2010-04-28: Ten To A Hundred



Date: April 28, 2010


It's the morning after Matt Jr. works his magic

"Ten to A Hundred"

Jaden's Apartment — NYC


It is now morning. Not just any morning. The Morning After. Morning Afters can be very crucial to the psyche, as well as the ego and may even have adverse effects on the day itself. Of course, this all depends on one particularly important part of the Morning After.


The Bedroom is pretty quiet at the moment. There may be the faint sound of the television, as sometimes its hard for someone to remember to turn it off when there are throes of passion to worry about. Somebody's going to have to wake up first…

Underneath the sheets Janet begins to stir. She makes a little squeaky noise as she almost yawns. With another hiccupy-type squeak, her eyes flutter open and she sits up, with the sheet tucked tightly under her arms, moderately confused. Yes, she has that distinct, 'where am I?' feeling, but it passes quickly as a small smile spreads over her lips and she lays back down. The room didn't seem familiar because, honestly, she hadn't paid much attention to it the night before. She turns to look beside her and furrows her eyebrows before yawning again with a lazy stretch as she continues to lay down.

Trapped beneath the sheets himself is the one and only Jaden Cain. He doesn't really seem to be too worried about anything, even as the usual sleeping habits involve something a bit more wild than his current position of just… laying there. Still, though, he manages to come out of his own sleeping session, with a smile of his own to match the one that's laying next to him. Yeah, it happens to be one of those smiles that reads somewhere between the likes of… whatever may be going through the mind of the Janet at this morning moment.

Hazel coloured eyes blink several times over to focus on Jaden. Janet's smile softens some as she turns on her side to face him. Her normally tousled hair is even moreso this morning, but she watches him carefully. Once she settles on her side, she finally whispers, "Hi." Her grin broadens, but she tries to temper it as best she can.

Jaden is doing the same thing. Mostly because he's trying to get himself into the same comfortable position. He leans on his arm, cracking a bit of a smile himself. But then, well, he can't really keep his tempered. He flings his mouth open into a big broad grin and just kind of stares at her with all sorts of things going through his mind. "Helllooooooooo Nurse." Oh, a cartoon addict, even early in the morning.

The greeting is meet with a small giggle, wrinkle of her nose, and a broad toothy grin. Janet bites her bottom lip while still smiling. Finally she manages, "That was. A-MAZ-ING." Her cheeks flush a little at the memory. "It was like… I dunno. Kind of hard to describe." She's silent a moment more before she tries again, "Like there were ten of you and I was like the centre of the universe or something — does that make any sense? I mean, it really doesn't and it's not like I have experienced what it would be like with ten — I mean, I'm not like that.. but it seemed like that… and I think that's what it would be like — " as usual Janet's squirrely chatter takes over.

Even the great Jaden Cain looks like he's about to fall into a place where he just curls up and blushes for about six hours. But right about now, he's just staring at the woman in his bed and trying to figure out how in the heck he got so gosh darn lucky. At her complimentary words, he just kind of finds another few inches of smile and lets them loose. "Amazing? Really?" He's ever so humble, but decides he better keep it a secret. Considering her other descriptive factors. "Well, I just wanted you to know how much I care about you." So, apparently, it's ten men worth.

"Yes. Amazing," she sighs wistfully, still smiling. "I mean it was unlike anything I've — not that — I mean, but it was so.. you're so.. it was amazing." Her eyebrows furrow, "I'm sorry, I sound like an idiot right now. It's just I'm kind of out of words. And that never happens to me. Like ever. I swear, growing up my siblings just wanted me to shut up." Janet blushes further, "You care about me that much?"

Jaden sure as heck cannot stop this ego stroking. Who would want to? Honestly. Jaden just finds himself getting bigger and bigger in his own mind, mostly because he's too busy being happy about himself. Yes, he's ever so ego stroked. "Amazing. I like amazing. Make sure you write that a lot when you're gushing about me in your diary." Jaden's just assuming that everything is going to be going according to this crazy plan of his. "But. If you're up for it, I can show you how much I care all over again. Right now." Wink.

"I'm pretty sure I haven't written in a diary since I was like thirteen(?), but when I talk about you, I'll certainly be gushing. And there will be other descriptors in there. Like… kind…. and sweet… funny… sexy…" If at all possible, Janet is blushing even more — in fact, even her shoulders are reddened. She quirks an eyebrow at him, "Really? You have the stamina for that? I'd be up for it —"

Jaden smirks a little bit, sitting up more on his arm. She called him sexy so he's just going to be in this little sexy pose right here for a little while. Especially, well, since there are factors that are happening right now that involve him getting his engines revved up all over again. "Well, what amazing guy wants to just stop at being like ten men?" Jaden takes a moment to waggle his eyebrows. "I'm pushing for a hundred."

"A hundred? That's a lofty goal~ I was impressed with ten," Janet virtually sings while still smiling. She scootches closer towards him in the bed. One of her arms raises to wrap around him before leaning in to plant a soft kiss on Jaden's lips.

Jaden just kind of smiles to himself, even as he's getting kissed by the pretty girl that's ever so close to him at this moment. His eyes are automatically dropped into the realm of closing. He pulls back just a little bit, because he's one of those guy's that find it hard to shut up. "Impressed? Well, prepare to be amazed." Pause. "… Which, I kinda' guess is obvious, considering how amazing I am." Oh lord.

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