2007-04-22: Teaching Telekinesis


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Summary: Starts with a phone call (taking place yesterday) and leads to a telekinesis lesson for Alyssa, NOT Peter, surprisingly. The Everyman of Everypower tries to teach someone.

Date It Happened: April 22nd, 2007 (and yesterday)

Teaching Telekinesis

On the Phone, Previous Day

PHONE: Your phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-6318.

PHONE: You answer your phone, "Peter Petrelli."

PHONE: Alyssa lets out an audible breath of relief, "Hey, Petrelli. It's Aly."

PHONE: Peter sounds a bit surprised, "Oh, Aly, hi. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID. You know you can call me Peter, right?"

PHONE: Alyssa laughs, "Oh, yeah, sure. I just… test out different things.. Look." She halts noticeably. "Are you somewhere… where I can talk?"

PHONE: Peter says, "Yeah, I remember the… Peter Peter stuff," he pauses with a laugh, and then… pauses a bit more. "Well, I'm currently in my apartment alone with my puppy, if that's what you're worried about? Did you need me to stop by the store or something?"

PHONE: Alyssa is a little /too/ insistent with her, "No, no!"s but then she recovers, "It's good like that. I just, I wanted to say that…" She takes a breath and when she speaks again it's with a whole new determination, "I didn't know who else to talk to. Okay, well, I did, but that.. My point is that I don't care if people don't want me involved. I want to be involved. And to that, I want to know what I can do. And I think you can help me with that." Pause, gulp, doubt. "I mean, if you… ya know."

PHONE: Peter takes in a slow breath, audible in the quiet apartment with the only sound being a breathing puppy that may well be sitting in his lap while he talks. "Aly, you are involved. There's some things I don't want you involved in, but it's just… Them." He says it in a way that gives emphasis on 'Them'. "What Cass— what your boss is doing— that's— that's what you should try to be involved in, and you already are, indirectly. I'm sure once everything is put together, there'll be plenty of things you can do to help…"

PHONE: Alyssa makes a sigh of frustration, "I know about Them and I don't particularly want to meet them, either, but I'm always sort of five steps behind everything, if only because of my own dumb self. But you don't have to worry about that. I'm saying that I want to… I want to really work on this ability thing. The point that sort of made all this happen in the first place. If you won't do it, I'll find someone else, but I…….." Whoa, she's suddenly a little hard to hear, "I wanted it to be you."

PHONE: Peter couldn't sound more surprised if he tried, "You— you want me— me— to teach you?" There's a surprised sound continues for a long moment, as if he's working his mouth and unable to come up with actual words. "I— never— I'm barely— Okay…"

PHONE: Alyssa laughs again, though this time it definitely sounds nervous, "You said you picked it up, right? What I do? It seemed like… like that might help things along. You can say 'no', you know. I'm not gonna be hurt. I've already done damage today with my big mouth."

PHONE: Peter laughs a bit as well, softer. "I don't know if I picked yours up. You said something about… bonking yourself in the head with Sprite cans, and I've certainly never done that… What is it that you do exactly?" Has to ask. "What do you mean your big mouth? What happened?"

PHONE: Alyssa shifts around, the rustle of it is audible as she moves the phone - maybe from one ear to the other, "I sort of had trouble answering this same question with someone else. I think she's mad at me. I don't blame her or anything. But I used to think if I could never get beyond beaning myself in the face with various objects then I would just not bother to say I had an ability at all. Which, weirdly, was the complete opposite of how I felt in the /beginning/… but that's not the point. I do this… I guess I just bring things to me. But I have to shout at them and they always come to fast and there's all these sorts of problems. If it ever came to me to help Cass or you or anyone out, I'd only be a problem."

PHONE: Peter says, "So you… yell at things and they fly at you? That sounds— similar to something I can already do, except I don't yell at them. I make gestures with my hands and move things around." There's a pause, and he seems to ponder for a long moment. "How would you feel about getting together in the next couple of days and trying to figure this out?"

