2007-04-06: That Crazy Thing Called Youth


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Summary: Lachlan goes to the Starbucks Elena works to get a job application. Eric and Gene go to the same Starbucks. Jaden thinks he's Bond. It all goes downhill from there.

WARNING: This log is rated C. For Crack.

Date It Happened: April 6, 2007

That Crazy Thing Called Youth

Starbucks, Lower Manhattan, New York City

She had the early evening shift today, which means she closes shop at eight. Elena has removed the Starbucks apron from her body, walking around to make a final run-through of the empty space. Dressed in a baby t-shirt and jeans today, sneakers squeak a little bit on the shiny floors of the Starbucks, flipping the CLOSED sign before opening the door and stepping out of it. She shrugs on her jacket, over a shirt that says 'Ask Me About My Evil Plan'. But she's really not evil, she's totally innocent! Don't let the t-shirt fool you, it was a gift from her little brother, and everyone knows all little brothers are full of lies and deceit.

The day looks like its about winding down. The sun is setting, over the east coast the days are getting longer over the onset of Spring. It isn't as cold, and tried and true New Yorkers can be seen walking around in their shirtsleeves. The pastarias nearby are opening up, and the bars are all starting to take in their first customers. Rush hour is, of course, hellacious. But it's New York, the congestion alone could be the very reason why aliens decided to blow up this city first in Independence Day.

Today has been a day of job-hunting. Lachlan made a decision last night shortly after he left Cass' apartment, and now he's acting on it. So far, he's filled out applications for a number of places and is now heading towards the second-to-last stop of the day: Starbucks. Because he'd totally make an awesome barista. He arrives just as Elena steps out and, noting that she's not wearing her apron and the CLOSED sign is flipped, he hurries forward the last few yards. "Aw, fuck," he growls once he arrives, staring at the closed door with a frown. "Can I get in real quick? Just need an app." Not coffee, an /app/. Lachlan is sans-jacket today, dressed only in a T-shirt and jeans (but they're clean). There are no dogs with him.

"….oh, hey Scottish," Elena says, looking over at Lachlan and grinning over at him. "What's up? And app? I guess….why?" she asks, lifting her brows. She opens the door for him, and she furrows her brows as she walks over to the counter. "I thought you had a job?" She rifles around behind the counter and pulls out an application for Starbucks. And…well, even as she eyes Lachlan skeptically she wonders if he'll be able to keep himself from throwing people through the window if he got their orders wrong and yelled at him. Still, she'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, deep in the bowels of the Lancaster building in New York, twenty minutes earlier….

Eric Walker whistles as he slides his access card through the slot on the electronic keypad at the door, and punches in a few buttons. With the high-tech double doors sliding outward, he stuffs his hands into his pockets and moseys in on the R&D Department of his father's company. The door closes behind him, and when they open back up, he can be seen with his arm around a certain teenaged genius's neck dragging him towards the elevators. "You've been staring at the computer for three days. You need a breather," he says cheerfully. Yes. He will drag Gene out of the sterile confines in which he is WOWing in to breath FRESH AIR.

Ah, the benefits of knowing an employee. Lachlan heaves a relieved sigh when Elena obligingly lets him in and gets the application for him. "Thanks," he utters as he glances over it briefly before doing the obvious thing and folding it so that it might be placed in his pocket. Employers /love/ creased applications. "An' yeah, I've got a job. Just … need 'nother. Business's slow." Something like that. He smiles a bit, then turns to start back toward the door.

"I guess."

It's a simple response, but Gene figures it's a enough. He could try and argue the point, but he knows he'd lose. Besides, Eric is rich, maybe he'll see some cute gold diggers or something. He has no idea what he's getting into, only that Eric was introduced to him and swiftly the young man took him out. The young engineer looks around awkwardly, his hands in his coat pockets, silent hoping there is some unattended computer he can escape to after the conversation dulls down.

"….ah….huh…." Elena remarks, giving Lachlan a look and inclining her head a little it at him. She closes the door behind her and she locks it. "Why am I not convinced, you sure you're okay?" she asks, sliding her hands in her pockets and looking up at the taller Scotsman. Come to think of it, he didn't look like Lachlan at all - more like some puppy that got kicked in the face too many times and is at a loss what to do. She wonders if it had something to do with what her father told her about Cass. "I mean, the last thing I'd ever expect you to be is a barrista at Starbucks." That and…..working with Lachlan would probably be something coming out of her worst nightmare. Still, she likes the Scot. It's just that she saw him more at home in illegal cage matches that making coffee.

Well, his father said 'get Gene out and about for a bit' so that's what Eric is doing. He's only following orders from the older Lancaster, and so he walks down the sidewalk towards the Starbucks where a certain barista should be closing up for the day. "How's tricks?" he asks Gene. Granted while this isn't the first time he's actually met Gene, this was the first time they'd be hanging out for any length of time, so this is bound to be….interesting. He knows his father recruited him to the corporation when he was very young, but that was all he really knows.

Which is a perfectly valid and accurate assessment. The fact that Lachlan's dog-training business is floundering due to his horrible customer relations should attest to the unsuitability of a job as a barista. When his exit is blocked and locked, the Scotsman frowns; when he's questioned, he stuffs his hands into his pockets and rolls his shoulders, frowning /more/. His gaze flits away from Elena to stare at something past her shoulder — anything but her. "'M fine." Wow, that's a major lie. A brief pause before he scratches at the back of his neck with one hand, heaving a sigh. "Cass an' I're … no' doin' good."

Feeling like a fish out of water as he with the older, taller, and better looking teen, Gene merely follows along in silence. Apparently, he's distracted, because it takes him a few moments to realize that Eric was actually speaking to him. "Tricks?" Gene scratches the side of his head in confusion, a hint of nervousness in his voice. He rushes to walk alongside Eric in order to have a better time talking to him. "Um, I'm not sure what you are talking about. Tricks as in tricks, or tricks as in… you know, trick tricks."

"…it must be," Elena says. "I heard. Her and my father are friends so….she mentioned things aren't doing so well in the home front," she tells Lachlan, hiding a wince. She slides her hands in her pockets. "You wanna talk about it?" she offers. Poor Lachlan, he looks like a puppy and for what it's worth, he -is- trying to shape up. He's trying to get a -legitimate job- for god's sake. Though she honestly doesn't want to know what he's been doing to earn money on the side. Still, despite all the embarassment she does genuinely like the Scot and she liked seeing the Scot and Cass together. Part of her wonders what happened, but it's up to Lach to tell her really.

"…yeah. With….whatever it is you've been doing for Dad lately," Eric says, blinking when Gene questions the slang. Ah well, he's been warned that he doesn't get out much. Something about being a genius at a very young age. Tends to happen. "Anyways, you mind if we do a quick stop? I just need to check on a friend of mine……there she is." He lifts a hand to wave towards Elena, and Lachlan to boot now that he sees him with her. Still, not in hearing range yet as to what they're talking about.

Probably a good thing. Lachlan doesn't quite yet notice Eric and Gene, simply because he's got his attention focused on Elena — or, rather, something near Elena's toes. His hand has gone back into his pocket, but he fidgets a little, rolling his head on his neck and shifting his weight from one foot to the other, darting glances this way and that. Guh. He's been some kind of a wreck. "Nah, I just … I fucked up bad, an' I'm tryin' ta make it up ta 'er, but . . . dunno." The fact that he's not brushed Elena off and moved on would indicate that talking about it is not a bad idea.

The eyes of the geek shoot up. "I can't talk about that stuff out in the /STREET/," Gene replies he leans in closer, letting Eric get a whiff of the cheap cologne that's on the kid. At least he only put on a splash so it doesn't threaten to overwhelm his guide. "It's you-know… hush hush, important stuff. You never know who is around waiting. Or so they say on the videoes the government makes you watch." He looks around a bit before he stands by the door. He notices the sign and gets a child-like smile. "Can I get a gingerbread latte? I wanted to try those when was watching the latest Starbucks ad. Sounds good."

"Well….I mean…" Elena pauses, and then she speaks up. "Papa and Mama when she was alive loved each other very much but it wasn't all hunky dory between them. Mama had a temper. She can't help it, she was latina." She says the last word with the distinct accent. "But that's just part of the entire relationship thing is, you know?" She looks up at Lachlan. "Look, why don't we do this? I'll close up, and then I can drag you to my pad and I can make you dinner, and then you can talk while you gnosh. Sound good? I promise my cooking won't kill y—" She pauses, seeing Eric and some guy she doesn't know down the street. "Eric!" She waves, smiling a bit.

