2007-04-20: The Baby Sister


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After many delays, Marilou, the youngest of the Salonga clan arrives in the United States to visit older sister Claudine. In the process a mysterious breeze passes by, and Orion meets the Sisters Salonga.

April 20th, 2007

The Baby Sister

J.F.K. Airport

The John F. Kennedy International Airport is a hustle and bustle of activity as passengers board and leave their flights. For almost two hours and forty minutes, a particular flight en route from Honolulu to New York (some passengers having come all the way the Philippines) has been delayed due to weather conditions. Not uncommon. Delays happen all the time. Still, friends and family have been a tizzy, because no other flights - even ones with similar routes - have been delayed, and the weather has been nice and clear today. Is it an excuse? Is there really something more dire wrong? Only the plane a certain relative of Miss Claudine Salonga is aboard seems to be having trouble, and you know how people fret. Now, as the evening wears on, the arrivals board is updated for the upteenth time today, announcing that the plane from Honolulu should be arriving shortly. Again.

It's been a few hours now. Her nerves are shot, and she's just worried sick as to why there have been lots of delays and Claudine is still pacing around the terminal looking at the arrivals near the baggage claim. She's dressed casually in a pair of snug fitting jeans and her Columbia hoodie as lets out a sigh of relief hoping that this time the plane will be arriving.

She mumbles and curses in Tagalog, earning her a few stares from a few other Filipinos waiting for their loved ones, but she takes a deep breath to try to calm herself down. She flips open her cellphone and texts a certain chauffeur, saying that this time, her sister should be here…

Across the airport terminal, in the air bar actually, Orion Granger looks up from both his beer and the couple he was surveilling. Very strange couple, though probably not evolved, and that garnered Orion's attention while he distracts himself from Claudine's Tagalog cursing and the protracted delays for her relative's flight.

Granger pulls out his phone and flips it open, quickly reading the text message. Oh good. He smiles and pulls out a fifty, setting it down under his still three-quarters full glass of beer. The tall man stands up and quietly makes his exit from the bar, long overcoat fluttering behind him as he moves through the crowds toward baggage claim and Claudine.

Minutes pass. Two. Three. Four. Five. And then it happens: the plane finally arrives with no more delays! It takes awhile for the passengers to be shuffled off the plane into the terminal and go through all the necessary checks, but there's a glass pane that can be peered through by all the eager families. Among the departing passengers is a petite Filipino girl - she's not the only one, but she's one of the more wide-eyed, not to mention one of the youngest. Sixteen, seventeen at most, Marilou Salonga has had a long trip, and she looks overwhelmed. Finally, when she's gone through all the procedures, she's emerges in a long line of her fellow passengers, peering around with her bright pink carry-on bag. She's looking for one face and one face only: (one of her many…) big sister's!

Claudine still hasnt spotted her younger sister, but she has spotted Orion. A bright smile appears on her face as she's definitely excited that the youngest of the Salonga clan has made it to the United States. so, she pulls out a family photograph, showing all eight kids while pointing out to the petite one to Orion. "That's Marilou, so if you see her, lemme know. I mean, you have the height advantage and all.." she says with an impish giggle.

It's then that she starts scanning for her sister..

After several minutes of travel, Orion finally finds himself in front of Claudine once again. The tall man smiles warmly and inspects the photograph. He bobs his head once or twice, smiling just as impishly, and he toussles her hair whilst he turns his attention to searching the crowds for someone that looks like Claudine's picture of Marilou.

"Claudine? Claudine!" The younger teenager spies her sister with those big, dark eyes of hers, which gleam brightly despite their deep brown. Running through the crowd, dodging this way and that and almost hitting some elderly couples and small children with her carry-on, she practically leaps at Claudine for a hug, zipping right past Orion, thinking he's just some random bystander - a blockade of one. It's remarkable that she saw Claudine at all around that guy! "«I'm sooo excited that I'm finally /here/!»" she says in rapidfire Tagalog, like she tends to, when she's worked up. "«The plane, there was all this turbulence! I thought we were going to crash like five times!»"

Her eyes widen as she gets glomped by her younger sister, but hey, it's something she's missed. Giving her sister a gentle squeeze, she lets out a happy squeal of delight, though her expression turns darker upon hearing about the turbulence. «Oh God, are you okay? You're all better, right?» she asks with the same rapid pace in Tagalog as she looks her sister up and down, inspecting for any possible bruises or injuries. Goodness knows her family would have a fit if the baby of the family was hurt in the process.