PHONE: Alyssa clears her throat, "Yeah. Dumb, huh? But the yelling seems to be necessary. Unless I'm daydreaming, sometimes it happens anyway. But, wow, gestures seem so much more convenient…" Unable to fill the whole of Peter's pondering silence, she audibly moves around again to take up space. Then, "I would love that. And I appreciate it. I know you've got important things of your own to deal with."

PHONE: Peter says, "Well, we can consider it practice for me too, if I have to show you how I do the same thing, right? We'll meet up tomorrow. How's the afternoon sound for you? We can meet at the book store and go somewhere else afterwards."

PHONE: Alyssa says, "That sounds fabulous. I work early so I'll be off by lunch. You're a real star, Peteness."

PHONE: Peter says, "All right. I'll stop by then. You be safe, okay?"

PHONE: Alyssa says, "Roger, roger. Later!"

PHONE: You end your current call.

Enlightenment Books, Next Day

As promised, around lunch a young former nurse appears outside Enlightenment Books. There's no puppy on a leash with him this time, having left the poor creature in his bathroom with a food and water bowl, as well as a note to his girlfriend to take her for a walk if she gets back, and that he'd be home in time for dinner. Peter hopes she won't come looking for him, in this case, but … maybe someday soon he can tell her everything. Right now, though… he enters through the door, looking around for costumers and employees both. Specifically one employee. "Aly?"

Having been checking the time on her iPod rather consistently during her shift, Alyssa is distinctly aware of when it's ended and so she's tidying up the last bits in the backroom when Peter enters. She hears the door and then her name and her face appears around the doorway of the employee room, "Hey Pete!" she grins, stepping fully into the main area after a second and gesturing to the front of the store, "You can flip that sign around, just to be sure. I asked Cass and I can close now with nobody waiting." She's been more reserved with her outfit; there's just a long red and black striped shirt over slim-fitting jeans. Her clogs still boost her that extra height but without hat or accessories, she sort of looks her size today. "The bookstore still isn't the securest place in the world with giant outside windows, but I wasn't sure in the beginning considering that, for whatever dumbass reason, I seem to handle large, dangerous at fast speeds, objects better." She pauses a moment to tilt her head, ponytail tumbling across her shoulder, "Wow. I got right into it. Also— hi, Peter! How are you doing today? How's your amusingly named puppy?"

There's more than a faint smile that tugs on the corner of his mouth, as Peter turns towards the door and twists the locking mechanism, and then turns the sign over. There. Officially closed. Turning back to her, he listens to the rest, nodding with the same amused look. "I hope we're not stuck here for three hours afterwards cleaning the place up," he says, a hint of humor in his voice as he glances around for some blinds to lower. "I think it might be best if we start small. Unless, of course, we convince everyone into thinking it's some kind of hoax advertisement." It easily could be. A store about the paranormal having a hoax of bookshelves flying around? Yeah… "We wouldn't be as visible over there," he points towards one of the back sections, hidden behind bookshelves. He won't suggest the back room, though, because that's not for costumers. "I'm fine, so far. Hopefully you won't drop a bookshelf on me," he adds, giving her that hint of a smile, before he pauses. "She's fine, still haven't talked to Lachlan about training her yet— but… What's wrong with Snowy's name?"

"That would be…. kind of amusing," comes from Alyssa with the light dipping silence where she actually gives the idea some thought. "Buuut, yeah, I don't think certain people out there would be quite as convinced. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation that didn't mention weird abilities at this point." She twists on her high heels and wanders towards the space suggested. It may even be the same back corner where she was practicing so long ago when… Stan. Oh /yeah/. That closely held secret still needs to be delved into, and she casts a look to the front counter where the two Kensei books are always waiting to come into play. "I will do my utter best about bookshelves," she adds, turning to face him and giving a mock-salute, "Namely because I've never ever managed something like that before, but also because then Cass would be sad." His smile gets her to duck her head slightly but she's managing ten times better than last time - not that the target of such oddness would notice the difference. "Oh, Lachlan, fun. Ha, Snowy. Look, it just seemed like one of those… funny owner names. Ya know, like naming a Dalmation spot or… a silver cat Dusty. It's a name that kinda," she winces, "smacks you in the face."

