2008-05-22: That's Quite a List


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Summary: Jamie tries to get Sophie to tell her what's going on with Kory and Peter's list.

Date It Happened: May 22nd, 2008, before A Lesson Learned

That's Quite a List

Sophie's Apartment

The day is warm, breezy, and beautiful. It is late afternoon as days get longer while the city approaches summer. Sophie isn't dressed for it, though, as she searches for lighter clothes that still cover the way she needs. She is seated on one of the benches, just reading a book.

Jamie, wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans, comes running down the street. Back to her old habits now that it's not as cold and icy, she's practicing on the street. Zig=zagging around people without being slowed down much at all, jumping over benches. She stops though as she comes across Sophie, looking flushed and a bit breathless from the exercise, but she smiles, "Hi!"

Sophie looks up at the greeting, and she breaks into a smile. "Well, good afternoon." she says, with some humor. "You look pretty breathless. Do you ever slow down?"

Jamie nods a bit and says, "Sometimes." She hops up onto the bench by Sophie as she catches her breath, and then says, "At school, they make me sit still *all day*. Well, except recess, but that's hardly any time at all. Gotta run, or climb something, or jump, or *something* after all that."

Sophie ahhs, chuckling. "I guess I can understand that. So, how've you been? What are they teaching you in that school.'

Jamie shrugs a bit and says, "I dunno, lots. Math, science, spelling, grammar, art, and music. Oh, and gym class. They're teaching everybody to juggle, except me, I already know how. But I practice with everybody anyway." Then she asks, "What've you been doin' lately?"

Sophie hmms, not really sure she should talk about what has /really/ been going on. So.. 'Oh, college, work, talking a lot with Kory…"

Jamie blinks, and says, "I met a Kory! She was pretty nice. Remember that man I told you flew me all around? She knows him. She's helping to save the world, she said. But she wouldn't tell me what's going on. Not yet anyway."

Sophie stares a moment, then she says, "It could be the same Kory, I imagine. I met that man, once. It wasn't the best circumstances, but it turned out ok in the end." she smiles a bit. Then grows more serious, "Saving the world? She thought you could be helping with that?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Yep! I still dunno doing what, but she thought so. Peter told her about me. And Ali and Erin too, she's gonna talk to us all again later sometime. Hope it's soon, wanna know what's goin' on." Her feet swing absently under the bench.

Sophie looks at you, saying, "Ali.. Erin, Peter, Kory, you.. That's quite a 'list', isn't it."

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Yeah! I dunno what's gonna happen, though." Feet continue to swing under the bench as she watches a few cars pass, and then says, as it occurs to her, "She talked to you about that too? You said you talked to her lots."

Sophie nods to that, keeping her voice down now. "Yes, we did, really. We talked a little about it." with a worried look. 'I only hope that I can help to stop whatever he thinks is coming.'

Jamie blinks, and then brightens, "Can you tell me what it's about? Please? I mean, know it's secret, can go somewhere else, but wanna know. Wanna know how to help."

Sophie hmms, 'I don't know everything. But going somewhere quiet is good, I think.' she says, 'So we can at least talk without worrying.'

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Erin'll be back home from work soon, and ain't told her yet. So, can't go there. Erin don't like Peter, gonna let Kory explain everythin'."

Sophie hmms as she says, "Well.. I have an apartment now, if you would like to go there. If its ok with whoever's watching you."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "It'll be ok!" Of course, that might be debatable, but she sounds convincing. She hops back to her feet and asks, smiling, "Where is it?"

Sophie says, "Actually, well, it in this Deveraux building. I know a few of the other people who live there. Pretty neat place." she smiles, 'Though.. there's not a lot of stuff at my place yet.' she shrugs. 'Not a lot of money, and I don't really know how I want it to look.'

Jamie shrugs a bit and grins, "That's ok! Can get more stuff later." The girl rocks a little on the balls of her feet as she waits for Sophie to get up and lead the way, excited.

A short walk later, including up the stairs, and Sophie opens the door to her place. She wasn't kidding. Shabby chic doesn't begin to cover it. It IS, unlike some hovels college students live in, in very good shape, and very clean. No cracked walls or broken windows. It is just.. pretty bare. There's a few folding chairs, a fold out style cot, a card table being used as a dining table/desk, and stacks of books just about everywhere. There are appliances, the ones that came with the place.

Jamie quickly looks around as they get in, exploring the apartment without venturing in too far. It takes her a few moments and she smiles as she comes back to Sophie, saying, "I think it's nice! Gonna be great once ya figure out what ya want and can afford stuff."

Sophie nods as she smiles, "So much space, really. I was thinking of hitting some second hand stores. Sometimes you can find some really cool stuff cheap there." she offers you one of the folding chairs, "I have some juice, if you'd like something, and cookies too."

Jamie nods quickly, giving a bright smile at the offer, "Yes please!" She hops into the offered chair with a smile, "Yeah! Pawn shops too. They sell stuff for lots more than they gotta, but it's still cheap, usually. Only once ever been there when someone tried to rob 'em too."

Sophie nods as she walks over, pouring out some grape juice in a couple of glasses, and putting some oreos on a saucer. She hmms and and nods. "Not a bad idea. In my old town, the yard sales were the way to go. I don't know if they do that in cities."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Yep! You just gotta go out where people actually got yards, and where the gangs don't go bugging people. But it happens, sometimes." She waits in the chair, and when Sophie brings the cookies and juice she smiles again, "Thanks!" She takes a drink of the juice and picks up a cookie to take a bite.

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