2011-03-01: That Kind of Gal



Date: March 1, 2011


Character is what you are in the dark.

"That Kind of Gal"

Midtown East

It's not the Fabulous Fireproof Inn, but no one's about to confuse it with the Waldorf Astoria either, not without about twice as many drinks as the last two arrivals had the night before. Combined. The curtains are faded to a light brown, the mattress sags; even the Gideon Bible in the end table drawer was swiped a month ago, and has yet to be replaced.

Awoken by the slight increase in road noise outside that means the sun isn't up yet - but is giving the idea serious thought - Stefano turns over onto his back, pleasantly unconcerned. He's got a good two, three hours before it's time to go earn again, and the one person who might wonder where he was is pulling a night shift and then crashing until the dinner hour.

The night was fueled by too few drinks to find this to be the Hilton. The night had just the right amount to find out what a good girl does when promoted to bad girl. It was a great thing to find out too. For now, Savannah is sleeping contently. She doesn't snore but does toss and turn every so often as the night's activities made her tired.

Into her psyche comes the sound of moving vehicles that she doesn't normally hear in her place. That doesn't really awaken her so much as someone else shifting in the bed with her. Savannah instinctively curls into Stefano's body. Her arm tossed over his chest, her leg over his and her head cradled into his shoulder. She even makes soft cooing noises of contentment.

Until she realizes someone is in her bed. Suddenly her entire body tenses and her head swings up to look around. Hazel eyes fill with confusion as her eyes try to adapt and dark hair lands soundly in Stefano's face.

It's that hair, in turn, that draws Stefano out of his haze of sensing without really thinking. Instinctively, he tries to blow it out of the way - succeeds only in moving it up toward his eyes - brushes it away with a hand, then rolls over onto his side, drawing closer. "Morning," he lies, belatedly reaching a hand up to take hold of the arm that she did have around him. Now why'd she have to go and do that? That arm was doing just fine where it was.

"Whah.." Savannah's drawl holds the sexy sleep slumber and confusion. Then she looks back to Stefano. It is a slow reality tick. Her eyes move over his form and then her head comes up to look around the room. Savannah spies articles of her clothing before she groans and puts her head back down. "Did we…"

While she has a look around, Stefano moves his own hand down to her side. "Didn't exactly hear you complainin'," he replies. "And I bought you dinner just like I promised, remember?" Oh, sure, that's the important topic of the day.

Savannah has a headache and doesn't remember the activities too well of last night. Then she looks back at him with another groan. "Ah was drunk. Y'all had to have known that when ya got here." Savannah curls to his touch though as her body remembers everything. "Wait.. wheah ah mah pants?"

And it's her body that Stefano is really addressing, anyway. Mere words are a secondary concern, at best, and probably not even that until he takes advantage of the complimentary coffee. "I think they're on the table by the door." Something about repeating the pose from the pool hall— it proved surprisingly sturdy, considering.

"Oh sweet mothah of …" Savannah's drawl is heard as her body is getting that feeling of his hands. Suddenly, the woman blushes and tries to stop his hands from wandering too much. "Ah ain't this kind of gal ya know. Ah.. Ah just had too much to drink and all." Her eyes peer up towards his. "Ya do this much of the time?"

Leaving off the attempt, Stefano props himself up on the pillow instead, meeting Savannah's gaze as best he can in the dim light. "See, I don't see it that way," he answers, dodging the actual question and going after the comment that preceded it instead. "The way I see it, you get a few drinks in you? Makes you let go of who you're pretending to be. Lets the real you come out and play."

Savannah opens her eyes wide to that. "Ya think that Ah sleep with every man Ah meet?" She has that look like she's going to take a swing at him for that. "Well.. Ah ain't just a conquest kind of gal!" Savannah turns her back to him to throw off the covers until she realizes there's nothing on under those covers. The sheet is pulled around her. "Could ya.. turn around oh close ya eyes?"

Despite the lack of light, Stefano knows that look just fine, and promptly moves the pillow to block the swing if she decides to take it. "Hey, that's not what I'm sayin'! Never said you wanted to play with anybody." Just— what? As her modesty comes crawling back, he moves the pillow again, this time covering his face with it. Whatever.

Savannah turns to look at him for a moment and takes his shirt as it is the closest thing she can find. Not that his wife beater is going to be too much use. Savannah then sits cross legged on the bed and reaches to try and take the pillow from his face. "Soooo… do we need to talk about what happened? Ah mean.. uh.. this like a one night thin' oh…"

Cued by the shift in weight, Stefano lets go of the pillow and sits up, whistling as he gets a fresh look at her. She definitely looks better in that shirt than he ever did. "Mmm? I dunno, what happened happened. If it happens again? That's up to you." This is where it always gets tricky, leaving things open for the odd future romp without tempting her to follow him around until disaster strikes.

Savannah looks at him for a moment. It is one of those moments that one seems to be looking through him instead of at him, reading his soul if she could. There is a blink and Savannah asks. "Ya got me in ya bed, now be honest with me. Ya with someone else oh not?"

A smirk crosses his face. At least it's still dark enough that it's a little easier for Stefano to get away with looking unconcerned. "C'mon, if I was, would I be offerin'? Honestly… hours I work, I ain't got much time to keep up with being with anybody." Great, now he makes himself out to be a lousy catch.

Savannah nods her head to that a bit. She doesn't seem to have any real concern to either answer as well as she believes him. "Okay, because Ah ain't sure that Ah'm lookin' for a boyfriend oh anythin'. Ah mean the last one went to prison ya know." She shrugs a bit to that as she works that top of his. "So eh.. sorry Ah don't remembah much of last night."

Stefano shakes his head. "Well, like you said. You were drunk, right?" Maybe it really will just be a one-night stand, then. "And I sure wouldn't want to do nothin' that'd land me in prison," he adds— well, he wouldn't want to get caught, anyway.

Savannah nods her head. "Ah doubt y'all will be boostin' cahs, now will ya Sugah?" Savannah leans in a bit to drop back on the bed. "Ah know it don't sound right, but Ah really ain't this kinda gal." Her lips curve up. "So ya don't have to go to runnin' if'n ya see me."

"Nah, I wouldn't steal no cars." That much, at least, Stefano is telling the truth about. Maybe if they hook up with somebody who knows how to hotwire them… But on to more immediate topics. "Hey, I got an idea how I can help you remember—"

Savannah looks interested in this. You want someone to hotwire cars? How about an innocent, hot brunette? Her lips quirk as she leans in a bit. "How ah ya gonna help me to remembah? Ya goin' to be drawin' me pictures?" There is another pause as she finds a clock to judge the time. "Ya ah goin' to be buyin' me breakfast too, right?"

"Oh, I got a better idea than that," as Stefano leans closer to undo the top button of her - his - shirt. Oh yes, he's more than happy to buy her breakfast. But they have to get out of the room first, and that'll be a while yet.

Savannah reaches a hand up to start to slap his hand, but hell, she's slept with him already. Might as well just go with it for the night. Her lips curve a bit. "Ya know.. since ya already think Ah'm that kinda gal, Ah might as well prove it true foh tonight."

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