2010-01-17: Tear Down (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 17, 2010


Two Evolved take great pleasure in tearing down.

"Tear Down"

Ability-suppressant manufacturing plant, NYC

New York City. The near future. Since the time Arthur's bombers have leveled the city, it's been locked in a state of perpetual warfare, those with abilities against those lacking. And while one might think it'd be an easy fight for those with Evolved abilities, the reality is far darker. Thanks to the work of AP years ago, the humans have weapons capable of neutralizing or dampening abilities…combined with the fact that not everyone is super fast or bulletproof. Those with that sort of power have to be the first to die.

The former doctor and engineer realizes this, and so far, she's hunted down and killed a few of the people responsible for the creation of those evil little darts and other weapons. Like a hydra though, two seem to grow for every one, and her job is never done. It's…rather remarkable what being hunted will do to a woman, and quite clearly it shows in this case. Without fear of hiding her abilities Alexandra travels the city primarily by earth bridge. Huge, serpentine paths of earth suspended in the air herald her arrival, crumbling behind her without a care in the world when their purpose is served. The earth itself erupts from beneath the streets and buildings, heeding her call as she has a bead on one armorer responsible for these devilish weapons, and he will die today.

There has been much change since the war began. People who were once seen as good and innocent have since turned around and shown how malicious they can be. The war has been a true testament to the human condition. It's funny how war does that to people. Shows who they really are and what they are really capable of doing. KeLyssa Gallagher, who may have at one time been seen as a modern day Southern Belle, has been one of the many who have changed. Being hunted as a 'freak' will do that. It was hard for her at first. She hated being on the run, hiding from people she once saw as her friends. But now…now that has all changed. She has killed and nearly been killed. She has perfect her ability to become what she has needed it to be. A killing machine. Tonight, she is on the prowl for any 'normal' person who dares get in her path.

Rather than wander aimlessly to kill, Alex travels with a purpose. It's not as if folks don't know she's coming…not many folks with abilities sail through the air on bridges of earth that grow like living monstrosities, dirt and rock material being pulled up from the ground to let the thing grow, adding to the 'tail' and propelling the head forward. The target tonight is a lab building, likely to be heavily guarded, but in and of itself not a sturdy structure, and that's all that reallly matters, right? New York City wasn't very seismically active before, but it is now. No doubt the guards, human soldiers, and evolved have seen her traveling, a sort of 'beacon' should they choose to join the assault. Not necessary, but always welcome.

It certainly isn't often that a bridge of earth moves through the city, so when it does, a person might lean toward following it. Certainly an evolved would. Anyone powerful enough to generate that is also powerful enough to protect you should the need arise. Upon seeing hearing the rumble and seeing the bridge in the distance, she starts running; running like there's no tomorrow. Every now and again, she adds ice to the bottom of her feet. If she wants to follow this thing, she needs all the speed she can get. And ice provides that wonderful speed.

When the huge bridge of earth finally dips from the sky towards the ground, and the person in control reaches her destination, the thing just…collapses. Willy-nilly. Tons of earth previously suspended in the sky by force of will alone come collapsing down. Anyone with an altitude advantage would see that the bridge flies over vacant lots, down streets, and over top of small buildings. It avoids water entirely. When it collapses, of course, it smashes buildings, cars, and anything that might be under it.

As soon as she lands, the guards are quite aware of her presence, but she figures that. In the settling dust and dirt, she's hard to see, but that doesn't stop her from giving a casual flick of her right index finger. The ground trembles as a precisely shaped slab of earth erupts, a rectangular shield of earth ten feet tall, six feet wide, and two feet thick. As predicted, they fire blind into the dirt, but strike nothing but that imposing earth shield.

As soon as she even gets near to the area she thinks the head of the bridge is in, it all collapses and KeLyssa, for a few minutes, is caught in a cloud of dust. But she does hear gunshots, which is enough to guide her in the general direction. More slowly and cautiously this time, she walks toward the sound of the gun shots. When the dust will finally clear, she will find herself behind Alexandra. Immediately she puts up an ice wall between her and Alexandra, thick, but clear so she can see through. "Who're ya? What the hell're ya doin' 'ere? Are ya the one who did that there thing with all the earth?!" She calls out above the other sounds, so that she might be heard by the other person.

