2007-05-20: Tech Support


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Gene and Cass have a talk about MRIs, equipment, and the dangerous world they've found themselves in. Cass may want to adopt Gene. Entirely possible.

May 20th, 2007:

Tech Support

Enlightenment Books

After a couple weeks of Enlightenment Books' door being closed and locked with a sign out front announcing that is was closed for renovations, the store is finally back open. The door all day has been open and the old customers were back happily buying all the books that they have been wanting without any outlet to get them. It's been a busy opening day with employees helping out and generally being a very good business day all around. It has left Cass with a kind of glowing happiness to see her store serving its function again. But, now, it's getting on closing time. Cass has sent her employees out to get drinks or dinner or whatever they might fancy with some petty cash and she's slowly starting the normal and missed routine of shutting the store down. The door is still open, however she no longer has any customers to worry about.

When Gene met Cass and realized she was part of the 'secret team', the young geek figured he should try and meet her. The first couple of times he saw that the shop was under serious reconstruction. Considering how little people tell him, he doesn't have a clue as to what happened. Gene's okay with that though, considering how little he tells his friends about himself, his talents, or his personal life. Currently, he has on his usual jeans and shoes, as well as one of his odd t-shirt. This one is a purple t-shirt that has an odd image in black. The Emperor is in center facing out, both hands resting on top of what appears to be a pimp cane. To either side, Darth Maul and Darth Vador reside. Darth Maul is wearing baggy jeans which reveal plaid boxers while Vador has a pair of hand guns shoved in his codpiece. Underneth it has the explanation which reads: Rollin' with the Dark Side.

With a backpack seemingly filled with stuff slung over his back, Gene makes his way into the door. Looking around, the young geek tries to see if he can notice anyone before taking more than two steps in.

There's no one in the store other than Cass to notice Gene, which she does as soon as the door opens. Normally, she'd tell the unlucky person that she's closed and to come back the next day, but she's missed this too much and she has no qualms about helping another customer find whatever they may need. At the moment she's got a manual about how to /work/ her new-fangled security system and a slightly puzzled look on her face. She'll figure it out eventually. However, she turns around immediately and spies Gene entering the store. Immediately, she offers a warm smile for the young man, lowering the manual. "Hey Gene! Good to see you. What can I do for you?"

After getting his greeting, the young inventor looks around carefully for someone else even after replying to Cass. Apparently not finding the person, Gene just gives a small smile in return. "Nothing much… I figured I could talk about my thing that I'm working on with Elena." He pauses to look around again as he moves a few steps in. "This a good time, or you busy with stuff or got people around?"

Letting her paperback close, Cass tosses it up onto the counter and shakes her head. "Nope, you're the only one here. I sent everyone else home to celebrate and my customers are out, too." Grinning and noticing his furtive glances, she heads up to the front door and gives the lock a decisive twist. "There we go. No interruptions. Do you want some coffee or tea or something? I think there's some chilled green tea in the mini-fridge in the back." She can't help but offer, it's what she always does to those who visit her in the store. "I really want to thank you for what you're doing. That machine…it will really help us."

Nodding in firm agreement of the locking of the door, Gene follows Cass with his eyes as she moves about, standing in one spot for the most part. "Chilled green tea would be nice. Usually only drink coffee when I'm working." Regardless if Cass heads out to get the drink or not, Gene continues speaking a moment or two later, as if remembering there was a second part to Cass's words. "Oh, the machine? Well, it's not a big deal at all. I'll patent the stuff, sure, but I figure it's the least I can do to help. Helping your buds with your strengths is what friends do, right?"

As soon as Gene says that he would like some of that green tea, Cass is moving for the back room. "I'm more of a tea person, anyway. Though I've been drinking a lot more coffee than I should be lately." She's still listening as she goes to the back, opens the fridge and pulls out a pitcher and two mugs. Then, she pours a glass for Gene and a glass for herself before heading back out into the main room. "Want a seat? We can sit in the back room if you want," she tells him as she hands over his mug. "Well, it's a big deal for me. I can't even imagine where to start on something like that. Plus, you helped Elena when she needed you and that makes me like you. So, double thanks for that."

