2007-07-22: The Apology


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Summary: Doug's interrogation rounds continue!

Date It Happened: July 22nd, 2007

Log Title The Apology

Primatech - Hartsdale

Having no security access to the recent bulletins, Benjamin has been blissfully clueless about Megan's situation. Then again, he has been kept busy with training. Hardcore training that has left the man passing out on more than one occasion during such. Pushing him seemed like a fantastic idea to someone up high in his current state. Now? It's been called a day. Freshly showered, hair still damp from it, and wearing a fresh change of clothes, Ben is slumped in a chair at his desk. Ravenous from the training, all he has is another stupid protein shake. The dieticians employed by the Company are more sadistic than the average. Then again, he's too hungry and tired to care about the taste.

Doug has had his nose to the grindstone for days with the Megan Deatley bullshit. Rest assured, when he finds out who is responsible for the leak, they will pay dearly. There will likely be a great deal of blood. For now, his jaw is clenched, his eyes are narrowed, and his nostrils flared in irritation as he stalks his way past cubicle after cubicle. When he finds who he's looking for, he crosses his arms over his chest and kicks the base of the other man's chair. "Get up, Benny-Ben. Now. And get your stupid markerboard out. We're having a chat."

Benjamin nearly chokes on a mouthful of the godawful shake as the back of his chair is kicked and Doug's heard behind him. "What is going on?" he asks, words formed deliberately and slowly, but still not articulated properly. The board is picked up as ordered all the same and he pushes himself up from his seat. A questioning look is thrown at Doug. Mainly, what set your panties on fire?.

The only indication of Doug's surprise at Ben's newfound ability to speak is a briefly raised eyebrow. He steps closer, just inside what most people would consider their personal space. That and the anger in Doug's eyes are a somewhat threatening combination. "There has been a leak concerning the capture of Megan Deatley. Action has been taken, but the leak has to be sealed." The muscles in his jaw clench and unclench. "By any means necessary. You left her a note. Don't bother denying it, we saw you on the cameras. I haven't been able to locate it. I want to know what that note said, and I want to know right now."

Benjamin takes a step back at the invasion of personal space. Backing up against the desk. Blinking, surprise shows in his eyes. Information leak.. First he's heard of it. And wow.. Doug is all together a very scary individual. "I told her I was sorry," he says, again, trying to not feel rushed to get the words out, no matter how frightening the diminutive man is in front of him. Then he writes on his board to add, 'She probably ripped it up. I wanted her to know I had nothing to do with the arranging of having her taken. We were on a /date/.'

This is less than satisfying for Doug. He lashes out, grabbing Ben by his wounded jaw. He doesn't twitch or squeeze, but either could be excruciating. His eyes bore into Ben's unflinchingly. "You're embarrassing me, Benjamin Winters. You're making me look bad in front of my superiors. An apology letter?" He shakes his head and lets out a puff of air. He's hovering somewhere between disappointed and disgusted. "I'm giving you one last chance. One. If you screw up like that again, I'll make what Agent Armstrong did to you seem like a firm handshake from an experienced prostitute."

As exhausted as Benjamin is, he doesn't see the move coming before it happens. The pain is indeed excruciating, and there's no embarrassment when tears well up in his eyes, because Great Odin's Raven, that /hurts/. He lashes out with the first thing on his mind, the only weapon he has at his disposal. His ability. One he's been trained mercilessly on the past few days.

Doug's grip immediately loosens and he begins to slump. For a moment he hovers on the edge of consciousness. He staggers away, propping his hands on another desk to keep himself from collapsing. "Well played, Benjamin." Benny-Ben is over, apparently. "But I think you'll find that was very ill-advised." He straightens and shrugs off the worst of the effects. Though he still feels exhausted, he's been through worse. With a flick of his wrist, he produces an item that he never leaves his room without. A scalpel. He hovers. For a moment he seems prepared to strike, but he doesn't. "You're either a very confident traitor, or a very, very stupid man."

Benjamin's eyes narrow in anger at Doug, even as he releases his ability best he can. "You attacked.. first," are the slurred and tightly formed words to escape. That's how he sees it. The drawing of the scalpel only causes his eyes to narrow further. Angrily, he swipes up his board and writes, 'What do you mean traitor? All I did was tell her I was sorry this happened to her. Armstrong got onto me about that. Haven't talked to Megan since.' The board is flipped over for Doug to read. 'I didn't do anything else.'

"Trust that I will verify that with Agent Armstrong." Now Doug's eyes are bulgingly wide instead of narrow, as if opening them to their limits will somehow allow him to see Benjamin's motives as well as his face. "But passing a note? This isn't middle school, Benjamin. The moment we captured that girl she became Company property. I hope you learn from this. Until further notice, you're not to visit Ms. Deatley unescorted."

Benjamin clearly doesn't like being told off in this manner. 'Fine. You do that. She told me already to be professional,' he writes, then adds, 'Megan wouldn't listen at the time, so I wrote her a note.' It made sense to him at the time. 'I know I have a job to do, I signed the papers. I'm here. I know I'm not to say a word about what we do.' He hasn't even really shared in depth information on his own kidnapping. "Not a traitor," he says best he can, words still difficult to form.

"We'll see about that." Doug's upper lip curls into a sneer and he looks Benjamin up and down. With a fast flick of his wrist, he severs a lock of Ben's hair and catches it in his palm as it falls. "I'll have my eye on you, Benjamin Winters. You can count on that." He shakes his head one last time and turns to leave in the same direction he came.

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