…what the HELL is he wearing on that shirt? Eric didn't wear cologne himself - just aftershave. And when Gene moves closer to him, he blinks, and he smirks. "…right. I forgot - sorry, I thought I'd get the generic 'it's going good' response, but I see what you're saying. And ….looks like Elena just closed up but I think she'll make an exception." He winks at Gene. "C'mon, I'll hook you up. Hey Elena, Lachlan." He nods to the Scotsman once they're close enough. "You closed or can I implore you to make us poor boys some coffee?" he asks the former.

"Well….I mean…" Elena pauses, and then she speaks up. "Papa and Mama when she was alive loved each other very much but it wasn't all hunky dory between them. Mama had a temper. She can't help it, she was latina." She says the last word with the distinct accent. "But that's just part of the entire relationship thing is, you know?" She looks up at Lachlan. "Look, why don't we do this? I'll close up, and then I can drag you to my pad and I can make you dinner, and then you can talk while you gnosh. Sound good? I promise my cooking won't kill y—" She pauses, seeing Eric and some guy she doesn't know down the street. "Eric!" She waves, smiling a bit.

…what the HELL is he wearing on that shirt? Eric didn't wear cologne himself - just aftershave. And when Gene moves closer to him, he blinks, and he smirks. "…right. I forgot - sorry, I thought I'd get the generic 'it's going good' response, but I see what you're saying. And ….looks like Elena just closed up but I think she'll make an exception." He winks at Gene. "C'mon, I'll hook you up. Hey Elena, Lachlan." He nods to the Scotsman once they're close enough. "You closed or can I implore you to make us poor boys some coffee?" he asks the former. (reps)

"Uhhh." Last time Lachlan was alone in an apartment with one of Cass' friends, it ended very poorly for both parties. Then again, there was booze present. Elena's not old enough to have booze in her apartment, is she? No. It couldn't hurt, and he /is/ hungry, having had only a hot dog earlier in the day. "Sure. Yeah, tha' sounds good." And then Eric and the strange cologne-ridden kid come up, and the Scotsman offers the former a faint, wan smile and the latter a curious squint. "Hey," is all he says in greeting, and it's about as lackluster as one can get.

Gene merely smiles back toward Eric. He appears ready to react more, but he notices the look of Lachlan gives him. Gene gives a small frown at the man on the mend, remaining selectively mute. He isn't sure how to take the man, but decides to ignore a response so he can focus on what's important. The girl. Gene looks toward Elena with a really big smile… until he realizes that Eric meant hook-up in the 'she'll get you coffee' sense. It's likely better that way for all parties, the socially hopeless figures, merely giving a slight nod of the head toward the woman with a much more subdued smile that pairs well with the quiet "Hey" that shortly follows it.

"Well I suppose I could. Hi," Elena says, smiling engagingly towards Gene. She unlocks the door and ushers all the guys in. Besides, if they were going to talk about women problems, Lachlan might as well do it warm. "Do you want anything, Scottish?" she asks, walking behind the counter to fire up the coffee machine she JUST cleaned. Oh well. Then she'll work on what they want, taking out some cups and steaming up some milk. "And yeah, dinner too, Lach, if you're still up for it. If you guys wanna come, I can cook, it's no big deal," she tells Eric and Gene as she works on the gingerbread latter first. "So ….what happened? What do you mean you screwed things up with Cass?" The last is directed to Lachlan. "I mean, it can't be that bad, can it? I mean….the only way I can see it getting really bad is if you killed someone or…well. Cheated on her. Worse, cheated on her with a friend."

Yes. 'Hook Up' means coffee. NOT anything other than that. Eric though just grins as she opens the door and he waves Gene to come on in. "Elena, this is Gene…a friend of mine who spends too much time behind a computer and not enough time out getting coffee." Pause. "…he usually has the coffee brought to him." He grins once towards Gene then before nodding towards Lachlan. "…and this is Lachlan, and Elena." There. Introduction all done and he just blinks once. "…I don't think I'm going to be passing up free food. Trust me Gene, she's a great cook."

The offer of something to drink is declined with a shake of his head and a soft, "Nah." Lachlan lingers near the counter as Elena works, still looking rather uncomfortable, out-of-place, and all-around pained. He gives a short nod to Gene in greeting, but nothing more. The kid just looks like a geek. The Scotsman is unimpressed. When Elena starts asking questions again, he looks to her — and the more she talks, the more uncomfortable things get. Her last few sentences may have been an attempt at light humor, but they merely get a drawn and somewhat ashen expression from Lach. He doesn't meet the girl's gaze.

The gingerbread latte is finished up, and Elena hands the cup to Gene with a smile, and she waits for a response from Lachlan….but there doesn't seem to be much coming. She looks over at him, quirking a brow. She thought he wanted to talk? Why isn't he saying something? And then… "…………oh." AWKWARD SILENCE descends. According to the Girl Code, she has to stick by her girl friend in these situations, and berate Lachlan and call him that he was a horrible human MAN and not worth licking the dog crap off Cass's dainty shoes. But she's way too nice for that. She peers at him, and then… "Oh my god. You've never been in an actual serious relationship before have you?" she realizes, epiphany striking her like a ton of bricks. But…but…Lachlan was OLD. SURELY he has— but now that she thinks about it, no. No. She's totally not surprised. "Alright, well, if you guys really want to be fed, we can go on our way. We'll talk more while you're gnoshing, Lach. It'll probably make you feel better….a bit. Plus I think Papa still has some Jack lying around." OUCH. The hits just keep on coming.

"Good to meet you both," Gene offers as he gives a small 'I watch anime' bow before he looks about. He begins to unbutton his jacket to reveal his shirt. Thankfully, he changed from his shirt totally in binary to something a little more sexy. It's black with the following on it.

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base are belong to you

It's hot. Really. At least Gene thought it was. Glancing back toward Elena and Lachlan a few times, he looks toward Eric, trying to be smooth as he gives nonverbal communication. He points to both of them with a hand close to his chest, then redden as he makes two v-signs together, and a curved pointer finger that may or may not be an attempt for a question mark. He stops what he is doing to take the latte. Man, if he gets this for meeting new people, he should do it more often!

Eric…well now that he's listening and not /just/ stareing at Elena…just blinks once as it slooowly sinks in what Lach might want to talk to Elena about. Now…normal guy code in this situation is to entirely ignore that Lach has done anything wrong. However just just blinks once, then blinks again. "…er…Elena? Whiskey might not be the best thing to offer him." He adds after a moment with a slight cough. Thats all he offers though, not wanting to make things worse for Lach…and now instead absorbed in staring at Gene.


Wow. Just…wow. "Alright, were going to have to bring you out more often." He says as he shakes his head slightly at the other young man, a grin on his face. Where is someone with a make over squad when you need them.

As Eric and Gene talk, and Lachlan looks a little down, Elena furrows her brows when her phone rings. She picks it up, cleaning up the counter and ushering the boys out of the coffeeshop. She blinks at the Caller ID, and she answers it. "Hello? Hey, Randall," she says, stepping to the door and taking out the keys, and waiting for her hungry troop of boys to leave the establishment so she could close the door and lead the way back to her place. At the slogan on Gene's shirt, she peers at it, and she grins. "I collect shirts like that," she tells Gene, covering the receiver with one hand for a moment.

PHONE: You answer your phone, "Hello?"

PHONE: Elena says, "Hey Randall."

PHONE: Randall says, "Hey there— I tried calling the other day, but it sounded like maybe it cut out or something." Pause. "I heard about your dad. He doing okay?"

PHONE: Elena pauses and glances at Eric. "Ahhh….well, I was out pretty late last night," she says somewhat sheepishly. "I'm sorry, was it an emergency?" After a pause, she nods once. "….yeah, he's doing okay now. I got him out of the hospital yesterday morning. How did you hear about it?"

Once again, Lachlan is completely silent, allowing that to answer the question for him. No, he's never been in a serious relationship. The mention of whiskey sends his heart leaping into his throat. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. /No/. "Uh. Dunna drink Jack. S'no' m'kind o' booze." Yeah. That works. It's not /exactly/ a lie, really. Glen Moray's his pick. He's easily ushered out and simply goes silent as Elena starts talking into her phone.

