2010-02-06: FB: Terrorist Retreat



Date Set: February 17, 2009


Execute a plan or be executed?

One Year Ago…

"Terrorist Retreat"

Cave on the Border of Kuwait

After their third week of internment, their captor (who they had come to know as Adham Sayf Udeen) had allowed the two prisoners minimal freedom. Not that they were very concerned about their health but the woman took every possible opportunity to kick her chair and the caves echoed immensely. If someone from the outside was looking for them, it is possible that a sonar could pick up a faint echo of morse code. Their guards had also been moved outside of the cell, in order to keep them from being attacked and the prisoners dying a bit too early than planned.

It was the second week when Cody was removed from Mark's side for more than three days. On the third she was brought back beaten to a near pulp but still in tact. At least no fingers were missing yet. The woman had been shorn bald, but the fine dusting of new growth had already begun making itself known on her head. Since the day she came back, her stomach had started growling almost near constantly. There was nothing in the cave that was safe from her appetite. Gnarled roots from trees that poked through, wandering insects, even a scorpion on one occasion. Mark's food was left alone, unless any was offered.

"I need more food… I'm too hungry to get us out." Cody says in a low tone. The lights are dim, almost nonexistent, but as she looks over from her place on the dirt the smudge of old blood and grime can be seen all over her face. "Have you been saving any? I haven't been able to."

Fingers with grime under the nails, scratch through the nearly month length scruff on his face, as Mark watches Cody. His voices grates a bit from thirst. "Yeah.. actually.." Hands slap to the dirt ground and he pushes himself to his feet. He shuffles over to the blankets that he's kept for sleeping, he pulls a bundle of rags from away from the wall. Returning to Cody, she can see him unrolling a roll of clothes before he drops it in her lap. It's a few chunks of the bread they are often given.. Some of it stale.

Lowering himself to sit again, Mark sighs softly. "Eat up. I wasn't sure when they would completely stop feeding up.. So…" He motions to the bundle in her lap.

Grabbing the bread, Cody's appetite is nothing short of avaricious. It isn't until the last piece of the bread has been devoured that her stomach finally quells its growly nature. "Thanks.." she manages sheepishly, looking up at him with a small smile. "You have no idea how hungry I was. Well maybe you do, you have been watching me eat bugs. I would have gone to raw rat if I hadn't gotten this."

Even though she's been stretching at regular intervals, she still winces when she comes to a stand. Then she rolls her shoulders, still a little bit stiff from the beating she endured. "Remember in that first week when you were telling me about the human weapons?" she asks, giving him a pointed look. "Well just don't make too much noise."

He smirks a bit as he watches her, the way Cody eats is so much different then the woman he usually deals with. Even after this many weeks it's still amusing. "Oh… trust me. I noticed. You, lady, are a much braver person then I am." Leaning back against the wall, he rests his head against the rough cave wall, eyes closing. "It's a hell of a diet tho… The Hostage Diet. These guys could make a fortune writing a book about it."

When she stands, one eyes cracks open to watch her. "Yeah…" Mark says quietly, giving a small nod of his head. "I remember." His tone turning suspicious, both blue eyes open now to watch her, brows dipping down curiously. "What do you mean don't make too much noise?"

Cody moves close to their cell door and peeks through the bars just long enough to make certain the guards are snoozing at their table. Then she grips the bars and concentrates as the hair grows from her head into long whips, one of which snakes into the lock. A moment later there is a soft click and the tendril that had climbed into the lock falls from her head. Before opening the door, she snorts and produces a thick loogie which she spits onto the hinges… hopefully it's enough lubricant to keep them from squeeking. "Come on.. we're getting out of here."

It takes Mark a few long moments to realize what he's seeing, he's left blinking in wonder. Mouth hangs open, ready to catch flies in his shock. Then her words sink in and his scrambles to his feet, "Oh… well.. if you insist." He comments lightly as he can. Moving to join her at the door, thought he has to fight the urge to touch her hair. "So… what is the plan?" He asks, glancing at her and not staring at her hair.

"Well if my memory serves, we're only about a hundred twenty some paces and a few turns away from the entrance of this cave. Once I take care of the guards here, we'll grab the guns. If you see any food between here and the entrance grab it, I'll need it." Cody says quietly as she slowly swings open their door. The 'lubricant' does its job well and the door is somewhat noiseless compared to the voices down the tunnel, past their guards.

The woman pauses for a moment and closes her eyes before her arm hairs sprout into rather nasty looking quills, each about three inches long. When she flexes her arms, they stand on end looking very much like lethal weapons. Then she slips through the open doorway, keeping close to the wall. Stealth is on her side as she strafes long the rocky edge, keeping her arms well away from the rock in case they make a sound.

