2011-08-09: That Time Of The Month
AIR DATE 2011.08.09
Cast: Van_icon.pngNicol_icon.png
Location: NOW Network Studios
Synopsis: Van gets the star treatment from one of Nightlife's production assistants.

NOW Studios.

Lot B - Nightlife.

"Don't you walk away from me!"

That female's voice sends chills up the lifeless spine of Blaine Carmichael. He hesitates, just as he pulls the door open. He takes a step, turning to peer back over his shoulder and off in the direction of the blonde girl that's on the verge of tears across the room. There's a pause for dramatic flair as Blaine's eyes glow with demonic intent.

"I can't walk fast enough."

And with a vampiric snarl, Blaine exits, adjusting his sexy leather jacket as he leaves his former lover to drop to her knees in tears.

"Annnnnnnnnd… CUT! That was beautiful! Loved it! Loveditloveditlovedit!" Anna Riese, the director of this particular episode, is off to shout more orders around, as Van comes back through the set door, wearing a big ol' smile. It is, after all, his calling. This whole acting thing.

"Everybody take thirty! Then we'll wrap!" Anna's words are law.

Sipping her coffee not to far from the main camera is Nicol Felden, her dark brown hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, though a bit of it hangs into her face obscuring her dark brown eyes a bit. She stares blankly at the scene in front of her. Wow, that's going to drive the fans wild. She's sure of it, as she finishes the last of the coffee and throws it in the trash she remembers why she was over here in the first place.

Her dark denim shorts go up to her thighs, and her black tank top allows for a few of her tattoos to show. A phoenix that's swooping down on her right arm as well as a phrase written in Italian on her wrist of the same arm. Her black combat boots echo on the floor as she makes her way up to the star. "Hey, you." She says in her sort of raspy voice. "There's a woman from People magazine here? She's been waiting for like an hour to interview you. And if I have to watch her adjust her bra one more time to show all that cleavage.. I'll smack her one."

It's said in a deadpan but with a hint of a smile. She knows Van likes his women pretty. You should see all the groupies that try to get on set.

"Aw, ain't no thing. I'll help her with it." Van quips right back at the PA that's all up in his grill at this moment. Not that he's not enjoying the view of her right now either. Because he is. He so is. Right now, though, the important thing is timing this so he can make his rounds. "Do me a favor and send her to my trailer. I got a couple more stops to make before her."

Somehow, Van is managing to walk and talk and take out these vampiric contacts. It's almost a routine, considering the way he doesn't even look to the left, but manages to hand them off to the prop girl that practically swoons at almost being touched by Van Dallas.

"Besides…" Van takes another couple steps and is grabbing at eye drops that are always sitting on this table for him to use. One Eye. Second Eye. Drops in. "… don't you know cleavage is like the best conversation opener in the history of conversation openers that don't involve cleavage?" There's that Van Dallas logic.

"If I let her in your trailer, you're bound to get a nice surprise I'm sure. She has this big purse and I'm thinking she's brought some toys." Nicol drags out the s with a teasing tone before nodding, "But trailer it is for sure." She puts a hand on her hips and rolls her eyes at the prop girl. "She has a shrine dedicated to you in her bathroom, she's shown us all pictures." She whispers to the man in front of her.

"Cleavage is?" With that question goes the look down to her own, "How so?" Nicol laughs at Van's logic and then looks back up at him. "Hmm, maybe I'm not showing enough of that then."

"She does?" Blinkity blink blink for Van as he tries to clear his eyes of the stupid eye drop fluid. It only takes him a moment and then he's turning back to step right back over to the prop girl. "Normally, I'd totally think a shrine in my honor is beyond creepy. But! Since you're cute and you hold my eyes for me? I'ma' let you come to this week's Sangria Sunday. Bring four girls with you."

With the invitation that is probably going to knock the socks off the prop girl said, Van is then whirling around to look at Nicol and what she's wearing. "Definitely not. May I?" He's not even really going to wait for her to respond, before he's reaching out with both hands to grab at her tank top and tear it down the middle some. "There we go. V-Neck, baby." Wink!

It's like everything happens in slow motion, there's the sound of a rip.. and then she can feel more of a breeze down her chest. "What.. the.." Nicol gapes at Van before she does the only thing she knows how. She steps up to Van and grabs his shoulder, to anyone watching it might look like she's about to lay one on him. But that's where you're wrong. She stares up at him for a moment and then she's backing away.

"Not bad for having man boobies." She says pointing to his chest, inside she's pretty upset that he just ruined her tank. "I.. I should so punch you in the face." She says quietly before she's grinning wickedly but when I really pay you back.. you'll regret it." Her obvious cleavage now is garnering way more attention, Nic resists the urge to cover up. She's proud of her body, always has been.

"I'm a helper, what can I say?" Van just offers a bit of a shrug at whatever threats may be coming his way from the woman that he has just exposed more of to the world. "Besides, it's hot as hell. I'm surprised you didn't come to work in a bikini." Van is once again on the walk and he's pointing off to the side as he makes this next comment. "Like those girls."

Off to the side is a set of six bikini clad girls that are waiting around to be extras in the beach scene. Pause. Van is already backing up and flashing a big smile. "… God, I love this job." He winks over at Nicol and is then throwing his hands up to present himself as he makes his way towards the girls. "Ladies, ladies! Please tell me you don't have plans for Sunday night…"

"Oh yeah and I'll help you alright." Nicol says low enough for only Van to hear. Then she's walking up to stand in front of the girls, "Hey girls, I just heard that Jason Statham walked on set to read for a role. You might be able to catch him if you're lucky." She says in a near whisper with an over dramatic look to her left where Statham isn't really.

