2010-06-14: Taste The Rainbow



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Date: June 14, 2010


Therapy with Roberto is colourful.

"Taste the Rainbow"


Sydney Falkland had been called by Roberto. More like.. summoned as the henchmen said as they escort her through the bare and desolate warehouse and into a medium sized room with a lot of windows and a couple pieces of furniture. A comfy looking armchair with a notepad and pen laying on top of it and a couch.

Lying on that couch and taking a nap it seems would be Roberto. Dressed in only his boxers and a T-shirt, he snores lightly and cuddles MoMo. The stuffed animal having seen better days. A bag of skittles lays on the table that separates the chair and the couch. Someone has having good sleepytimes!

Virtually pushed into the room by said-henchman, Sydney stiffens even further at the room itself. Her eyes scan the furniture skeptically and her eyebrows furrow tightly as her gaze falls on Roberto. She closes her eyes and considers everything for a moment before taking a deep breath, straightening her posture, and rapping gently on the wall. "Ahem." She coughs lightly to get his attention and cause him to stir. And then, putting on the most professional air she can she pads over to the armchair, plucks the notepad from it, sits down and crosses her ankles. "Roberto? I assume you wanted to see me for purely professional reasons."

"What, huh who?? WHERE??" He shouts as he bolts up and flings MoMo across the room. After blinking a few times he looks at Sydney with squinted eyes and then he nods. "Oh yes, well of course I am wanting to meet for professional reason. Look at what the //fuck I'm wearing." He sits up straight and takes a red blanket from the arm of the couch and puts it over his legs.

"No trying to take peeks at my goodies. They ain't for you toots." He says with a bright grin and then he's staring hard at Sydney as he pops a skittle in his mouth. "Skittle?" he asks with a tilt of his head.

Sydney jumps a little at the startled Roberto and manages to resist rolling her eyes at the comment about Roberto's family jewels. She stares at the blank pad before lowering it onto her lap. "I think I'll be fine without a skittle for now." Slowly she leans back in her seat as she lowers both feet to the floor. "So… what do you want to talk about?" She doesn't really know why she's here. This is just the way it goes.

"Why am I crazy, what are my disorders? Am I ever going to be normal?" Roberto counts each thing off his fingers. "Dr. Amy and Fred will be help in later sessions. I like Fred, he's very nice." Roberto says with a airy tone, looking around the room.

"You know, when I was little. He got everything. Mom and Dad, they never got me shit. I wanted piano lessons! But no! Because he wanted to take fucking guitar!"

The blonde man is breathing heavily as he explains this to Sydney. "I wanted to be loved too.. I wanted them to care about my dreams!"

"Well… if I recall correctly you were diagnosed with something called narccistic personality disorder, delusions of granduer, a schizoid personality, and obsessive-compulsive disorder culminating in an unusual— creative(?)— diet of skittles." Sydney's lips flicker into a polite smile. "I will have to retest you on all of these things and my colleagues can provide a kind of validity check. In fact that would be helpful, should you really want to know what you have. A second test is useful especially in personality disorders as they should, theoretically be, consistent over time after the age of twenty-five."

"Normalcy is a fancy word for matching social situations as we see them. If you want to lose the compulsions, anxiety and the like, you'll need to take medication likely. After that we may be able to stabilize your hormones and deal with some of these things." She pauses while pressing her lips together. "We discussed this at Manhattan Psych, remember?"

"But getting back to your childhood… have you ever had a feeling of love? Or that anyone ever cared about your dreams?"

"Oh yeah.. we did talk about meds.. huh? I don't think I wanted them before." He says thoughtfully and then he's sitting up straighter. "No. He squashed every dream and made me look and feel stupid all of the freaking time! He hated skittles! Can you believe that?!" he asks with a shocked expression.

"But I got him good.. real good. He won't be poking fun at me anymore. Since he can't walk! Hahahaah!" Roberto says and he claps his hands a little before his expression turns scary serious. "Do you think that was right? He kept me from walking towards my dreams.. so I kept him from walking."

Come on transference! WORK DAMMIT. "Is tasting the rainbow the most important thing, Roberto? Skittles are certainly a wonderful thing." She tilts her head a little before managing a small smile, "I'd love a skittle, actually." Her lips broaden into a warmer grin.

"How did it make you feel when you kept him from walking? Have you ever had that feeling at a different time?" Sydney manages to keep her voice level. Fortunately, she has experience working with Roberto, this isn't new ground for her. Reaching out with her ability, she attempts to open up general feelings of happiness and goodness… to ilicit these emotions from Roberto.

"Take three and it's very important. These are my meds. They keep me sane." He confesses with a sigh as he puts three skittles in Sydney's hand and then he's eating a bunch himself. Smiling faintly he shakes his head. "I've only felt that way once.. you know, never really wanted to hurt anyone. He made me this way though." Roberto confesses as he takes another skittle. "These are great, want to take a run in the park?" he asks with a lazy smile on his lips. Whatever Sydney is doing is working.

Sydney accepts the Skittles with a grateful smile before plopping the three lone skittles into her mouth carefully she chews as she allowed a smile to spread across her lips. "He— who is he?" she asks carefully before nodding at the skittles, "They are spectacular and a run sounds… great. I would love that." An opportunity to gain more of his trust and maybe endear the therapists release…

"Why he's my-." Before Roberto can finish a crash can heard as someone comes flying through the window. Roberto yells and comes jumping to his feet. "WHAT THE FUCK." Happiness gone, Syd's opportunity gone. All thanks to..


.. Harley.

The young man is dressed as always in a very nice suit and mirror sunglasses, staring at Roberto he levels a gun at Roberto's chest. "Dad wants to send you a message." He says through gritted teeth as Roberto growls and starts to inch towards Harley. "Your father is a bully and coward. I'm gonna kill him, just like I killed your brothers and sisters." He says and starts to laugh madly, head thrown back until Harley puts a bullet in his uncle's arm. The laugh stops and turns into a howl of pain. "You bastard child!" he yells as he sinks to the ground.

"If you even attempt to touch Kitty or any other of my family. I'll fucking put a bullet in your head. Alrighty?" Harley says as he notices Sydney for the first time. "Get out while you still have the chance." He thinks that Syd works for Roberto. And just as the door flies open to reveal henchmen charging in with guns pointed at Harley, he sends a wink towards Roberto and leaves by fire escape. The henchmen, half coming to help Roberto and the other half going after Harley.

Sydney stiffens at the intruder. Who intrudes in therapy? Her face pales a little, she was so close. So incredibly close to learning something vital; something relevant about the psychopath sitting across from her. She freezes, completely freezes and wishes she could leave. There's no way out, not for those kidnapped and interrupted by randoms who have it in for Roberto.

She swallows as Harley is gone, And so is her opportunity.


Roberto stops howling and is now clutching his arm as his men help him up. "That was Harley, my nephew. And his father is my brother." He says softly as he begins to make his way out of his room. "We don't get along, I guess I can see why. Seeing as he can't walk because of me." And then he's exiting the room and leaving Sydney to his men. A little bit later they would escort her back to her room. Harley escaping but giving the message that his father wanted his younger brother to know. Don't fuck with my kids.

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