2010-02-16: The (Almost) Truth



Date: February 16, 2010


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

"The (Almost) Truth"

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

The kiddies are in bed and Sydney has effectively managed to sit at the kitchen table working on articles and essentially avoiding Fred for approximately two days. She hasn't been sleeping well overall — the nightmare had seemed so real, and it's been recurring, even though she's not even in it. With a hmmm she glances up from the articles and rises from her seat before putting on yet another pot of coffee. With such terrible dreams, a person doesn't actually want to go to sleep.

For the most part, Fred's done an excellent job in avoiding Sydney and awkward situations as well. It helps to be either out working or in his home office working. If he needs food…well, tough luck. It's quickly in and out, with no eye contact, and no speaking. He can't bear to talk about his long lost twin sister any more! He's mentioned her too much already! 'Wilma this' or 'Wilma that'. It's even become a distraction at work now! This has to be resolved. Right here, right now. Leaving his office, he pads down to where Sydney is seated. "Hey…Syd?"

The former blonde looks up from her work at the mention of her name, and can feel her cheeks flush involuntarily as she places her highlighter on the table next to her freshly made cup of coffee. She doesn't like the awkwardness either. In fact, it's made her downright surly. Although she's managed to keep her surliness in check so it doesn't spread to the others. She even visited her bench in Central Park to try to clear her head; it didn't work. And so as she still avoids eye contact she speaks, "Hey." It's simple enough.

Fred clears his throat a little. He's almost too embarrassed to talk as well. It's just so very awkward! "Have I told you about my sister? I mean…" He sighs, rubbing his eyes. "I'm sorry. Just…talking about my sister…I guess….I guess it's a defence mechanism." He clears his throat again. "Look, we need to talk about what happened. We can't be under the same roof and not talk about it."

"Yeah, I caught that," Sydney says about the defence mechanism as she uncaps her highlighter and recaps it repeatedly making it click with each movement. She bites her bottom lip before she shakes her head, "Look. It's fine, I'm a big girl, and I've been taking care of myself for awhile. You're not the first male-type that isn't attracted to me. But it's just…" Hmmm. "…I'm not normally wrong about…" she shrugs before returning her gaze to her article.

Fred moves a chair so he can sit beside her. "Sydney…it's…well…it's not as simple as it appears to be. It's not that I don't…don't like you. It's just…it's more complicated than that." He can't very well explain that he's working, in any capacity, for the Alpha Protocol. "It's just…" With one hand, he tries to get Sydney to look at him. "I do like you. I mean…I'm attracted to you. I…" If she is looking at him, he'll kiss her on the lips. If not, he'll kiss her on the cheek.

Sure enough Sydney does turn to face him and sure enough, the pair kiss. Adrenaline courses through Syd's veins which only pushes her ability into gear. Her current emotions are out for the world to fear: attraction, excitement, joy, and utter confusion all rolled into one. The female therapist's hand rises to caress Fred's cheek, and her lips linger against his several moments before she breaks it to lean her forehead against his. "I…" For the time being, words fail. Butterflies fill her stomach as she tries to speak again, only to can't utter them. Instead she leans forward o plan another soft kiss on his lips.

Fred just lets it be for the time being. After a few moments, be pulls himself back from Sydney. "I…" He takes a deep breath in. He can't start talking about his sister again! He just can't! "I'm a part of something Syd…something I'm not allowed to talk about. Top secret. And it's dangerous. That's why I didn't want anything to happen between us. In case something happened to me, or if I had to be called away unexpectedly."

Sydney nods a little. This makes more sense. Way more sense than any conversation about Fred's sister. And she says softly, "That's why the gun… awww Freddie, I'm sorry… I overreacted…" Especially as she owns a gun and hers is likely substantially more illegal as Fred's — conveniently she doesn't say all of this right now. Her cheeks flush further as her gaze is cast downwards. "I… I shouldn't have… I didn't mean to… If you don't want anything to happen, I'm fine. I really am. I'm strong. And independent." And then with even redder cheeks she says, "And smitten." There's a pause before she adds, "But… if something happened to you… I would already be heartbroken." She shrugs a little.

Fred lets a hand rest on Sydney's cheek for a few seconds before removing it and nodding. "Yes. That's why I have a gun. I didn't want to say anything in front of the kids. You know how minds run wild." He says softly, lowering his gaze. "You had no way of knowing. I'm sorry. I just…well, I didn't want to worry you overly. It's enough I work with tons of street kids and in a mental institute. But that…well, that I'm working with something I'm not allowed to talk about…I'm sorry. And it's not that I don't want anything to happen, it's that I'm afraid if I did let something happen, and it got found out, that if there was someone who wanted to get to me, they'd try to through you." He seems sincere enough, certainly his emotions would show him as sincere.

