2007-03-10: Tests In The Aftermath


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: Orion returns to Kirby Plaza from business in Brooklyn to find a wounded Marcus and a Claudine in need of testing.

Tests In The Aftermath

Kirby Plaza Building

Well crapness. After having to pretend that she was that tool for a while, Claudine grumbles under her breath as she's running around frantically in Kirby Plaza. After all that, Peter Petrelli still escaped, and considering how dangerous he was described, the petite Filipina is hauling ass to see if she can find him at all.
Alas, he went all invisible and if the Haitian cant find him, the newbie agent certainly cant either. "Damnit.." she cries out frustrated as all that was in vain. And she's so hating herself for being that whiny..never ever happening again. Yeah.
In the end, she pulls out her cellphone and texts the others that she couldn't find him. Oh well. She tried at least. And now, she just heads back to her little cover office where her things are, sighing as she looks over it.

Marcus is coming down the hall, he has his shirt over his shoulder and his bare chest is wrapped heavily in bandages, he nods seeing Claudine run by giving a deep throated sigh.

By contrast, Granger is just returning to Kirby Plaza. Where he's been is up for debate, but it probably involved Company business somewhere else. He looks like he might be in the dark about what happened here tonight, if the expression on his face when he spots Marcus' bandaged body is any indicator.
"Mr. Brooks? What in the world happened to you?"

Waittaminute. Did she just pass..was that? And with that, she peeks her head out of her office in the public relations section of the building. "Holy crap! Marcus!"
With that, she runs back on over, huffing and puffing as beads of sweat form on her brow. "What happened to you?" she says with more than a bit of concern. While Claudine is doing this though, she takes out her cellphone and starts texting. Orion's definitely getting a message since she's not sure if Marcus is authorized.

Marcus says, "I was on security detail tonight, Me Boone and Anders took on 5 terrorists with attack dogs on the 12th floor"

Orion starts to say something to Marcus but is cut off by his cellphone. He roots around in his overcoat's pockets before producing it; he flips through some messages and arches his eyebrows. Again.
"Terrorists? I wonder what they could have wanted with our business?"
He pauses a moment, looking at Claudine curiously. He looks back to Marcus, although Claudine might suspect that he is, in fact, addressing her.
"Did they get away? Or steal anything?"

"That was probably the second group. We encountered Hiro upstairs.." Claudine explains matter of factly before giving Marcus a thorough look over. "You need to get some rest..and the ones you encountered, they got scot free?" she asks with a bit of concern. Waittaminute, wasn't she just volunteering for a study, why is she here now? And how does she know about the terrorists?
Her attention then goes back to Orion, sighing a little, "I don't think so. We apprehended those trying to free him, but I don't know what's going to happen to them.." she admits ruefully. She facepalms and just looks exhausted. It was a long day after all.

Marcus says, "Anders is in ICU with Dog Bites, Bullet wounds and broken bones, I had been told to hold back, but when Ed went down screaming, and they started to beat Anders to death after he was already uncouncios and bleeding, I had to try to pull them off him. Then I went blind and guns went off all around me and one of them hit me with something that knocked me out. When I came too it seems they got away."

Granger frowns at the reports. He slips his cellphone back into his overcoat pocket and studies Marcus thoughtfully for a few moments. Eventually he seems to come to a conclusion, clearing his throat before he speaks.
"Why don't you go get yourself a few cans of soda from one of the snack machines, Marcus. My treat. Order yourself some delivery dinner and make yourself at home in one of the medical rooms for the night. I'm sure security will want to talk to you come morning, when this is mostly sorted out."
Orion pulls out his wallet and pulls out several singles and a fifty, offering them to Marcus. He looks to Claudine, one eyebrow raised as if asking a question of her. What is up for debate though.