"Seems we're all converging, doesn't it?" Peter asks, as he moves towards that area he pointed out. As long as they don't knock down the bookshelf by accident, it shouldn't be easily seen from the street, especially during the day. The sunlight will glare on the window, and that would also help hide them. "I can move fairly large objects, but right now we want to work with control, so you're not just… bringing them to you and having them smack you in the face all the time, right? And it'd help if you didn't have to scream, either. That's useful in some situations, but…" he trails off, looking around in the chosen area. Yeah, this'll do. "Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. Snowy's name kind of… happened. But you're right. It is pretty obvious. Like naming a black pet 'Shadow'. I'm sure she won't mind if you give her a couple different pet names, though, like you give everyone else." It's not said in a bad manner, but there's definitely something overly smart about the way he says that. Reaching into his carrier bag (or man purse) he pulls out a few things… small rubber things. Obviously chew toys. "I figure if you're going to smack yourself in the face, you might as well do it with something soft."

Alyssa listens to everything with nods where they seem required, a smile and quiet 'yeeeah' for the acknowledgment of the names, and then a guilty laugh when she's called out for nicknames. "Oh, I can't help it. Everyone gets called their name by everyone else, seems like it could get shook up a little." She shrugs to let the sentiment roll away into the pile of less important ones already gone by; what Peter's doing now is the focus of the day. "Right. I've been through a little of this before and the guy was trying softer things like crumpled pieces of paper. I got it once, where it didn't bean me, but I've never been able to do it since. Honestly, haven't really tried. I got turned off of abilities for a bit in there and then," she shifts, turning her face to the side and giving a soft frustrated noise. Despite an inner pep-talk, she loses the train of her talking and returns to the conversation with a shady, "Ah, so yeah. Something about how I have to be more forceful. What about you?" The questions flows with an easiness quite noticeably different than anything she tries to say about herself, "You said you moved stuff, too. Can you feel that it wants to move or not or does it just— whoooosh!, go?"

There's a nod, and Peter accepts her choice to not call people by their names. It's certainly an amusing trait of hers. Doesn't look like he disapproves of it. "Okay, I have more solid objects if you think the dangerous things really are needed, but I'd like to start with these first…" Moving to settle down on the floor, with the carrier bag at his side, he leans against the wall and puts the plastic chew toys down. "I— don't really think that— well— I doubt they /want/ to move or not. But it's more like I want them to move, or to stop. And then they do. It's mostly up here," he explains, tapping himself on the head. "But— here," he raises his hand and makes a gesture at the objects on the floor and the small objects move upwards, hovering in place. He flicks his hand a few extra times, and they bounce up and down, and then he lowers his hand, and they fall. "Mine might be completely different from yours. I've only really heard of a few people who have the same abilities, but I know that the way they work can be very different."

Again, lots of nodding, lots of paying rapt attention. Alyssa leans forward with a noise of excitement at Peter's demonstration, even though the correction about how objects feel had made her uneasy. "It /is/ a want," she says when he's explained, "But I always felt like it was them /responding/ to my want. Which sounds a bit crazy, I know, but deal with it. Or maybe don't. Maybe I'm holding myself back thinking like that. I guess it never occurred to me that there could be rules, or other people doing it differently, I always thought I was just making them up." That could be part of the problem. Alyssa brings up a hand to her mouth to nibble on her thumb thoughtfully, the other tucked around her upper waist. Lowering the hand from her face, she holds it out towards the chew toys and, feeling some silly for saying it out-loud, calls, "Chew toy!" Despite all hesitance in herself after his display, Alyssa is dying to make a good impression and all that willpower seems to focus her. Unfortunately, she did not specify— toy or condition of its arrival.
After a second of what seems, to Alyssa, to be consideration on their part, each of the chew toys leaps from its spot and flies towards her at manageable speeds. Giving a noise of surprise anyway, Alyssa is able to catch one in her ready hand, and unwrap her second hand and nick the other before it falls to the floor. But the third zips narrowly past her shoulder and smacks somewhat ineffectively against "Mummies Can Be Our Friends, Too" on the shelf behind them.