At least one thing Mark understands is the concept of being quiet. Maybe it was all those years of sneaking out of his hose, to avoid his father's disapproval of some of his favorite activities. His tall frame slips out of the door slowly, a hand pressing to the wall, grabbing it as if to help him pull his way out. He follows along after his babysitter, ready to do what needs to be done… Not the first time he's been in difficult situations… but this one was the worst yet.

Careful, of the quills, he taps a finger against her shoulder and then slowly points beyond her to a pair of guards sitting playing… poker?!

At the touch, Cody lifts her blue eyes toward him and then nods toward the guards, motioning him to the closest one. Then she is off the wall in a run. Just before she reaches the guards, she takes a leap and grips onto the man's head, twisting it quickly with a sickening crunch as she lands. The other guard's scream of surprise is cut quite short as the razor sharp needles along her right arm cut into his throat. He doesn't even have a chance to grab his rifle before she's on him, slicing his skin to ribbons. With each swipe more and more of the quills fall away until her arms are left nearly bare, almost shredded themselves.

When the second guard is still, she finally lets up and comes to a stand. "Come on, grab the rifle, we have to move before someone comes to investigate." Then she grabs one of the radios and tucks it into her belt. "Sorry I didn't leave you much to do here… but there's plenty of action left."

"Holy… shit…" Mark sounds impressed as she finishes off the last guard, you'd think the man would be squeamish really, but he crouches down and tugs the rifle out of dead fingers, searching through dark soaked clothing, he wiping blood off on his worn slacks. Spotting something on the ground, Mark picks up a hair from the ground, his brows lifting high. Whoa. The quilling having turned into hair again. It was insane, his brain has to wrap itself around this new ability.

A flick of his fingers sends the hair fluttering to the ground as Mark straightens, everything looted from the man, an extra magazine is tucked into his waist band. The strap of the rifle is wrapped around his arm before the weapon is cradled in his hand. Then he's moving again, stopping at a junction. He slowly eases his head out enough to see there is quite a few more guys beyond. "Oh joy…" He whispers , pressing himself to the wall again. "Two coming up the hall."

Then he does something odd, he hefts a weapon and as they bad guy come around the corner, the one closest to mark suddenly find the butt of a rifle smashing into his noses sending a spray of red and crumples, leaving one more stunned terrorist.

Cody is busy looting the other body of everything she might need, including the score of the century, a good ol' American chocolate bar. Not waiting, she rips the package open and wolfs the bar down, barely taking the time to chew. She looks like a hamster when she stands and lifts her own rifle to match Mark's, downing the other man with a loud crack to his throat. She wastes no time in wrenching both of the men's necks to make certain they are down for good. Better to leave a few dead terrorists than have to watch behind you while making an escape.

Ducking around the corner, she crouches low to the ground and crawls forward. "From here out… we shoot to kill. Don't waste too many bullets, we'll need them outside." She isn't sure of the number of foes they will be facing, but it's got to be more than a dozen but less than two. "Cells like this don't operate with a large home crew, so we'll be looking from twelve to twenty four people. We've already done away with four so let's estimate twenty left. Keep a count in your head, two bullets for each man, aim for the head if you have a clear shot." The instructions are given with callous disregard for their jailers' lives, no sentiment is spared when none is received. "If you see the big guy, take him out."

"Sounds like a plan," Mark's tone is bland and rather emotionless. After the beatings and humiliations they both received, it shouldn't be too hard of a request. The man he killed is rifled through, his rifle and hand gun are tucked in various places on his person.. It's better to have too much then too little in this case. A granola bar is tossed to Cody, before she starts down the hall, only pausing long enough for her to take point, leaving him to watch their back.

Catching the granola bar in her hand, Cody unwraps it with her teeth and starts to chew on it as they walk down the dark corridor. Looking up, the woman frowns and looks back at Mark. "No cameras… either these people are very self confident that we're never getting out, or very poor planners. Maybe a bit of both."

When they reach a Y intersection, she crouches low to the ground and closes her eyes and turns slightly toward the way they just came. "We take the left one." Then she stands again and behind to jog quietly down that path.

Fingers scrub at his jaw, while he watches her, rifle slung across his shoulder. Mark really wants a clean shave. Amazing how much you miss the little things when you don't have them. The thought is cast aside when Cody starts moving again, the rifle griped in both hands. He follows after, boots scuffing though the dirt, cause even though he is well rested, he still doesn't feel one hundred percent. "I'd say they are cocky as all hell, really." He murmurs from just behind her.