Thankfully for Gene, Cass is busy getting himself a drink while she brings up his quasi-save… Err, wait she's right there. Taking the mug, he shrugs faintly. "I'm cool with either-or," Gene offers as he takes a sip of the stuff before nodding. "Good stuff. Thank you." Considering talking about the machine would seem prideful, the young man merely talks about something else. "It was just getting her a ride, not like I beat up Elle and pulled Elena out or anything like that." Because that would be true heroics, which Gene believes himself incapable of preforming. After all, the last time he tried to be the hero in the flesh; Gene froze up, got saved by the cops, and then vomited on. "I'm just glad she's okay and stuff. I mean, it seems pretty serious to get all electrocuted for being friends with some guy."

There is a small pause as Gene notices the manual that was discarded on the counter, having heard it fall before Cass left to lock the door. He moves toward it unless she stops him, just glancing over it as he continues speaking. "I know it likely seems a dumb question to ask, but as the new guy, figure I need to… Does that sorta stuff happen often?" Thankfully, the manual is a distraction for Gene, allowing him to avoid Cass's eyes as he speaks. His tone is telling enough though, clearly uncertain and a bit concerned of the idea of such a horrid thing happening again.

"Yeah, but you stayed with her and kept her company." Cass tilts her head slightly and takes a slow drink from her mug. "That counts for a lot. I mean, I wouldn't be able to go in and beat up someone throwing electricity around and drag her out. It's not always about being the stronger one. I'm glad she's okay, too. If anything happened to her…" she trails off because she's not sure /what/ she'd do. Something that would probably not sit too well with her morals. Luckily, she's given the distraction of his question. Not that it really serves as a happy distractions.

"Ah. Well." Hm. "That' snot really a dumb question." Cass shrugs and looks in the direction of the manual again. "Sort of? I mean, the store getting broken into and watered down only happened the once. But I'd be lying to you if I didn't say this wasn't more than a little dangerous. It's not really all about the violence, though. Did Elena tell you about the Company?" There's an emphasis on that C there.

"She mentioned a few people in it, said that they weren't to be trusted. Elena also mentioned something about them making you forget stuff and so on, but not too much more than that," Gene offers as he looks over the manual. Like most of his kind, Gene is more than willing to escape into the world of the electronic to avoid awkward social things like looking at people while talking about shadowy groups without moral compasses. The talk of what Gene would do if one of his friends were murdered is left unsaid too. It's just better to leave some hypothetical questions unanswered. "She told me not to trust this Mo guy, watch out for some Sy-guy, as well as a few other names. I need to ask her to give me a refresher list; I think I accidentally threw away the list with my McDonald's receipts."

With that, Gene gives a cough of shame. Oddly enough, the psychological need to cough soon seems to become a physical one, Gene just putting down the manual as the cough goes from something that was light and brief to a hard and heavy set. Both hands are used to brace against the counter top, the young man paling slightly. Gene seems ready to puke something up, but he seems barely able to hold it in. Regardless of what Cass does, he just remains where he is for a few moments as he silently tries to regain his breath.

As Gene talks, Cass nods and listens. "Yeah. They're…morally ambiguous. They kidnap people who can do things like Elena and our friends can do and then they test them. It's best to just avoid them as best as you can. Mohinder, I think, is the guy not to trust. And Sylar is the murderer who goes after people with abilities and kills them." Enough information yet, Gene? "You…you threw away the list?" That's a bit of a shocker, but, well, she can help with that, too.

When Gene gives a wracking cough and then pales, Cass takes a couple of steps forward. First, she kicks over the garbage can that's right by the counter over for Gene to use should he need it. Then, she moves to put a hand out on his back. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

It's nice to have someone right there to watch over him again. Makes Gene wish that the nanny his grandfather hired to care for him was still alive. "I dunno," Gene breaths out, able to support himself with just one hand. The other is used to rubs his head, the young man apparently in a bit of pain. "…I guess I ate something that didn't agree with me or something… It's starting to fade now. Only felt like this a couple of days in the lab, likely just me eating too much fast food again."

