"There's no pressure. I'm just here to keep you company. What happens next is completely up to you."

Casting: Sarah Shahi
Date of Birth: ♉ May 17
Age: 28
Place of Birth:
Occupation: Stripper/Call Girl
Significant Other: Paying customers
Ability: Unknown
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "Hey Mr. DJ 2010 Remix" by Rihanna
Hooks: ✔ Streets

Tess offers a bit of adult company and entertainment from the clubs of Los Angeles, though she works under a stage name.


Daddy's Little Girl

… Talking is extra. Nowadays, Tess devotes half her time doing personal calls to clients in the average pay range. She isn't high-class expensive by any means, but she does take care of herself, and her company with comfort and style. Her phone number has to be gotten through a referral second party, and is not available just anywhere to be found.


On other days, she can be seen performing under her stage-name at the Spearmint Rhino. It's certainly an average strip club as per operations, and the location occasionally leaves much to be desired on Los Angeles nights. Tess can typically be found walking her fellow girls to their cars at the ends of their shifts, keeping to a strict buddy-system when it comes to exiting the club.

Hooks include: ✔ Becoming a client ✔ Visiting the Spearmint Rhino ✔ Shared involvement in a scuffle in downtown's less classy areas ✔ Tess has reason to be at the Golden Apple Comics store ✔ Random happenstance!


Actions Speak Louder

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Spend Some Time With Me



Loose Lips


Girl's Gotta Have Her Secrets

  • Tess is a call-girl and dancer under the performing name Charisma Carpenter.
  • Works at the Spearmint Rhino downtown.
  • Believe it or not, Tess has a completely functional and healthy relationship with her father, who raised her.
  • She drives a Jeep.
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