a trace of sarcasm in his voice. "Those guys at the hospital, they're pretty sharp. I don't really have any complaints about how well they know their stuff." Another drink, and his chair moves closer. "Yeah, okay, I didn't like the whole lab rat feel, or being kept from everyone, but once I look past all that. It wasn't so bad."

"And, bonus… you know more about what you're capable of, right? Doesn't it make you feel better knowing that?" Benjamin can feel a hand on his knee. It's totally Angie's, but hey, he's the jumpy sort, right? "It's actually kind of rewarding. We help people all the time, you know. And most of the time without bruising their brains doing it."

"Which makes me very glad. I never would have realized.. I just would have found myself getting committed, knowing for sure I was going nuts." Benjamin starts a little, before realizing okay, that is Angie's hand. Okay, strange, unfamiliar territory here! "I can imagine that it is.. You told me about how you didn't have any control.. I don't think anyone just pops out of the womb knowing about their abilities, let alone controlling them."

"They really don't… luckily though, most people don't seem to manifest until puberty or later," Angie points out, scooooootching her chair just a little closer. "I was lucky. My own little talent didn't show until I was with the Company. It's not exactly a benign thing that I can do… to tell you the truth, it really freaked me out at first."

Benjamin doesn't seem to mind if Angie's scooting closer, he keeps his hand on hers, even entwining his fingers with hers. "I think I had enough insecurities as a kid. It's good that I'm a late bloomer. Then again, on top of the divorce, finding out I have a daughter, it's made for an interesting year." He looks to the woman next to him and nods. "How did you get with the Company then? Just curious, and I can imagine. It's a little more in your face than what I can do."

"It's a lot more directly dangerous. I haven't really tested it fully, but I can do more than just knock people out. This one time, I paralyzed this guy I was seeing. It was really bad. It took three days for it to completely wear off," Angie says, scratching at her neck and ducking her chin a little. "They found me. Kind of how we found you. They showed me that I wasn't crazy, that what I saw that night my father died was real. And they offered me a chance to find the guy who did it.

Normally, this is the part where most people would jerk back from physical contact. However, Benji knows Angie has control over what she does, so gives her hand a squeeze. "I hope you get the chance to find him. I mean, you guys track people, so this guy has a unique power that can be traced. Right?" He's quiet a few and takes another drink from his glass. "I'm still trying to convince my mother I haven't lost it. She freaked out about the hospital. I just told her it was for my arm and all. She showed up at the apartment and gave Rose a fright. I uhm, hadn't broken the news to mom by that time.."

"Wow, I bet that was an interesting conversation… what did you say to her about Rose?" Angie asks and reaches for her drink, taking a slow sip. "I mean,… she could have taken that a lot of wrong ways, huh? Your mother is the nosy type, too?"

"Incredibly nosy, very entertaining, a lot of personality. Basically, everything I'm not." Benjamin says in an honest manner. "She used to be in theater," he says as if that explains it all. "Yeaaah.. I kinda told mom truthfully what happened between Rose's mom and I in college. She started crying, and saying a lot of things about my ex-wife that I won't repeat. In other words, she's thrilled to have a granddaughter."

"So you're saying you have no personality?" Angie teases. She just can't resist it when Benjamin opens himself up wide for the abuse. "Well, I'm glad it all worked out with your mom. When it comes down to it… propriety is kind of lame. I'll bet Rose will be one of those awesome people and it'll be because she was all drunkenly conceived. By the way, how's the drink?"

Benjamin gives a helpless shrug and a smile. "Guilty. She's already an awesome person, more than she realizes. I think she gets that from me. Obviously she'd /have/ to. I'm glad too, of course mom wouldn't let up about how I didn't give her grandkids, now she's going to traumatize Rose while trying to spoil her.. and the drink? Just g.. dang. I think I need another. Wait, no I don't. One's plenty." Obviously, because it's starting to hit him.

Angie smiles at Benjamin, who by this time is sitting right next to her instead of across the table from all the scootching of chairs that's been done. "I think you should do what your gut instincts tell you to do." She let's that thought hang in the air for a few seconds before asking, "It would be horribly forward of me to suggest we go back to your place and have sex right now, wouldn't it?"

Benjamin gives a sort of choked sounding laugh. "You're taking advantage of me!" he teases. "This is the sort of thing that got me Rose." Speaking of which.. they don't have a code worked out. Which is just .. weird to think about. He does however lean in, hesitating once before kissing Angie.

Polar opposite of Benji, Angie is confident and hesitates not at all in leaning in herself. In fact, if she weren't prepared, they'd have bumped noses. As it is, there's no collision and she presses her warm lips to his, drawing back only after several seconds have passed. "I am. Taking advantage of you. The question is, Benji… do you like it?"

Benjamin's eyes close during the brief kiss, and they slowly open when Angie draws back. "Let me think about that … I think I'll have to say yes. I like this kind of taking advantage." As opposed to rolling over with all the yes dear's, redecorate, you spent how much on makeup? etc.

"Benji… I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship," Angie says, paraphrasing the old line from Casablanca.

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