After he takes a couple of breaths, he stands up entirely, the color starting to return to his face. "Yeah, I threw away the list. I guess I put it with other papers and they got jumbled up at my lab. Considering everything there in the waste gets shredded to the point where it's hard to tell one letter from another, no worries on information getting out." There is short pause as he hears about Sylar. While Gene doesn't think posseses any powers, Gene is still interested by the guy. "So, he kills people like Elena because he hates them? You know, like Friends of Humanity?" Ah, the good old comic book references. Come on, it's Gene, so it should be expected.

With a frown, Cass studies Gene and gestures for him to sit in the chair that's behind the desk. It's more of a stool, really, but he should be sitting after an episode like that. "It happened before?" The frown pulls downward some more and she keeps her hand on his back. "Are there any other symptoms? Just the nausea? I mean, fast food shouldn't really make you keel over." Speaking as a med school drop out. "Here, drink some more tea. It's got anti-oxidants."

But, she allows herself to be steered off the topic when the list and Sylar are brought up again. That's just as important for Gene to know so he can continue with his health and staying away from people who may do him harm for any reason. "Well, that's good at least. The woman who trashed the store did it because she was looking for a list she thought we had. So, it's good to be careful." The question about Sylar gets a shake of her head. "No…not really like that. He can take peoples abilities somehow by killing them. He's trying to get more powerful and eliminating others as he does it. I'm not sure if there's a good comic book reference to what he does."

Good, Cass… Ensure the conversation has multiple threats that Gene can pick at choose as he wishes. Avoiding the awkward topic of Gene's horrid health, he goes for the talk of Sylar instead. Taking the offered seat, Gene speaks, his eyes narrowing in thought as he looks to the ground in front of him. "Hrm. So he's some sort of super being then. I take it people haven't tried to team up to take him out. You know, get all the powerful heroes and just kick his butt?" The question gets an uncertain gaze from Gene, the young genius figuring that it has to have been done before. It's a rather simple idea, lynch mobs have worked for good or ill for centuries. Sometimes the old solutions are the best ones. Sipping the tea as recommended, Gene adds another question or two. "And list? List of what? People in the Company?"

Even if Gene doesn't answer her questions about his health, that doesn't mean Cass hasn't /noticed/ that it's a topic he's avoiding. There's a pause, but she doesn't know him well enough to start nagging him to go see a doctor or to take better care of himself. Not yet, at least. So, she allows the conversation to move back onto Sylar and the Company. Much happier, right? "I guess so. And I think that /was/ tried. Peter talked about how they thought they'd killed him last year. But he came back somehow." Not exactly a lynch mob, but certainly a group of people trying to put the madman down. "So now we've got to find another way to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else." It's just as had as it sounds. "No, she thought we had a list of people with abilities. She wanted to find a telepath. But a list of Company agents could be just as dangerous."

Gene is a man that's quick on the uptake, so he starts putting two and two together. "I take it this woman… she was the one that created trouble here awhile ago with water and all that?" he asks remembering the earlier tidbits of information at the start of the conversation. Curse of being the new guy, trying to catch up with what seems to be assumed knowledge for everyone else.

Cass blinks and then nods. Whups. She keeps forgetting who knows what and about who. "Yeah. Sorry. It's the same woman who electrocuted Elena. First, she came in here, threatened one of my workers and my friends, zapped me and Lachlan and demanded that we tell her who was a telepath. We wouldn't tell her and the sprinklers got turned on so that she would be drenched and couldn't use her powers any more." Electricity and water don't mix. "Later, she nabbed Elena. Information of any kind is kind of a sought after prize, I guess. Company Agents, people with abilities…"

The young genius hrms and nods, storing the information for later use. Information wanted by Elle? Check. Elle's weakness? Double check. "I see." Gene leads off for a few moments, clearly thinking things out. Whatever plots and plans are going through his head, he comes up with one important question. "So, um, considering that Elena got in all that trouble because of Elle going out who what's-his-face, who's going out with who? I mean, I don't want to get into some bad situation like Elena because I didn't know who's taking who to ice cream socials… Wait, no one does ice cream socials here." In a softer tone, he mutters, mostly to himself something about ice cream socials needed to make New York a better place.