Her eyes widen upon hearing what happened and she shakes a little, clenching her fist as tears run down her cheeks. "Those bastards.." Claudine says with more than a healthy bit of anger at the terrorists, especially considering they had been so brutal. . "Anders..we should go see Anders..and I'll make him some cake.." she muses, not quite sure what else to say while chewing on her bottom lip a little.
She pulls out a notepad from her back pocket (nope, no gun or holster there yet), and just starts writing these things down. "You guys were blinded?" she asks curiously, definitely thinking it's the work of another evolved. With that, she scribbles down something and shows it to Orion.
On the sheet of paper it says: I know who the woman is who can nullify powers. We bring her in, and we have her help us to take out those idiots who took down Anders and Ed.
Upon hearing what Orion tells Marcus though, she nods in agreement. "Marcus, you look awful..you really should get some rest. I'll bring you some cookies. I made them this morning.." Aaah, always bringing up baked goods as a defense mechanism.

Marcus looks a little confused but shrugs, "You want anything from the soda machine?" he takes the money and waits a few heartbeats for an answer.

"No. I just got in from a meeting. I'm stuffed. You enjoy yourself, I'll have security talk to you as soon as possible, so you can head home and get in a proper night's rest."
Orion nods to Claudine's note, smiling thinly before he looks back to Marcus. Somehow Granger seems almost paternal toward the intern.
"You are feeling alright, aren't you? You didn't just slip out of medical, right?"
Orion seems to be half-joking and half-serious, possibly checking just in case.

Claudine looks over to Marcus with a warm smile. "I'll be fine. I have some drinks still on my desk in the PR wing." Since she wasn't sure who Orion was talking to, she'll just keep mum for now while idly running her fingers through her hair.

Marcus shakes his head, "Just some bruised ribs, they told me to go home and get some rest." He shrugs, "They wouldn't let me help out in my condition, and I was just under foot and in the way any way.

Orion nods to Marcus and smiles, "You did a good job, Mr. Brooks. Be proud of that fact… And don't worry about the ribs. I've had enough of those from climbing injuries. The pain meds they'll prescribe you will make up for the short-term inconvenience."
Granger promptly pats Marcus lightly on the shoulder before looking to Claudine. Again there's some sort of nonverbal question and again it's much too ambiguous to be answered properly.

Watching the two almost makes the Company seem like some sort of family instead of evil Empire. And as it should be, cause they aren't one. So there! "I'll cook you food this week Marcus..so don't worry about having to do much at home. I'll bring it over tomorrow afternoon.." she offers.
With that said, Claudine giggles impishly between the two before raising her brows at Orion. She cant read minds after all, so she just gives a questioning look back to him as well.

Marcus nods and heads out toward the vending machine like a good little boyscout following orders.
Marcus has left.

Orion looks seriously to Claudine and gestures toward her office. He starts moving while still gesturing, apparently quite content to just leave his ambiguous, unvoiced questions floating in air… Oh wait. There he goes, speaking finally.
"Fill me in. I must have missed a lot while I was in Brooklyn."

"The attack on the building was tonight. We were divided into two groups..Anders, Marcus and apparently Ed were in another section of the building that the group of five got. Agent Willmer and I were to be in a room where this Peter Petrelli was once housed in.." Claudine starts to explain before heading towards the PR wing. Once inside, she flips the light switch on again before flopping down in her desk, crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable.
She then motion for him to do the same because it might take a while. "I don't exactly have all the details of what happened with Marcus' end of things, but I can tell you that Hiro, Nathan Petrelli, Mr. Bennet and some woman came in. Agent Willmer was keeping me disguised as Peter Petrelli..who I have to say is a complete and utter tool." she especially emphasizes that part, cause well, it was something that irked her.
"But, I really should get an Emmy or an Oscar because even Petrelli's brother thought I was the real deal. Got hugged and everything. Then, Hiro realized it was a trap, and Mr. Bennet tranqed him. I made sure the elder Petrelli couldn't get away, while Agent Willmer took care of the other woman."
She sighs a little and grabs a diet coke that was already on her desk and takes a quick swig. "Then, in the end it turned out that while we captured those trying to free Peter, he had somehow freed himself and is now out there..a human bomb.."

Granger nods a bit as he listens to Claudine. When she flicks on her light, he closes the door, presumably so that those who don't know what the Company is involved in can't overhear. The tall man frowns slightly, pacing for several moments before he settles down onto a chair.
"Hopefully his time with us has, in some fashion, minimized his explosive potential, although I cannot be sure of that."
All of a sudden, Granger pauses. He tilts his head and looks at Claudine as if he just noticed she was in the room with him. He smiles broadly and laughs a little bit.
"I'm sorry. You did an excellent job tonight, especially for your relative inexperience. How did you restrain Mr. Petrelli?"