PHONE: Randall says, "Cass mentioned it— didn't go into details, though. Glad to hear he made it home again… I can imagine how worked up you must've been."

There is a pause as Elena makes her simple comment. By the time she's on the phone, he finally speaks. "You do?" She collects… geeky shirts. The celestrial chrous begins to chime, but then he realizes that he just met her and she may or may not be with someone. Cute girls that actually go for geeky things are usually married to Alpha Geeks like Bill Gates or those guy that invented Facebook. Men who can woo them with valentines written in LOGOS and use their money to drop on endless iPods covered in what rap stars call 'blink'. No, that's not right. BLING, there we go.

Grounding himself in reality as best he can, Gene sips his latte after popping the top. He gets some foam on his nose, but doesn't seem to notice. "Really?"

PHONE: Elena shrugs a bit. "Yeah…. a little bit. There's a lot going on, but he's okay now, getting some rest so….thanks for the concern though. We're both fine, just recuping. We kinda had a rough week.

Eric tries rather hard to look innocent at that glance towards him from Elena, looking away and managing to find the other side of the street very intresting for a long moment before he coughs once and turns back to his latte. Mmmm. Caffine. It good. He nods once though with a slight grin. "…yes, she does." He affirms towards Gene for a moment, his eyes straying towards Lach for a moment as he acts…entirely not like himself. He shakes his head slightly though before grinning once more towards the techno-geek. "Yeah really, it'll be nice to have someone around who knows what I mean when I give the specs of the latest video card mod. This guy," He grins and nods towards Lach. "Dosn't know a computer from a toaster." Pause. "He likes dogs though."

PHONE: Randall says, "No prob. You want to maybe get together later, catch up on things? I'm on break right now, got a new job at that electronics place down on Fulton— ramping up for when all the kids start hitting summer vacation next month."

PHONE: Elena exhales softly. "Yeah sure," she says with a smile. "….not tonight though, and I have to catch up with Jane too, but over the weekend definitely." There is a pause, and it sounds like she's walking past traffic by the sounds of it. "I gotta go though, Randall. A friend of mine needs a talking to and he won't take booze for an answer," she jests. "I'll talk to you later, no?"

By now, Lachlan has mainly tuned out everyone and everything within the immediate vicinity and his thoughts have wandered far beyond the group. He's probably trawling nearby alleys for stray dogs to offer the usual comforting and endless telepathic chatter. As such, he doesn't seem to hear Eric's jab in his direction, or he's just ignoring it.

With THAT done, Elena shakes her head, frowning a bit and slipping the phone in her back pocket. She grins at Gene and answers belatedly. "Yup! I have one with Yoshi with his tongue out snatching a Goomba with the words 'Get Over Here!' below. It's my favorite so far, I got it off E-bay for cheap, though I don't understand why anyone would want to get rid of such a great shirt." Her own today says 'Ask Me About My Evil Plan'. And so she leads the boys down the street to head for Queens.

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

Cut to a few minutes later with Elena opening the door to her humble, 1900 square feet apartment that she shared with her father, at present. And while it is clean, it was hardly big enough for a family of five. "Come on in, make yourselves at home," she tells the boys, and proceeds to make a beeline to the kitchen. And while she makes a beeline to the kitchen? She's dragging Lachlan with her BY THE HAIR……okay maybe not by the hair, but by the arm. "What do you -mean- you cheated on Cass?" she hisses lowly. "With -who-? How many times? What did she -say-?" She can only assume Lachlan told her, otherwise he wouldn't be saying him and Cass aren't doing so well.

"A dog person." For some reason, it makes the affair stuff make sense. If he likes dogs, but not computers… Okay, Gene swiftly loses the logic and just nods to Eric. "Right."

Silent for the entire way back to the appartment, Gene waits until Elena is dragging Lachlan away before he speaks to Eric. "So, what are we doing? We hanging out or we going out to the club?" He begins to gyrate his hips about in an attempt to dance. It may not be pretty.

GAME: Gene has rolled PERFORM and got a result of HORRIBLE.

Gene does better than usual.

"Dont' try to apply logic to thease people Gene, it dosn't always work," Eric says helpfully as he notes the other young man's filters just…don't work for the moment. Thats a normal thing around here. He dosn't say anything as Lach is dragged away, just stands there looking around the living room, giving Elena room to work.

Of course…then Gene starts to…try…to…dance….

"…we are defintially hanging out. Not going to a club. Nope. Not." Because…dear lord…he dosn't even want to see Gene drunk yet. No way, no how.

He's … being dragged. By the arm. In a speedy fashion. Lachlan is taken aback and more than a little uncomfortable, especially when Elena starts hiss- growl-interrogating. The Scotsman is immediately on the defensive. "Look, I did it once, a'righ'?" Well … more than once, with more than one woman, but as those instances were during his Bad Boyfriend Era, he only counts them as one whole incident. "An' I was stoppin', but she found out, an' shit blew up. An' then we were startin' ta fix it an' fuckin' Eliana showed up at m'partment cryin' 'bout Jack dickin' 'round with other girls an' we got drunk, a'righ'? An' she did some weird shit with the gas an' I /dinna mean ta do it/, a'righ'?" /Grump/. He's so sick of this whole situation. He just wants it to /go away/.

"Here, hold the potato," Elena says, making Lachlan hold the potato that she finds on the counter while she drags out the chopping board and makes a quick inventory of what's in the kitchen. Chicken was always good, and rice - she can make that. And she's got soda. This should be enough. So she drags out tortillas to make chicken burritos with. As for the potato….well, she doesn't really need to use it but 'hold the potato' seems like the thing to say at the time. She sighs. "Ugh, Lach. I'm sorry, it's just that….it's really hard, you know? Cass is probably -really- pissed off. She really likes you. And-" She pauses and -stares- at Lachlan. "Wait. Eliana? -Jack's- Eliana? What the— I mean I know this is your first serious relationship but isn't Guy Code something you men know by instinct?? Guy Code! You broke Guy Code!" So not only was Cass pissed at him, but Jack if he finds out is going to KILL him. "Did you try entering yourself in the Witness Protection program?" she asks dryly. " 'Cause while Jack probably doesn't have the luck of the Irish, he's certainly got the temper."

A tired sigh comes from Gene's mouth and stops his dance when he gets the bad news. "Alllllright." He's never been to a club… Or a bar. He went to Chipotle and they served him booze, he figures that counts, right? Either way, he finds a place to sit down, figure it is time for the nervous geek boy sit. Back straight? Check. Hands clasped? Check. Leaning slightly forward with elbows on knees? Check.

9:43 PM.
New York.
Elena's Apartment. Almost.

"I've got a visual." The voice comes from what happens to be a man. Decked all the way out in full on night-style, stealthy urban commando gear. He's standing on the rooftop of the building across the street from Elena's apartment building. Night vision goggles are lined up through the ski mask. The night vision goggles are pulled down and the long black sleeve is slid up to reveal an old school watch. Rolex.

9:45. Go Time.

The night vision goggles are stuffed into a bag as the lone figure ducks onto the roof. When he comes back up, there's a huge launcher of some type on his shoulder. He lines up a shot and pulls the trigger! A small grappling hook is flung out and arcs through the air. It twists and swirls before KA-CHUNKing into the wall… right above Elena's window. People inside may or may not be able to hear that. There's a cord attached to the hook and it goes tight, hooked up on the rooftop beneath the dark figure's feet. He climbs up on the ledge, grabbing hold of the slider on the wire and pushes off!

"Da-da da-da! Da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" What. No he's not. As he's sliding across the DANGEROUS GAP he's literally making the James Bond theme with his mouth! "Da-daaaaa. Da-daaaaaaaaa." Gradually picking up speed as he soars towards the apartment building, "Da-da da-da-da-da! Da-da da-da-da-da! Da-da da-da -da-da! Da-da da-da-da-da!" At the halfway mark, the outer layer of his outfit comes apart, the pieces falling from his body and flutter heavily down to the road below! But there's no time for that now, as the still masked man is headed right for Elena's window!

"Da-da! DOOOM! Da-da DOOOM! Da-da dada-da!"