"The street kids and mental institute never worried me, honestly," but then she isn't afraid of street kids and invited virtual strangers (one of which was a human drug lab) to live with her. "And I'm not going to pressure you to talk to me about, I just… knew something was up. And I know what it's like to live under secrets. I shouldn't have… I am sorry." She cringes a little. She nods a little at the last bit. "I don't know what you're involved with, but no one knows I'm here. I'm safe. Scout's honour." She offers him a weak smile as she reaches out to caress his cheek again. "I have the government after one of my charges and likely after me by now… I… I think if anything, you could be the one in trouble for harbouring us…"

Fred smiles. "I'm glad you understand. I wanted to tell you, honestly. It's hard, though, when I've been sworn to secrecy." He takes a deep breath in and sighs. "I'm sorry to have put you through the awkwardness of it all. But…you understand." He smiles weakly as well, looking back up to Syd. "I don't want there to be any strain between us. I really don't. It's just so hard these days…"

"I realize I haven't been the easiest house guest that way…" Sydney frowns now. "I swear I'm not normally so suspicious of everyone and everything… I'm normally… more easy going." She lowers her hand from his cheek now. Her eyebrows furrow as her nose wrinkles, "You're one of my best friends… we're okay. I swear we are…" Sighing heavily she hmmms again. "What's hard? Life? Everyone here? What can I do to make things easier for you? I don't need to know what's going on, but I do need to help you…"

For a good few moments, Fred just stares into Sydney's eyes, as if searching for something. Finally he says, "There's nothing you can do to help make things in my life easier. Not right now. Just…keep being who you are. Marvellous, wonderful, magnificent you. And try not to be so suspicious of me in the future if I can't be complete forthright with you. Just know that what I can tell you, I will." He says with a soft and kind smile.

"I just… I feel like we're a burden to you. And I keep adding to it…and it seems like you were wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders before we ever came but I was too… distracted to notice. I…" it's Sydney's turn to search Fred's eyes. "I… I trust you. I know your heart and I know whatever you're doing is in line with your convictions. Even if you can't tell me about it. I shouldn't have doubted you… I just… was so confused… and have been lied to a lot lately…"

"No…don't think that, Syd! You're not a burden. Neither you nor the kids." Fred responds in haste. "I just wish I had a bigger place for all of us." He sighs once more. "I'd never lie to you." Well…that's not completely true. But still… "Now, how's your work coming along? Finding useful information that you can use against these people?"
<OOC> Fred says, "Oooh, really?"

"Good. I'm glad we're not a burden and that you wouldn't lie to me. I don't think you would. I just… I made a resolution to look at the facts and stop trusting my gut. It was a New Year's thing… and the facts, the facts fail me. It's my gut that I should be listening to. My ability makes my gut strangely reliable. It's just sometimes I wonder what's real. Like… are you really attracted to me or only attracted because I am to you? Or… if I'm not careful will the world go insane with whatever I'm feeling… I've been trying to suppress it. But the more I suppress it, the more I realize I should trust it." Sydney presses her lips together before she shrugs. Her gaze is at the ground for a few moments before she returns it to Fred's eyes. "I think I'm more than attracted to you." She closes her eyes. "I'm sorry. I just… if things aren't going to be strained you need to know that this isn't some silly schoolgirl crush on my end… it's… more than that." The questions about her work are, for the time being, ignored.

Fred shakes his head. "Trust your feelings. But sometimes you need to use a combination of intellect and emotion. To rely completely on one or the other is to possibly be lead astray. I'm sure you know this as well as I do." He says softly. "Just be careful and be aware. If you know your emotions are affecting others, than try to stop that. Otherwise, it's fair game." He says with a smile. "And I believe you…I believe this is more than just a crush." He says softly. "And who knows where it will lead. But for now, while you're on the run, I'm afraid to let our relationship become anything more."

"I understand that, I just… yeah. No strain, right?" Sydney shoots him a lopsided smirk before standing from her chair and stretching. "I should… go to bed. I'm starting school stuff with the kiddies tomorrow and I have no idea what I'm doing, sleep can't hurt the situation." As she walks behind him, she gives his shoulder a quick squeeze, "We'll see how it goes." She pads towards the living room, "G'night Freddie."

Fred smiles awkwardly. "Yeah…no strain." He says quietly. "G'night. Sweet dreams." He murmurs as Sydney walks to her bed. He can't help but wonder how this is going to turn out.

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