«So, you're going to stay with me, but there's someone I want you to meet!» she says, before switching to English. Claudine then motions towards Orion and giggles impishly, giving her sister a toothy little grin, "This is Orion Granger.." and then she switches back to Tagalog. «He's my boyfriend!!» squealing once more.


The tail of Orion's overcoat flaps and swirls in the vacuum created by Marilou's passing, dramatic and unlikely perhaps, but it somehow seems fitting all the same. Granger turns slowly, tilting his head to look at the Salongas, a puzzled expression on his face. Apparently he hasn't learned Tagalog yet. Slacker.

At his introduction, Orion smiles to Marilou and bows graciously to her. That accomplished, the tall man extends a hand to Claudine's sister and he cheerily intones a greeting.

"Good evening. A pleasure to meet you, Marilou."

Before she answers /anything/ else, Marilou STARES up at Claudine's guy-friend. She looks at her sister. She looks back up at Orion. She looks at her sister again. 'Wow,' she mouths. "Um. Hi! It's nice to meet you too! Orion, like the belt?" she switches to English as well, her voice just as bubbly in this language as it was in the other. "You're like, really tall. Cool coat." Blink-blink. To Claudine, she heaves a big sigh. "I'm actually … /exhausted/, 'Dine. You have no idea! But I drank a lot of coffee. Like. A lot." The teen bounces up and down in her cute little ballet flats. "I just wanna get my bags and crash forEVER."

Wrapping an arm around her sister's shoulders, Claudine gives Marilou another gentle squeeze. "You have to be jetlagged and all, so I understand. You can stay at my place, I let my roommate know. You get the bed and I'll have the couch, but where are your bags. We should get those, and dont worry too much about the flight, kay? Let's just hope all your things are here.." she says with a bright smile while letting out a soft chuckle at her sister's reaction. Orion is rather tall afterall.

Orion isn't freakishly tall. Honest. He blinks a few times at Marilou's reaction and smiles, "I suppose I am rather tall… Thank you, I rather like this coat."

Well at least /SOMEONE/ noticed his coat. Granger smiles, pleased with this. He watches the sisters, waiting to be of assistance.

Marilou is /small/, though, and that makes Orion a giant. She's tinier than Claudine! The younger teenager hugs her sister again and lets out a little squeal. "Eeee! I'm so excited." Marilou bounces on her feet again before she starts strolling along with Claudine, looking around the airport as if really seeing it for the first time. "They said it'd be in baggage soon." And like most teenage girls who go on a big trip (or even a small one, though this was certainly not), she has a /lot/ of luggage. Orion will have his work as assistant cut out for him. "Cool, thanks! I… when we get there… I really wanna talk," she says, dragging her feet a little. Tiiired. "Maybe after I have that nap."

Out of nowhere - so it would seem - a light gust of wind swirls Orion's coat about and the girls' pants or skirts about. Maybe it's all the airport traffic again.

"Of course, of course.." Claudine says as she nods, her maternal instincts kicking in. And she noticed Orion's coat, but she's seen it before, and she's too into the fact that her baby sister is here, so she'll tell him how sexy and stuff he looked in it later. "And what do you want to talk about?" she asks curiously, furrowing her brows as she feels the slight gust of wind.

That definitely catches her attention and she looks over towards the doors. Maybe there was a really strong wind out there, so she'll just shrug it off for now, as the buzzer at one of the baggage claims starts to indicate that the stuff from the flight is starting to be unloaded. "Mmm, did mom send the chocopies? I hope she did, because I havent been able to find any here.." she grumbles while heading on over towards the claim area to help look for any luggage and balikbayan boxes (i.e. big cardboard boxes that Filipinos tend to have when traveling).

Granger starts to move, but pauses as he feels the tail of his overcoat flutter between his legs for no discernable reason. And then there is the wind ruffling Claudine and Marilou's clothing. He arches a brow inquisitively, head swivelling about as he looks for something… Anything to explain it.

But there's nothing to explain the wind; it dies down almost as fast as it gusted in.

