2010-01-10: Testify



Date: January 10th, 2010


Tiago meets the Senator who might be able to make a difference.


Nathan Petrelli's Offices

New York City

After the longer than usual all-too-conventional flight home, Logan is back in his office making plans. He now has what he needs to move forward with their plans. Although, his own are shifting somewhat. He has his scotch decanter resting on his desktop and is celebrating his victory with a tumblerfull. Or three. Regardless, it's the weekend, and he worked hard. Kind of. Although Peter did the dirty work. With a smug smirk playing on his lips, Logan sips at the scotch.

Tracy had every intention of calling Nathan once he got back, to determine how the all important meeting went. It's one of those days she should just not be near anything that shouldn't be frozen and shatter into a horrible death. Unluckily — for Tiago — his call prompted a more direct form of action. Coat on, hair long over her shoulders but partly pulled back, she finds herself walking very briskly, in something of a rush, into the offices of Senator Petrelli next to her fellow fugitive of sorts. llow me, try not to talk to anyone until we're inside." It may have been her idea for him to come in at one point, but she doesn't seem to be in the best of moods. Still, eye on the prize. She approaches Nathan's door, knocking, but otherwise just opening it.

Tiago looks horribly mismatched. A scraggly, mentally grizzled young man, with dark bags found under his eyes and a hollowed look in his eyes, as well as a mohawk on his head. This isn't the type of man to be escorted into a politician's office, unless in handcuffs. And yet, here he is, following Tracy closely behind her, somber faced as he often is. To answer her directions, he merely nods in her direction curtly, and he stares straight ahead, not even bothering to look around the offices.

Waving the pair in, Logan smiles smugly at Tracy, but his expression changes to confusion as Tiago follows her inside. With a faint chuckle he eyes the younger man somewhat suspiciously, but the suspicion is cut off by another — more ironic — chuckle. "Taking in strays now, Ms. Johnson?" he arches an eyebrow as he motions to the chairs across from his desk. "Please. Sit down. Have some scotch. It's a good day."

"Something like that," Tracy concurs as she marches inside the now familiar office — while her voice may harbour a touch of distaste, her smile is brighter and more confident. Particularly after the Senator's announcement; vague, but a good sign. She's sure to shine the smile to the 'stray' for a flash, not just to Nathan. She shuts the door and whisks past Tiago toward the desk. She rarely takes a seat in here, but this time she does so, promptly crossing her legs and smoothing the black skirt she wears. "I take it your meeting went well. Excellent." It is excellent, it's good news, but Tracy is, in part, trying to keep herself together, strong, and brave-faced as usual. "Senator, this is Mister…" Pause. Mister… street… guy. "…Tiago. He was taken by the Protocol even though he doesn't have any special ability. He has information that could help us build a case against their actions."

The humor of the situation is not over Tiago's head - but there are many things he finds he can no longer enjoy. The smiles, the jokes do not warm up the individual, who remains stone-faced and stoic throughout the unfamiliar exchange. "Yeah, sir." He confirms Tracy's story, standing stiff. And though he's generally behaving himself, there is no way for the streetrat to completely sand down his rough edges. "I dunno how much I can help be, but I can tell ya anythin' I remember."

"It couldn't have gone better," the Senator quips as he adjusts in his seat. However, at the mention of Tiago in the AP's custody, intrigue strikes. Leaning forward, Logan arches an eyebrow, "Tiago. Why exactly did they take you, then?" His eyes narrow as his gaze flits from Chi to Tracy and back again. "I was under the impression they only were after people with abilities…" Now this is an interesting piece of information. He stares at Tiago and considers what to ask. After several moments he finally asks, "What do you remember?"

Tracy may be struggling with her own issues at the moment, but she can't help but look slightly pleased at bringing the street rat here, smug as she glances from the young man to the Senator and back again. Although Tracy knows pieces of Tiago's story, she sits back and lets him explain for himself. Mostly. Watchful for any signs of hesitation, she prompts, "You can tell Senator Petrelli. He's going to stop all this from happening any more."

There is no hesitation from Tiago. No fear of repercussions or death. Instead, he fits the senator with a steely gaze and proceeds to unravel his story. "Because I killed a couple members of the AP task force in an attempt to escape capture. Because my ex-girlfriend was…special. Because I had information that would lead to the capture of others. Take your pick." His words are dry, emotionless. His eyes close, and he takes in a deep breath. "There was this agent…Dr. Lansing, she called herself. She pretended to be a Canadian…agent or something, looking to bring the atrocities of the government to light. It was a trap. She had us surrounded by NYPD an' captured us. We were in a buildin' in New York somewhere. Somewhere high - 'cause in the interrogation room, I could jus' see the sky…"

"Dr. Lansing," Logan repeats. He must meet this woman. Raising the glass of scotch to his lips he silently listens to the information. "So Lansing wanted information then. Did you give it to her? And how exactly are you able to pass this rendition on to me?" His eyebrows furrow with contrived concern, although oddly, there's something strange. He almost feels concerned. Maybe.

He's now the head of the Alpha Protocol. He should try to apprehend the kid. In fact, a part of him wants to, but he can't make himself do it.

"Tammy Lansing, she's in the file," Tracy interjects, recognizing the name, if nothing else. She didn't have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lansing personally. "If … I understand correctly— " Which she does, and clearly saying so is simply for politeness that Tiago will likely overlook. " —he and his friend were rescued from AP custody by one of the… rebellious…civilians. Gene Kensington. We… have a history." Not a great one, by the sound of it. "He's a resourceful guy."