This is why Cass talks about this stuff. So everyone can be armed with the proper knowledge to deal with the Company and all its Agents. She wants to be opposite of the Company - with people knowing whatever they may need. "I'm sorry if you got dragged into this somehow. I'm…not really sure how you got involved other than picking Elena up from Elle's place that one time. I don't know if you really had a choice in getting mixed up in all of this. So, I mean, if there's stuff you do or don't want to know…just ask." Because she wants to make sure this isn't something he randomly got mixed up in and now can't get out of. "Oh. Going out with who? Um. Well, that's kind of a complicated thing. I'm dating Lachlan. Peter is dating Elle. Elena, I don't think, is seeing anyone. Other than that….I'm not sure. I think…it's just Elle who would do that. So…you should be safe."

Gene hrms and nods. The young inventor has what he needs. "Well, if it's only Elle that would do somethin glike that I shouldn't have to worry about overly jealous dates and the like then…. Good," Gene offers with a small smile. He appears ready to say something else when his wrist watch begins to beep. Glancing down toward it, Gene sighs. "Didn't know it was as late as it was… Gunna have to get back to work soon. Either way, need to talk quick for the stuff I came here for. You know much on MRI scanners and the like? If not, that's cool as I'm a quick study, but if you knew how they worked and had some experience with them, it would save me a bit of time."

"I can't speak for all certainty, but yeah…you should be alright." Cass smiles and finally picks up her own mug of tea again. When Gene mentions the time, she pauses and glances down at her own watch. She didn't realize, either. "Sorry to keep you. As for MRIs, I know a little. Just some basic information that from med school. I've /seen/ one used but never actually used one myself. The gist of what an MRI does is it uses a Magnetic Resonance in order to map out the inside of a human body." While Cass may not know technology, she understands theories and she's been reading up on certain things to refresh her memory. "It uses different types of magnets to make your protons spin in a certain way and absorb the all the energy it puts out. Then, it makes them spin the regular way again, which releases all that energy in a way that the machine can copy and revert into an image." She frowns. "I have no idea how that works mechanically or technically. But, I can see what I can find out."

"If you say so, I just tend to be careful. Comes with having almost two decades of bad luck under your belt." Despite the nature of his comment, Gene speaks with a smile that has a hint of fondness. Odd, yes, but for Gene, it's par for the course. Gene looks to the ground for a moment, some sort of emotion going on behind his blue eyes before he continues on.

"As for the science behind the MRIs, I understand that completely. I researched it a bit and as I said to Elena, I tend to be a quick study." Gene pauses to finish up his tea with a nice 'ah'. After the coughing and the feeling that he was gunna toss his cookies, the refreshing drink does wonders for him. "I was hoping you'd be able to read them and make sure that my reading are okay. I mean, I can make the machine, but I haven't really had the medical experience to really do much with it. Kinda if I build a high tech rifle… I'd need to know how to use it and what to expect from a firearm before I could be sure it was working." Of course, Gene's decent with a firearm, but he's waiting awhile before sharing that fact. After all, not like it's something he'll need anytime soon… He hopes. "So when it comes to the testing phase, which should be by the end of the week, I'll kinda have to do a lot of testing."

Cass smiles at Gene over her mug of chilled tea. "At least someone in our group is. It's a refreshing change." Because between Jack, Lachlan, Elena and Eric…well, they don't exactly scream cautious. More like bright flashing red signs of 'reckless'. The mention of having a lot of bad luck makes the smile tone down into something more like concern. Or maybe sympathy. A kid shouldn't have to have that much bad luck so soon.

"Well, I'm pretty quick with learning the medical stuff. I mean, if you can /make/ the scans, I should be able to read them." She thinks for a moment, going over what she remembers from her classes and from her medical texts. "I've seen a couple before and I can pick up a book specifically on them, I'm sure." Then, a pause. "By the end of the /week/? Seriously? That's…really soon. How long have you been working on this?" She's amazed.

