2007-03-04: Taking Care Of Business


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Ling receives a visitor in the form of Scottie. Needles, pain, and talk of helping clean those hard to reach places comes up.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Taking Care of Business

Uptown, NYC - Apt. 506 - Parkview Estates

Hrmm, so a prosecuting attorney who's tried to get enough info on her to bring her to justice asked for a favor. What an interesting predicament. And to find out shady behavior of a paper company no doubt..well, that's just interesting..and kind of delusional.

It's these kinds of things that are running through Ling's mind right now as she stares outside her penthouse suite, drinking a glass of red wine, taking a sip every now and then. She's dressed in a sheer, red silk robe, not leaving much to the imagination as her hair is tied up in a bun. Of course, there's a pair of fuzzy slippers and some light jazz music is playing in the background. Right now, it's some David Benoit..

There's really only two things on Scottie's mind right now, considering where he's headed to. Sex, and tattoos. Considering he's male, and his profession, these kind of thoughts aren't really all that uncommon. A little bit bigger than small silver case is in one hand, holding all his tattoo supplies, the artist dressed about the same as he was the previous day, save for the eyeliner. Checking the card in his other hand as he slows at the right door, Scottie sends a small prayer and thank you towards the ceiling, before knocking on the door.

Hrmm, well there he is, prompt as she had setup the appointment after all. She likes that in her men,prompt and on time. With that, she heads on over towards the door, her slippers flip flopping here and there and opens it slowly to see who it is. Once she's confirmed it's Scottie, Ling smiles warmly, "Aaaah..I see you're on time. That's good..I like that.." she says before heading back to her living room, motioning for him to follow.

"Never late for anything important." He answers, once he finds the ability to speak, eyes roaming over Ling as he follows into the apartment. Shutting the door behind him with the back of his foot, Scottie drums his fingers along with edge of the case in his hand, managing to glance around the apartment here and there. "Nice place."

"Of course, of course. I make sure I have only the best. Would you care for something to drink?" Ling asks as she heads over to her liquor cabinet and bends down to take out a bit of vodka for herself as she hrmms, waiting for his response..that is, if he wants anything.

"Scotch neat." Scottie automatically answers, gently setting down his case before perching on the edge of the couch, elbows resting on his knees. Peering at Ling thoughtfully for a short moment, he eventually gives a half a grin. "Hate to bring up business before pleasure, but… what exactly is your ink, and what do you want to add to it?"

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she grabs the scotch and pours some into a glass. She remains facing the liquor cabinet as she slowly starts to drop her robe so he can take a sneak peek at the long and rather intricate dragon that's on her back. For now, it's just a black outline, something she received when being inducted into the Tong Chow, but now that she's one of the high ranking leaders… it's time to get it colored. "I want it filled in… can you fill it, Mr. Grant?"

Eyes again trailing over Ling's form, the lust in Scottie's eyes soon turns to intrigue as he looks the dragon over, head tilting somewhat curiously as he regards it. "Full color or shaded in with black?" He asks after a moment. "Either way, it'll take a while. Few hours, at least."

"Full color.." Ling replies as she puts on her robe once more and takes the glass full of scotch and brings it over to Scottie, handing it to him. "Let me retrieve the actual drawing so that you know what colors to use.." she says, knowing full well the effect she's having on the young man. Yeah. She's a cougar.

Not that Scottie is complaining. Why /would/ he be? "I'll still be here where you get back." He grins. Taking the glass of scotch and taking a long sip as he relaxes more, leaning against the back of the couch, Scottie for a slight moment wonders if this is the best idea - considering that no matter how clean the place looks, he really has no idea if this is sterile or not, and he /could/ lose his license for this - before the thought is swiftly kicked from his mind. Who cares. Sex will eventually be involved, he should just shut up and enjoy this.

It doesnt take too long, but soon, Ling comes back with a sheet of paper that has the intricate design of the dragon fully colored with it's different shades of red for the fire and green for the body of the dragon itself. "So..this wont be too difficult, right?" Ling asks curiously as she sits down next to him, crossing her legs slowly to get a tad bit more comfortable.

Getting a small bit distracted by the leg crossing for a moment, Scottie eventually focuses on the paper, gaze trailing over the different blends and fading. As much as he would love to get to the other stuff, he can't help but become more serious and focused on his job when the opportunity arises. Business before pleasure, after all. Unfortunately. "Not for me, no." He answers after doing a quick mental check to make sure he brought enough of the right colors. "Piece of cake."

"Good..then let us begin? Where would you like to do it?" Ling asks as she eases on up and stretches her arms into the air while yawning a bit. "There's my bedroom, or we can doit here on the floor..whatever suits you.." of course, she's talking about the inking.