"Who the fuck else do you think did it? These assholes?" Alex replies, quite nonchalantly as she advances on the guards. KeLyssa would note that the woman, not really a lick more than 5'3", is barefoot, and her face and hands are smeared with what would seem to be blood-soaked earth. Though she can't see through the earth wall, she has no need. When the guards move, she throws her head back and laughs…laughs and laughs. It's a strangely chipper, light sound in the perpetual night enveloping the city; she seems positively delighted.

"You all move like a herd of horses!" she calls out to the guards, more than able to get a good bead on where she can feel their booted feet striking the ground. To keep them from flanking, the wall continues to erupt from the ground, as she motions with one finger and makes not a circle, but an ellipsoid, so the wall extends around her and KeLyssa. "Freeze my earth," she says, lowering her brow and looking at KeLyssa with a twisted grin pulling at the corners of her mouth.

KeLyssa lets out a maniacally chipper laugh of her own. "HA! That'd be the day that I froze hell over!" She offers a sly grin to Alex. Throwing the ice wall away, she moves forward with ease, taking a glance at the ground. "Ya ain't wearin' no shoes. If I'm gonna go 'bout freezin' any amounta earth, it's gonna reach the ground, an' yer feet're gonna get frozen like a normal naked in antarctica!" She says, not overly concerned about the other woman. She's soon sending blasts of ice toward the wall, with them starting to freeze the earth through, and all around it, through to the ground underneath their feet. "Don't know what yer waitin' fer. Why don't we jest face 'em all head on? Ya 'fraid o' bein' shot?"

When KeLyssa warns about being frozen to the ground, Alex takes care of it. As ice creeps across the ground under their feet, a little pillar for Alex to stand on rises up and trembles a bit, getting cold, but not frozen solid. "Oooooh, we're going to friend-o. We're going to…" she says, grinning impishly as she watches with wide-eyed amazement at how the wall freezes through, solid, frost-filled earth, every bit of moisture inside getting frozen into solid ice, and then the outside getting coated as well with moisture from the air, forming a permafrost-filled ice shell, like a devilish ice-cream sandwich.

By now, guards have poured out of the building, and time is wasting. Soon the research and researchers will be gone, and they're the real targets. But, the more guards that pour out and surround the shell, the better. That's because Alexandra's next move is a savage yell, as she throws her arms outward. The wall explodes outward, expanding. Ice shatters, and jagged chunks of shattered ice explode outward, no doubt impaling most of the guards.

KeLyssa lets the ice seep out of her very being, out through the ground and through her hands. Oh, how fun this shall be! How great a victory for their kind! The Evolved! Even if the people aren't too important, it shall still show the non-evolved how strong they are! When the wall is shattered towards the people, KeLyssa lets her ability go full force, sending ice shards into the group, hurting them more. Huge, sharp chunks of ice occasionally impaling people as well as breaking bones.

With the circle of guards stupidly impaled, some squirming, some groaning, not quite dead, Alex hops off that little podium, and smiles at KeLyssa. Even as she closes the distance to KeLyssa, the earth seems to act of its own volition. Beneath each body, the earth simply…opens up. Each guard's body is swallowed up by their own grave, falling in, to never be heard from again, alive or dead. Quite cheerily, Alex offers a hand to her new friend…dirty and bloody as it might be. "Shall we?" she says quite cheerily, motioning toward the building with a nod of her head.

KeLyssa watches with glee as the earth opens to swallow the victims of their assault. She giggles in merriment. "Oooh. I like that trick." She says, blue eyes gazing at Alexandra with a sparkle of happiness in her eyes. "Don'tcha just love this life?!" She laughs, taking Alex's hand. "Ooh, I do believe we shall!" She says taking her other hand and and hold up her thumb and pointing out her index finger, like a gun. "We'll shoot 'em all down." She says, lowering her thumb down as an bullet shaped piece of ice shoots out and hits a wall, exploding like shrapnel.

