2010-02-19: Terror In The Family



Guest Starring:

Agent Yang

Date: February 19, 2010



"Terror in the Family"

Building 27 — Governor's Island

It's been a busy day for the medical staff of the Alpha Protocol. There's a flu that's been travelling through the building, but Janet isn't busying herself with patients, even though she'd spent the previous six hours doing so. No, she's walking down the empty halls to the Albatross meeting room.

She considered changing into a suit before heading to this meeting she'd been summoned to, but changing outfits seemed too formal and suspicious and nothing is more attention drawing than showing up to a meeting in a pant suit. Instead she put on a grey above-the-knee skirt and the red blouse she'd come in underneath her lab coat. Her nerves are pushed towards their limit. She feels very nervous. She raps gently on the door and peeks into the room, her eyes narrowing somewhat, "You summoned me…?" Her voice is casual enough, but her expression is slightly worried.

The meeting room, as it turns out, looks less like a conference room and more like an interrogation room. It's small, dim, grey, windowless, and overly air-conditioned.

The person greeting Janet is a run-of-the-mill agent, a thirty-something Asian man with short-cropped hair, wearing a black suit. No one senior; no one superior, but he does have an air of self-importance. "Greeting" is a lose term, as he only sits there looking stern. Pulled in for this duty by his superiors, he doesn't look especially thrilled to be here. He gestures vaguely at the doctor. "Close the door behind you. I'm Agent Yang… they want me to ask you a few questions. It's about one of the marks on our known threats list, so. Sit down."

"Is this about the girl that was shot? I was just doing my job Agent Yang I swear…" Janet explains as she closes the door and pads to the chair that she chooses to sit in before crossing her ankles. "Is it someone I've treated? I guarantee you I've given them all the utmost care and I always do my best as a doctor… AND Agent Morris never leaves my side" other than when she sends him to get supplies of various sorts, sometimes he must feel like an errand boy.

"And if it's about the time I left the coffeemaker on overnight, I swear that was an oversight! Or if it's about my talking to my patients I can stop. I swear I can, I'm not that chatty, in fact, I'm totally stoic most of the time I mean look at me now, I'm barely saying anything and could be totally silent with my patients —"

The agent stares at Janet, opening his mouth several times when he expects her to stop talking only to be fooled as the rambling continues. He's forced to finally hold up a hand. "NO," he interjects, too loud, before clering his throat, smoothing his tie, and leaning back in the office style chair provided. "No, it's about…" Yang plucks a file from the table, opens the folder, and lets it hang loosely in one hand. Loose, but not so much to let Janet see what he sees as he lazily glazes over its contents. "…Erin… McCarty? Your sister. Security tapes had you mentioning 'your sister' in the staff room yesterday…"

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait." Janet holds up a single finger. "You pulled me in here because of Erin?" She shakes her head. "Here I thought you were wanting to discuss something serious! Yes, I have a sister named Erin. I also have a sister named Mikayla and a brother named Caleb. Though arguably, growing up around us, Caleb is almost like a sister." She purses her lips together before she hmmms. "I don't remember mentioning any sister to anyone. Although I could've I share a lot of stories with a lot of people. When your sister is some fancy-dancey soap star people want to talk about her, even if you don't want to talk about her. Erin and I had a HUGE falling out a few years back and haven't really spoken since…"

Calm save for steadily boiling annoyance, Agent Yang simply flips one page over the top of his folder — a small photograph, attached by paperclip, briefly reveals the face of Erin McCarty — and reads from the paper beneath. "'…had this terrible dream that left me feeling very unsettled and then my sister and her crazy friend' — that's what you said to Dr. Stone while discussing people with … abilities. Your sister… Erin McCarty… is one of those people. So doctor," he goes on boredly, "I'm supposed to ask you the standard questions since you're her blood relative and all."

