2010-01-17: Terror from Nigeria



Date: Janurary 17, 2010


A shower is taken and a brutal discovery is made.

"Terror from Nigeria"

Cheap Motel, Somewhere in the State of New York

After the first successful meeting of the Pantheon, Gene sighs as he makes his way into the motel. His bike helmet is removed as he moves toward his laptop at the bedside table, which he swiftly turns on. He takes a swift shower as the machine loads up. When he returns with nothing , he lays on his bed, turning the laptop to see what is going on. He goes to check his e-mail and some online accounts that he has through Eric's semi-legally transferred funds.

"What the? There is no money left? But I had five hundred dollars there… Let me check who took it. But wait, it says I took it out. But I didn't. And only one person had the code and he was supposed to put IN money. This could only mean one thing."

Gene's eyes narrow into thin slits.

"That man… was no Nigerian Prince!"

In the distance, the thunder crashes. The storm is coming.

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