2007-03-02: Teenage Urges


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Summary: Sylar is creepy, and bested by an accountant and teenaged girl. For now.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

Log Title Teenage Urges

Central Park

Definitely in a better mood by now, thanks to holing up at home, and that glass of gin, Benjamin's leading the way (sort of!) through Central Park towards a little restaurant. The plan? Try to have an enjoyable meal with his daughter, and maybe take a stab at bonding. It's just so hard because he and Rose are complete opposites.

Case in point: Rose is trudging alongside Benjamin, hands jammed into her pockets, her hair obscuring most of her face. The hood of her coat has been pulled up over her head. "So, uh." Pause. "When I was hanging out with my mom last week, she, uh…" There's a sideways glance cast to Benjamin, one eyebrow raising. "Said to say thanks. For letting me stay." Which is a lie, given that her mother doesn't even know where she is, but Benji doesn't know that.

True enough, and for some reason, Benji just conveniently can't get in touch with Rose's mother. Doesn't that work out nicely? "Why wouldn't I let you stay? You're my daughter." Then much to the teen's probable horror, he walks a little closer to Rose and attempts a rather awkward one armed hug. "I.. uh.. I'm glad you're back though. It was kind of quiet, and to be honest, I was looking forward to seeing you again after the stuff with the hospital."

The hug causes Rose to freeze in her tracks, her shoulders tensing. It's only for a moment, because shortly after, she's shrugging him off and resuming her pace. "Yeeeeah," she says, canting her head to one side, "I guess your daily quota of metal was left untended in my absence. Sorry about that." Like he missed the loud music, right? "So. The doctors load you up with pills, tell you you're nuts, and kick you back out onto the streets? Kinda seems like their MO with all the nutjobs out here."

While Benjamin and Rose have a conversation of their own and are heading towards the restaurant, a very specific person is heading away from the restaurant, right in their direction. Dark jeans, a dark t-shirt, and a dark coat makes him stand out a bit more than usual, but most of the people shrug it off as they pass by him. In his right hand he holds.. a fudge ice cream bar, and his left hand is stuck in his coat pocket. He seems to be hugging the left side of his chest, and is obviously deep in thought about something.

Benjamin tries to not take the shrugging off too much to heart. They're still virtual strangers and she IS a teenager and this IS in public. "It's.. not a problem." He stuffs his hands down in his coat pockets and resumes walking alongside Rose. "I.. don't think I should go into that out here. We can talk about it once we go back home. There was some medication, but no one told me I was nuts." He's oblivious really to any nefarious persons about, or potential ones rather. "Although I shouldn't be causing accidents now."

"Riiiight." Rose doesn't sound convinced about Benjamin's miracle cure, and she rolls her eyes in typical teenager fashion, smirking just slightly. "Well. I can't promise I'm still gonna care once we get back, but you can try and tell me and we'll see what happens." At least she's honest! Her eyes flick to the approaching figure with a flash of indignance. She snorts quietly, saying to Benjamin, "What a freak. It's below freezing and he's eating ice cream."

Fudge ice cream is good no matter /what/ the weather is. Which is exactly why Sylar is enjoying one. He continues to walk along, passing people and ignoring them all, and it's not until he hears the last snippet of Rose's comment about ice cream that his attention is finally caught. His head snaps up, and with a quick look around to determine he is in fact the only one with ice cream, he glances over at Rose, his eyes narrowing slightly as they pull closer to each other.

Benjamin smiles a little down at Rose. He really doesn't expect much else from her. "Alright," he says agreeably. It's the usual you know, attempt to talk and get tuned out while hoping something goes through. When Rose brings up the freak eating ice cream, he looks around for a moment before noticing. "Oh, well, some people like ice cream even when it's cold out." See, there's a rational reason for it. "It's.. not really different from eating a hot meal in the middle of summer." If the figure seems to be hugging something, uhm, well, you get all kinds in New York City. So in case the guy's a homicidal maniac, watch the tongue!

Except a bowl of soup doesn't give you brain freeze, genius," Rose quips, reaching out to jab him in the side. Almost… playfully. The world is ending, folks. "And some people really are just freaks, Bio-Dad." She glances back to Sylar then, catching his narrowed eyes and meeting them with a special kind of indifference. "We're about two steps from creepy territory, in fact."

Sylar is close now, just a few yards away. His eyes are still focused on the girl, narrowed slightly, and he hugs the left side of his chest a little tighter out of instinct. Creepy territory? Most definitely. "Yours?" Sylar says when he's close enough, looking over to Benjamin. A soft nod is given in Rose's direction with a quick glance at her, before Sylar's eyes focus back on Benjamin.

