2007-10-12: Tattooing Ideas


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Summary: Staring at the tattoo wall at Village Ink leads to some kind of crazy party scheme.

Date It Happened: October 12, 2007

Log Title Tattooing Ideas

Greenwich Village, NYC - Village Ink

He's already got a tattoo. But Ian has decided eh needs more. And thus, he's dragging the one real artist he knows around with him to help him compare the artistic merits of the various scratchers around the University. Namely, by bribing him with coffee and treats.

He doesn't get out very much, and it was always nice to have someone bug him about stuff like this. Actually, it wasn't the first time he was asked about tattoos, anyway. Mikhail, with his best black on black garb, has tagged along willingly. His curiosity got the best of him again, and it is within his range of interests. Just as long as Ian was the one getting the tattoo. "So, what's the game plan again?" the artist asks.

Ian pauses, a little ways inside the door, and peels up his shirt to just about the solar plexus. No, it's not a proposition. And despite years of surfing, Ian is somehow blindingly pale. "Where do you think," he wonders, turning a little. "Lower back, though that's kind of a chick tramp stamp. Upper back over the shoulders? Chest….I mean, I got one on my arm, so I don't know…"

This would have been very awkward if it were. Well, not like it'll turn him on or anything. Impress, yes. Mikhail slightly raises his eyebrows as he switches between Ian's face and the pallor of his body. "…I never knew that, but…" He glances back for a moment. "Chest would be a cliche spot, wouldn't it? Not the side or anything? Would that look weird?"

Ian drops his shirt, happily. "YEah. Side might work," he says, leading the way to examine the flash art posted on the walls. "I gotta do something unique. Not the same old tribal whatever."

Yay, his suggestion is acceptable. Mikhail saunters after Ian, stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets. "Whatever floats your boat, man. Tribal is better than some of these, anyway," he replies casually, leaning forward to look at some of the other posts. Interesting designs. Detailed or simple. Outlandish or practical…if a tattoo can be practical. He sticks out his tongue at one of many. Tasteless in design and concept. "That one's out," he says, eyes moving to another image.

Ian's lip curls. "Man, my little sister could do better than some of this with her Crayola markers," he says, under his breath, before stopping before an intricate oriental dragon. "That one, I like. Beautifully done…."

"Oh neat," the artist comments once he takes his eyes off of another suggestive image. He does agree with the look of it. "Wonder how long it would take to get it done," he muses, his mind then waiting a beat before going back to the other quip. "You have a little sister?" Hey - he never knew.

Ian eyes it thoughtfully. 'Few hours. Not a lot of shading in that one," he muses, before grinning over his shoulder at Mikhail. "Her name is Lara. She's awesome. Still in high school back home, poor thing."

The blue gray of his eyes flicker at the 'few hours' bit, still wondering how much pain and tolerance is included in such. It's better not to ask about it because he manages to think about it and make it sound worse than it is in reality. Or maybe it's the same. "Lara," he echoes with a nod, smiling faintly. Sounds like someone Ian's proud of. Just seeing him grin tells him that much. "Must be nice having siblings. You talk to her often?"

"Alla time on AIM," Ian says, grinning. "She's a riot. So. You gonna get ink with me?" hewonders, elbowing Mikhail.

A nod pretty much sums up his understanding of the closeness between the two. The artist then finds himself nudged, making a muffled grunt as he goes with the movement. "Me? You serious?" he laughs, sounding a little apprehensive about it. "Like…now?"

Ian turns to look at him, expression entirely guileless. "Well, not right this minute. I mean, hell, I'm not getting mine done right now. But you should think about it."

"…" The look Miki wears is thoughtful, his lower lip sticking out a tad and then going back to its normal placement. "I…guess I can do that," he shrugs, brushing it off like it was nothing. Having a tattoo of his own is something Mikhail can never picture fully. Maybe a vague idea, but that's it. And if he did get one, it'll have to be hidden somewhere.