Tiago offers Tracy a faint nod for her interjection, finding her information more or less correct. "Yeah. That's it. Gene's our…was our…is our friend. An' a genius too, I guess. Anyway… What else d'you need? When we were in there, we gave some info…yeah. 'Cause if we didn't they woulda killed us. They were goin' ta, too. I could feel it. We weren't much use ta them, we didn't know nothin' specific. They…oh. They used shocks ta get us ta talk. Shocks ta the brain an' shit."

"Right. I remember reading about her in the file," Logan nods slightly as he glances from one to the other again. "You were broken out then? Which means the government is still looking for you…" at this the Senator frowns. And then something really really weird happens, something that shocks and even pains Logan, "Are you alright? Are you staying someplace safe?" What the hell?! Tiago isn't someone Logan should remotely care about! Where did that even come from? Well the question is out and so Logan does his best to just go with it, using Nathan's memories to feign some measure of concern in his expressions.

"I'm familiar with Gene Kensington," Logan says with a nod. "In fact, we've talked about matters with the government and its efforts to imprison our kind." His lips twitch with emotion at the mention of shocks. "Now that sounds like something we can use. What did they accuse you of? Was there a trial?" He side glances Tracy before returning his gaze to Tiago, "Unless laws have changed murder counts under federal law as innocent until proven guilty."

"Execution is … they couldn't have gone through with it without a trial. They couldnt pull something like that off." Could they? Tracy sounds sure, but then again… she looks to Nathan questioningly. "Either way, to make someone believe they're going to die… and electrocution, that's torture. What happened to me was— " She suddenly hesitates, expression frozen and tense, angry at the memory. She hasn't explained every detail of her imprisonment to Nathan, though she perhaps should have before now. There's time, now that he seems to have an in. " … it wasn't sanctioned. People were fired. Someone went to jail. If they've stopped caring about basic laws— human rights altogether…"

"Lansing, the bitch, she said she didn't need trails. She said I had no rights there, I dunno how she did it. I know it wasn't fair - they're not playin' fair. They jus'…jus' locked us up. Jus' like that." His voice adopts a far off quality as he stares ahead blankly, recalling the cell he had been locked in for so long. "The government's fucked up. There aint rules or shit, nothin'. And I wasn't even one of them - an' they got me. Used me like that, you know?"

"Then they need a leader to make them remember," Logan quips back as his lips curl upwards into a mirthless grin. "But this is ammunition that we can use against those truly high up." De Souza may be dead, but the President is continuing in his mission, and even if he doesn't know what's going on, this is on his head. Or Nathan's as the case may be. "We need to do a background check on Lansing. I want to know where she came from, who trained her, and what her clearance level is on the Alpha Protocol project." He turns back to Tiago, "I'm actually glad you don't have an ability. If you did — they might claim you weren't human, making any rights null and void. The might have found a loophole in the law. Torturing animals is a misdemeanor, and easily overlooked within public office; torturing people is impeachable, and prosecutable."

He reaches into his desk cabinet and places a tumbler on the desk that he slides towards Chi before pointing towards the bottle, indicating the young man should help himself. "Now the question is, are you willing to testify if it comes down to it?"

Being locked up, without rights .. Tiago's plight is one that Tracy can sympathize with all too much. So is that look in his eye. And he wasn't even like her or the rest of them who got taken. Who are still being hunted. She remains silent and lets the Senator do the talking for now, but turns in her chair to reach out toward the young man's arm. Just to touch it for a second in understanding — not always the cold-blooded ice queen, although he touch leaves a harmless trail of frost.

Normally, this wouldn't be a situation in which Tiago would accept the alcohol. But, all things considering…licking his lips, he ends up moving forward to accept the drink, pouring himself the liquid courage and downing it afterwards in one fell swoop. It burns, but it burns quite comfortably to the lad. "Yes," he croaks, his voice hoarse, possessing just a tad bit of his old self once again. "I mean, why not? Might as well do somethin' good b'fore disappearin'…I…err. I got a bit of a record. If that might be a problem. Other then the killin' thing…I kinda stole some crap, down in Miami…"

Surprise, the briefest flicker of emotion, finds its way on his expression as he glances down to his arm, then Tracy. But after a moment, he merely nods his head once and proceeds to pour him some more alcohol.

"Good. That's all we need," Logan says before casting Tracy a look of approval. Yes, he's pleased she brought Chi in. "It shouldn't be an issue. With or without a record what they did wasn't something our laws allow for. No matter how they're interpreted." He presses his lips together and then that word registers. 'Disappearing'. He frowns, "Disappearing? Where exactly are you going?" Now that could be a problem.

Tiago shrugs. "If they catch me, I'm dead. I'm dead anyways though, right? 'Cause that all you're born for, ta die. Don't matter if its now or later, someday Ima disappear…" With this offered with brutal honesty, the man proceeds to scratch his arm impassively. "I was thinkin' of…" Beat. "Fakin' my suicide, maybe. So that they think I'm dead an' don't run after me. Is that bad? Or can you…can you get my name of the list?"

"You're dead either way," Logan confirms. "Unless there's something I can do about it. Please don't fake your suicide yet. A dead witness — even if they didn't really die — is of no use to me." It might still come down to that. "I'm not sure what I can do, but I might have some pull with the list, just not yet." He can't tip his hand here. Noah had told Nathan that. "For now, provide us with a way we can contact you. I'll pull some strings and see if there isn't a safehouse we can put you in for the time being." Noah might know of some place. And Peter probably would. But then Peter would read his mind. Noah it is!

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