2010-04-14: That's My Dad



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Date: April 14, 2010


A chance meeting between Kitty and Lyndon turns into a roller-coaster of revelation.

"That's My Dad"

Outside a coffee shop, somewhere in NYC

Exiting a coffee shop, she's been going to those a lot lately. Bare hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea. The young woman dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a dark green sweater, the sleeves only coming to her elbow and a pair of dark brown cowboy boots. Kitty is just letting the door close itself as she ventures outside.

A pair of dark sunglasses perched atop of her head makes it so her hair doesn't fall into her face. The young CEO sighs softly as she looks through her pre paid cell phone. No missed calls, that means everything is alright at the warehouse.. for now..

It would seem that one Lyndon Taylor is enjoying a rare moment off-shift for a change, the young man making his way around a bend onto the street. He's moving with a certain freshness today, decked out in a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers that all just scream 'casual'. Earphones are mounted in his ears, no doubt hooked up to an MP3 player as he strides along the street into main view, a bottle of Coke resting in his free hand.

It isn't long before the young seer notices the man she dubbed 'Fastboy'. Smiling softly, she strides up to him and walks in step with him and then taps his shoulder. "Told you, I'd see you soon." She says with a soft smile and she looks up at the man. Kitty takes a sip of her tea and blows on it. Still a little too hot.

The wind blows at her hair and makes her clothes ruffle a bit in the breeze.
The tap on the shoulder nearly causes the oblivious Lyndon to jump out of his boots- clearly the young man was just a little too deep in his own world. He quickly settles after ice-blue eyes flicker towards the young woman who has just approached him, eyes widening slightly in recognition. Headphones pop out and Lyndon nods his head with a lopsided grin in response.

"Hah… you did at that. That's quite a feat for a city this size." His brow narrows thoughtfully for a moment before continuing, "…Kitty, wasn't it?"

"Yep, Kitty. Lyndon?" she asks with a raise of her eyebrow and another sip of her tea. "You'll find that you run across people you know more here, then you would in a small town. It's very strange.. like we're connected, hm?"

The young woman smiles and grins up at Lyndon. "Sorry about the ditching of you guys the other day.. I had to get back to the kiddies." She shrugs lightly. "Momma Kit had a bunch too do."

"The kids, eh?" Lyndon chuckles lightly at that, "Fair enough. Never had to deal with children myself, but if you had to get back to them, you had to. Besides, I think we were all a bit too busy…" He pauses to glance around, "…running, if you will, to have really made much of a social outing out of it- crazy as it was."

He punctuates that with a short laugh.

"I hope that woman got away safely." She says with a frown and she looks around the street as the woman is going to walk by them. "Oh, the kids.. yeah. I'm a high class baby sitter I guess you could say. I save kids from these oppressive and dangerous homes and they live with me.. until the state finds something to do with them."

Not really a lie.. right? Kitty smiles and shakes her head. "You were great back there though, really fast. Your willingness to help was refreshing to see." She swallows down some more tea and looks up towards the sky.

"Oh… babysitter! Man, I kinda assumed you meant actual kids." Lyndon's expression is somewhat sheepish at that as he shakes his head, an awkward laugh escaping him, "Sounds like what you're talking about is kind of like a foster parent deal, right? That's quite noble of you- that kind of thing can make a big difference to kids. My folks were kind of a similar deal to me, so I can respect that." He pauses to take a hefty swig from his Coke, his expression thoughtful as he looks around.

"As for what I did? Eh, I didn't do all that much really. Just chased 'em- always been fast on my feet. It was you, the redhead, the English girl and that mysterious guy that did all the grunt work."

"Hahah yeah, most people think I have actual kids. Nope, not yet. Maybe one day." She muses aloud and then she's staring at Lyndon. "Hahah, I didn't want to do anything really.. but.. there are things.. that just don't let me stand and watch something bad happen."

"That smoke.. interesting huh?" she looks at Lyndon out of the corner of her eyes. She's still walking until a man appears from around the corner. It's him. The same man that stopped in front of Robin and Kitty, the other day. Dressed in a black tailored suit and a pair of nice loafers. His cigarette is thrown to the side and he tilts his head. Eyes covered by those ever present mirror sunglasses.

"Hey there Kitty." Harley says with a wicked grin.

"Well, that's kinda why I…" Lyndon begins to respond to Kitty, but finds himself cut off with the arrival of the snappily dressed man. At first he doesn't pay much attention- see one yuppie, you've seen them all- but when he addresses Kitty, he raises a brow and eyes the man speculatively. After a few moments of taking in the man, he comes to a stop, tilting his head to speak quietly.

"Friend of yours?" he asks curiously.

"You." She says with a narrowed gaze and then she's looking around the city. What to do.. what to do.. "No.. he's.. I don't know.."

"I'm whatever I want to be." Harley says to the pair and then he looks Lyndon up and down. "You know.. why don't you show Kitty that picture you keep of him?" The man in the suit says, he tucks a hand in his pocket and looks closely at Lyndon. Sunlight glints across his sunglasses.

"I'm sure, that she'll find it interesting enough." He smirks and puts the other hand in his pocket.
That completely takes Lyndon aback, blinking a couple of times in an attempt to make sense of what Harley is asking of him. His eyes narrow in confusion, then realization sets in, his expression taking on a mix of emotions as he turns to regard Harley, never taking his eyes off him, "How do you even know about that photo? Or me for that matter? I've never seen you in my life… let alone have the faintest clue of why you'd want me to show my friend here a photo of him."

His hand reaches into his pocket, then he looks quizzically at Kitty, "Should I? If this is just some guy being a jerk, we can just…"

"Lyndon.. just do it." And he's walking away, Kitty blinks and runs after him. "Why do you keep doing that?!!" She yells as he ducks and dodges away. "Fuck.." she says and stomps her foot. "He's been following me everywhere!" she says with a frustrated look on her face. "Well.. what picture is he talking about?"

"Jesus tapdancing Christ, that was freaky…" Lyndon mutters breathlessly as he watches Harley disappear, gaping in confusion for a few moments. When Kitty turns back to him, he shrugs slightly, "He's talking about my biological father. My folks took me in just after I was born- my biological mother didn't make it, and my father… well, he's MIA, that's about all I know. I got a picture of him once- figured it'd be wise to hang onto it, just in case."

With that said, he pulls out a black leather wallet, flips it open and holds it out, "That's the photo. Damned if I know how that guy knows about it- or how he knew my name for that matter."

"That's.." Kitty blinks and her eyes widen. She takes a step back and shakes her head. "You.. you.." The young woman drops her tea and stares hard at the photo in Lyndon's hand. "That's Bobby Hanner.." she says slowly and then looks at Lyndon in shock. "That's my dad."


The man known as Harley walks down a alley, looking over his shoulder to make sure that Kitty and Lyndon didn't follow him. Flipping open a cellphone, he dials a number and puts the headset to his ear. Someone picks up and Harley lights a cigarette.

"It's done." He says, listening to what the man has to say over the line. "Yeah, Lyndon was shocked.. but they all are. They can't know what's happening.. not yet right?" he asks with a raise of an eyebrow and then he's taking in and blowing out smoke. "They're all coming together. We need to get the others though right?" he tilts his head and then nods it. "Okay.. I'm on it dad." He clicks the phone shut and then disappears around the corner. Off to his next assignment.

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