2007-05-04: Technical Reassurances


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Worried about what he saw in the picture, Micah reaches out through the computer to talk to Molly.

May 4th, 2007:

Technical Reassurances

Monica's House (for Micah) and Kirby Plaza (for Molly)

Sitting at his desk is Micah, staring at the screen as he keeps a hand pressed to it, siphoning through window after window as the images blur rapidly along at a frantic pace. His eyes are unblinking as the points of light reflect in his dark stare. Ah. There. After a moment, a small image pops up on Molly's screen on her side.

MicahMouse: hello, r u there? molly?

Luckily for Micah, Molly is, inded on her computer. However, she's not even signed on to any sort of chatting system. Instead, she's doing some research for some of the home schooling assignments Mohinder has assigned her. When the little image pops up on her screen, she blinks at it and then grins. She sets to typing immediately

Monkey23: I'm here!

A smile tugs at Micah's face, mostly in relief as he starts to type back once he settles his fingers onto the keyboard.

MicahMouse: Are you OK? I've been worrieda bout you.

From her own computer, Molly frowns and doesn't start typing immediately. When she does, it's not very good news.

Monkey23: Back at Kirby. He found me again.

The smile that formed on Micah's lips practically fades away as quickly as it came.

MicahMouse: did he try to throw you off a roof? was there a girl with him?

Typing quickly, surprised and curious, Molly leans forward slightly. As if she can see Micah through the screen.

Monkey23: No. It was in a park.
Monkey23: That was before.

MicahMouse: What was before?!

Obviously, that doesn't settle well. It seems that the young boy is in the dark about something.

There's a lot that Micah is in the dark about. But, there's a lot that Molly is in the dark about, too.

Monkey23: The roof. A girl named Kellie held me over a roof. It's why we had to come to Kirby the first time.

MicahMouse: Incoming.

On the screen, from when he scanned earlier, the painting pops up on Molly's side of the screen, showing the scene once more. It's Molly, or at least it looks like her, and Kellie.

MicahMouse: Was there someone named Isaac there?

The painting that pops up on her screen makes Molly's mouth fall open. That…looks like her. A lot like her. And she's on a roof. It's…a lot like what actually happened.

Monkey23: No. Nobody named Isaac.
Monkey23: How did you get this? What is this?

MicahMouse: There's a lot of pictures, of paintings. Isaac is the guy who draws my comic book, 9th Wonders! He died though. Wiki says murdered. It's why the comic does not come out. How could he draw this if he wasn't there?

Monkey23: He's dead? When?

Mohinder hadn't told Molly that. What does that mean?

Monkey23: Can I save this? I want to show Mohinder.

MicahMouse: I don't know if you should show him. I just wanted to make sure you're OK.
MicahMouse: Wait, you know Isaac? You know who he is?

Monkey23: I'm fine. Why can't I show him?
Monkey23: He's that guy from your comic, right?

MicahMouse: Yeah, he's the guy from the comic. You know him? He's been dead a few months. There is no news on how he died though.

Monkey23: I don't know him. But I think Mohinder does.
Monkey23: I'll ask him.

MicahMouse: Ok.. I just want you to be careful. I don't want my mom to know I have the picture. She has more. Pictures of really bad things.
MicahMouse: Maybe we can meet at the library tomorrow?

Monkey23: Really bad things?
Monkey23: I can try. I don't know if I'm allowed to leave.

MicahMouse: I think they are bad things. Maybe you can look at them and figure it out for me.
MicahMouse: Mom says she'd call Mohinder to have us hang out again.

Monkey23: I don't know if I want to see bad things.
Monkey23: But if you think we can figure them out, I will.
Monkey23: Mohinder's not back yet. So maybe she did. I'd like that.

MicahMouse: Good. I really miss you, Molly. You're my best friend. :)
MicahMouse: Mom says we are getting a new house. You should visit it when we do.

Monkey23: You're mine, too.
Monkey23: I will! I'm sure Matt and Mohinder will let me.

MicahMouse: I don't think Matt likes me much. He kept giving me the stinkeye.
MicahMouse: I should go though. It's late and I have school tomorrow morning.
MicahMouse: .. I'll call later.

Monkey23: He's just overprotective.
Monkey23: I'll talk to you soon, then. We'll figure out how to talk about those things.

MIcahMouse: Oh. Ok. Good night Molly!

Micah shuts his computer off with a soft sigh, then starts to clean up his room for a bit, making sure the picture he has is tucked safely away in his dresser, then starts to prepare for a book, and bed.

Monkey23: Night Micah!

The picture is still on her screen and after some fiddling, she manages to save it to the desktop. And from there, she downloads it to a disc, deleting it from the computer and then burning it. She hasn't been hanging out with Micah for nothing.

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