2007-07-07: All Elena's Fault


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Summary: Potentially relationship-crushing hurdle.

Date It Happened: July 7th, 2007

Log Title All Elena's Fault

Location NYC - Midtown - Jack's Apartment

It's been harder to catch Jack lately. With his new job working under Petrelli and Trina back to Della Rosa working as a relief waitress until the Den's back on it's feet, there's a lot of Ships in the Night passings. However, she's got him this time. There ain't no way he's gonna be working. …Or such is her hope. She didn't actually call to check.

On Miss Mah's shoulder, a messenger bag is slung with a careless ease. Toes are turned towards in on each other, army boots looking like they are debating a face-off beneath the black cargo pants that hang from Trina's hips. Up top, there's a tight black tank baring the arms at now rest crossed lightly over her stomach now that the initial knocking's done. Add a few necklaces, both silver chains and silver pendants on black cords, and a nervous biting of her lower lip, and one has Katrina Mah standing at the door.

Come on, Jack. Please be home?

"GO 'WAY!"

Despite the muffled shout from the other side of the door, a series of bumps, thuds, collisions, and swearing can be heard from inside the apartment. That would be Jack descending the ladder from his loft bedroom and missing the last few rungs. There is a loud, metallic snap as he operates the knob in the center of the door to retract the four-way bolting mechanism. When he opens it to let Trina in, he's a little on the ragged side. Sleep-tousled hair, eyes heavily lidded, dressed only in black boxers printed with yellow frownyfaces and a fleecy red blanket thrown around his shoulders. "'ey Baby," he greets her sleepily, leaning in for a smooch.

Despite everything in her screaming to do otherwise, Trina turns her head, giving Jack the opportunity to find her cheek instead of lips. Rolling her head for a moment, she brings her face back to look at Jack. Icy-pale blue eyes look him over for a second from underneath a crinkled brow, and then she sighs a small, quiet sigh after one corner of her mouth pulls higher than the other in consideration. "Did I wake you up?" Usually he's up by now. Sure, it's not exactly afternoon yet, but he always beats her up in the morning. "I… I'm not interruptin' anythin', 'm I?" Then, she can't help it. She gives a fleeting glance over his shoulder to look a little deeper into the apartment.

"Whut?" Jack is so confused to be given the cheek that his nose actually collides with Trina's face. He cranes his head to follow her gaze inside his place, then turns to look back at her with his eyebrows furrowed curiously. "Interruptin'? Nah. I was up late changin' the locks at Campaign HQ. Uh. You wanna come in?" He opens the door wider and steps aside, then snuggles deeper into the blanket he's wrapped in.

She's being stupid. She's being SUCH a stupid girl about this. "In would be good," she finally allows, Trina moving to make her way inside the apartment. "Look," she continues, hand plunging into the bag whose strap decorates her torso and starting to ruffle inside and eventually extracting a glossy-paged tabloid. "I know I'm probably bein' dumb, but I just gotta hear it from you. The girls at Della were talkin', and one of 'em brought a magazine in. And I thought, 'Hey, just gossip. Don't pay it no mind.' But then a couple other girls were talkin' 'bout it, and my head started goin' all sorts of crazy places and then I just… I had to hear it from you." Rummaging through the pages, Trina finally holds up the magazine. It prominently features one of the now-rampant stock images of her lovely beau… next to an article dedicated to heart-broken women everywhere. Because, ladies, Jack Derex got caught kissing a dude according to a headline that screams across half of the spread. "Please tell me I ain't a cover story, Jack. Please."

Jack blinks sleepiness from his eyes and takes the magazine from Trina. As his new job is keeping him extremely busy, this is the first he's read about the shared escapade at DnAs. "Oh." He blinks several more times and re-reads the headline. "OH! You think I'm foofy!" He shakes his head vehemently and snaps the magazine closed on a picture of himself and his stubbly-faced faux paramour. "NO! Jesus, that was…" He clings to his blanket, desperately searching for a concise explanation. "That was all Elena's fault," he finishes lamely.