Crashing through the glass in the window and right into Elena's apartment, this masked man releases the slider and comes in feet first. Nice, expensive shoes hit the floor and he drops and rolls, peeling off his ski mask as he stands up straight. He dusts the debris and glass and whatever else off his white dinner jacket and straightens his bow tie. Black slacks are always a good buy when they don't rip from crazy entrances like that. He looks up and around, not quite sure who all is here but he introduces himself just the same. Some people will recognize his face. Others won't. Either way:

"The name's Cain. Jaden Cain."

Eric runs a hand through his hair and gives Gene a grin. "One day we'll go to a club…or a bar, when were older," Pause. "…and legal." He adds after a moment with a laugh on his lips. Cause…you know…Lach is the only legal one here you know. However he polishes off his drink, glancing down at the empty cup and he opens his mouth to say something.

…and then all hell breaks loose.

Or at least the window does.

Having missed the grapel hitting the wall, he's in total shock as a dark figure in a ski mask comes crashing though Elena's window. Now he dosn't know its Jaden. He dosn't know who is into crazy entrances. He dosn't know anything but AHHHHH! CRAZY GUY WITH MASK! The cup is dropped, and he spins. Its a beautiful kick, pivioting just right on one foot to send the other sweeping…inches over Gene's head…with the foot on a colision corse for Jaden's face.

Then…he hears the name.

Said foot stops a hair's breath from landing right on Jaden's nose.



Somehow? This is not helpful, and it's not doing anything to help Lachlan's mood. "Nah, /really/?" he snaps irately. "Y'think? I was fuckin' /drugged/ an' /drunk/, a'righ'? Wanna see ye try ta keep /yer/ bloody pants on when yer breathin' X gas." Growl, grumble, bitterness. His scowl recedes a bit now that he's got /that/ out of his system. Elena's trying to help, even if she's not being helpful right now. Or he /thinks/ she is. He /hopes/ she is. She's one of those female creatures, so she's gotta have insight that he can use. But before he can continue in a calmer voice, there's a crash from the window. The Scotsman immediately snags Elena's arm and attempts to yank or push her towards the nearest source of cover and, with a guttural cry, he charges for the intruder — whom he does not recognize, as he's not really paying attention to the face. And Eric's recognition of the intruder is far, far too late to stop the flying Scotsman. Lachlan launches himself straight for Jaden with the intent to tackle. He's not gentle about it, and if he succeeds? The potato Elena gifted him will become a pummeling tool for the multi-millionaire's face.

She tosses vegetable oil in the pan, crankling up the heat and then seasoning the chicken. As Lachlan hisses at her, she sighs, the teenager looking at the Scotsman. "Look, Lachlan, I—" And then…..all hell breaks loose.

The first thing she hears is the CRASH. And then Eric's voice yelling about….Jaden Cain? How does he know Jaden Cain? Before she knows it, Elena is being pushed to safety in a surprisingly gentlemanly gesture by Lachlan….only for her to gape at him as he starts CHARGING into the living room like William Wallace against the English. And then, everything goes in slow motion as Lachlan tackles Jaden. And then? Lachlan starts whaling on Jaden's face with a potato.

This is when her brain processes start catching up with her mouth.

"MY WINDOW!" she cries, staring at the glass in dismay.

To the man pummeling the crap out of Jaden with a potato. "….MY NEW BOSS!" she cries, staring at the brawl in dismay.

And then, the pan with the vegetable oil catches on fire. "….MY DINNER!" Elena spastically rushes back to the kitchen to put out the latest disaster. Oh god. Oh god. This was the worst night ever!

The not-so-chic geek nods. "Works for m-" There is a pause as Gene hears something. He gets up to investigate, only to see something coming toward the window. He tries to give a mighty leaping roll, but only manages to land on his stomach to avoid getting hit by any glass. While Eric and Lachlan are content to fight, Gene does what many people do when hits the fan. Complains as he tries to crawl toward the door.

"I never should have listened! Flee guys, they're after me! I'm gunna die because people told me to go out. Now I'm gunna get waterboarded… I don't build -" Gene catches himself, coughs and pulls himself together once he hears that Jaden is a friend. Looking to all gathered, he goes back to his spot and sits. In a totally calm voice, he asks, "So, this happen often?"

Jaden Cain's entrance doesn't get to stay looking cool, because there's quite a bit of things happening at the moment. Things that involve the fact that his long time buddy Eric is trying to kill him. With his foot. Jaden doesn't even flinch, though, as he's more or less too stupid and too Bond to actually be worried about the foot about to crunch his nose. "Hi Eric!" He's even waving excitedly as he's capable of doing for about .67 seconds before…

"Oh sh—" The Lach Ness Monster comes at him with the force of a runaway train holding Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder! He's knocked right off his feet and carried to the floor like he's tinfoil and then the Potato happens! "Yipe! Ow! Eep! Stop! Mommy! Help! Jesus H. Chinaman On A Stick! Jumpin' Jehosaphat! WIIIIILLLLLMMMAAAAAA!" Jaden cannot stop the pain as he's pummeled in the face on a rapid and constant basis! "Elena! Stop This Crazy Thing!" The references just keep coming.

Meanwhile, the front door opens up and in comes civilian dressed Jaden Cain. Yes, the same Jaden Cain that's on the floor getting beat down like there's no tomorrow. He's carrying a grocery bag and even has a key in his hand. Just in case. "Hey Elena! I've got—" Jaden stops. Literally stops as he sees the commotion going on on the floor and shakes his head. "Hey everyone!" is announced as he moves to walk -around- Lachlan beating up Jaden and off towards the kitchen where Elena is trying to save dinner.

"Hey. I had these made. Hope you don't mind." He holds up a key to her place. "So. Why am I out there getting beat up by a crazy guy with a potato?"

Oh. Wait. That's right. He never told them about his special ability, did he?

"….sadly yes," Elena tells Gene, helping him up after she's diffused the situation in the kitchen with a fire extinguisher. And when Jaden cries and flails as he's whaled on by a potato, she groans. "Lachlan! Lach, stop! He's….my new boss! Sorta…kinda…I think? I haven't started yet but…." CRUNCH! She winces. "Lachlan! Drop the potato!" she cries, even as the door swings open. Oh god. Oh god. HER FATHER. She whirls around, her hands up, her 'Dad I Can Explain EVERYTHING' expression on her face…

Only to see another Jaden walking in like he owns her apartment, with a bag of groceries and…a key? A KEY? When Jaden comes up to her, she stares at him, and gestures. "But…but…there are…two….there are…..twins? I— wait, you said -you-. YOU getting potato'd. I—"


"….WHY DO YOU HAVE A KEY TO MY PLACE?" she exclaims. Poor girl looks like her head is about to explode, in the backdrop of Lachlan beating the crap out of Jaden with a potato.

"…hi Jaden," Eric says and he drops his foot to the floor. Then a pause as he turns to watch Gene crawl for the door. "…yes. Happens all the damn time when HE'S around at least!" He hooks his thumb towards the man on the floor doing bad quotes as he is beat by a potato. "He's a friend Lach! A friend! Really he is!" He's not trying /too/ hard to stop the Scotsman though. I mean…Lach is big and full of anger and win….and he's got a potato. He dosn't want to get between the man and the potato.

Then he pauses a moment and spins towards Elena. "HE'S your new boss?! How did…what?! Who?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!" He says as the woman runs spasticly back towards the kitchen. Of course then the door opens and…and…

…and Jaden walks in.


"…I…what? How? You? HOW CAN THERE BE TWO OF YOU?!" Then he pauses again, trying to resist the effort to flail his arms. He pauses again and is entirely unsure just WHICH one of them to glare at. He settles for the standing one thats oh so nonchalantly talking like that.

"…this explains how you could date four girls at once in school and not get cought!"

The rage, the power, the /potato/ — it's hard to stop them. Lachlan's got a good bunch of licks in before the voices of reason manage to break through the haze and confusion, and the Scotsman stops his one-man defense system against Breaking and Entering, potato held in an upraised arm, prepared to strike again. He whips his head around to stare at Elena and Eric in bafflement. "/Wha'/?" What the hell is going on? /Normally/ when someone comes crashing through a window, people don't try to stop him from beating the intruder senseless. And then the replica enters the apartment with a key. The man Lachlan sits on looks a bit /different/ now that his face has been rearranged via potato, but there's enough of a resemblance for Lachlan. The Scotsman is silent for a few seconds before he rises to his feet, an expression of absolute murder on his face. "Someone wanna tell me wha' the bloody /fuck's/ goin' on?" William Wallace is Not Amused.