The young inventor gives a tired sigh. "Yeah, I had to give Elena a talk when I had to bail her, Peter, and a sentor from a building filled with terrorists. I mean seriously, you'd think someone asking to be president would have a little foresight here." Either not realizing that this is a much bigger deal or unaware that his overcaution has let something slide, Gene goes on. "The Mirco-MRI Scanner an on again off again project. I told Elena I'd do it roughly around the eighteenth of last month, but I got distracted. Usually it's a week for planning and a week for building. Sometimes a bit less on the building if it's small or I've got help," Gene admits. He rubs the back of his head in mild chagrin. "Likely should apologize for slacking, but I've been going outside a lot more than I did when I worked in the D.C. area." As in going out three times a week or so as opposed to once or twice a month.

"A building full of /what/?" Cass lowers her mug and just stares at Gene for a little while. /That/ certainly escaped her knowing. "/Why/ where they all in a building full of terrorists?" Plus, he bailed them out of there? Wow. But, then, they're back onto business-like talk and she shakes her head once to try and clear the image of a building literally filled with dirty guys carrying bazookas trying to kill her friends. "Two /weeks/ for something like this?" She's no technological genius, but she's pretty sure that's amazing. "That's…./amazing/ Gene. If you try to apologize for taking whatever time you need to build us something as complex as an MRI as a side project, I will brain you." The slow smile is back and she focuses it one Gene. "Ill gladly pay you for the parts and time, too. I mean, I've got some money I've been saving and I just came into some more unexpectedly."

The woman is actually able to move past the talk of past dangers. This either speaks as a testament to her self control, or a sad declaration that building full of terrorists is not that big a deal to her. Regardless of the cause, Gene isn't going to question the chance to change topics, even if Cass brings the conversation back to other matters.

"Don't worry about the money. I'm not rich, but I'm not exactly hurting for money." Gene pauses for a moment, making sure there is a smile after that comment about getting 'brained'. After all, dealing with Trina has made him concerned about that famed fear of getting whooped by a girl. Today isn't that day though, so with a contented sigh, Gene leans back into his chair. "Got some inheritance money or the like?" he asks with an arched brow.

Unfortunately, it's a little of both. What with car bombs, psychos and store destroyers, it's getting to the point where Cass is less and less surprised about what may happen in this city. However, it's certainly information that's tucked away to ask Peter or Elena later. "Well. If it ever comes down to it, I definitely'll help out. Ah, no, actually. The woman who destroyed my store gave me enough to cover my insurance deductible. So…all the money I thought I was going to have to scrimp and save with I'm not going to." The whole situation still feels a little weird to her and so her good-nature withers a little. "I'm debating just putting it in an envelope, keeping it in a safe and pretending like it never existed, to be honest. But. That won't do anyone any good. Hm. Maybe I'll just donate it to a charity." Don't mind her outloud musings. Then, realizing that she /is/ talking outloud, she brings her eyes back up to Gene and shrugs. "Sorry. Don't mind me. Anyway. You were talking about terrorists before."

"I'd just get an off-shore account, keep the money in a Swiss bank. That way it can be safe when you need it for something down the road. If you deal with a lot of stuff against shady organizations, anything you can do to have back-up plans ready is a good thing. While giving away the money would be nice, I have a feeling you'll need the funds later. Call it a hunch if you've already had your place taken out once or twice."

Proving his cautious side already, Gene folds his arms when he hears talk of the building. Rubbing his arm idly as he speaks, Gene gives the shortest verison he can muster. "…I shouldn't have said anything about it. They didn't promise me to secrets, but not sure they wanted me to tell people. To make a long story short, some people tried to take Nathan's wife, they did while Elena was around, I found Heidi through her cell phone. Pete, Nate, and 'Lena came in, I sent my own help… Wife got saved, everyone came out happy."

Well, that's certainly a good way to think about it. Cass thinks that over and nods. "That's not a bad idea, actually." She'll have to investigate off-shore accounts. It would be a good idea to have some money that no one should be able to touch just in case. Never hurts to be prepared. "Well. Yeah. But…these are all people I know. Other than Heidi. I just like to know when my friends involve themselves in potentially fatal situations." The explanation is taken with a nod. As he's already uncomfortable talking about it, she'll pump someone else for more information should it come up. Everyone made it out alright, that's the important thing. "Glad to hear everyone made it out okay."

