2008-02-15: Tell Me What You Remember


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Summary:While arranging to meet with Ali, Jane is found by a disoriented friend.

Date It Happened:February 15, 2008

Log Title Tell Me What You Remember

East Village, and later Cat Hanner's apartment

She'd asked for something she never quite pictured herself asking Ali to do, and has some qualms about the ethics of it after the fact, but the facts still remain people are in trouble and she's been stonewalled, two things that don't sit well with Jane Forrest at all, and so she took that step. Now, she realizes, Ali deserves and will want the explanation for her request as promised. So the next morning she sets out from Rochelle's house and makes her way into the city, to the East Village, and sets down her gear at a place where she can see both Enlightenment Books and the Secret Lair. Her guitar is plugged into the small portable amp, the case is open, but she doesn't begin to play.

Instead she taps Ali's digits into her iPhone and presses the call button, waiting with earbuds in place.

It rings. Once, twice - and a very, very sleepy voice answers - "… I'm dead. Are you? 'cause if not I'ma kill you." In the background, a cat expressing its own opinion can be heard, with a still quite kittenish "… mrrowl."

"No," the voice of Jane Forrest replies. "I'm not dead, and you aren't dead. Though not long after Christmas someone tried to make me that way. So get up, shower, get dressed, and make your way to the East Village. I'm in sight of the bookstore and the comic shop.

On Jane's phone, that voice is /unhappy/. "… it's /morning/. You suck. " There's a theatric sigh. "Oh, sure, Ali - you can live on three hours of sleep! All the cool stuff happens before noon! You still suck. Fine. You feed me. AND you get me coffee."


Apparently the voice of Jane is enough to get Ali moving, even a nine-thirty in the morning after an 11-to-6 radio show. That's saying something.

A figure can be seen at the end of the street. Wearing a long sleeved white shirt and black jeans, her boots make a thud noise on the ground. Her hair looks slightly unkempt and her eyes dart this way and that way every once in awhile. A long dark red coat is worn that falls to her calves.

To many people that know her, this is Kitty Hanner except.. only she is someone totally different now. This is /not/ the Kitty that her friends have come to love and care for. If anyone had been calling Kitty lately they would have just gotten her voicemail, which is probably full at the moment. The young woman walks and it's like she doesn't see anyone at all. Lost in her own world, a few mutters can be heard from her. "No.. not yet." She says softly and shakes her head.

"Okay, I'll feed you, Ali," Jane says into the open air, for her voice to be picked up and transmitted by the inline microphone. "What do you want to eat?" While she speaks her eyes drift down the street and settle on the female shape there, watching it with a speculative expression forming. Too far yet to spot features and fully recognize, but close enough to be familiar.

Ali hasn't arrived /yet/ - but it's reasonably certain in another part of the city, showers are being taken, clothes are being found, and cats are being fed.

As said before it's like Kitty doesn't even know where she is going or where she is. "Can't be found.. no no no.." Kitty mutters to herself and she is walking slowly as she begins to pass Jane, she doesn't offer the woman another look. "Ba.. bad ones.. no" She shakes her head again and her eyes are downcast. Everything about the woman.. is just different. The way she carries herself is not the normally bubbly, happy woman with an attitude.

"Okay," Jane says to the surrounding air as the conversation ends without her being told what Ali's hungry for, "you get whatever you get, and you'll like it." She lets out a quiet chuckle, just as Kitty wanders by so strangely behaving. Her head tilts, the expression which forms is puzzled, and she speaks a single word.


After hearing the name that Jane calls her, her head snaps up to see who is calling her, is it one of the bad men? No couldn't be.. how did they find her? When she looks up Jane will have noticed that her eyes are.. different duller than usual but at the same time, more wild than before. "Cat.. cat.. that's m- who's asking?" Kitty looks from side to side and then back to Jane. "You're one of them?" she begins to back up and shake her head. "Why.. are you following me?"

"One of who?" she asks, her voice taking on a quiet and soothing tone, Jane hopes. "Who's following you?" There aren't any sudden moves made, she keeps hands at her sides and watches the younger one, concern settling onto her features. "Talk to me, tell me what's wrong."