A twin walks in while another twin is getting beat up. There is a long pause as people seem confused. There's blood and sex talk. Is THIS what Eric's dad figured he was missing? Confused and unsure as all get out, there is only one last mechanism to save him in his most dire hour.

A familiar ding rings out as Gene turns on his heavily modded PSP. Time for some Mega Man Powered Up!. He'll just listen in when things seem to make sense. Or when Eric makes him turn it off, one of the two.

Jaden blinks. Well, the one in the kitchen does. He's apparently been here before and the stashing of the key is key to how he knows where everything is in the kitchen. "I figured you might could use some help around here. Since you'll be working for me and going to school and…" Jaden reaches into the bag and pulls out milk. "You needed milk, right?" What. Just what.

Meanwhile, Jaden Bond gets himself up off the floor and starts with the dusting of himself off. Fixing his suit and all of that good stuff. "I say, you really do know how to make a man feel welcome." Fixing his bowtie, he eyes Lachlan and considers laser-watching him, but that would just be bad form. "Next time, do let the lady of the house tackle me, would you?"

Jaden moves about the kitchen, clearly putting groceries where they belong. It's almost as if he lives here. Strange. And still, he hasn't even decided to try and explain what's going on with the two of him being inside the room at the same time. He frowns, though, grabbing a bottle of fabric softener and heads out to where the living room meets the kitchen, to look at himself. "Jaden!"

"Be nice."
"I am."
"Don't make me look bad."

They'll go on like this for hours. Somebody interrupt.

"Gimme that!" With a swipe, the teenager snatches the bloody potato away from Lachlan before he decides to feed Bond-Jaden with the potato. "Whawait how do YOU know Jaden Cain?" Elena cries, staring at Eric, until he says what he does about school. "Oh." She rubs the back of her neck and just GROANS. She's trying to think, but she can't. There's way too much going on and there are TWO JADENS. She also looks at the potato, and wipes it down her jeans. What? It's a waste of a good potato if she just threw it away.

As for the bloodied Jaden, she drops on her knee on the ground and reaches over to press her fingertips over his forehead, tapping the right neurotransmitter and making the pain recede back into nothing - for now anyway. She isn't sure -which- Jaden was the right Jaden, all she knows is that there are TWO and they both call THEMSELVES Jaden. Or…well. They call themselves 'Me' which doesn't really help in alleviating ANY sort of confusion whatsoever.

She SIGHS. "Lachlan, this is Jaden….well. ONE of them. He's the new CEO of this major software conglomerate. He recently offered me a job in his company's media relations department part time. He also promised Cass to loan her a few rooms in the new medical facility he's funding. As you can tell, he's also a little…" Don't say crazy. Don't say crazy. Don't say crazy. "….eccentric."

When well-mannered Woman Stealing Jaden works around the kitchen putting away groceries, and argues with his 'brother', she sighs. "…thank you, Jaden…..Two?" OH GOD. She doesn't know anymore! "How much do I owe you for the groceries?" She also does this to interrupt Bond Jaden and Woman Stealing Jaden from arguing for hours.
"….Jaden…." Then he just shakes his head. "…wait. I know what will work," Then he walks off…back into the guest bathroom, he can be heard rummaging around in there for a few moments, then he comes back out with…a spray bottle. Eric walks right up to the pair of Jadens then. He glances from one to the other, and then sprays them both in the face with said waterbottle.


He pauses then and nods. "Now…one of you explain why there is TWO of you before Lachlan makes one of you eat that potato the hard way, and I let Gene test his newest killbot out on the other!"

Elena just FACEPALMS at what Eric says.

There is another pause. And Elena looks at Eric, and then at Gene, and then at Eric. "…..-killbot-?" She EYES the front door warily. "….Eric I swear to God if the T-1000 busts through my door I QUIT EVERYTHING."

Oh, wait. /Oh/. Lachlan's face pales slightly when Elena mentions Jaden's role in Cass' Big Project. It only /now/ hits him that, uh, yeah, she mentioned that name before. However, the Scotsman has a notoriously Swiss-cheese brain; one will just have to forgive him a little slip-up. "Oh," he utters. Then, his expression hardens again. "Ye think ye've got some bloody righ' ta come bustin' inta someone's place an' pullin' shit like tha'?" This is demanded of the nearest Jaden, whichever one it might be. No. Lachlan is /really/ not amused. All these people — it's disconcerting, and he suddenly starts feeling the pull and solitude of home.

"It's not my fault. It's my fault!" Jaden Bond points at Jadimus Prime and disavows any and all knowledge of said entrance. "He's the brains of this outfit." Which probably means that they're all in serious trouble. But at least that's directed at Lachlan to try and make sure that Mr. Bond doesn't get himself beat down with another piece of food. "God, I just had this suit tailored too. I'm gonna' kill myself." He pauses, realizing what he just said and looks up. "Not literally." And then he gets sprayed in the face! "OH WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!"

Jadimus Prime, on the other hand, doesn't really seem to be worried about anything. He's wiping his face off before he addresses Elena, "Please. I'm rich. Just… say you'll have dinner with me this weekend and we'll call it even." This is not him putting the moves on Elena. Honest. He's just being nice to his new employee. "And I swear, I couldn't even do this when he and I were in school. So pay no attention to the man behind the curtain of LIES!" Jaden looks over his shoulder at Eric. MAN CODE. STOP BLOCKIN'!

"Speaking of what I can do…" The door was left open and here comes another Jaden. "Maybe I should explain before things get messy…"

"Or I lose an eye." Jaden Bond chimes in.

"Quite." Jaden the Third has entered the room and he's quite intent on explaining. "You see, I'm not quite sure how it happened, but apparently, I have totally sweet super powers. Like, I can do what Jamie Madrox does."

"Which is make a lot of mes."
"Which is cool."
"And handy."
"Especially when you have to be"
too many places"
at once."

"Anyway, it's pretty sweet."

Another Jaden just appears next to Eric and he's holding out a pack of Stride. "Gum?"

Eric? He just flateyes at all the Jadens…and then drenches Jadimus Prime. In the face. With the waterbottle. "Great…Multiple Man…" He finally mutters, glaring at all the Jadens. "…are you trying to ask Elena out on a date!?" He finally exclaims. "Right after you…er…" Point at Jaden Bond. "…I mean YOU! …which…is…you…BROKE HER WINDO—- and what do you mean curtain of LIES?!" Oh man, he's about to quit himself…but…but…he can't stop smiling. I mean…its just funny.

He finally settles for just staring at all the Jadens…and when a new one just appears there, calmly reaches out and takes a stick of gum. "….thanks."

I mean really. What else can you say. Really.

"…welcome to the club…" He adds under his breath.
Gene has connected.

All this just got /way/ too crazy for Lachlan. Way, way, way too crazy. When all the other Jadens arrive, he first balks, then grows increasingly withdrawn until he finally shakes his head and starts for the door. "Look, Elena," he utters, "thanks, but I'm goin' home." Home. Where there are no Jadens breaking in windows, no spray bottles, and no geek-kids with bad cologne. Just quiet, a guitar, some scotch, and a TV dinner.

"….you're asking me to dinner when you broke my window?" Elena groans at Jaden. She just stares when a third Jaden enters the mix. So she does what any sane person does - she shuts the door before MORE can come in. And when all -three- of them explain what's going on, Elena sighs and looks at Lachlan, Eric, Gene, and the Jadens. And when Lachlan goes running scared, she looks at him apologetically. "I'm sorry," she says, and she does feel incredibly bad about this. "Look…about Cass. I'll give you a call later, okay? I think it might be better when you talk while you're in someplace comfortable anyway." She walks Lachlan to the door, and opens it for him. "Try and take it easy, huh? Like I said, this sort of stuff….it's not all hunky-dory." She inclines her head slightly at the taller Scot, smiling ruefully. "Nothing worth having is easy to get," she tells him.