"I mean, i'm not gonna browbeat you about it. And if you pick a design without much shading, you could have it painted on. Test it out, like," Ian points out. Quite happy to be the voice of temptation.

Mikhail grins with uncertainty. What Ian said does have merit to it. A test design without the pain. Something to start off with and having no worries over the matter of time and permenance. And now he's going to try drawing and painting all over himself. Dangit, Ian's prodding is working too well. Snapping out of his brief zoned state, he chuckles. "Okay, okay, I get it," he says, waving a hand at his friend.

Ian winks. "I'll get you some body paint markers, or something. Hell. That's a great party idea, if we need an excuse for drunken licentiousness. Get trashed and draw all over each other."

"Oh man," Miki laughs lowly, amused at the idea. Although drunkness is something he has yet to experience, drawing on people doesn't sound bad at all. "I. Awesome. I like that," he says, his right hand poking back out to point an index finger at Ian.

"That…we have to have a Halloween party," Ian says, eyes rounding at the idea.

Mikhail looks back at Ian. The man has 'that look' on his face. "…God help us all," he says in that semi-serious tone of his.

There's a manic gleam in his eyes at the idea, and he abruptly turns to stalk for the door. Ink comes later. Now is the planning.

Definitely on to something. A quick hop in place leads to fast steps trailing after the other student. Mikhail fixes his hood as he slips out the door behind Ian like a second shadow, his mind continuously wondering what else may be expanded upon during this sudden planning session. Good or bad, it doesn't matter now.

"We need to talk to Elena," Ian says, stalking along at a good clip. "But for now…we gotta find a place selling costumes. And decorations." Apparently he's got a wild hair.

He catches up eventually, his strides matching the other's without much effort. "We need to call her. I haven't really seen her that much this week," Mikhail replies, reaching back into a deep pocket to check his cell phone. "And…there should be plenty of places selling stuff like that. Cheap and easy to find." The artist does look a mite concerned about Ian, but he remains aloof in his expression, the corner of his mouth twitching to keep from smiling madly.

Really, it's weirdly reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson. At least, as Depp plays him in 'Fear and Loathing'. The intent expression, the stalking gate. At least he's not ranting about what a perfidious bastard Richard Nixon was. That comes later. "Yeah," he says, stroking his chin. "What're you gonna be for Halloween?" he wonders, stopping short to eye Mikhail thoughtfully.

Very interesting. Just studying the man's features and motions makes him think of that one art assignment Mikhail has to turn in. Too bad he didn't bring his messenger bag with him. He blinks, tilting his head to the side as he keeps up with the pacing. "That…" the artist starts, waving a finger in the air in front of him, "is going to remain a secret." Several concepts popped into his mind, but he still has to decide on one.

Ian turns instantly to the pleading puppy look. "No, gimme a hint?" he says, with only the faintest hint of a whine.

"…It includes a helmet of some kind," Mikhail answers flatly, amused all the same. "That's all you're getting."

"Iron Man. Marvin the Robot. Cobra Commander. Darth Vader. Leonidas, King of Sparta," Ian just rattles off the first names that come to mind.

"Nope, No. Uh-uh. Nyet. Nah. Keep going," Mikhail shoots down each dryly while still holding that poker face. Although he has to think those are really good suggestions, too.

Ian frankly scowls at that, brought up short. 'Uh. Roman Centurion. Riot cop. Dark Helmet. Colonial Marine."

At this point, Mikhail snorts some of the laughter he holds back. "Man, not even close!" It isn't that hard is it? Then again, he is very vague about certain things from the start. Blue gray eyes laugh silently as he keeps glancing over at Ian, waiting for more guesses.

Ian flings open his hands, dramatically. "Uh. Football player. Viking. Dwarf warrior…"

"…I'd give up for now if I were you," Mikhail says after a pause, his left arm reaching over to clap Ian on the shoulder.

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