She generally avoids behavior that would spook her more.

A look is given to Jane as if she should know who she is talking about. "The ones.. the bad ones!" she says fiercely and her head moves forward. It's with that movement that her hair moves and Jane will see the Mark, right there on her neck. "Janey.. you have to help me.. I see them. They are coming." Tears well up in her eyes and she looks down at her hands. "Afraid.. can't touch my apartment."

She studies the younger woman in silence, pondering who the bad ones can be, because lately she's seen a number of bad ones. Danny Ferrera, the Company, people claiming to be the FBI…

Then those marks are spotted, and the list of suspects is narrowed down. "It's okay now," she whispers. "You're safe, they're not here right now, Cat." And a realization settles in. She's been here before. "Tell me what you remember."

… wow. Stylin' there - a yellow cab. Somebody's got enough money to burn on something other than mass transit, these days - a hoodie-wearing, somewhat scruffy DJ, with wet hair still. She isn't anywhere near, not yet, anway, taking a moment to lean in and pay the cabbie, trading a few words and a wry smile.
"Ok?" Kitty repeats and her lip trembles as she speaks. "Nothing." Is her simple reply to Jane. "Remember.. said they came and take you away. Away from home.. away from everything.." Kitty balls her fist up and grimaces. "They took it away."

She has to get her to focus. Jane's mind is at work, Cat knows she was taken, so that means they might not have messed with her memories, but that conflicts with what she knows is the standard procedure. "Company agents went into your home?" she asks, softly. "Tell me what you remember."

Lattes in a car-carrier are picked up from inside the cab.. and the DJ down the way waves as the driver pulls off. In the Aliverse, after all - all cabbies are friendly, conciliatory folk.

So it is that the woman vaguely in the direction of the corner mentioned, sipping at a coffee house coffee cup, and looking curiously at the artists out in force on the weekend morning. Yawning, once.

"Maybe.. answered the door.. that was it. Then the black came." Kitty is reaching a semi lucid state and is trying to communicate clearly with Jane. "Figured it was them.. the Mark." She says and gestures down to her neck. "Don't know where to go, they must be watching me.. they have to be watching me. The apartment, my mother's.. my school. Everything. Did I escape?" Maybe that's why?

"I doubt they're watching you, Cat," Jane replies, keeping eye contact, providing something to focus on. "So you opened the door, and everything went black? What's the first thing you remember, after you woke up?" She's unaware of Ali being in the area, given her current conversation, but both are visible.

With both being visible - well. It's not hard for Ali to angle that way, crossing the street and whistling as she heads that way. Sounds like. er. Opening riff of "Iron Man", in whistle format. Sacrilige, among certain circles.

"How do you know?" Kitty counters and she returns Jane's gaze with one of her own. "The couch.. someone.. she said she was my mother was banging on the door.. loud, so loud." When Alit starts whistling Kitty whips around, "Shh! They might hear you!"

"Because they use the marks to track people with after they're released," Jane states calmly. She glances over at the source of whistling, communicates nonverbally that she has a situation at hand, then turns back to the younger woman. "You woke up on your couch, with someone claiming to be your mother banging on the door. Was it your mother?" Pieces are falling into place for her.

Ali lets the whistle whoot off into nothingness, and blinks. She stays a few paces away, sipping at her coffee, her head tilting - and. Well, with more insanity going on? She /listens/.
"They know where I am?" Kitty looks behind her and then up to the sky, then back down. "No, I ran away.. didn- didn't answer the door." The woman's hands go to her hair. "Shouldn't we try to dig these out?" her eyes are wide and she turns again to look at Ali. "Missed you." She says softly and looks down again.

"They won't come out, Cat," Jane quietly tells her. "They're part of you now. I don't think the Company knows where you are at every moment, but they can find you if they want." She glances over at Ali again. "She's in shock, can't have been released for long."

When she fixes on Cat again, a calm question is asked. "You don't remember the time you spent with them, just being taken and waking up on your couch. What day was it when they took you?"

"Hi." Ali offers a bright smile - and what would be Jane's cup of coffee to Kitty. "You okay?" It's what she's got -coffee and worry. In equal measure.