Starting to blush a little, Gene nods in agreement. "They did. I try to make sure of those things… I'd like to think they would have made it out without my help but-" Gene pauses to lead off. He doesn't like to think about how poorly it could have ended. It just makes him want to build more machines of death. "Well, I guess I've gotten all I've needed to here. Though I suppose I have a new project I should get to work on after I'm done with the Micro-MRI Scanner." Gene motions toward the manuel, answering the question Cass has before she gets a chance to speak. "I know, it says best security you can get, but that's a lie. I'll make sure you'll have something to be proud off." That fact announced, Gene gets up off of his chair. "So, anything else you wanted to talk about, or we all good?"

With a smile, Cass nods. "I'm glad you were there to help them, though." He's proving himself to be such a reliable young man. "Another…" Her eyes glance down to the manual and then up at Gene again. "Oh, no, you don't have to do that. I mean, just having an MRI-scanner is going to help so much. And that thing should work for what I need it to do." All this niceness and help that he's offering is overwhelming and touching. "No…I mean, I don't have anything else to talk about, really. Most of my conversations these days revolve around abilities, conspiracies and labs. That's all kind of boring stuff."

At the dismisal of Gene's help, he gives a small smile. "It's no biggie at all if you want it. I mean, stuff like this is my speciality. Considering I'd be using common tech for the most part, it wouldn't take me more than a day. After all, I'm sure you don't have wireless cameras hooked up that feed the footage into a server, allowing you to check on your store from any internet connection. Or a remote that acts a panic button. Considering that Elle is a live wire and you might deal with people that dole out fire, perhaps a button that triggers the sprinker system to go on wouldn't be a bad idea already." While it sounds like brainstorming, Gene is already figuring out how to do it. He doesn't do anything on paper yet. After all, she might insist that he not do it.

Shrugging the talk of security off, it's no surprise what word catches Gene's attention. "Labs? This about the thing Elena was talking about with Jaden's money?"
Everything that Gene is listing off sounds like a really good idea. And helpful. And…well, exactly what Peter was warning her the store should use. Because it's not just Elle that she's worried about. It's that Sylar guy who may take interest in her friends and employees because of what she has here. "I. Wow. You can do all that?" Really, she should just stop being surprised what Gene can do if it involves technology. Because it basically sounds like he can do anything. "And you really don't mind? I don't want you to think I'm just…taking advantage of your genius." If he thought that, she'd be really put out. She nods at the question about the labs. "Yeah. I'm going to be opening up a small lab to try and help people with abilities. Get them to understand what they can do, control it, give them a place they can go without kidnapping that can help them understand this sort of thing."

There is a short pause as Gene just shakes his head. For Cass, Elena, Peter, and the rest, talk of powers and abilities is nothing. For Gene, still seems like science fiction. Which is ironic, because that's how must people view him. "…If you are serious about that place, you'll likely need some intense security for it. I'll see about looking into systems on the side. As for this place…" Gene doesn't say anything for a long moment. He studies the room, looking at corners. He's already getting placement for cameras and checking out where wall sockets are. Mentally, he's plotting this out in his head, already putting the system together in his mind's eye. Finally, after half a minute or so, Gene speaks. "Maybe sometime later I can bring my equipment and I'll just do it all in one day. If you want to pay for the parts, it'll run you about five hundred. Most the cheaper stuff will work if I just do a bit here and bit there to modify it. This is simple security, not… Wait, make it six hundred, sure some people can turn invisible and make optical illusions. Heat sensors or maybe classic infrared would do the trick."

While Gene didn't get anything that would make his work easier; he got some useful information about his friends, the world around him, and got to know Cass a bit better. No wonder Elena and Eric like Cass, she really seems nice, intelligent, and a charming lady.