There are more than one of said boxes - in fact, there's more than two. Plus an assortment of other luggage to match her bright pink carry-on. How she even owned enough stuff to shove into them is a mystery. Luckily for the trio, Marilou's luggage is one of the first to start going around at the baggage claim - probably because it had to moved out of the /way/ to get the rest. "We can talk about it later! Over chocopies! I got enough from mom to last awhile… well, that's what /she/ said…" But giving them to Claudine and Marilou might warp the definition of 'awhile'?

'A while' with chocopies means maybe a week or two at most? And two if they eat in moderation, which means there'd be two hyperactive sugary giggly bouncy girls for a while. Poor Orion. Hopefully Claudine doesnt get dumped for this.

Oh well, she helps grab the first piece of luggage, something manageable that she can actually carry as she beams brightly to her younger sister. "That works out! Though how we're getting all this stuff..oye.." she shakes while shaking her head.

It's good that Claudine grabs the first piece of luggage. Orion has to catch up to the sisters Salonga thanks to his pausing to observe. For the moment, he's masked his frown at the mystery wind with a bright smile and a luggage caddy. In the background, there is a very confused black guy who had been holding the caddy to pick up luggage from the next carousel over.

Granger quickly sets to work, collecting all of the hot pink luggage before his attention is drawn to the other stuff. Oh nutbunnies. "… You brought that stuff too?" he inquires, moving to try to grab some of the other, cardboard-packed stuff to start loading onto his caddy.

Marilou giggles at Claudine, grinning a typical teenager's grin over the thought of the treats. Poor Orion indeed. Especially when Marilou comes out of her shell /more/. "Yep!" she chirps to him. "He seems totally awesome," she tells her sister, though this observation is mostly based on the fact that Orion is carrying things. None of which she offers to help with. "We need one of those wheelie things."

As for the mystery breeze? It doesn't make another appearance.

"Oh, he is. Very nice, and a complete gentleman.." Claudine admits ruefully, even if there are times where she doesnt want him to be a perfect gentleman, but other than that he's perfect. In her mind anyway. "Oh, and I'll get one of those.." she says, while pulling out a bit of change from her purse as she lets go of her sister to grab a few carts to make it easier on herself and on Orion.

She comes back, pushing two carts and offers to help put the boxes into the cart. She takes a deep breath and looks things over, sighing once more. Hopefully, all this isnt Marilou's and there's bunches of goodies instead or she'll have to remove stuff from her closet, but it's all good. "Will all this fit into the car, you think?"

At Claudine's question, Orion makes a noncommittal noise. He has entered paternal packing mode. It is likely to be one of the rare, rare few times that anyone sees a shadow of disdain on Granger's face; quite frankly it is kind of like seeing a clown actually break down crying.

Orion just keeps loading down the luggage caddies until Marilou indicates that there are no more packages to be packed. Granger may be thanking all deities ever and everywhere that he thought to rent a minivan. Again.

"That's the last one there!" The bubbly teenager is depending on everyone else to carry her luggage, this is true, with no particularly stellar excuse - but one might be starting to form. "Oy, 'Dine, I don't feel so good." Jetlag? Marilou grabs on to her sister's shoulder, clutching her head and stumbling forward a little. She's not about to pitch onto the floor, but she's not exactly steady on her feet. "Can you take me to the car? I think I'm going to just fall down there 'til we get to your school."

Claudine's eyes widen as she catches her sister, making sure she's okay. Again, she's back in full maternal mode as she puts the back of her hand on the younger one's forehead, making sure she doesnt have a temperature. "Of course, of course. You should sleep in the car as well and just rest up, okay? I'll make us something to eat at home or I can buy something if you want.." she offers while looking towards Orion with a worried look on her face.

She chews on her bottom lip before motioning for Orion to lead the way towards the car. She's thankful that he rented a minivan as well as there's a lot of things. She just pats her sister's head softly in the end, playfuly ruffling her hair. "Just lean on me and we'll get you into the car, kay?"

Granger blinks a few times, looking over at Claudine and Marilou. He arches an eyebrow for a moment or two before nodding and leading the way. He wraps his hands around both of the luggage caddies and starts hauling them toward the doors. Suspicion is clouding his thoughts already though, Orion pauses outside just long enough to let cars pass before leading the way into the parking lot, though it was more a pretext for him to sort through information in his mind than to let the cars go by.

Orion unlocks the van, half-way across the parking lot from the airport proper, and sets about packing up the rear of the minivan whilst Claudine tends to her sister. He frowns and broods all the while, face hidden behind the luggage.

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