2008-08-08: DF: Tea, Cousins and Kittens


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Summary: Tamara shows up on Kitty's doorstep. Kitty is happy to see that Tam isn't dead and she gets a new Kitten!

Dark Future Date: August 8th, 2009

Tea, Cousins and Kittens

Kitty's Orphanage

The orphanage is oddly quiet today. It being a little early in the day. Kittens are still asleep, some are up but most are in their rooms still. Kitty today is lounging on one of the couches of the main room and reading through her huge book of visions as Tiger prowls near the door of the orphanage. Meowing as if he wants to go outside. Kitty dressed in a dark blue dress today with brown boots. Her long hair falls over the back of the couch and nearly touches the floor. She looks up and smiles at Tiger. "You want to go out today?"

The fence and its razor wire doesn't faze Tamara - not when the gate is without a lock. So she doesn't bother to give forewarning of her approach. Having been out and about for a while, early hour or no, she looks somewhat on the disheveled side, and more than a bit fatigued. The teen pauses to speak to the girl clinging to her hand - perhaps five or six, she doesn't say anything back, just clings tighter. But when Tamara continues towards the building, she follows only a step behind. A knock on the main door is the only warning of Kitty's surprise visitors, except perhaps if Tiger hasn't already clued to their approach.

"I'm losing my touch Tiger. People have been surprising me more than usual" she grumbles and then puts the book down on her couch. She pets Tiger and throws her hair over her shoulder and she opens the door. "H-" her eyes widen and she breathes in deeply, before shaking her head as she takes in the sight of Tamara and the little girl. She closes her eyes as Tiger dashes out of the door and purrs and rubs on Tamara's leg. "Well there, you have been hiding from me" Kitty teases and smiles at her cousin. Her eyes have tears in them and she blinks them away. She smiles and again and opens the door wider, "Come on in. If you like" she states, she yearns to clasp her cousin tightly and just embrace her, but she holds off.

Dark eyes regard Kitty for a moment, before Tamara looks down at her companion - who's busy staring at the cat. The teen smiles. "It's okay. Go ahead." Giving a quick sidelong glance to Kitty, the girl lets go of Tam's hand and kneels down to reach for the kitty. "Kitty, kitty." Kitty come here so I can pet you. Tamara's gaze returns to her cousin, the teen leaning one shoulder against the doorframe. Staying put for the moment, so as not to disturb cat or child. "Not all threads wind together. Some are hard to keep from fraying."

Tilting her head to look at Tamara as well, "Too true" She looks down at the child playing with Tiger, who is enjoying the attention very much. "We were separated for a long time. What have you been doing? Where have you been?" she inquires to Tamara and studies her cousin. She doesn't look to bad just like she has been out and about in the city, but then again. Tamara never looked /that/ bad. At least not in Kitty's eyes. She does note that Tamara looks tired and she lays a hand on Tam's shoulder. "Haven't been sleeping a lot lately? Me neither. The visions have been coming more and more and then there are the nightmares" Kitty trails off and looks off to the side.
"That I do, and his name is Tiger. My name is Kitty" she grins at the child and walks into the room as Tiger leaps into the little girl's arms. Kitty leans against the couch with her big book on it. "The silver" Kitty rubs her eyes and then looks at Tamara again. "I've missed you and I'm glad to know that you aren't dead" she brushes a strand of her hair out of her face and looks at the child and Tiger. "Where did you find her?"

Tamara frowns at that question, reaching up to rub her own eyes with the heels of her palms. "Ask the ghosts. If you could catch them. They swim like fish." Where Kitty leans against the couch, Tamara flops down to sit in a corner; that seems to be all the answer she's going to give.

"I'm Sara," the little girl states, having decided she likes this person. Almost as much as she likes her cat. Still running her fingers through his fur as she walks into the room, Sara looks up at Tamara's non-answer, brow creasing. "I don't know. I got all turned around," she supplies, in an attempt to be helpful. "But she said I can stay here. I like your cat."

"That is a pretty name. And Tiger likes you too" she winks at the little girl and then nods. "Of course you can stay here. I never close my doors" she then looks to Tamara again,"Is she Evolved or Human?" she contemplates using her ability to find the answer to her questions. Her eyes study the young girl and she smiles at the child. "There are tons of children around here," she tells Sara. Kitty scratches her head and sighs, she really needs to find a way to get some more sleep.

"Human." That question, Tamara can answer without any hesitation; only a moment's pause for thought. Closing her eyes, she leans back into the corner of the couch, disregarding Sarah's "How do you know that?". Listening not so much to what is said, and more what might be. After a bit, dark eyes blink halfway back open, the teen digging in a pocket. Pulling out a sealed tea bag whose wrapping looks like it's been through several hands (or just crumpled in Tam's pocket for a while), she holds it out to Kitty without a word.

"You always know" Kitty says and leans forward to take the bag with the tea in it. "Thank you Tam" she says simply and looks at the tea bag. "I can't really call you kiddo anymore. You're too big now. You were too big before, but I don't see you as my little cousin who I always looked after" she smiles weakly at Tam. "Do you want some too?" Holding up the tea bag.

Tamara smiles slightly at Kitty. "The name doesn't matter," she observes. Shaking her head at the offer, the teen looks like she's more inclined to fall asleep right where she is. Although she hasn't yet. Sara, on the other hand, is distracted from the kitty (temporarily) by the implication of something edible. "What is it?"

Kitty grins at Tamara and nods. She grabs one of the pillows on the couch and she passes it to Tamara, not saying anything. She then turns to Sara. "It's something that I need to make me feel better" she smiles at Sara and then places the bag on the table for later. She just sits on the back of the couch now, her feet dangling a little.
One of the Kittens walks in and sees Sara. "New arrival!" Toni yells and then grabs Sara's hand. "Come play with us!" she says and grins at the fellow girl.

Despite Tamara having closed her eyes again, she takes the proffered pillow without so much as looking its way. It is tucked into place behind her head, and just as Kitty says nothing, so too is Tamara silent. Sara, on the other hand, protests the grabbing of her hand. "But, the kitty!" Who has taken the sane route of jumping to the floor, with the arrival of more kids. Solid ground is preferable, right now.

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