As the PA watches the girls go screaming in the other direction, Nicol chuckles and looks up at Van. "That's just the start of the payback." Before the dark haired woman can say anything else though, something catches her eye. The TV monitor in the corner is on mute but the news station is currently playing a clip of a protest happening at a nearby government building.

Walking over she turns the volume up to catch the last of the reporter's words.

"…of this we are certain. The fight for and against registration is becoming harder and harder. The only question is, what side will open fire first?"

As the news moves on to something else. Nicol puts it back on mute and sighs, "Fucking horrible." Wiping her eyes and checking her phone for any messages, she sees that there is one from someone named Cal.

"I hope his Viagra runs out on you all!"

Van doesn't really give a crap about Jason Statham or his lack of being there. Not when there's so many women in this world to actually try and keep them for himself. He's more into the fact that those girls were bouncing as they ran away and those thoughts are all up in his head right now.

And on his phone.

After a few pictures were snapped, he's moved on to updating his Twitter…

@VanDallas: Just ripped a PA's shirt down the middle. So hot. I love this job!

Finally, though, he's realizing that something about something or other is fucking horrible or something and he looks up from his phone. "… huh?"

"It's about all the registration problems people are having. I know a woman that can't get a job because she's registered and they won't say it's because she's an A-Positive but it is." That woman can only make leaves change color. Nicol thinks as she speaks over her shoulder to Van, crossing her arms.

"They're treating them like second class citizens. Not worthy of 'normal' people things. Except for you of course." This is said with a tad bit of bitterness. A quick message is typed out in reply to Cal's.

Cal: Meeting tonight, will you be late? Bought some pizza for everyone.

Nicol: Off work in 30. I'll zoom over, save me a couple slices.

As that message is sent out, she pockets her phone and looks up at Van. "You think it's okay for Positives to be discriminated like that? Some people are calling it the new Segregation movement. We always have to alienate someone."

Van just kinda' continues staring at Nicol while she says all of this nonsense. It's nonsense because he's not listening to it so much as he's staring at her cleavage. Cleavage that he helped make that much more cleavage-y. "Has anyone ever told you that you have a really, really, nice pair of tits?" Van, apparently, does not have the brain power needed to carry on a conversation of this deep magnitude. Thus his question has been asked to stall for some time.

"Listen. Everybody is what they is. Be yourself. Don't do drugs without experienced supervision and most importantly, don't drink and drive. Pick one." There. He's combined all of his PSAs into one big opinion about whatever horrible topic has been talked about on the one thing he never watches: The News.

"Hey, can you like…. grab your shirt and pull it down? I wanna' get a better picture this time." And he's holding up his phone to start lining up the camera.

Blinking, she shakes her head. Is he serious? Then she grins and saunters up to him, standing on tip-top to then give him a quick kiss on the lips. Pulling away, she playfully bites his lower lip and with a girlish giggle, backs away. Nicol might have given him a pleasant surprise but that was just to distract from the pain coming to him now.

Pulling her arm back, she full on punches him in the jaw. Before admiring her handy work and shaking her hand out, that really fucking hurt. "Look, if you were offering to buy me a drink and then dinner. I'd probably let you admire my tits. But," she waves a finger. "Since you aren't, this is as close as you're gonna get to them tits," to add emphasize she jiggles her chest with a glare.

Why did she ever take this job? They'll probably fire her, but she'll just say it was sexual harassment or something. Damn it, she does not need this.

Van is punched in the face! Which is not a good thing. Especially, when there are more scenes to be filmed today. Van doesn't do anything but grab his face and stumble backwards a bit. But then, he's Van Dallas, he doesn't have to do anything. Because shit starts happening.

Security SWARMS from so many directions at once, trying to run in any direction will just have Nicol getting met with some armed security guards that are very willing and very capable of working those tasers they have in their hands.

At the same time, though, magical make up artists seem to come out of the shadows, grabbing Van and yanking him backwards and off towards the nearest seat, so they can attack what may or may not be a facial issue at this moment! Can't mess up the rest of the shoot!

Meanwhile, security is going to attempt to grab Nicol to remove her from the premises…

"Lay a hand on me and I'll cut ya peckers off." Nicol says in a low growl before she's putting her walkie talkie down on the table. She's done for the day, she'll talk to the producer tomorrow and hopefully he let's her back on. Needless to say, she just screwed up. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day in her eyes.

With a grin, she looks over her shoulder. "Don't worry beautiful. I didn't leave a mark." She could have.. potentially. Before she begins to walk out, the guards making sure she doesn't get near Van. He might be able to shout something out to her, if he hurries.

While make up is being applied to his already pristine and perfect features, Van has to actually struggle and pull himself free from the make up magicians long enough to shout out after the hottie assailaint, "You hit like a girl!" Before he can manage to smirk with great fortitude about his comment… he's yanked back into the seat and attacked with make up again.

"TEN MINUTES!" comes out of Anna's mouth as she walks by with her bullhorn in one hand and an espresso in the other.

"See ya tomorrow!" Nicol chuckles as she exits the studio and jogs over to her motorcycle in the parking lot. After straddling the thing, Nic takes a moment to pull her phone out of her pocket and dial a number. Fetching a leather jacket and helmet and pulling the jacket on. Someone answers on the other line after two rings, "Yes I'm fine." She assures the male before grinning widely and starting up her bike.

"So, I think I know who our target is going to be. You're gonna love this." Another moment passes before she nods and hangs up the phone, with a final look over her shoulder at the studio she shakes her head and screeches out of the parking lot. The automated gate closing with finality.

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