The Mysterious Truth: The Amazon (Completed)



TP Info:

Hello, this is your host Josh Gates….

Er… I mean Mark Scotts coming to you today to offer you an opportunity to be a part of an epic journey into the Amazon. I am looking for fives sturdy explorers that would like to join me on a lengthy trip into the deepest and darkest parts of the Brazilian Rainforest to seek out a mystery.

There have been stories, from the Rainforests of Brazil, of trees coming to life to swallow up lumber company vehicles. Of moving trees, picking up workers and people crushed in their cars.

We're talking the possibility of real live Ents going postal on the lumber company.

That's from Lord of the Rings, for those of you not educated in the ways of geekdom.

So we will travel down there to uncover another mystery and maybe we'll find El Dorado while we are at it. You can expect to be hiking for miles, climbing cliffs, walking across rope bridges. Jeeps and horseback, even some river travel. But remember… there will be bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.

So I hope we'll have you join us on another Mysterious Truth Expedition.

This is Mark Scotts signing out and reminding you… Don't drink the water in foreign countries, cause drinking their H2O will turn into an H2Uh-Oh.


Players Going:

A listing of everyone that will be participating in the trip.

That is right. I, Mark Scotts, will be surrounded by woman. It will either be an awesome expedition, or I'll be slogging through the leech filled Amazon looking for a mom and pop store that sells tampons.

Either way, it'll be an adventure and I can't wait!



They will be added as they appear.



We'll be trying to do a scene at least every couple (though I'm hoping for daily RP) of days related to trip progress. Do not be afraid between event scenes to RP, social scenes since we're all stuck together for a time.


Information Dump

If I have any information for the Team.. Or links to interesting places that occur on the trip it'll go here. :D

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