2010-01-07: Team Shadow, Valmorphanize!



Date: January 7, 2010


Man-Sierra and Tremily meet with Prometheus in the least sexy interpretation of Charlie's Angels ever.

"Team Shadow, Valmorphanize!"

A dark, shadowy alley, somewhere in NYC

The weather is cold, just below freezing. Most people wouldn't want to be want to be out here, much less an alley between two old brownstone buildings. Then again, Prometheus isn't most people by far. Currently, he has called in two women of similar skills. Both have the ability to be someone they are not, though they do so with different means. One is more sinister, stealing someone's body against their will. The other, merely mimics their form. Both powers could be used for good or evil… And the 'mastermind' wishes to enlist their aid to his cause. Time is running out and action must be taken.

For now, the 'superhero' isn't in sight, but the time is drawing near for the two women to make their entrances.

Having been expecting a call, Sierra has been in a constant state of readiness should her presence be requested. When she finally makes her way to the alleyway in question, where she was informed to go to, it isn't her that appears. Rather, a man dressed in a suit, what one might consider normal business attire. Slowly this person, that is in reality Sierra, makes his way down the cold, dark alley, eyes adjusting to the dim light. "Hello?" The voice speaks out, obviously male.

It's a pretty nice trick Sierra has, but Emily isn't without her own sneaky ways. Maybe unfortunately for her, the form she inhabits today is someone who's been sighted with her fairly frequently in the last months. It's Trenton Hawthorne, who has so graciously 'volunteered' himself for Emily to use tonight for this secret meeting. He's dressed for the part as well…in black from head to toe, including a long duster jacket, boots, leather gloves, the whole shebang. Arriving after Sierra (and unaware that someone else would be meeting 'Prometheus' tonight), Emily-Trenton steps into the end of the alley and 'ahems.' "Is that you, Prometheus?" this other man calls out to Sierra-man.

"Amusing… But not at all surprising," admits the calm voice. It is not Vader, but it is clearly digitally altered, deep and almost inhuman. Leaping down from the roof, 'Prometheus' lands on the fire escape, dressed in his usual attire. "…Disguises from the pair of you. Nice to see that the trust is not what I thought it would be. Of course, it will make the 'get to know your partner' phase of this conversation a little harder." Prometheus continues to walk down the fire escape until he gets to the lowest stage, which is still two floors up. "I take it you both know why I've called you here."

Sierra spins around when she hears the voice behind her. "No, I'm not Prometheus." The Man-Sierra voice says. "You don't look like Prometheus. He was all dolled up in a costume when I first met him." Is said firmly. There's no French accent in this voice. It's wholly American. When, however, another voice is heard from above, she looks up. "Oop. There he is." She-He remains calm and cool, watching this person slowly make his way down. "Well, if we're both in disguise, I'm sure we could don our normal appearances for a while, to know who each of us is. Or…" There's a glance to the Emily-person. "Or we could arrange to meet our real selves." She looks back up to Prometheus. "I assume you have something for us to do?"

"I certainly hope he does. I'm starting to get bored of all the waiting and suspense. I'm having to try very hard to be normal, and it's simply no fun at all!" Emily-Trent says with a hint of a little pout in his voice, as he steps into the alleyway proper. "But yeah, I would guess that's why he called us here. Seems like he's the brains afterall. Looks like you and me are going to be the sneaky, stealthy brawn!" Em-Trent (Tremily?) is grinning when he slips out of the shadows between the light on the sidewalk and the faint light drifting down into the middle part of the ally from the building windows up above.

"Yes… And no," Prometheus begins as he leans at the rail to look at the two men. This meeting isn't the sexy Charlie's Angels encounter he had hoped for, that's for sure. "I cannot offer a clear plan due to a lack of information. Awhile ago, the efforts of one known as Rebel and myself made it clear to the government that they had to find a new way of getting information to one another. That was is not digital. While this hampers them some, it does worse to those like myself. It means that in order to act, we must find new ways of getting people on the inside. Sending in spies to get recruited would take too long, besides that they would likely be discovered if they were Evolved through the tests they undoubtedly do and the time taken to get them into the program could be too late. Instead, I have another plan… And that is for the two of you, as well as a third person, to find a person with medium clearance, take their place, and move in and gather as much information as possible. Considering you both have related talents, it would allow both of you to handle the job, merely in different ways. The third person that will be working with you should be able to cover your tracks and work as a 'fail safe' button if your cover is blown."

Slowly and surely, Sierra turns back into her normal form. At least for now. She glances over to Tremily and then to Prometheus again. "And what company, mon cher homme, do you suggest we attempt to infiltrate? And who is this third person you are speaking of that will help us? How is it that they will help us?" Her feminine voice and French accent have returned along with her body.

"Oh…well, that's a really handy trick…" Tremily says with an amused smirk, watching Sierra change back. "Of course, having seen what this lady…if she is indeed a lady to start…can do, you'd have to hope they don't randomly screen for the presence of Evolved within their own ranks. Some employers do random drug screenings…seems like these fools would be insane enough to do random Evolved screenings." Even so, Tremily watches Prometheus with some interest, hands stuff in the pockets of that duster.