Kitty shakes her head and her hair flies in the wind. "No, nothing at all." Kitty then crouches and finally sits on the ground. "Can't let them find me.. Ali! Ali! Help me.." Kitty whimpers and she claws at the ground, Jane and Ali will notice bloodied bandages on her hands as her shoulders shakes and she begins to sob.

Her jaw sets as she watches the younger one go to the pavement and sob. The Company. This is where Ali may notice differences in Jane too. In past days, a thing like this would've had her about to scream. But there's no sign of it now. She just looks over at the radiowoman, briefly explaining. "She got bagged and tagged, dumped back in her apartment, and she's got a memory hole. But they must not have thought she had any knowledge of them, she knows what the marks on the back of her neck mean."

"Help me get her back to her apartment and settled in, then we can talk about that thing."

McAlister nods, then - and - you know, a few months ago? This would have had her sarcastic and at best edgy. Now? Well, the Dj just settles down next to Kitty - and starts talking softly, still holding that coffee. "Hey, you. Haven't seen you in a while - it's okay, you know? You'll be fine - you /are/ fine. Don't panic - I got coffee, here - " She holds it out - "No reason to panic. Nothing to worry about - me and Jane'll get you home and check things out - you're safe here, right? With us." That rich voice stays soft. Soothing. Compelling.

Yes indeed that rich and soothing voice does in fact calm Kitty. Her hand darts out to take the coffee and she takes a sip. "Safe.. ok safe.." her gaze travels to Jane and then to Ali, two of her dear friends in her eyes. "I trust you." She says lightly and begins to stand on her feet.

One hand reaches down to help the woman stand, and once she's upright Jane puts her guitar away. It doesn't take long to get the instrument stored and the gear back over opposite shoulders. She doesn't ask questions of Cat right now, talk can come once they get her home. "Thank you, Ali," she offers.

"no problem." Ali drapes an arm over Kitty's shoulders, grinning up at the (yes, taller!) woman. "C'mon - let's go home, huh?" There's something tired in her expression, but she doesn't let it come through in her voice, nope. She nods to Jane. "No problem."

Nothing is said to either woman, Kitty just hums softly to herself and waits for the two to lead her wherever it is they are taking her. She does trust them after all.

Time passes, as much as it takes to reach the apartment in question, with Jane not saying much. She waits outside the door for Cat to open up and let them in, her mind alive with thought. The Company. How did she get on their radar? How long was she held? Why did they leave her with memories of the organization's existence and what the marks mean when they edited away the details of her captivity?

Ali's the one that leads her in, of course - "This is your place?" She grins, nods to the nearest seating facility - likely a couch. "If ya wanna - sit. Lemme see about getting some water - you got a first-aid kit?" Not that she's /not/ already hunting for the bathroom, mind you.

The woman named after a four legged animal fidgets just a bit as they near the apartment but she takes a key out and slides it into the lock, when the door falls open she backs away behind Ali. When the woman leads them in she does indeed go to sit on the couch and nods her head at Ali, "Yes." Is all she says, the women would notice the broken lamp by the window and the window itself is broken. Kitty looks around. "Here it happened."

Her eyes are alert on entering the apartment, they travel slowly to take in all details. "Normally I'd call for Peter to help with her hands, but he's been blowing me off since the end of December," Jane relates somberly. "And he's in some kind of trouble. Another person told me to stay away from him, told me something I don't believe. Can't believe."

As she notices the broken lamp and window, she muses. "How did a psychometrist get on the Company's radar?" Clues are sought to how long Cat was held, she looks for calendars, magazines, newspapers… Anything with a specific date which shows when the occupant was last at home.

"Who knows?" Ali rummages in the bathroom, looking for gauze, bandages - something she can fake into at least basic first-aid. "So.. wait. This Peter guy you've talked about is in trouble, too?'

"Peter! Where is he?" Kitty begins to sit up but then goes back to slumping in the couch. "Tiger is gone.." she says softly and looks around her apartment, her home. At least it /looks/ safe.