As she calls the chewtoys to her, and nearly gets pinged in the face, Peter stands up to go and fetch the one that went behind her, picking it up and bringing to back, gathering the one knocked to the floor as well before he settles again. "I think all of us make it up as we go," he admits. "And you're the best judge of how your ability works, not me. Maybe they do respond to your want, right? I'm just going to see if we can find other ways to use what you can do— or maybe help you improve a bit." Setting the chew toys back on the floor, he looks at her again. "Okay, so we know you can pick specific objects and bring them to you. I didn't see any books fly off the shelf and respond… Can you specify… red chew toy?" It's a test, in a way, trying to figure out how it works, before he thinks of anything else.

Alyssa fumbles about with the chew toy that managed to stay in her hand and then tosses it down with the others when Peter replaces them. She concentrates carefully on what he says and then nods. This is stuff she's asked herself before, and she was able to do that whole Kensei-book thing so it should theoretically work. Theoretically. But the young woman's mind is buzzing with everything being said and her desire to succeed becomes more of a crutch, something to twinge badly on her nerves. When she raises a hand this time she's in ready stance but her concentration is everywhere. "Ch— Red one!" Not quite what she was supposed to say. The other two chew toys rattle dejectedly on the ground while the third, the chosen one of lore, hurtles itself with such reckless speed that it smacks into Alyssa's waiting hand, forcing her whole arm backward with the strength to it. Her elbow jerking awkwardly into the air, Alyssa releases the toy and it falls behind her. A wordless complaint opens her mouth before she quickly ducks to retrieve her fallen objective, "Ah-ah, that was me. I messed that one up," she gushes from her crouch.

"Are you okay?" Peter asks at first, looking her over for any sign of injury. That chewtoy moved at a relatively high speed, and definitely forced her arm to move in an awkward way. "Well— you /did/ only move the red one, so you did do what I asked. You just couldn't control it very well. There's times I can't do a thing with my abilities." A lot of times, actually. There's a frown, as he tries to figure out the best way to go about things. "Have you ever tried to make something move away from you? Like… tell an object to stay away? Maybe… like that chew toy you're holding. Could you try and throw it without… throwing it?"

Pulling to her feet, Alyssa stretches and tests out the elbow and arm that got jerked. The muscle is a little cranky but nothing major so she shakes her head to Peter. "That seems to always be the deal. Not not coming, cause they do that even when I don't want them to. Just the… crazy ass speed." She frowns in response to his own and the next questions only deepen the expression, though she speaks with a taste of surprise, "Move away?" She echoes at first, considering and then making a less than delicate snort, "No, man, I've never done that cause they're always just flyin' at me. It doesn't work like— … does it work like that?" The possibility is kind of delicious, but there's more than a little doubt in her for it.

"I think you're the only one who can answer that, Aly," Peter says, giving a small smile as he settles back against the wall. "Doesn't hurt to try though, does it?" Telling someone how to use their powers, when he doesn't understand how his own work half the time, is not something he's exactly good at, but… "The way I see it— we all have different ways of doing things. My abilities seem based on emotion, but at the same time, each one works a little differently. But a lot of the… they just tend to happen. Others seem to have to concentrate on their abilities more, some don't even require me to be awake." Or alive, for that matter. "If you start knocking over a bookshelf, or anything, I'll catch it. So just try?"

Alyssa was always sort of expecting to make a fool out of herself when it came to this meeting, and her memories of working with Namir had helped with that. But trying something that seemed utterly impossible? Okay, so, moving objects with your /brain/ should have been, too… so maybe just out of her realm. "Doesn't hurt to try…" she mutters for her own encouragement, staring at the red toy in her hand and then stretching out the arm slightly. Oddly, her bowling date comes to mind. Her gaze lifts slightly as she remembers, thinking about that bowling ball and how it moved. Moved away. So… And in the single most hesitant voice ever she lamely suggests, "… Go?" The toy does /not/. A pause. Then nervous laughter bubbles out of her.

"Don't be so hesitant about it. You sounded a lot more confident before, when you called it to you," Peter says, looking somewhat confused on how to go about this. "Don't worry about failing. You should have seen me last year. Flying was the first thing I tried to do, so I started jumping off these kids bars at the park. I fell on my face so many times I nearly broke my neck." And that had been before he could dust himself up and walk away from a broken neck. Also leaves out the first time that he volentarily fell off a fifteen story building and nearly killed himself. Or the time he went nuclear up in the sky. "Trust me. There's no one who's failed worse than I have."

