2010-06-10: The Arrangement



Date: June 10, 2010


The heart doctor explains where hers is.

"The Arrangement"

Central Park


"Well, it was nice meeting you ladies, but the lunch hour is running out quickly and we both need to get back to work. Have a nice day." She takes Stefano's hand in hers with a vice-like grip and walks off in the opposite direction, face turning more and more red the further they get.

Belinda is furious. She finds a secluded spot where a couple trees meet. To anyone passing by, they're just your typical couple having a semi-private heated conversation. "I don't know what stunt that was, but I don't appreciate it." She says, as she pulls out another cigarette and lights it. "I don't quite get what you're trying to prove."

"I'm not trying to prove anything!" replies Stefano, throwing up his hands in frustration. He spends a couple of seconds just standing there and glowering, silently venting some more of his own annoyance as he sorts through his thoughts. "You know what? I think I know what that was— she was jealous. And she figured, hey, she can tell you a story and hurt you. Jesus, if I knew she was gonna be like that, I never woulda gone near her."

Belinda flats her hand out and makes a 'cut' mark with it. "Alright. no more games. Here's the cards. I don't care if you're fucking her or not. I know the deal. My mom got plenty of unexplained calls from women. If you want a comare or ten, go ahead, but make sure you can control them!" She takes a drag, the effect not calming her in the least. "For Christ's sake, Stef, what if we were with a client? Do you know how weak that would make you look?" She shakes her head. "Don't put yourself in a situation to be embarrassed like that, whether you're banging them or not." Her eyes water, as if she could punch a wall.. "And lastly…. don't you *EVER* put me in a position like that, and embarrass me *EVER* again! Dammit, Stef.."

Well. He always did figure that she knew, but this is the first time she actually came right out and said it. Probably because this is the first time she ever actually needed to. Damn his luck.

"If I was with a client," Stefano shoots back, "I woulda played hardball. 'No, I ain't never seen ya before, now get lost.' I shoulda played hardball with her today— that's my fault. Won't happen again, believe me." His voice has the conviction of an honest man, because he is being honest, has been ever since the shit first hit the fan. At least about the parts that he came right out and said. The parts he left out, well, those are another matter.

He doesn't bother bringing up the second woman, the one who did less of the talking. He suspects she'll seek a different form of revenge, one that just targets him and not Belinda - and if he's right, well, no reason to bother her with that, either.

Belinda shrugs as she calms down. Time and the cigarette work on her nerves. She puts it out and tosses the butt on the ground. "You can't be too rude either. You have to be strong without looking like an asshole." She notes. "Just… be careful. That's all." She cringes slightly.. "The young one… She's a bit too pedo for me. She may be of age but…" She shakes her head. "You'll have to be careful. They've both worked in politics. The blonde one though…." She smirks with a wry wrinkle in her eye.. "If you'd have mentioned her before, we could've come up with some arrangement…" She winks.

Now that catches Stefano off guard at least as badly as the earlier rant, if not more so. The rant, he was expecting. This… was she just suggesting an agreement to play dumb, or something else? Well, the offer's off the table now, whatever it was, so no point asking.

Maybe next time.

"I'll work on it," he murmurs, starting to walk again. "You know me, I'm used to dealing with people where there's good money involved— keeps 'em focused. That politics thing? That's good money too - and power - but I guess they were kinda low gals on the totem pole." Don't say 'intern', Stef. Bad idea.

Belinda shrugs and starts to walk as well. "Money and power, yes, but that has to be gradual. If you want to parlay it, have them introduce you to people. Work your way up the pole. Just don't bother with jealous women who can't keep their mouths shut." She says, smirking to herself at keeping Stefano on his toes. "I need to get back. I have a heart patient going under at 2 and I need to scrub and prep." She leans in for a kiss. "Just keep all that in mind. You decide if you want to do that dinner thing or not. Let me know."

Stefano kisses back, long enough for any passersby to realize he's showing off. What the hell was he thinking with those other girls, anyway, when he's got a hot wife who tolerates his crap? (A hot wife who spends an awful lot of time tied up with her own career— but that's not on his mind right now.) "I kind of doubt, but… yeah, we'll figure it out." Maybe they should go, just to prove that Lyss hasn't got the upper hand after all.

"I'll be home from 7 to about 10, got another late-night run with Jimmy after that." In other words, they'll be busy acquiring a truckload of things that aren't theirs, probably until about midnight.

Belinda nods. "Alright, Babe. be careful. I don't feel like moonlighting tonight." She winks before stepping into her car and heading back to work.

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