"Peter Petrelli," Jane answers, "and I don't know." She goes back to looking for evidence of what date Cat was taken from here. "Elle's in some trouble too, and she stopped paying her half of the rent. I got a letter from the management company earlier this month telling me it hadn't all been paid."

Well, there's not a ton of /stuff/ - but there's some peroxide and a little gauze, a towel and a few band-aids. It's a start - Ali heads out and for the couch, bearing prizes. "So you gonna spill on what's going on? Everybody getting in trouble doesn't exactly sound like.. you know.. /fun/." She settles on the edge of the coffee table, that bright smile of hers coming out. Ali reaches for Kitty's hands - "Let me see, huh?" that's gentle - "We may need to get you to a doc - but let's at least get that changed."

"Ok." And her hands are held out for Ali to take care of. "The woman said I had been gone for a bit." The woman that was her mother that she doesn't think was her mother. "I don't know how long I was gone for." Kitty blinks and sighs. "It hurts.."

Picking up a magazine and checking the date, Jane is confused for a moment. "This is the last piece of mail you have in here. But… it's a magazine, so you could've left it out and disposed of mail that came later, it doesn't necessarily mean you were taken away on the 22nd, Cat. Can you describe the woman who said you'd been gone a while?"

Ali just quietly works - inexpertly rebandaging hands that look like, frankly, they need it. "You'll be okay, right? Whatever the worst is, it's past now."
"Be fine later." She says to Ali and shrugs her shoulders lightly, "Didn't answer the door, what if it was an impostor.. or someone who could change shape at will? Are you really my Janey.. my Ali? Huh?" Her gaze narrows at the two women and she withdraws her hand.

"I'm me," Jane replies softly, moving over to bend down and make eye contact, let her face be searched for sincerity. "Ask me a question only I should know the answer to, Cat. Ask me why I call you Cat."

"Sssh - stop. You're going to open that again - " Ali just frets and worries - and offers that lopsided smile of hers. "Who else sounds like me?" She shakes her head, reaching back out for that hand. No, she is not otherwise helpful, doesn't otherwise nudge. "I'm thinking ordering a pizza, right? Julio's is just up the street - they're pretty good."

"Why do you call me that?" Kitty looks directly in Jane's eyes and her gaze is unwavering. She does give her hand back to Ali and nods her head as well. "I like pizza, it's hot." She says as if the other two don't know this already.

"Because you're a grown woman, and Kitty doesn't sound to me like a grown woman's name," Jane answers.

McAlister goes back to rebandaging - and .. then reaches for the other hand. "What happened? Here. This is worse than my roomie's boyfriend after he put a hand through the plaster."

"Yes.. it's you Jane." Kitty says softly and sighs in relief. At Ali's question she points to the window, "I had to get out." She says simply when she could have really just opened the window with her hands? Uh yeah.

"It was much worse last time I tangled with the Company," Jane murmurs. "They took everything I knew about them, and dumped me with a bunch of pills in some craphouse south of AC, dosed me with just enough of something to make me go through withdrawal. I got home and suffered three days of cold turkey hell. It took a while before I completely believed I wasn't an addict. Even now what I was told to fill in the blanks feels surreal sometimes, because I don't have the memories to back it all up."

"You need stitches. Or a doc." Ali murmers that - "It wouldn't hurt you to hit the hospital." She looks up at Jane. "I barely know what I'm doing, you know? But a doc would be a really good idea." She works on bandaging that second hand. "But you broke the window? That's better than what I thought happened."

"They are bad people." Kitty assures Jane and looks to Ali, "Have to survive.. or they all get you. Everyone.. everything.."

"Stitches won't hurt, no," Jane agrees. She seems to have put other things aside for the moment, no more questions are asked.

"Well, they won't get me." Ali grins at Kitty - "And you're safe now. So that works, right?" She sets the woman's hand aside - and leans up to give her a sudden, rather fierce hug. "You're alright. No more worrying, kay?" She pulls back - and eyes the girl. "We get you a doc, you get some sleep - you'll be alright." And with that, she moves to stand - "Jane - you know where her mom is?"

Returning the hug just as fiercely, "Safe.." she murmurs again and then when sleep is said. Kitty closes her eyes and nods her head. "Night.." Kitty curls up on the couch. "Night.." and with that she is knocked out, she must have needed some sleep.

