2010-03-17: Ten-Alarm Fire



Date: March 17, 2010


Former prisoners and guard compare notes over dinner.

"Ten-Alarm Fire"

Secret Apartment of Doom and Spicy Food

If there was a giant triangle in the middle of the kitchen, Cody would be ringing it right about now. She's spent the better part of the day avoiding her beloved room mate, either in the kitchen or in the exercise room both of which serve to blow off some of her steam. Since they've acquired a few more houseguests than they originally anticipated, the agent has begun to cook a little cheaper. This means more stews and one pot dinners. Tonight's menu? Chili…. and with the way the agent likes her food, quite a few in the household have begged away from the meal.

There's a few bowls and spoons stacked up on the counter, everything here is self serve. Neither the starlet or the agent have the patience to molly coddle the people staying with them past a few requests. At the moment, Cody is hunkered down over a large bowl of the gut burning stuff spooning it hurriedly into her mouth. Every few slurps, she washes it down with a swig of beer. There's already one empty can in front of her and the second is well on the way to joining it.

Matt is familiar enough with Tex-Mex, as long as the guacamole is kept separate - the day he found out about that allergy is not one of his favorite memories - and it's definitely better than the mush they had back in lockup. He's going slowly, so that the jalapenos don't bother him too much— that, and he still hasn't forgotten how the chef was running her mouth the other day. "This doesn't mean I'm not gonna hit you," he mutters, reaching for what's left of the six-pack.

It's strange to be out of captivity and have you know, powers and stuff back. There's not a plant around the humble little abode that hasn't had its dirt torn out and fiddled with ala Alexandra. Needless to say, she's starting to feel a lot more normal, even if the government says she's not. The jalapenos and other peppers and spices in the chili aren't keeping her from eating, but unlike Matt, she's electing to go slowly, to enjoy the actual cooking, rather than government-issued hermetically-sealed canned slop. Girl grew up in New Orleans, afterall; spicy is nicey.

Matt's comment solicits a grunt from the former AP agent, nothing more, not while there's food in front of her. Once the bowl is finished, she runs her finger around the edge of the bowl and pops that in her mouth to finish off the last of it. Then there's the half empty beer that suddenly becomes another empty can of beer. Perhaps it might come as surprise to the two guests that have made the choice to dine with their former/present captor, but a long tendril of hair rises from the woman's head to grab yet another can and return it to the table in front of her.

Oh, it comes as a surprise to Matt, all right; she neglected to bring up that little detail before, even within her internal thoughts, during the few brief times they met. "…well, I guess that explains why you're helping us. Please tell me you got some good intel? Because I got some, and it's a lot worse than I thought…"

Speaking of the 'us' part: a wave to Alexandra. "Hey. You're looking better." Especially considering what she's been eating, her face isn't all red like he figures his own probably is by now.

Cody definitely gets a curious brow raise from Alex. "Well…hmm. Looks like more than one of us here are human weapons of mass destruction, hm?" That was her first and only run-in with Cody during her time in government captivity. Then, she sets her spoon down, while standing up from her chair and poking around for some bread without using her hair. "Oh, yes…better now that I don't feel naked as a jaybird without my ability," she replies to Matt. In the little kitchen area, she pokes around in the oven for the bread, stymied by it not being there. "Hey, even those government thugs gave us bread…" she snipes at Cody.

"I have intel, not enough to shut anything down, but enough to raise a few eyebrows in high places." Cody comments in a low tone, she's not in a very good mood. That much is obvious, so the little quip from Alex receives a twinge at the corners of her eyes. "I'm not a weapon of mass destruction," she begins slowly, "I'm a trained lethal weapon, but that has nothing to do with my ability. It's more of an added bonus." A surprise to any enemies that might come across her seemingly weaponless, perhaps. That much is conveyed to Matt in thought, a barrage of pictures of a massacre that happened a year ago in a cave.

Most people think of their own trains of thought in terms of an inner voice, and so that's how Matt is accustomed to 'hearing' them. Encountering such strong visual memories catches him off guard - more so because of the carnage. It's not a headache; he doesn't know quite what to call it. "Yeah, I'm with you on that one." He has plenty of memories of his own, most of them from his years as a beat cop. "But apparently they're working on someone they think is a WMD. Have you heard anything about a Zeta Protocol?"

"Oh…found it!" Alex calls out, finding the bread in the fridge. She's none the wiser about the mental image of course, so she sets about warming the bread up in the microwave to get a few slices for her chili. "It could be a few people that they wrangled up though. There were…quite a few. They're definitely not all here, and there were a few that started getting taken out before we made our escape," Alex interjects so helpfully into the conversation, while leaning against the counter and waiting for the bread.