"Remember that trick I showed you before with the hand? Well I totally did that.." Claudine says beaming brightly as she waggles her brows as she crosses her legs once more to get a tad bit more comfortable.
"I didn't squeeze him too much..just squeezed him enough so that he couldn't shoot me..unlike the others he had a real gun. But he tried to shoot Bennet, and he didn't seem to happy with that. Maybe they were BFF or something.." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. She cants her head to the side and notices the change, "Um..are you all right, Orion?" she asks curiously.

Another amused laugh comes from Orion at Claudine's description. He smiles and nods cheerfully, waving off her question about his health.
"I'm fine. I'm fine. I just realized I was getting a bit worked up over things I couldn't change and… Well. It seems like everything has mostly worked out for the best. The loss of Mr. Petrelli is sure to be a short term thing. He will, no doubt, realize why he came in in the first place and return to us."

"Well, it's all right. I mean, I'm rather upset that Anders, Ed and Marcus got so hurt. Why would you kick a man when he's down after all?" Claudine says while rubbing her temples, obviously sounding disappointed in those who attacked. "Either way..what it shows is that they're reasonably powerful and possibly self-trained. That's why I want to go after the woman who can nullify powers."
A wry grin curls onto her lips as she starts to lean back. "I'll find out her name by tomorrow..she was a plumber for Starbucks today, before I got called in. I'll bring her in, and if she agrees to help us, then the Company will have a very valuable asset. I know that I cant use my powers around her at all, so I'm curious to see if it applies to everyone.." Of course, she wont mention that TC's powers didn't work either, but yeah.

"Interesting. She would be a very valuable asset indeed."
Granger considers this information for a few moments. After a few moments' thought he notes, "When you approach her, I would like to accompany you. In case she becomes… Unruly. We can't afford to have you getting hurt unduly."

"Of course, I was going to ask you, but do you think I should obtain approval from the head honchos first?" Claudine asks curiously as she looks over him once more. "The woman..she's ginormous..probably a professional body builder, and if she nullifies my powers..well, that's why I asked you how to teach me how to fight.." she says matter of factly.

"It would be appropriate to run this sort of information by the head honchos, yes… But I should be of some assistance. Enormity of stature and strength do not equate to combat ability, keep that in mind."
Orion leans back in his seat, stretching a little bit before he returns to his mostly business position in the chair. He considers the situation thoughtfully, possibly trying to decide if he is discounting this power negater for sexist reasons or because he is, in fact, that confident of his ability when it comes to fisticuffs.

"Well, it's best to not underestimate her. If she can nullify my powers, she probably can do the same to you. There has to be another way to subdue her should asking nicely not work. But I think I can talk her into coming with us?"
Claudine leans forward in her desk as she pulls out the yellow pages and starts to look through plumbing companies. "All we have to say is we have a problem with one of our toilets and I'm sure they can arrange for her to come over yes?"

The tall man chuckles softly and nods, "We could do that. Certainly. That doesn't mean that she would simply come in, get asked such a silly question, and then agree to it. Some people get agitated by that sort of news. Some people just wave it off as crazy nonsense. It depends on the person."

"Well, how would you prove that you negate someone else's powers?" Claudine asks, her brows furrowed as she mulls that over. "I mean, we could always demonstrate our powers to her when we're not in her sphere of influence and then come into it and show that we cant do it? I don't know..it's always hard to prove a negative.." she says sighing a little while rubbing at her temples. "Either way..it would be easier if she came to us initially.."

"You would not need to demonstrate your power, Claudine. My power is sufficiently difficult to duplicate and disprove that it should be proof enough."
Orion pauses a moment, smiling thoughtfully before he starts to elaborate on his statement.
"That is, if I metalize a visible portion of my body outside of this woman's range of effect, as I walk into it, the metal should retreat into my body or lose cohesion and ooze off of my form once I start moving into her range of effect."
Yes, Granger is considering proving that he bleeds metal blood as a viable method of convincing someone to help the Company.