"I can find her," Jane replies, as she watches Kitty drift off. "Doctor a bit later, maybe, after she's had some time to rest." One hand touches the sleeping woman's shoulder, then runs slowly through her hair. "It's been a weird few months."

"Yeah - those are gonna scar." Ali sighs, and leans back, gathering up used bandages, heading for the kitchen and (hopefully) a garbage can somewhere. Under the sink is a good guess. "That's twice now - what's going on, Jane? My roomie got attacked by somebody, you look like you're not sleeping, Kitty's a mess.."

She murmurs softly in her sleep and smiles at Jane's touch, but Kitty does not wake. She looks happy in her dreams, maybe they are of good things.

"A few months ago, I went on a long trip and did some things just to say I did them," Jane quietly starts. "It was foreseen I'd be killed by a man who could use telekinetic knives. He was captured, though, allegedly the Company has him locked away. Not long after that, I caught two people trying to bug the bookstore. Peter got info from them and was looking into it, but never made contact.

"A few days after Christmas one of them turned up, tried to kill me with a gun. He missed, the cops took him away. But he knew about my ability, and had a photo of me in my own kitchen, so I've been bouncing around the city and staying in hotels or at someone's house since. I think he might be with some group having the same intent. I've not been able to ask Peter what he learned and take steps."

"Next, two people claiming to be FBI agents, who wouldn't tell me what's going on, ask me about Peter and Elle. Then I get told Peter killed someone's father, an unproven accusation. Nathan stopped returning my calls, I emailed Elena about the maybe-FBI people, got no reply, then she went into the wind."

"Kory knows things and held out on me. I'm not one to be stonewalled when friends are in trouble."
"Yeah, well - your precious Peter tried to kill my roomate, apparently." Ali sets about washing her hands - viciously, if someone can wash hands that way. "Well, not kill. But according to her, he came awful close. I've got questions for him, if you see him." She pauses. "I'll probably be nice."

Then, finally, she looks up. "You need a place to stay, you call me. I'll either put you up or arrange somethin', right?" She glances at Kitty - then watches the sleeping woman a moment. "Where's Elle?"

"I don't know where Elle is," Jane replies simply. "She went away on assignment not long after we did the Coney Island bumpercars, came back in mid July for a day, then left again on assignment. Her rent was kept up, though, until now. It suddenly stopped. After a man and woman claiming to be FBI asked me questions about Elle and Peter. But… Elle was never really Elle, Pete told me a few months back. The company sent her away and put someone else in her place, made her look like Elle and messed with her memories so she'd believe she was her. I'm not supposed to know that, however. If they found out I knew, they'd steal my memories. Again."

"But now her half of the rent stopped and people are looking for her, they said the why is classified, which tells me she's not with the Company or dead. Peter allegedly killed someone's father and attacked your roommate."

"Somehow, I intend to find the man who tried to shoot me and learn if he's in this with anyone, track down Peter and ask what's up, among other things. Kory seems to have answers she won't share."

Ali is, ultimately, not one to back down from anything, honestly. "So you keep an eye on Kitty - " She dries her hands. "I got a show to do. And afters? If you've run across Kory - we'll talk." A bit of her temper shows, as she throws that towel into the sink. "I need to find Jack and Trina - I haven't been down to the bar since I've been back. Can you.. make sure she at least gets a little sleep?"

Ali waves a hand at Kitty - "She should be better - should be. She'll trust you, anyway."

"I will," Jane replies, glancing back at Cat for a moment. "That's why I asked you to do that with Kory. It was the most pleasant way I could think of, and when friends are at risk, I get proactive. I will not be stonewalled again."

"Yeah, well - lemme talk to Jack." There's something in her voice that's .. unhappy, the DJ starting for the door. "After that? Well. Maybe it's time I do something. Kinda tired of sitting things out- " She pauses, hand on doorknob. "You call me if you see that Kory chick, right? We'll definitely /talk./"

Frankly, Ali doesn't wait for an answer - she stalks out into the hall. Unhappy.

"See you, Ali," Jane offers as the door closes.

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