She opens the door for the Scotsman. "….might also help if you lay off the booze and hanging out with other girls for a bit," she offers. She waves when he goes, and then she -rounds- on the Jadens, Eric, and Gene. "You sure you wanna leave though? I mean, the guys are here and….if you just came clean with the problem maybe they can help you out with the entire girl issue."

"I can fix that." Jadimus Prime says, pointing at the window. "And it's not my fault. Well, technically it is, but that me has a thing for Daniel Craig so… I can't control him all the time." And now Jadimus is doing that thing where he looks pouty. Just a little pouty. Pouty enough to show that he's really really sorry about the window. "Sorry about the window. I'll pay for it." Awwww. And with him being soaking wet too (FROM ERIC'S EVIL ATTACK) he may look just that more pitiful.

Jaden the Third gets a bright idea out of nowhere. "Dude! I got it!" He pops up and slides across the floor (somehow) towards Lachlan. "You got girl troubles? We've got answers." And as if J4's his twin, he realizes what's happening and slides over two. Poor Lachy gets a Jaden on either side of him:

"I can get you on Love Connection. I know a guy."
"No way. The Bachelor's better. I know the same guy."
"Are you serious? That show is so unbearingly lame compared to the comedic stylings of Chuck Woolery!"
"Chuck Oldery's more like it! That show is ANCIENT. He needs new, hip and…"
Both Jadens smile and look at each other. "VH1."

Okay and in Jaden Bond news, he's still checking to make sure everything is all good with his suit. "I swear. Bloody Americans." He smooths his hair out and strolls up to Elena. "So. How about that dinner?" Even though this isn't the same Jaden that asked her, but, well… close enough?


Eric though just…stares at the sudden multi-pronged Jaden attack. He dosn't know which person to yell at. "…I…" Pause. "I SO QUIT!" Yes. Its Elena's line, but dammit its needed in something like this. "Whats next? Is one of you going to hire me to be your common sence? Cause you have NONE OF IT!" He says as he notes the pair of Jadens heading towards Lach. Eric just blinks a moment, and then leaaaaaaans over towards the pouty looking Jaden prime.

"…dude, I think you need to stop yourself before both of them get killed. He dosn't need /that/ kind of help! He's got a girl…she's just mad at him right now." He mutters to his friend…not knowing which way this was going to end. A pause then before he just shrugs helplessly at Lachlan.

"Sorry about all this Lachlan…" He apologises /for/ Jaden, knowing the big softie really isn't in the best of places. "…but yeah, if you do need help after talking to Elena I'd be willing to listen." Gene might not be the best of people to ask though…buuuuut…it would be amusing to watch.

Pause again.

"…and damn right your paying for her window."

Lachlan bristles inwardly at the jab about booze and women and the staying-away thereof. Elena was doing fine up until that point. "Sure," he grunts to the mention of a phone call. He pauses in the doorway and glances over his shoulder at "the boys" — people he doesn't really know, and with whom he has zero desire to share this problem. "Nah, I— " and then he's accosted on both sides by Jadens, and his face contorts into a scowl. Before he can act on the urge to knock in a few teeth, Eric pipes up, and the Scotsman just shakes his head. "Yeah. Thanks." And with that, he's out the door and back on his way home.

Gene looks up from his PSP for a long moment. He looks to everyone gathered for a loooong moment, taking in all the information about him. He hrms to Jaden, Eric, Elena, Jaden yet again… Wait, Jaden yet again? Huh. There is a moment where he opens his mouth to say something, ready to state his offical thoughts on all of this.

He closes his mouth and just goes back to playing his PSP.

The nerd has spoken.

She sighs, and rubs her forehead a bit as Jaden Bond sidles up to her. "…..dinner?" Elena repeats, exasperatedly. She glances over at the window, groaning still at the fact that she was going to have to clean up the mess and -explain to her father- how the window got broken. And unlike OTHER teenagers, she can't lie, her father's a freaking telepath! "….you're asking me to dinner at a time like this?" She points to her window. "You have no idea how BIG of a trouble I'm in right now!" She looks at the drapes blowing in from the cold air outside. "…….this is seriously gonna jack up our energy bill by the morrow."

When Eric tells Jaden to pay for the window, she sighs and rakes a hand through her hair.

"….so just…how many….are you?" she asks, picking up a broom and sweeping the shattered glass, looking all -_-. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know. "And are you guys hungry? Thursday?" Even with her frustration, she can STILL be a good hostess. A quizzical glance is shot over at Eric surreptitiously. Did he -know- about this?

"Buuurrrrrrn." The Lachlan Dittos are no longer focusing on the Scottish Wolverine since he's left the building. And are, instead, providing color commentary on the fact that Jaden has no game. Of course, this ticks off Jadimus Prime to no end and he closes his eyes for a moment. It's a long moment. But one by one the Dittos blip out of existence.

"Oh bloody hell, not again." Blip!
"Whoa. Bogus." Blip! Blip!
"Heavends to murgatroid! Exit! Stage left!" Blip!

Jaden's the only one left after the Dittos all make their personalized exits. "Just one." is the answer given to Elena, before he moves off towards the side and away from the girl. Sad, a bit. Mostly burned though. He yanks his cell phone off his hip and flips it open. Speed dial. "Yo! Shagz. Shaggy! Wake up, dude! I need a favor. Mondo favor." He looks from Elena to Eric and then to the window. "Dude, the future of my loins depend on this." What?! "I need to you get up, get dressed, write down this address I'm about to give you, grab your tools and get your ass over here ASAPPER. I need you to fix a window."
Awwwwww. Too bad it's not worth A DINNER. Sniff.

The future of his WHAT? Elena just -stares- at Jaden, and covertly shuffles away from his loins.

"…you…" Eric just dosn't know what to say. "…I…" He stares at the dissipearing Jadens, the broken window, and the man on the cellphone. Then he just glares at him. "…I really /should/ have kicked you in the face." He finally says with an exhale. "…and don't look at me like that Elena! I had no clue about…about…" He waves a hand. "Multiple Man over there!" A pause again before he turns to just look at Gene. Blink. Blink. "What the heck did you do to that PSP?" He asks curiously for a moment before he shakes his head. "…oh…yeah…Gene, meet Jaden…now that there's just one of him. No. No drink, but food would be good." He says to Elena…and covertly shuffles between her and Jaden. If he wants to get the fruit of his loins future on he's going to get ninja kicked right in the mango.

The boy with the black hair continues to play. Finally he realizes that maybe just playing his PSP will get him friends and respect. Even if he promises to trade rare items and let Elena borrow his import games. That in mind, Gene puts down his portable game system and moves toward Elena. "Here, let me help with that I mean, it looks like Jaden made a bit mess."

A keen eye look toward the table (or whatever flat surface is near the couch) would notice something odd about the PSP display. Instead of showing some game, it would be showing a GPS with a few pings here and there. Normally, Gene would be pretty good about hiding such things, but considering Jaden is doing some bizarre trick, introducing his twin, or breaking the laws of science, he forgets small details like turning off various work.

While Gene doesn't have much to say, he stops whatever he is doing to see Jaden take in his Dittos. Gene takes this in for a moment, processing the information yet again. Finally, a conclusion has been made.

The brave geek makes a run for the door. As he gets the door open in a near nervous panic, he looks over toward Eric. "I was doing a little work, don't blame this on me! This isn't even my field. It's building stuff, not making teleporter accidents and stuff!"
"Close the door this isn't your fault!" Eric says before Gene gets away.

"Thanks…." Elena says, looking over at Gene gratefully. Oh lord. Can this get any crazier? She is about to hand over the broom when she blinks a little bit at the blinking PSP. "……….what on earth…?" Luis was a gamer. He HAS a PSP (she didn't even want to know how he got the money for it, or who he stole it from). But the PSP looks insanely tricked out. "Gene! Where are you going?" she cries, her hand outstretching to try and calm him down a little…..through this distance, but it's not taking. Probably because she's so preoccupied. She looks at Eric. Does he even know his WAY around New York?

She puts the broom away after the glass is swept. "Thank you, Jaden," she says, feeling incredibly bad about the kicked-puppy look, but grateful about the fact that he called someone to fix the window before her father arrives. She even gives him a small smile. She takes a step back and looks at Eric, resting a hand gently on his back. "Alright, food, coming up…but…I think you better…I mean, your friend looks like his head's about to explode."

She turns to Jaden. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" she invites cheerfully.