The brunette woman watches Jack take in the words on the page, but failing miserably at getting any sort of reading off of him. Thus, she must wait for the explanation. An explanation that seems a little more explaining. An eyebrow arches and lips pull tightly downward, Trina not looking particularly impressed. Her tongue clicks against the roof of her mouth as she draws her arms back in to cross over her stomach. "Elena made you kiss a man." While stated as a fact, it is intended to inquire after elucidation. This should be a good story.

"YES!" Jack nods energetically. "Err. No. Well, yeah, sorta. You wanna sit down? I'm gonna sit down." Nervous, uncomfortable, distraught, and about thirty other negative emotions simultaneously, he pads across the apartment on bare feet to plop down in his favorite recliner. "For the record, I'm not a poof," he insists. "I can tell you what happened, but I've gotta share someone else's secret with you to do it. Will you swear to keep that secret?" The muscles in his jaw clench, and for a moment his eyes are deadly serious.

Trina debates remaining on her feet, but after a moment of it, she tentatively follows Jack and takes a seat nearby on the couch. Her bag is kept over her shoulder, however, and hugged close. She was really hoping he'd just deny the whole thing. It'd certainly be easier to handle than …than honestly admitting it? It's hard, and she's torn between which is actually worse. When Jack asks her for her word at the end of his spiel, the female narrows her eyes for a moment and studies him. Then, closing her eyes, she just shakes her head in disbelief. She can't believe she's going along for this crazy ride. "Yeah," she answers at last. "Yeah, I swear."

"Oooookay," Jack begins. "Thanks. I'm… You're gonna have to take a lot of faith, here." He chews at his lower lip, then shyly meets Trina's eyes. "Elena is different. Like we are, only she's much, much more powerful." The words 'like we are' are emphasized with a gesture similar to those he uses when he's relocating something. "She has the ability to use a person's own body against them to bring pain." He pauses to cough into his fist. "Or pleasure. She lost control of her power when we were at the club. Everybody there was affected."

Trina's trying here. She really is. Despite the expression on her face that makes it seem as though she were observing Jack grow a second head. Just ignore that. That's her thinking. "So… explain to me how that made you kiss another guy." Then she waves a hand as she drops her head to rest it in the other hand. "Nevermind. Just— nevermind." Her fingers find purchase in the dark, wavy hair that veils her face, just past the hairline, and hold there. "You're tellin' me I don't gotta be worried… and that's enough." Her head nods a couple times with determination, rocking her body in the process. "That's enough." Lifting her head, she tries to smile in Jack's direction. See? Trying! Because, hey, she understands not feeling entirely in control. And she really doesn't understand how things work in the world of the perpetually and genetically strange. "She… That doesn't happen often, right?"

Jack's jaw drops. He stares at Trina in blank, uncomprehending disbelief. Not because of her questions, but because of her blithe acceptance. He stands and shrugs his blanket away, letting it fall to the floor carelessly as he he crosses to take a seat beside Trina. Tentatively, he reaches out to touch his fingertips to her shoulder. "No. That's a first. Both for her overloadin' and for me smoochin' on a fella." His touch becomes a gentle squeeze. "Iuhvu," he mumurs, the words smashed together by his own embarrassment. "Yer m'girl, an' the only person for me."

"An' I love you, Jack." When that touch becomes a squeeze, Trina's glad she didn't shy away from the touch as would be her first inclination. What would she honestly have done in his shoes? She can't say. Not for sure. Another reason to just forgive him and move on. Oh, hey! And they've only been together a few months anyway. Probably just needs a little space, right? Right! And then there's the fact that Elena is apparently a crazy lust-making machine and Jack was powerless in the wake of her Crazy Succubus powers. Or… something to that effect.

Already rationalization settles in and begins to patch the holes between them. Her fingertips move, stretching out to lightly stroke at the handsome jaw that cuts such a striking profile. "An' s'all I wanna be." She's just gotta get people to BACK THE FUCK OFF and leave her man alone. Yeah. She's got a better chance of gettin' him to stop drinking. But… But he's her man, dammit. "Just no more kissin' men."

Jack blushes and ducks his head slightly. Except for Elena, Trina is the only person he's ever shown this much emotion to. It takes a moment for him to master himself. When he has, he nuzzles his cheek against his girlfriend's hand and lets out a soft, satisfied purr. "Agreed, baby. From now on, all snogs will be reserved for you and you alone." His eyes twinkle merrily as he wraps his arms around Trina's waist, much relieved to have gotten over this potentially relationship-crushing hurdle. "'M really lucky to have you around. You're bloody incredible."