At the risk of invading Rose's personal space again, Benjamin moves in closer to his daughter. You just never know what you're going to get in this town. And.. not that.. he looks like he could fend off an attacker. There's a fond smile for the almost playful banter however. "I guess so, there's all kinds of freaks," he says, practically mumbling his response. As Sylar gets closer, he reaches out to try and hurry Rose along, and chooses to ignore what is said in their direction. It's rude to ignore, but the guy's just creepy!

Well, if Benjamin isn't going to respond, Rose just might. The attempts to get her to speed up are fruitless: she stops in her tracks when Sylar speaks to her pseudo-father, ducking out of his arm again and turning to face the stranger. "Got a problem?" she asks, holding both her hands out in a kind of challenge. (Worst. Idea. Ever.) "Seriously. How's it any of your business, freakshow? I'm not anyone's."

Oh ho ho. We have a spunky one on our hands. At Roses's challenge, Sylar stops, a smile (creepy smile, of course) spreading across his face. He takes a long glance at Rose, before finally looking up at Benjamin. "Cute," he says, with another nod towards Rose. "Quite the feisty one." He then looks back down at Rose with the same smile— the smile that suddenly turns much more serious. "I would watch what you say about people you don't know. Something… /unfortunate/ might happen."

"Rose!" Benjamin chastises, he's just well, he's horrified really by his daughter's attitude. Really. It's the type to get a person hurt or worse. "I'm sorry, she's not.. okay she is always like this, but I'm sorry anyway. Rose, come on." Again, he reaches for teen's arm. He doesn't feel like getting shot or anything! "He's right.. honey.. come on," he urges the teen. He doesn't meet Sylar's eyes, as Ben's just easily cowed and he hates confrontations. Something just feels /wrong/ here and he'd very much like to move on without incident thank you very much.

"Yeah, okay, hotshot." Rose gives Sylar a quick once-over, her chin tipping down in an exaggerated gesture as her eyes move from head to toe and back again. "Something unfortunate. Sure." She swings a glance around to Benjamin, rolling her eyes emphatically at his urging. "What?! This guy's being a total creep. I'm not just gonna walk on by when that happens. What the hell's he gonna do, pull a piece out? Please."

Sylar smiles once again, and now his attention is directly focused on Rose. Benjamin is insignificant, even he does speak to the older man. "Quite the personality," Sylar comments, dropping his fudge ice cream to the ground. Then, it's quick, but it happens. There's a subtle shift of his weight, and the left side of his coat falls open. He reveals the Kensei sword, and there's a quick scraping of metal against hilt, and the blade can be seen for the tiniest amount of time. Then it's back inside his coat, like it never happened. "Most likely not the piece you were thinking of… but it works good enough."

"Rose.. look, I'm really sorry that she's like this," Benjamin says again between his daughter and the creepy guy. "It's okay Rose, just drop it and let's go on," his tone becomes less placating and more like a father putting his foot down. "There's no excuse to be so rude…" His gaze flickers from his daughter to Sylar, and he doesn't think, he just grabs for Rose's arm and tries to maneuver in front of her. "Look, we don't want any trouble, we'll just go on our way now." Should he try to incapacitate the guy? He hasn't technically done anything beyond being creepy.. right? But the guy has a /sword/. Clearly, he's not stable.

"Hoooly shit," squeaks Rose as she scrambles back away from Sylar, her bravado faltering for a moment. She was not expecting a sword, that much is obvious. "Who the hell carries a sword around?!" Unstable people, Rose. Unstable people carry swords and show them to girls who basically call them out. This time, when Benjamin tries to get himself in front of her, she doesn't protest. She has survival instinct, see, and hiding behind Benjamin seems like a good way to survive this situation.

That's the reaction he wanted. It really isn't everyday you see someone running around with a sword. Unless you're Hiro, who doesn't even try to hide it. "That's better," Sylar says, his right hand moving up to touch the sword through his coat, almost a caress. "You'll learn not to speak negatively to strangers. This was your first lesson." The serial killer looks up at Benjamin, and then he leans to the left slightly to spy Rose from the side. "Unless you have more you want to talk about."

With his daughter behind him, Benjamin starts trying to back up and away from Sylar. All his life in New York City and he's never been mugged once.. pistol whipped yes, but.. wait.. this can't be a mugging. It's just a crazy guy with a sword. Some unstable creep with a freaking sword. Trying not to panic (and failing), Benji does his best to focus on Sylar, attempting to will the man into drowsiness. This is officially scary territory and a situation where it could be okay to defend himself and his daughter. The only way he knows how and is capable of.