Then he hears it.. the sounds of boots and shouts in an unfamiliar language… coming from Behind them. He pushes Cody into a side crevice just in time or the sound of semi-automatic fire rip through the tunnel and triumphant calls. He stands there huffing softly, his heart thundering in his ears, before he leans out and returns fire. "Five!" Is all he snaps.. hoping she knows he's talking about men behind them.

Finding herself tucked behind Mark in the crevice, Cody finishes the granola bar. She listens intently as he picks off one, two, three of their enemy. Then she hears one more sound, a small thud. Her eyes dart toward the ground and widen as she spies a live grenade. Braving the bullets, she dives out and captures the thing just before lobbing it back. Just in time to nearly get her arm blown off. Nearly. It explodes between the two groups in midair, causing the cave to thunder and shake.

"Let's get a move on Lane!!" she shouts as the rocks begin falling all around them, threatening to trap everyone inside. Throwing the rifle back over her shoulder, she grips Mark by the sleeve and tugs on it once before starting to sprint toward the entrance of the cave. It's too dusty for their captors to actually get a clear shot at them so they fire blindly into the cloud of dust. Bullets ricochet everywhere, one of them cutting across the agent's thigh.

"Holy…." He gasps as the grenade lands near them and ducks tight against the wall, as Cody goes for it. His head dips down as the grenade goes off. Pushing away from the wall, he fires through the dust, hearing another cry out in surprise. "You don't have to tell me twice Baker." When she starts to move out, he side steps sending a quick burst down the tunnel before moving after her, only to see her get hit. He quickly moves to hunch his tall frame to help her stay on her feet which makes him a target to get his own shoulder grazed.

"Fuck… " Mark growls moving down the hall as quickly as they can. "How far you think?" He asks, roughly, ignoring the sting of his shoulder and the growing warmth.

Either she's got an amazing burst of adrenaline or Cody really didn't feel the bullet cut through her leg. "Up ahead!! There's light!!" The entire cavern is beginning to collapse and as she runs Cody is just praying that the majority of the fifteen men left in their count are on the inside. The rocks are beginning to tumble faster now, rolling around their feet and causing the woman to jump and dodge the debris.

Just before they reach the mouth of the cave, the blonde woman grips onto Mark and pulls him against the wall. Just in time to avoid a nasty rock to the noggin but that was really secondary to her purpose. Slinging the rifle forward, she lets off four short bursts of gunfire, hitting two men. The other two? Well they're a bit surprised at the cave's collapse, then the collapse of their fellow guards. One of them makes a run for it toward a jeep about fifty feet away from the dynamic duo.

There is no protect from Mark as he's bodily pushes against the rock. "You… know under different circumstances.. I'd probably make some remark about being pushed against the wall by a woman…." Mark says it the a rather flat and deadpan sort of way, before he points to the man running and that jeep. "There is our ride Baker." And he moves where he can shoot at the running man, his aim really could be better, but he clips the man's leg, sending him sprawling, giving them time to close the distance. "Come on.. I doubt that collapse will keep them…" He spots a couple of crates to the side with the Lane Industry logo, he can only stare. How the hell?

"Baker… you have a grenade?" He snaps, running towards the crates. Two more men go down, before his Magazine is empty, and he tosses that rifle aside. Shaking fingers work at the latch.. "I know this.. I know what.." The case opens to a rocket launcher. "Ffffuck… me." He says in total surprise. "How did he get these?"

"Jesus tits…" Cody breathes as she pauses right beside Mark to stare at the the launcher in awe. "You couldn't have gotten me a better present if you tried, loverboy." The comment is made in exactly the same deadpan tone as his previous one in the mouth of the cave. Looking around them, the agent notes that they seem to be the only living people aside from the one man crawling toward the jeep. Taking aim, she lets loose a single bullet that slices through the man's skull like a lightsaber through wedding cake.

"I don't have a grenade, but let's try to get some of these into that jeep, we'll blow the rest up when we get a move on." Hopefully the resulting explosions will bring them the right kind of attention and not more from their captors or their captors allies. Gripping one of Lane Industry cases nearby, she hefts the load and staggers toward the jeep.

"Happy Escape Day, honey. I know how much you love to make things go boom." Mark offers pleasantly as she grabs a one of the boxes, he also grabs up one, and then spotting a handled case he grabs that as well, before bolting for the truck. The man on the ground gets a solid kick to the head, before Mark dumps his stuff into the back of the truck, but he keeps the case.

Figuring the Agent will drive, he swings himself up to take shotgun, his hands going over the box with a big grin. "Oh yeah.. I am so going to thank Dr. Ray." There is a series of click and the box pops open revealing… of all things a cellphone. It's Mark's briefcase.

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