"Oooooh, that's fun!" Alex exclaims with glee, watching KeLyssa literally shoot ice from her finger. "I need ammo, you know…" Alex says, and rocks and pebbles of varying sizes begin to lift up from the ground and float in a slowly rotating cloud about her. "They make that anti-power juice inside…it's one of a few…but the brains behind it all just keep moving. They've probably already run, but we can go smash stuff up real good! Oh….I know…wanna play a game?" Alex points at the ground and strains a little, grunting with the effort as she literally hauls a large boulder to the surface from under New York City.

The thing has to be a few hundred pounds, totally solid, unlike the crumbly earth she manipulates more easily. Still, she manages to literally lift the thing, all while that cloud of pebbles and smaller rocks float about her. A firm toss sends it crashing through the tall fence and concrete wall, much like a prison. "Wanna race to get to the brains first, if they're still inside?"

KeLyssa giggles again. "I know! I've shot so many people like that! It's amazing!" She nods firmly. "Oh…very fun!" She says with a wink. But her playful nature goes directly from happy and gleeful to absolutely serious. "They make that anti-us stuffs up in there? We're gonna smash'm an' freeze 'em 'till there ain't no life in there no more!" She says angrily, her blue eyes flashing an even angrier blue, if that's possible. "Oh, I'm way ahead o' ya, sugar pie. We take tally o' all them egg heads we find an' kill!" She says, already making a move to run into the building.

New friends are fun, especially when they have the same drive Alex herself does. "Ooooookay….GO!" she calls out. When she gives the symbol to go, the ground under her begins to rumble and churn, and soon, she's surfing on a wave of earth, not even bothering to move her feet! She dips through the hole in the wall, giggling with glee, heading for the building which, not expecting anyone to knock away all the guards that easily, is a little lacking in additional exterior defenses.

That being said, doorways are great places for traps, Alex's found. So as that churning earth nears the side of the building, it begins to snake up again, arcing over the side of the building before curling back, and driving through the roof of the building. Caught up in the dirt at the front of that earth snake, Alex takes a tumbling ride through the roof and into whatever room is below. Well, that would explain why she's so absolutely dirty!

KeLyssa punches through the front doors with a few well placed giant ice balls, jumping through the hole she made for herself. "Yeeehaw, cowgirl!" She shouts out, making an ice wall around her, just in case. You never know what's coming up next! The first person she comes across, while he's just a janitor by the looks of things, she creates a hole in her ice wall, shooting her ice bullets at him. "Pew pew pew! Ahahahahaha! Take that! And that! And another one of that!" She giggles as he falls to the ground. "Should've found a better place to work!" She grins widely, closing up the hole again.

Upstairs, the dirt crashes down, some through the hole in the roof, some on the roof itself, and the other spilling down the side of the building. "Woah…that never gets old!" she says, standing up and shaking herself off, even as a gun is pointed in her direction. The pebbles from the dirt, now lying on the floor of this room, with some moonlight shining in through the roof, begin to fly at the person, rapidly fire, like machine gun bullets, as Alex stands in the center of all that loose earth. This person too falls to the ground riddled with pebbles and rocks that won't melt like KeLyssa's.

KeLyssa's may melt, but that doesn't negate how dangerous they are. She passes the janitor man, now laying there bleeding profusely. "I'm sorry. This person is now outta order, please call maintenance ta order yerself another wonderfully disposable person!" She says, giggling again. As she moves, this clear ice wall around her, she breaks through to a few rooms, most of them seemingly empty. Though last room of the hall, though, found her standing and staring at a a scientist and a guard. "Oooh, my my my. Ain't this the delicious li'l piece o' cake I ever did find." She says, as the guard shoots at her. As a bullet chips the ice, the ice seems to rejuvenate itself, most likely by KeLyssa's will. "Oh…does the poor little guard not know how ta get through m'ice wall? Ain't that just a shameful piece o' pie." She says in a babying voice. Suddenly, the gun stops, out of bullets. "Ooops. Shoudla carried more'n one gun!" She laughs breaking her ice wall and sending sharp ice shards at the scientists and guard, killing them both. "Ooops…did li'l ol' me do that? My mistake!" She grins widely, stepping into the room, to the table the scientist had been working at. "Oooh…an' I broke his beaker fulla liquid! Whatta shame!" Cackle. "Well, time ta move on!" She says, exiting the room, creating a new ice wall for herself as she does so.