Cody turns her head sharply toward Matt and nearly showers him with a mouthful/noseful of beer when he mentions the other protocol. That definitely caught her off guard. As she tries not to cough up the swallow of beer currently trying to make its way down, half by way of lung, half the way it's supposed to she pounds on her chest. She's looking very much like Tarzan or Cheetah at the moment, no matter. Once the liquid is down, she gapes at Matt and nods, "It's one of the ones I've heard the name of, but I don't know what it's about… I saw the collars for them, they're a new design. What have you heard about it?"

Well. That struck a nerve.

"Not nearly enough," replies Matt, frowning as he goes over to get some paper towels just in case she does lose it after all. "Heard a couple of guards talking about selling 'weapons', and 'rehab'— I assume they meant brainwashing. Which is already worse than just locking us up out of fear. But Zeta… they were figuring they'd make billions from it, and soon. Man, if they found another Ted and got their hands on him…" At a loss for words, he merely pantomimes a mushroom cloud roiling up into the air.

"That's a grim thought, to say the least." Unfortunately, Alexandra can't really contribute a whole heck of a lot to this conversation, since she wasn't privy to much of those conversations while in custody. So! She just gets her bread and comes on back to the table like she knows what the heck is going on, and sops up some of the chili, chowing down. Unlike those two lushes, she has a glass of milk to go with her dinner!

The agent fixes Matt with a straight look her head and her lips speak the exact same phrase at nearly exactly the same time, "Tell me everything they said." «Kappa is the sale… what is Zeta, how are they going to make money from Zeta?» Her thoughts are a whirl of word and images mixed into a jumble, all of the protocols that she's ever been witness to are there. The plans for the collar, the screen from the datapad containing the information gathered by Justin, and finally there is even the distinct scent of smoke burned into its own memory.

Matt shakes his head. "They didn't say… just that people would pay billions to get one. If they didn't just run and hide. Before that, they mentioned Theta, Kappa… okay, if Kappa is selling these 'weapons', then I guess Theta is either brainwashing them first, or sitting on the ones they can't use that way." If only there'd been a new agent that they conveniently needed to explain everything to… "Oh, and there was something about Eta 'cleaning up' after them." Another hand gesture, this one of a gun aimed at his temple.

"Ok, wait a minute. Who's paying the United States government through these protocols? If this is going on, shouldn't this be made public? Start some kind of public revolt? Bring attention to this to get the leadership a little worried?" Oh, how naive the little engineer is. She's pretty evidently out of her element here. When Matt makes his gesture, she just goes wide-eyed.

"Terrorists," Cody answers the doctor, giving her a brief look before turning her focus back to Matt. Her lips are set in a grin line, her eyebrows set into another, giving her a little bit of a Bert-like appearance. "If they don't just run and hide… why would they hide?" «Why would they hide? Max was going to be transferred to Zeta and then to Kappa.» There's image of an exploding helicopter, not the one that was brought down on Peter, but an apache over the desert. Then her blue eyes fix on Parkman. "The new collars, they have a spot for something called a Delta drug. It's a drug that will activate powers…"

Matt scratches his head. "Because they don't have billions? And either these guys are completely insane - which they didn't sound like - or they must assume the weapons will get pointed somewhere else." Billions aren't much use if the United States gets nuked two days later. Unless you leave the country and convert them to euros first, and let's hope they don't have that in mind.

"The only other thing I can think of is… will this Delta drug just activate powers that are already there, or does it create new ones? If they think they can give abilities to any suicide bomber who walks through the door—"

"No…no no no. Not going to think about that. Sorry, nuh-uh, no thank you." Conversation's over for Alex, since that's clearly not an avenue she's looking to explore. Last time she tried to do something heroic, she ended up captured for two months, powerless, interrogated, tortured…the whole shebang. So she practices some conflict resolution skills…and just walks away. The chili comes with, but she isn't going to entertain those possibilities for too much longer.

Cody's smirks to Matt's deductive reasoning and shakes her head. Looking at him, she raises an eyebrow and points a thought loud in his brain as she says something else out loud. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." «Sell the weapons to a terrorist organization that you point at someone else, deal with the rest as it comes along. Iran Contra Affair?» Then the agent is getting up from her seat and gathering her own and spoon to take it into the kitchen. One of the beer cans is held in her hand while the other is held by a tendril of hair before being deposited into the recycle bin as she sweeps by it. "The Delta drug is the opposite of the one we were giving you in building 27. They can take it away and give it back again at will. There's another one, they use it to control us… From everything that I've figured out, we're the new in thing. Forget scuds and guns, buy a nuclear person." The last part is said as an advertisement.

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