While hard to tell, Prometheus' tone sounds a little confident as he speaks to Sierra. "Alpha Protocol itself… I know there is a place in New York they are using. If they are still using it, we can use that facility to piggie back to the main one. They have moved to a new place and are hush-hush about it. Merely getting the location would be a big help."

Prometheus soon averts his attention toward Emily, his expression unseen due to the biker helmet of his. "Then we simply hope that the third person, who can make visual illusions can get you all out. Her illusions work on the eye as well the camera, so she could make it seem as if she wasn't there… And if needed, that you both weren't there as well. The idea is that the three of you work on concert. Unless they believe their ranks have been broken, they will not think to test randomly for Evolved. That is why we must act quickly, but be careful be remain undiscovered. I brought you together and will equip you as best I can, offering what advice and information I can gather for you. It will be up to you to handle the rest."

Sierra looks between the two others. "Might I make a suggestion? If we know of this group…might we know of some of the people working for them? And if that is the case, perhaps we know if some of them are evolved. If that is the case, should we not attempt to impersonate those people? The evolved ones? That way if they test randomly for evolved, our test results will come out the same as those people." She says, thinking of the possibilities.

"True…unless they keep a catalog of what the folks they employ can do. What if they come up to you and ask you to read minds or something? Good luck…game over, unless you're super lucky. I hope you have a list of some human folks you know that work there. That way I can work my magic on one of them, and go to work like nothing happened…including convincing him or her to tell me stuff about their work that they might not otherwise volunteer." Tremily grins wickedly there, given that what she's just described is what's going on right this very moment inside Trenton's body and mind…except, he kinda likes it.

"I am not sure that I have a current list of who works currently within the Alpha Protocol… But I can see what I can do. I know of at least one woman that will be of interest…" Something about going after the woman that hurt Lena and Tiago seems to be fitting. She might have been 'just doing her job', but well, they will just be doing theirs. Hopefully, Gene will convince these ladies to be kinder than Tammy had been to the two captors. Standing upright and folding his arms, he glances toward the two. "I will leave the exact details to the team… But I will trust that the pair of you will act in a manner that I expect. There are captives that depend on us, if thye view all Evolved as too dangerous to let live, the blood of perhaps hundreds if not thousands of Evolved and Humans alike could be on our hands. Should we pull this off… Well, we just might save the world."
Sierra listens intently to all that is said. "That is too true." She says to Tremily. "Let us just hope that they don't. Or if they do, they do not expect those people to use their abilities on a whim." There's a nod to Prometheus. "We will pull this off. We have to." She's quite serious in this statement. "We just…need to be cautious. Only take risks when absolutely necessary. We need to plan, and plan well."

"Give me a higher-up, and I'll work wonders," Tremily replies with a rather savage grin. "Could just close the whole thing down from the inside, even." Of course, that's a LOT easier said than done. Do these people even know who runs AP, now that Wynn has been confirmed to at one point have been in charge, but now dead. "Though I suppose a little street-level goon works just as well. Get us some security access, and get inside the belly of the beast. Start collecting some info, and then do the planning, I suppose."

"Considering one of the higher ups may be able to read minds and is seemingly able to erase memories, I don't think it would be wise to set your sights so high, Emily," Prometheys admits with a brief and bizarre sounding chuckle. "Desouza is a dangerous woman, but if you are a simple techinican or the like, you will be unimportant enough to likely never meet her. As long as you can get within the building and out with some information, that will be enough. We do not need much, just a start. As I get the needed information, I'll let you two get to know one another… As it stands now, that is all I have for you. When I can speak to the third member, I will have her introduce herself to you. The keyword that will let you know it is the third member is that she or he will talk about the weather in New York being almost as bad as the North Pole." There is a short pause as Prometheus settles his hands on the railing again. "Any more questions or concerns?"

Sierra shakes her head. "I think, for me, I have all I need for now, merci Monsieur Prometheus." Slowly she morphs back into the form she arrived in. "You know how to reach me." The male, American voice has returned. "I should make my way back home. I have some work that needs doing. (S)he nods to both Prometheus and Tremily. "Good evening to you both." And with that, Sierra makes her way out.

"Hmmm, for the moment, I'm good. I'll see what I can do when it comes to low-level thugging." That seems to be Tremily's niche anyway, seeing as how she started this whole crazy path with, not only a murder of 11 upper-crust rich folk, but some drug pusher who wanted to prey on a pretty blonde outside a diner one night. "That being said…I'm out too. I still have that fancy gizmo you dropped with me if I need to contact you or whatever." In comic book fashion (since Prometheus seems to be all about that), Tremily flips up the collar of his trenchcoat, digs his hands into the pockets, and disappears down the end of the alley.

As the two ladies/men/whatever leave, Prometheus sighs as he leans his back against the cold stone wall. "Well, step one is done… Now I've just got to get to steps two and three AND assemble Sword team. We just might be able to pull this off," the young man offers before he makes his way back up the fire escape, likely to come down the building in a (faintly) more normal way.

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