"Whereever you're most comfortable." Scottie answers, letting her decide as he sets the drawing aside. "You're the one getting the tattoo, after all." Reaching out with a foot to slide the case closer to him, the tattoo artist flips the latches up, opening it to double check that he has everything he needs. "Set up will take a moment, so you've got time to find a place."

"Here should be fine then.." Ling replies rather matter of factly as she heads on over to one of the other couches and sprawls out on it, still in her robe of course. Once she's covered herself, she'll draw her robe down to completely expose her back as she rests her head on one of the throw pillows. "I'm ready whenever you are.."

Setting the glass of scotch down, Scottie moves to his knees by the couch Ling is laying on, drawing the case closer to him. Starting to take out supplies - bottles of pigment, pigment cups, gloves, a portable version of a tattoo machine, and other items - Scottie carefully lines them up in the order he'll need them, checking the batteries in the tattoo machine as well. "Why a dragon?" He asks as he starts the preliminary work.

"It's a bit cliche, isnt it..Asian woman..Dragon on her back.." Ling says with a soft chuckle under her breath as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "When I turned eighteen, it was drawn on my back..I was owned by someone else. Now I'm my own woman, so I want to turn this symbol on my back into something new.." she says matter of factly. "Something powerful.."

Eyebrow raising at the somewhat odd explanation, Scottie doesn't question it. "If you wanted something powerful, a dragon is certainly the best thing to go for." He agrees, picking up the tattoo machine as a gloved hand pulled the skin taut where the flames on Ling's back would be. "Ready?" He asks, foot hitting the pump to the machine, needles buzzing as he made sure the machine was working correctly.

"I was born ready.." Ling quips with a wry waggle of her brows as she closes her eyes and just waits, not really wanting to know when he's going to press the needles against her skin. It makes it somewhat less painful.

Smirking, Scottie brings the machine to her skin, starting the long process of filling the dragon in. Doing his best to fill the time with conversation, which considering his people skills are about as well as his artistic talent is, is an easy job for the tattoo artist. Eventually, he fills in the last stroke, wipes off the last bit of extra ink and blood, and finishes up the whole process. "And done. I'm assuming you already know the take care instructions, or will I need to refresh you?"

"I know how to take care of it. This isn't exactly my first tattoo.." Ling admits ruefully as she winces a little as the process is over. Her back is sort of sore, but she's endured more pain than this. This is nothing compared to what she's gone through before. "But, if you want to refresh me..I wouldnt mind.." she says with a scandalous undertone while waggling her brows.

Grinning as he starts bandaging the tattoo, Scottie chuckles, the low sound seeming to rumble from his chest like thunder. "You'll want to remove this after two hours or, and wash the tattooed area with warm water and some soap. That's really to just wash off any extra blood or ink that may have seeped out between then and now… And if you need any help washing those hard to reach places…" Scottie offers, grin widening. "Leave the bandage off after that, and just rub some Neosporin on it every few hours. Again, if you need any help… Don't pick at the scabs, soak it in in water too long, or expose it to the sun too long. And it should heal in around two weeks or so."

"Does that come with part of the whole package?" Ling as she remains laying on her stomach as she looks him over once more, wetting her lips slowly with her tongue. "That you'll come by every now and then to help me wash those..hard to reach places? Or is it just a whole part of a special deal with me?"

"Well, if I helped every client of mine reach those hard to reach places, I don't think I'd have much time for tattooing." Scottie answers, starting to put away everything, putting everything that needs to be thrown away in a neat pile. "So, definitely a special deal."

"I don't mind if you don't.." Ling whispers once more as she continues to watch him, put everything away before sliding her robe back on. Just to tease of course.

Letting out another rumbling chuckle, Scottie shakes his head, looking at Ling with more than a bit of previous lust returning to his gaze. "Do I look like I mind?" He asks, eyebrow raising. "Because if I do, well then… I guess I'm not as good at showing what I feel as much as I thought."

"While I am a woman, with more than a bit of healthy intuition, I'm not a mind reader, Mr. Grant.." Ling quips as she eases on up once more, careful to not brush her back against the couch..as well,it's rather sensitive right now.

"Scottie." He automatically corrects her, smiling slightly. "Considering my dad is still alive and kicking, and I'm not old, Mr. Grant isn't something I can willingly answer to." Arms folding on the edge of the couch cushions, Scottie's smile becomes a grin full of promises, none of them innocent. "And, since you aren't a mind reader… I guess I'll have to show you how much I don't mind. As long as it's alright with you."

"Oh? You want to show me? I am one for visuals.." Ling quips, wetting her lips once more as she eases on up. "Just dont disappoint me, Scottie.." she whispers softly.

Grin widening, Scottie shakes his head. "Never." He promises, pushing himself back up to his knees in front of the couch, leaning forward to press a very passionate kiss to Ling's lips that will hopefully lead to more.

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