Great. Just great. This is not boding as well as he thought. Jaden knows that look in Eric's eyes. He remembers it. That one grade. With that one girl. Amanda Becker. Oh yes, he remembers Amanda Becker. HER AND HER FIZINE SELF. Ahem, back to the flashback sequence. It came down to two men. Two guys. The choice was hers. Goddamn Sadie Hawkins. In one corner? Eric. In the other corner? Jaden. Unfortunately, She was All That and Jaden Couldn't Hardly Wait for Sixteen Candles to get blown out by The Breakfast Club when she picked Eric and left Jaden with the Varsity Blues and a list of 10 Things I Hate About You.

End Flashback. "Huh?" Jaden looks around Eric and sees a smiling Elena. He has no idea why she's smiling, but it erases his kicked-puppy look, at least. Which is good. "Oh. I can't. I've got um… business meetings and stuff." He's lying but it's all with the obvious. The keys to Elena's apartment are tossed at Eric as Jaden makes a quick few sliding steps towards the door. "Anyway, my friend Shaggy's on his way. He'll make everything all better. He's like a band-aid." He shrugs a bit more. "Just uh… feed him. He gets cranky if he doesn't eat. I'll take care of the bill." Holy crap, that was a mature moment from Jaden Cain. The world is ending. Wait.

Jaden stops. Blink. "Who's the nerd?" He's -just- not noticing Gene?! WHAT THE HECK MAN!

Eric's words get to pause from the young inventor. "What? There is someone doing some crazy and you want me to just close the door and act like it's okay? Give me one good reason why I should-" Gene stops as he sees Elena doing something. Of course, she has no POWA so it isn't a mind control thing. Because powers don't exist. Nah, instead it is something else. She must be reaching out for him. She doesn't want him to leave. She might wanting him to stay so he won't snitch or freak out… But he might get a hug by the end of this. A hug. By a girl that isn't related to him and cute!

Door closes, Gene is still there. He appears ready to say something, but Elena touches Eric instead. But, she wasn't holding her hand out toward him. That's FALSE ADVERTISING, right there. But considering he would have the 'doormat' ouchie if there was one, he just takes it. "I'm Gene… Gene Kensington," he replies quietly as he closes the door. He still seems a bit on the nervous side, which is given evidence as he pulls out his inhaler and takes a couple of puffs from it.

Oh yeah. If Eric knew just what flashback was going through Jaden's head…now…what REALLY happened was something more along the lines of how Amanda Becker /really/ wanted to ask out Jaden. He was the older bad boy. Eric was the nice young guy. You know how that works out. The power of the bad boys is great. It was Sadie Hawkins. However there were no corners. There was Eric in one room, and Jaden in different one. Amanda goes to find Jaden in his room, opens the door to find Jaden.

And her sister.

…studing PhysEd.

Cut to /crying/ Amanda tearfully asking Eric to take her to the dance.

Oh yeah. Real win there.

She was all that though, so Eric didn't complain. When life throws you lemons and all that.

Back to the present time though he seems to relax before he rolls his eyes once. "Oh come on Jaden, she's a good cook, you don't wanna insult the cook do ya?" He asks before he gestures for him to not just run off. "Besides, business meetings? Yeah right. You got another party to go for." Then he pauses and facepalms. "…thats Gene. He's a friend. He builds…stuff." Cool stuff. He'll fill it all in later.

"…and one good reason is I'll explain things if you sit down."

While Jaden and Eric are having a FLASHBACK/OFF, Elena stares at the both of them, staring at each other like they're trying to read each other's minds. Finally, she sighs, and looks between Jaden, and Gene. Finally, she points to the kitchen. "I can make stuffed crust pizza," she tells them. "From scratch."

She sighs. "Look you guys, it's getting late, and I know this area, the gangs will be shooting at each other right this very moment, so I think you guys might as well sit down, relax, and have some food and weather the storm until it's safe to venture out again," she says, looking over at Gene, and then at Jaden. "Please, I insist. It's just to make up for the weirdness of the day…" This to Gene. "And for being mean when you were just trying to be nice." This to Jaden. "So….please?"

She takes a step to the kitchen and opens up the fridge to look at what's in. Looks like she has the ingredients at least. She starts hauling them out. Even if Gene and Jaden say no, she knows Eric will probably stick around and eat her food. Because he's a giant mooch like that.

After replacing the inhaler, Gene nods and moves back toward the couch. Sitting himself back where he once was, Gene gives a tired "Fine… But if this runs too late, Eric's gunna have to call in. Not supposed to stay out late on my own." He turns off his game system after letting the systems power down properly. He figures he'll get one heck of an explaination, but that's fine; it beats watching Battlestar Galactica re-runs on SciFi.

Elena pauses from working the fresh pizza dough to -gape- at Gene. "….what do you -mean- he has to call in?" she wonders, interjecting. "Late on your own? But you look like my age!" Even her -father- wasn't that overprotective. She gives Eric a GLOWER. "Are you keeping him prisoner or something?"

The future of the world is in Jaden Cain's mind. This cannot bode well for anyone that's having any children within the next twenty years. Or twenty minutes if he happens to bump into Sylar or something. Anyway, Jaden listens to the words come at him from Eric and it only causes him to narrow his eyes. That damn Eric. Always ruining his not-so-ebil plans. It's like a Ghetto Ass Ken and Ryu.

"Party? Who can party at a time like this?" Jaden moves over to where the window is not anymore and peers out. "The city is dark. Evil lurks. Something must be done." He'd be inner monologuing if he wasn't saying this out loud. "Someone has to protect the innocent. Someone has to clean up this town. Someone has to walk the mayor's dog." Don't ask. Just don't ask.

Jaden sighs, looking out into the night and already he can hear the sounds of the bad dudes having a royal rumble down there. "You all stay. Eat. Enjoy your dinner and your beautiful hostess." Jaden starts to climb up and into the broken window frame. What the hell. "I have work to do. For I am….!" Pause. Blink. "… well, I haven't really figured out a name yet, but when I do, it'll be so awesome."

Is he really about to try and pull a superhero exit out the non-window?!

"Its no problem Gene," Eric replies as he pulls a cellphone out of his pocket. A blink though towards Elena and he just stares at her a moment. "…prisoner? What? No! He just works for the…same…people that I work for and he dosn't get out much." Pause. "…like ever. He works night tech support. I sprung him from his job tonight. When was the last time I dragged you out of your shop Gene?" He asks speaking quickly as he blinks towards Elena. Wait. Mooch? HIM? HE BUYS SOME OF THE FOOD! DON'T CALL HIM A MOOCH! ;_;

Then he just turns towards Jaden and stares and blinks. "…did you get that speach from X-Men, Batman, or The Tick?" He asks as he glances down at the phone. "I'm voting The Tick. It sounded like something Big Blue would say." Then he just pauses and stares as he starts to get up on the window. "…dude! Too much X-Men! What do you think your doing!?"

She blinks when Jaden and Eric argue, and then Eric gives her his explanation. She tilts her head to Eric a bit - there's something in her eyes. Something that's telling him that she's starting to SUSPECT something. Elena, however, stops looking at Eric and Gene in favor of leaving the kitchen so she can follow Jaden, quickening her strides and attempting to snag the back of his collar before he could touch the windowframe.

"Down, Jaden," she groans, focusing her abilities on him. She'll put him down if she has to, to keep him from jumping out the -window-, in the -dark-, with people shooting at each other around the corners and having absolutely no bead whatsoever on the line his Bond Ditto used to swing in. "Seriously. Relax a little, will you? You can save the world tomorrow, just not right now when Eric's trying to -tell you something-." And who knows? He might find it cool.

Especially when he's as high as a kite.

Gene just reddens and he looks down as he gets called out by Jaden's words, but doesn't say a word. Eric answers for him anyway. Prisoner? Of course not. They just want to keep him safe. It's a dangerous world out there, after all. He doesn't say anything for the time being, just figuring the trio will start talking. His secrets (at least the ones relating his word) are ones Eric knows about, so trying to keep them under wraps is up to the young heir's discretion. In the meantime, he intently studies the floor about his feet as if it is far more interesting than it really it.