Stepping away from Benjamin now, standing to the side, Rose keeps a wary eye on Sylar, particularly when his hand drifts back to the sword. "Sure. Lesson learned," she says, unable to help the faint bitterness that sneaks into her voice when she speaks. She's just about prepared to grab onto Benjamin's arm and pull him away from the creep, but she doesn't quite go that far yet. "Let's go, Pseudo-Dad. Let him go teach someone else that lesson, yeah?"

"Good," Sylar responds to Rose, missing the bitterness completely. Mainly because… he feels kind of sleepy all of a sudden. Drowsy. Unable to keep his eyes open, it seems. They slide partway close, and his head droops a bit, but he does his best to snap it back up. "What—" he begins, looking around the immediate area, trying to figure out what's going on. His grip tightens on his sword, but as the drowsiness increases, he falls to one knee, desperately trying to stay awake. The sword comes out, hilt and all, and his hand grips the handle as it makes a thunk noise against the cement, using it to prop himself up on one knee. "Stop," he says to no one in particular, still hanging on to the last edges of conciousness as the unsheathes the sword partway.

"We're going," Benjamin says, his tone extremely distracted as he is preoccupied with his task at hand. He exhales a shaky breath, relief that this is working, anxiety because, well, this isn't a fun situation. Not waiting to see if Sylar completely falls asleep, this is a good time to run. Grabbing for Rose's arm, he turns and bolts, "Go! While he's like this!" It's good that he has no clue what he's really facing, and as far as he's concerned right now? Just a crazed guy in the park with a sword.

It only takes a few seconds for Rose to make sense of what's happening, particularly once Sylar begins to fall to one knee. She takes a few steps away when Benjamin tells her to, then stops in her tracks, glancing back over her shoulder. "We should take it away from him!" she says, gesturing back to the man with the sword. "Can't you, like… put him into a coma or something so we can take it? He's totally gonna hurt someone with that!"

"Stop," Sylar commands again, falling forward on the ground further. He drops the sword, both hands on the concrete, and he's slowly drifting down to take a nice little nap. He'll be asleep very, very soon. He makes a futile attempt at grabbing the sword and completely misses, his hand slapping down on nothing but concrete. No go. He reaches around to his back, trying to grab something from there, too, but can't seem to find it. "Stop…it…"

"What!?" Benjamin sputters at his progeny, the result of a bender in college as he skids to a stop, pinwheeling his arms. "Are you .. I don't even know if I /can/!" He really just wants out of this park now, not experiment, and people are staring. "We're not taking the sword. I'm not touching it." He turns his attention back to Sylar. "I hope I don't give him brain damage," he utters, and focuses again like he was shown at that hospital. He's not sure if he's capable of putting someone in a coma, but he knows he can put a person to sleep for a decent length of time!

"Fine! I will!" Rose storms back towards Sylar as he nears sleep, looking as though she's completely made up her mind now… until his hand reaches for something around back. Whatever it is has her stopping dead again, frozen. "Okay, or not," she says, backpedalling twice as fast as before. "Gun. He has a gun. Let's go." Because this little firecracker didn't bring her own, so she reaches out to grab Benjamin's arm and yank him away. Swords they can run from. Bullets? Not so much.

The killer makes one, last desperate attempt to reach his gun. He throws his hand around to his back, and fingers make contact with cold steel. He begins to slide it out of his belt, but it gets caught… and by then it's too late. Sylar passes out, falling completely to the concrete with his hand still on his gun. His eyes are closed and his body still, completely asleep on the concrete with the gun hanging out of his belt and the sword near his head.

Benjamin doesn't need telling twice about the gun. As Rose grabs his arm, he turns and bolts for it along with her. "You.. aren't right!" he says through the stitch in his side at Rose. He'll call 9-1-1.. when they're safely away. "Don't look back, just RUN."

For once in her life - and likely the only time, really - Rose does exactly what Benjamin tells her to do. She runs just as fast as she's able to, though it turns out to be faster than Benjamin, often requiring her to slow down while he catches up. Old man. Sheesh. She doesn't go back for the sword… even if that one last glance over her shoulder makes it look as though she would like to.

It doesn't take long for Sylar to wake up when Benjamin and Rose vacate the scene. Only about fifteen minutes. When the killer wakes up, there's a crowd of people gathered around him, with murmurs of 'sword' and gun' circulating through the crowd. Sylar blinks twice, taking a look around to get his bearings. He doesn't see either Benjamin or Rose, and it doesn't take terribly long for him to realize that one of them had to be doing this to him. The older man, it seems, what with the daughter telling him to put Sylar in a coma. Sylar stands up and the crowd immediately shrinks back. Using this to his advantage, Sylar quickly grabs the sword and begins walking towards a less-populated area of the park, one where he can more easily disappear.

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