"Um..if I saw that I'd freak out.."
She just blinks blankly at him for a few moments with her brows furrowed. "Seriously..I would freak out if I saw that.." and she cant emphasize that enough. "There has to be an easier way..and one that would be less traumatizing.."

Granger sighs slightly and shrugs. He seems to be tapped out on possible answers for the situation at hand. Experience be damned, whippersnappers bring good ideas to the table… Occasionally.
"How would you go about proving the existence of powers that, most likely, she would not be aware of existing?"

"Well, first, we prove the existence of powers..you know ones that wouldn't freak her out." Claudine says matter of factly as she hrmms and taps her chin for a few moments. "Maybe we'll need to show more than one, so your metal ooze thing could work too.." she adds onto that while taking a deep breath. "Once she's convinced that exists, we can logic our way to showing her that since we cant use our abilities around her, she must therefore have abilities that cancel out ours. I don't even know how it works..so her negation might be selective for elemental abilities..or maybe it expands to everything. I dunno..we'll have to just logic our way into it.."
And then it hits her. "Heather..the new girl that was my first assignment. She has the ability to correctly identify other Evolved and their powers. We could always ask her for confirmation.." she says, beaming brightly.

Granger folds his arms across his chest as he listens to this plan. For several moments, possibly tense ones, he remains expressionless. It's almost like he's dour or something.
Those moments pass and he offers a very bright smile. He promptly offers a polite, if brief, session of golf clapping.
"Excellent. I believe you're well on your way to becoming a star agent."

Huzzah! Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at the applause as she squirms and lets out an impish giggle of glee. "Awww, it was nothing. I still think that using logic would've worked the best, but I have a feeling the woman is mostly brawn, considering she's worked so much on it. But yeah..I forgot about Heather. I don't think she's been trained with her powers, but maybe it would be good practice for her as well?"

He smiles and nods, "That sounds like an excellent training opportunity then," he replies calmly. The tall man adjusts his position and crosses one leg over the other and he watches Claudine ponder the situation.
"My only worry would be a possibility of feedback. I don't know how Heather's powers work, and I certainly have no idea how this woman's powers work. I..well I don't know if we should be putting Heather at any sort risk.." Claudine says in the end as she sighs a little, running her fingers through her hair once more. "What do you think?"

"I think that the only flaw in your plan is that 'Heather' has a power that allows her to sense the presence of other Evolved humans and this bodybuilding plumber woman has a power that negates the powers of other Evolved humans."
For the moment, Granger falls silent. He seems content to leave Claudine just enough information to reason out where his mind has already gone. Absently, he reaches into a pocket in his overcoat and produces a granola bar whose wrapper he peels while he waits.

Claudine blinks blankly and then she ahhs and beams brightly. "Okay..then we can go in and out of this woman's sphere of influence and have Heather determine the nature of our powers. And if anything, we should do it with people she hasn't met yet, like you. You could start off in the bodybuilder's field, and then move out. There would be less risk to Heather that way as well!"

Orion smiles and nods, "Very good. Very good indeed." He takes a bite of his granola bar and considers things for a minute or so while he chews. The tall man may well be pondering the plan, looking for more flaws… More points of contention. Anything that he should drill Claudine on.

"A difficulty with that plan is we wont exactly know what the woman's sphere of influence is, but it would be easy to figure out. We just walk around her until we can use our powers again.." Claudine beams brightly, seeming to have figured this one out. Or at least she thinks she did.

Granger nods thoughtfully. He seems satisfied with the plan thus far, steepling his fingers as he gives it one last consideration. He nods again, once more thoughtful about the action.
"It's good enough, I think. Submit the plan and request for resources to the higher ups. We'll see what they have to say about it."

"Okie dokie!" Claudine chirps with a warm smile as she eases on while gathering her things. "I should get going..have early morning classes and I really shouldn't skip them again. This whole leading a double life is hard.." chuckling once more before stealing a quick peck on his cheek once more on her way out. "G'night Orion!" and with that she's off. Unless stopped of course.

The tall man nods, chuckling a little at Claudine's mention of the double life matter. He stands up and opens the door for Claudine, blinking again as he gets a peck on the cheek. Orion scratches the back of his head and watches Claudine make her exeunt.
"… Why do I get the feeling I need to watch Indiana Jones tonight?"

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