Oh no. She must not discuss anything with anyone here. Ever, ever again. She shifts in her seat, "Huh." What is there to say about this? Well, it doesn't matter for Janet; she's never had a hard time speaking, especially when nervous. "Dr. Stone is a psychologist, I wouldn't call him a doctor, just doesn't seem right when so many people go through real med school, you know? But I'll call him Dr. Fred. So, yes, I was talking to Dr Fred about this really horrible dream! It was about my job at the hospital," good lie, Janet! "I dreamt that I was the worst doctor ever and then these people that could do superhuman things came after me and like… froze the locks off my door… and killed my plant…"

The mention of Erin, however, is met with a furrowing of Janet's brows. Erin is one of them. This is probably going nowhere good, so Dr. McCarty plays the 'I hate my sister' card. Fortunately this is a card she's gotten used to playing. "Erin is a terrorist?! Mom and dad are going to flip! SERIOUSLY! Finally mom will understand that Erin isn't the best most angelic child in the family! Seriously. Some people shouldn't have all of the attention, especially if they diva it up…" She bites her bottom lip, "So… what about Erin? What do you want to know? She liked being in the spotlight and was always performing in our childhood —"

"… Well, she won't be in the spotlight anymore. Listen. It's not my job to interpret your 'dreams' and it's not within the regulations of your job to tell your whole family about this. Especially since some of them might be freaks, too. So." Agent Yang flips the first sheet of paper back to face him and scans it uninterestedly. His voice sounds very much like he's reading from a script. "How long have you known your sister had an ability?"

"I don't actually talk to my family like… ever. I didn't go home the last couple of Christmases and don't returns Mika or Caleb's calls anymore. So not telling them will be easy. To tell them stuff I'd have to like… speak to them or something." Janet wrinkles her nose at this before tilting her head at Yang, "I wasn't aware she had an ability. I thought she'd started engaging in witchcraft. She came by my apartment a few weeks back and she killed my plant… I honestly thought she'd taken up voodoo."

"…Voodoo." The agent gives Janet a blank stare. "You didn't think it might be important to tell— oh right… you've been in the dark." Oh boy, this is such a fun assignment Agent Yang has been shoved on. "When was the last…" Right, she just answered that. "Why did she come to your apartment if you don't talk to your family?" He manages an unscripted question. "Protocol is trying to piece together what she's been up to."

"I have no secrets," Janet says with a shrug. "Erin said she wanted to make up. I think she thought she was dying or something. She kept blaming me for things though, there's no pleasing her. And honestly, I couldn't believe she would try to blame me for the past, I'm not the one who decided they should be the star of the family —" she begins to rant again.

"Do you know if she's been in contact with the rest of your family? Is Erin in contact with any other people who have these powers? You mentioned uhh— " Yang re-checks the file again. " —a crazy friend." Next on the list… this time, the agent actually attempts to look Janet sharply in the eye. "Have you yourself ever experienced unusual powers?"

"I'm not sure if Erin connected with anyone else," Janet hmmms before she wrinkles her nose, "Oh, Erin's crazy friend?! Yeah, she just like came to my door to try to get me to forgive Erin. She was just crazy and demanding. Pretty nondescript though." She bites her bottom lip. Since she learned what the project has been about, she decided not to divulge information about either Erin or Tracy. "And no. I've never done anything strange or unusual. I don't know if you have a way to test for… powers… but I'd be willing to subject myself to it if it exists…"

"No name?" Of the crazy friend, that is. "To be honest with you, I don't know half of what they do in the lab … I wouldn't be surprised if you got called in," Yang says blandly, with a fleetingly suspicious glare at Janet. He tosses the file on the table, through with its scripted questions. "Is there anything else you can think of to tell me about your sister? Because, if not, it'd be better use of the Protocol's time to just go get it out of her in person."

The notion of trying to get information out of Erin causes a ping in Janet's heart, but she manages to maintain her expression. "Um… well her friend was blonde haired… very pretty… sorry I can't be more help. I'm terrible with names." She shrugs. "And that's fine if the lab wants to poke and prod at me. I willingly subject myself to regular physicals and exams as a doctor, I can't be too careful." She just had a CAT scan last week! "And no, I don't know anything else about Erin. Wish I could be more helpful."

"I'm fine with whatever my superiors want from me." Janet states as she rises to her feet before adding, "Just know that I'm still a doctor. At the end of the day, I treat anyone who's sick under the watchful eye of my escort." She blinks as she pads over to the door, "And I mean anyone, including my own sister. The hippocratic oath is more important than any preconceived ideas the United States government may have. Furthermore, if I catch you lot letting another resident bleed out and suffer needlessly, I will be in touch with the WHO if I need to." She forces a smile for Yang, "I hope you have a nice day." That said she pads out of the room.

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