To the second part, Gene gives a small smile. "It's no problem, Cass, honest. I like being helpful to friends and stuff. While I have to get going, could you just explain to me what you know about this 'Company'? I mean, it seems like they want to control the Evolved too. Is it some private run thing of powerful people wanting to rule the world from the shadows, some government project, or something else entirely?"

While Gene paces around her store, Cass just watches him. While she's gotten used to the idea of people turning invisible and throwing about bolts of electricity, peoples genius just always makes her pause. "Wow. Uh, yeah. I can handle that. That seems…so cheap for what you're talking about doing." He even talked about the invisibility that she was worried about without her even needing to ask. Talk about the Company brings a frown to her face. "I know…very little about the actual structure of the Company. What I do know is that we think they work in pairs - like most agencies. And that they find people with abilities, kidnap them and then test them somehow. Their /intentions/ are good. They want to make sure someone with abilities doesn't freak out and kill people and that people who are normal don't try and freak out and revolt againts the Evolved. But their practices are…totalitarian. I don't know what exactly their long term goals are other than that I know I have to offer some alternative to people."

That's the short version that she can give to Gene. "That's the long short version, I guess you can call it. Look. Since you're doing all this really nice stuff for me, let me cook you dinner sometime. You shouldn't be subsisting on fast food. It's obviously not doing you any favors health-wise. It's the very least I can do to make sure you get fed properly."

"There has to be some sort of grander point to it. I know I don't have any proof save my hunch, but if they are wanting to control the Evolved, there has to be some selfish gain. If they were truly out to protect, they wouldn't do things the way they do." Fidgeting his foot around, he adds, "I'm sure I'll likely find out more about them whether I like it or not," Gene admits with a small frown. If he really is evolved, then his gift is something that may attract those like Sylar and the Company. Greeeeeat. "As for dinner, that works for me. Maybe you can make it and bring it here. That way I can eat and work. Unless you wanted to do one of those sit-down dinner things with guests and napkins."

"I wouldn't doubt it." Cass nods. "It's something that I'm trying to figure out. Though, really, I just kind of want to have nothing to do with them. They might have other ideas about that, though." Because the Company seems to like having a monopoly on their industry. "Well. I think you'd be crazy to like being a part of this. It's dangerous and complicated and exhausting. But, there are some things you just have to do." And right from mission statements to food. "No, here works fine by me. Whatever you're more comfortable with. It's a thank you dinner for you, after all."

"I said like it or not… I'm on the not side right now. While some people like plunging themselves into danger, I prefer to handle danger from far away when I can. It's why I do what I do," Gene offers as he readjusts the straps on his bookbag. While Cass doesn't know about his Killbots yet, he's sure it's just a matter of time. "Either way, I've got to get going. But I'll give you a call sometime… I should call you here, right?"

"Right. Sorry. I keep keeping you." Cass grabs a pad of paper from behind the desk and scribbles out her phone number for Gene. "Here's a good place to find me, but I'm all over the city lately. Here's my cellphone in case you need anything. And if you keep getting ill like that, you should get yourself checked out." Because she can't in good conscience not say anything. "You and me both. Somehow danger just keeps on finding us, though."

The young man takes the number and tucks it away in his jeans. As he speaks, he moves over toward the pad of paper to write on it as well. "Somehow I think danger will be find the lot of you more than me… But I've been wrong before." Tearing off the paper, he hands it toward Cass. "There's mine. If you need my help, know I tend to work when I feel like it and usually can take a break. Engineers work by what they make, not how long they take to make it," Gene offers with a wink. "Stay safe" With that said, Gene makes his way toward the door as he promised he would.

Taking the number from Gene, Cass slips her sheet of paper into her own pocket. "Well, I hope so. That it doesn't find you very often, that is," she smiles. "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind." She doesn't stop him as he moves for the door. She's already kept him long enough from what he needs to be doing. "You too, Gene. Thanks again for everything."

"No prob… What are friends for?" the young man asks as he opens the door. He glances around as he moves out, as if expecting to have someone waiting for him outside. Well, good, that means all things aren't happening like in the movies because this would have been time the evil guys with the guns would be about. Sighing that he life isn't (currently) in mortal danger, Gene just nods before he finally makes his way down the street.

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