KeLyssa comes in from the ground, and Alex comes in from the roof, and they both meet up in the middle of the building somewhere. "Oh, drat! You win!" Alex says as she catches up with KeLyssa. But as the two stalk the halls, indiscriminately killing any human they find, it doesn't take long before they get to the 'core' of the building. It looks like a chemical processing plant, on a smaller scale. Distillation columns, holding tanks, all of it, all the stuff that Alex was responsible for in another life. "Wellll…looks like this is the nice find. Must be thousands of gallons in those things!"

KeLyssa grins, laughing as the walk along the length of the building. "Ain't nothin' wrong with this! I could go 'bout doin' this all night, I could. I tell ya what!" She says happily. As they approach the room, she grins her most wild grin yet. "Oooh! An'…an' it's all a liquid right?" She says…her eyes glittering with mischievousness. "'Cause, ya know what I'm thinkin'…I'm thinking, I kin freeze 'em all up, ya kin use yer mighty fine ability ta make 'em go kablooey!"

"They gotta be filled with dirt!" Alex exclaims. "But…we can do this!" She hurries down to the ground floor and creates a nice big sinkhole, a funnel-shaped one. Then she points at the tank. "Punch a hole in it…drain it out! Then I'll smash this place to the ground so they can never use it again!"

KeLyssa eyes the vats for a good moment, finally nodding to Alex. "Sure…ya, I kin go 'bout doin' that. Create a nice, big chunk o' ice ta punch right on through them vats." But then, a thought occurs to her. Don'tcha think they'd be 'spectin' somethin' like that? So…wouldn't they make them vats super strong?" She says, actually worried now that she won't be able to do it.

"Hmmmm, won't know into you try!" Alex grins as she knocks on the sides of the tanks. "This isn't the only place that they have these storage vats though! This is just one building!" Though she hates to admit it, she can't exactly manipulate metal, even though it's taken from the earth. "Ooooooor, you make them brittle, and I can use a big rock to smash through! Like monkies using tools…strange, since we're more evolved than humans!" she cackles!

KeLyssa laughs! "Oh, well…if ya put it that where, sug, let me give it here a try." She winks with a sly grin, starting to form a huge piece of ice with a sharp pointed edge. "Well now, Sir Ice-a-lot…do your magic!" She says, grinning widely and sending the ice flying to the vat. Luckily, it pierces. She made it strong enough. Liquid starts pouring out as she retracts the ice spear, ready for the next go. She cackles. "Ha! They never expected this!"

Careful not to get splashed, Alex dances around the sinkhole as the vats poor their liquid inside. The flow of water tears the metal holes open more, and the contents rush out. By now, more guards are being summoned, no doubt, and the scientists have of course bugged out. "Come on, no time to waste now. Gotta tear down before they get back!" An 'encouragement' to flee, the ground beneath the building is already rumbling quite powerfully, uncharacteristically for New York. The platforms and equipment rattle and groan as the earth shifts.

KeLyssa looks at Alex for a second before nodding. "O'course. Got no time ta loose b'fore the place is swarmin' 'gain with tons o' people." She waits for Alex to be out before piercing the other vats and running out as fast as she can, in the hopes that she'll be out in time to escape. She doesn't want to be captured. Not in a million years.

The two women spill out of the building running, as the earth rumbles and shakes under them. By the time they bust out of the building, the ground is trembling powerfully enough for the building to start to come down. As armed choppers descend on the scene, the all black things with spotlights and machine guns, Alex provides for an alternate means of excape: she entered above ground, but the two are leaving below ground! Swallowed up into a tunnel, the two disappear as the building collapses and the chopper lights swim over ground that shows nothing but a mound of dirt where they escaped!

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