"Well, yeah…" Alyssa begins but interrupts herself in saying. Before she knew she could do it. Even if it ended up disastrous. The news of Peter's exploits call out a more natural giggle, "Now you sound like more like the Everyman," she informs him but then calms. Thinks. She adjusts her weight and tries to remember why she's doing this, why she wanted Peter here. (Besides /that/ one reason…) It was to do this, to see what was done, not wallow in the same agony, put Peter through his own just by trying to get him to talk every little bit out of her. Sucking in a deep breath, Alyssa scolds herself inwardly for one long minute of reflection. So prepared, she thrusts out her arm and shouts, "GO."

Suddenly, it feels like everything in the store wants to get away from Alyssa. As books, shelves, register, and most things not nailed to the floor shudder expectantly in their places, the writer jerks her head left and right in a combination of too many emotions to count. The havoc continues for all the while that she looks questionably around, can't place her aim. When one curious glance goes to her hand, the red chew toy zings from its spot, hits the opposite wall and comes tearing back at a different angle. It bounces off a bookshelf this time, shoving "Thirteen Ways to Make Someone Fail" from its spot and altering direction again. This time, it's ironically headed toward its origin, and Alyssa attempts to duck but winces when the rubber smacks the side of her head as she's moving and then bounces limply to the floor. It seems content. Alyssa can't even form a reaction.

That certainly didn't go as he expected, but… Peter's glad to see he hadn't been too far off. As the store starts to shudder, he glances around worriedly, watching the bookshelves in particular. Last thing they need is the shelves falling over and starting a chain reaction that leaves the whole store leveled. He's paying so much attention to them, that he looks back only when the chew toy bounces off the wall, having a split second to stop it from impacting the young woman's head… but he fails, even though he gets his hand up in an attempt to stop it. "Are you okay?" he asks again, sitting up quite a bit, but also leaning forward to touch her on the arm, a gesture he dismisses as simply friendly.

"At least we know you /can/ do it— That's how I first used the ability. Something was headed towards me and I stopped it." No need to explain how he stopped it, or why it had been heading towards him. "Looks like it still found a way to bonk you on the head, though. Good thing it wasn't too heavy, or sharp."

Alyssa recovers from her half-ducking position, at least, a hand drifting towards her head where the toy made impact and her mouth still slightly open. Not the words but the touch from Peter causes her to jerk back into focus, and then dip her gaze away. "Yeah, fine. Honestly, I'm used to it. I mean, usually." Peter's vague answer should've been good enough but the curiosity in Alyssa tugs her forward until she's asking, "What did you first have to work with? I mean, if it's anything like the kiddie bars thing…" While he answers, if he answers, she lets one half of her mind still try to process that she has, once again, done something she never thought she could. She glances to the infamous red chew toy but is loath to move if there's still any contact between them.

"Actually I had— kind of a mentor," Peter tries to explain, letting his hand drift away from her, before he looks around one last time to check and make sure no books fell off the shelves. "He taught me a lot, but that time… he was trying to hit me with something. Did hit me with it a lot of times— until I stopped him. Once." And then the man went back to hitting him. Yeah, he's failed quite a bit. "I guess I am kind of an Everyman, and there's nothing wrong with that." Everyman with Everypower. That's him. "Let's stick with what you know, bringing things to you. Try to keep it down to one object at a time, and see if you can get them to come… slower? Think you could do that?"

"No, there certainly isn't," Alyssa responds for the Everyman, the Hero's Journey, which is Peter Petrelli. Having been released from the momentarily crippling crutch that was physical contact, she steps back, picking up the chew toy and tossing it up and down a few times. Since he's suggested the old ways, however, she lobs it gently in the direction of the others. "Yeah. That was sort of what the other guy was delving into before. With the commanding tone of voice and all that. Huzzah. We'll go until the resulting headache takes me out." Cause, really, it kind of throbs already but progress is progress and she's committed herself to this better than she's ever committed before.

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