This is awkward. Mostly because Jaden's trying to turn around in this little space and it's just not happening well. He doesn't want to lose his place in the JUMP OFF A BUILDING WITH NO PARACHUTE line. It would suck. But he's doing it and finally manages to turn around enough to look back at Eric. Okay, so this mostly had to do with Elena pulling a Cartoon Mom Moment and collaring him away from the window, but he can have his delusions of heroic grandeur… later.

"Huh?" Eyelids are getting of the heavy and Jaden finds himself slipping from Elena's grip and down to the floor, where he may be able to lean against the door. Goofy little smile of stupidity (which looks like his normal smile) gets plastered on his face as he tries to keep up with the heavy conversation that's going down up in this piece. "I shouldn't have come. I've endangered the mission." Jaden starts quoting random stuff, even in the midst of relaxing and fighting at a yawn. "Wait, huh? Who's telling me what?" Confused Jaden is, yes.

Eric just looks at Elena for a moment and then just facepalms. "You did that didn't you," He murmurs softly towards her before he just smirks and shakes his head. "Thanks for not letting him jump out the window." He adds after a moment. Then he glances around, looks over towards Gene and sighs. "Look, you might want to sit down Gene." He says as he rubs the back of his neck a bit. "…its a little bit of a story…and…you know…its a secret." He pauses a moment. No. He won't let Gene's secret out of the bag either…unless the other boy wants the secret out. "…Jaden's powers…what he can do, you know you can't tell anyone bout it right?"

"The only -mission- you're endangering is yourself, Jaden," Elena groans, her arms up and blinks when Jaden drops heavily onto her since she's gripping his shirt. She sighs, and hooks her arms under his arm pits and tries to drag him towards Gene. If Gene was high too this would totally look like that scene in Hudson Hawk where Tommy and Eddie were nailed by those poison darts. Still, she drags her 'victim' so she could put him in a comfortable spot. Jesus. What's WITH these people? It's like they don't want to be fed!

Or get some answers.

"Come on, Jaden, up you get," she groans, trying to hoist the heavier young man up on the other couch by Gene. She rests his head on a few of the worn, but plump pillows on the armrest of the couch. Great. Another thing to explain to her father if she doesn't let this wear off in a bit. He can sleep it off, or she can make him a little bit more alert so he can pay attention. But if she did that, he might try to swan dive out of her window again. She folds his arms on his torso, and looks over at Eric. "What else was I supposed to do?" she murmurs. "I don't know aikido or karate, it's not like I can vulcan nerve-pinch him into submission."

"…actually, if you told him what it was…he would fall for it I bet. Like the guy in Spaceballs," Eric whispers back towards Elena, bending to help her with Jaden.

"…just how many movie references is that now? God we're -dorks-," Elena groans, letting Eric help her with Jaden, but she does smile at him, and looks away, biting back a laugh.

Gene is already seated on the couch. It's okay though, he's a geek so being unnoticed is part of his skill set. Summoning a rare bout of sarcasm to Eric, he mutters, "Gee, Eric, I'm sure telling that a random stranger I met can duplicate would go well for me. Sure no one would think I'm crazy or I'd trigger some sort of freaky ass cover-up group that I'm SURE exists." He lifts his head to prepare to lay it on the back before he sees the high Jaden next to him. He's not used dealing with strangers, much less strangers in an altered state of mind after seeing them do super powers. Lifting his head and scooting forward, he glances over toward Elena, "I presume that you have some sort of ability too… Unless you carry around run with drugs in your pocket." The kid might be socially inept, but he's as quick as they come.

Rubbing his forehead, Gene tries to take it in. He had his public freakout, now he's trying his best to gather the information, come to a conclusion, and figure out a course of action. Right now, the information seems to be pretty wild and his best course of action seems to be 'man up and listen up'. Greeeeat.

So out of it. He might as well be asleep. Jaden doesn't look like he's in any position to be jumping out of any windows. He's having a hard enough time keeping his eyes open. Which, for the record, is a battle he's rapidly losing. "They've found me. I don't know how, but they found me…" is mumbled for a moment, as he starts to drift off.

"THE LIBYANS!" is yelled as Jaden jerks up right, points randomly in a direction that has nothing to do with nothing, and he drops back down into his euphoric semi-slumber, in which there is drooling on the pillow. "Mmmmm. Invisible Woman…."

Gene scoots a little more to the other side of the couch.

Eric just…faceplams. "…I don't even /know/ what the heck to do with him…I don't think were going to get to eat tonight…" He mutters half to Elena and half to himself. "…I can get thease two home." He adds after a moment with a slight smirk. "But…well…" He glances at Elena a moment then sighs. "…your quick Gene. Yes. She does…and I can do something odd too." He shrugs. "…so we all have as Jaden put it…wierd mutant abilities. Though I don't quite think its like that." He grumbles a moment before just looking at Jaden and shaking his head. "…how did you end up meating him…" He asks of Elena as he nudges Jaden's leg with his foot.

She looks up at the sound of the freaky-ass cover-up group with a -look- on her face. But Gene could just be saying that, right? Right. Then again, he seems to be into the entire geeky pursuits thing so she's really not all that surprised that he might know of theories like that. Still, she fidgets, still crouched on the side and by Jaden to make sure her new boss was stable. She's actually never -observed- anyone she's put into a euphoric state before so she takes the time to touch the side of the duplicator's neck to time his vitals with the clock on her cellphone. But then he shoots up, and cries out something about the Libyans and Invisible Woman before crashing again.

"…." She retracts her hand slowly.

When Gene points out what he does, she hesitates. "You can say mine can travel across the board," she tells Gene. "Odd though that you're taking this rather well…..after your initial freakout anyway. Granted how you were saying it, it had more to do with you than Jaden." She peeeeeers at Gene from where she is crouched.

At the last, she looks at Eric. "It's a long story. A long story involving Cass and a costume. And yeah, I know. I'll pack up some leftovers for you to take with you if you like. Simply put, he offered me a job after I told him that I read that stock for EvoSoft went down because Mr. Cain put up an unknown as his successor. Wall Street is pretty predictable when it comes to advancement….everyone just assumes that whenever a CEO steps out, another one with equivalent experience takes his place. But when Mr. Cain selected Jaden to inherit his empire….well. A lot of investors got nervous."

"This is ironic. The freak inventor ends up being only normal one here," Gene observes with a smirk, causing his eyes downward again. It's comforting to seem like he's speaking to himself, takes away a little of the nervous edge he gets. Cute girl is one thing, small crowd another. Add those two together AND all this stuff? Well, it takes a bit to keep Gene here, but he figures he doesn't have much of a choice. That's because he doesn't have powers. He's smart, that's it. Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein… They did great things7:04 PM 4/10/2008, but they were normal people that wouldn't last five seconds against Superman or even Jubilee. Normal like him. Or so Gene thinks. As Elena and Eric explain a lot about themselves and current events, Gene first responds to the idea of 'powers'. "Well, it explains a few stories on the news here and there… The powers stuff. As for me freaking out? I have no idea what you're talking about. I worry a lot, but I work on a lot of stuff that should make people like me worry."

As usual, the topic of his work causes him to be a little uneasy, so Gene works to change the topic. "So, what's your power, Eric? If it's like Elena's, please don't try it on me… I promised my grandfather I'd lay off drugs. Not sure supersmack counts, but don't want to find out." Yes, he said smack. No, he doesn't even know what drug smack is supposed to be.
Jaden is losing it, by this point. Sleep is good. He's a busy bratty CEO. He starts to curl himself up onto the sofa more, trying to get comfortable and if he kicks somebody, then, well, TOO BAD SO SAD. "Look out, Jerry! Tom's gonna' get you!" What the hell.

"Wait, you're an inventor?" And not just an inventor. A -freak- inventor. Elena's dark, amber-flecked eyes fall on Gene, curiosity in her expression. "As in top secret stuff? But you look so…." Young. She was smart, but to be able to claim that he could make things that make normal people worry? She wants to ask more, but with him changing the subject, it's quite clear he doesn't want anyone to pry, and so keeps quiet. Instead, she drags the worn afghan from the back of the couch and spreads it over Jaden as he curls up and tries to get comfortable. It was the least she could do. See? She's actually quite sweet if she's not drugging people into not killing themselves.

"His power is nothing like mine," she says, glancing over at Eric. "In fact I have a theory about his powers and if I'm -right-…" She doesn't say anything further, and instead concentrates on making Jaden comfortable.

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