To that, there's a soft, humble chuckle. Trina lightly rests her head against Jack's shoulder to hide the blush in the side of his neck, hands moving to mirror his and find a place around his muscled form. There. That's better. No more fighting. There's a little bit that nags down in her gut, but every bit of it is blown off as past experience tainting the present. Jack deserves the benefit of the doubt and his own chance to screw up or not without her helping him along. "Nah. You just got a couple lemons in your time, s'all. Makes me look better by comparison." Another sigh is released, but this one takes with it the lion's share of the tension that has built up in her chest, previously making it almost hurt to breathe. Nestling in and trying to forget that she was ever mad at all, the slender woman finds her lips curling more genuinely into a smile. "I've missed you lately."

Jack cradles Trina in the crook of his arm and kisses the top of her head. "I've missed you too," he agrees, his voice a low, pleasant rumble. His smile matches hers, and he gives her a small, fond squeeze. "Workin' for Nathan has kept me pretty busy. Security's not really what I saw myself doin' as a boy, but he's my friend an' he needs help. How 'bout you? How've you been stayin' occupied?"

"Went back to Della. They ended up short a hand last week, so I'm just runnin' drinks until Tia gets back from some family shit she had to deal with. Probably be sometime this week or next. Least the rent gets paid. After that, prolly should check out something else… unless you think the Den'll be back open by then." Inhaling once, Trina then remembers something else she wanted to bring up. "Met some kid with a Mustang at a little car show, too. Said he knew you. Many Pez or somethin'?" She can't remember the name, but that doesn't sound right. "Said you got him out of some hot water a-ways back. Was he pullin' my leg? I swear, datin' you is like datin' a right out celebrity some days. Everybody and their uncle Vince seems to know you." It's… honestly a little cool, but she'd never ever admit it. Not out loud. There's only the telltale snuggle to hint at the thought. Still hers.

"Manchild," Jack corrects her gently. "Probably introduced 'imself as Manny. Yeh, he's 'Lena's little brother. Good kid with a short fuse. Waitasec." He pulls back just far enough to look Trina in the eye. "I told you that you were on paid vacation, lover. Whatcha doin' back at Della?" It's clear that he's not upset she's working at another bar, just confused that she's working at all. "Did you get the cash I sent you? I thought I put more'n enough aside to cover you for a bit." Again, no offense, only concern that he might've dropped the ball as a boss. He's used to having employees around for a month or two before they get bored or intimidated and wander off.

Trina simply kisses Jack's cheek and smiles back to do her best to reassure. "I can't not work. I ain't got anythin' to do. Car's up and runnin'; ain't got much in the way of friends. So I splurged a little. Got a couple new parts to keep repairin' what's still wrong with her. Set me back a little." Another peck on the cheek. "No worries, sugar. It's just temporary. Really." One more kiss to the cheek, because luck comes in threes. "I'd be a moron to give up the chance to work with the hottie who gives me the sweetest lovin' I know."

"Sweetest lovin? I like that sound o' that." Grinning, Jack tugs Trina into his lap and runs his fingers through her hair affectionately. "I understand 'bout needin' to stay busy, though. Idle hands bein' the devil's playground, an' all that. As for friends…" He pauses, glancing at Trina through half-lidded eyes. "I'd still like to introduce you to more o' mine. So long as me and Lachlan don't make a complete disaster o' things, I think it's great we're gonna be hangin' out with him an' Cassie."

There's a pleased squeak as Trina finds herself on a lap most comfortable, and the straddle there leaves her in perfect kissing range. Her eyes drop down to the fingertips that she moves to lightly trace Jack's bare collarbone. He's so *cute* when he's all messy and disheveled. "'m sure it'll be fine, darlin'." Then one of her devious grins starts to light up her features. Time for being angry and upset is very over and done with. "You know what would be better'n fine, though?"

Jack grins slyly up at Trina and leans forward to collect some kisses. "I have," Smooch. "a few," Snog. "ideas." His hands slide up her back and press her closer, and he lets out another soft, happy rumble. Have girl. Girl pretty. Smell good. Jack happy.

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