2007-12-07: The Best Laid Plans


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Sylar wakes up and finds himself at Bat Country alone with Cass.

November 7th, 2007:

The Best Laid Plans

Bat Country Labs

There's a short window while Peter had to leave the labs. And, just to be extra sure that everything is safe, Cass has made sure all the doors are locked and has been checking the levels of Sylar's coma inducing IV. It's about time to give him another one as she's been trying to overlap the dosages to make sure he doesn't ever wake up. Nervous, but prepared, she brings another IV bag toward the room to switch out the old one.

Being in a medically induced coma, the killer lying on the table doesn't exactly do much. He continually takes in deep, steady breaths, eyes still behind closed eyelids. If Cass keeps a keen eye on the killer when she enters, however, she might just notice a slight movement of his right hand, after which it remains still.

The woman doesn't expect that much movement out of Sylar since he's supposed to be out like a light. The twitch of his right hand, Cass catches, but she coughs it up to the normal human twitches that sometimes happen win both sleep and coma. While it doesn't stop her progress toward the IV, it makes her senses all the more heightened. So, when she makes it to the bag, she quickly notices that it's a little more full than it should be. Something's wrong here. He's, oh god, that means—-

Sometimes fortune favors those it shouldn't. Through a freak malfunction of the IV bag, the liquid wasn't making it into Sylar's veins. This means, of course, that eventually he was going to wake up. Eyes snapping open, he stares into the harsh, white light of the flourescent bulbs, blinking the cobwebs away. Senses immediately tell him there's someone to his right. Head turning to the side, his eyes land on Cass.

Feet moving slowly off of the table, Sylar raises to a sitting position, eyes still focused on the back of the woman's head. He pushes himself off of the table to a standing position, bringing him just mere inches away from the woman. He waits, patiently, for the moment she turns around. That's when he strikes.
He doesn't have long to wait. The moment that Cass finds out that the IV bag has malfunctioned, she swings around to try fly out of the room before Sylar can wake up. Once there's a secure locked door between them, she can feel safe and can call Peter for back up. Of course, that doesn't happen. The moment that she turns around, he is there and she gasps, attempting to stumble backwards and away from him.

A smirk passes over Sylar's face, and he allows the woman to back away. After all, he can grab her from anywhere in the room. Once he feels she's had long enough, he raises his hand, a wave of telekinetic force flowing out from him, intending to slam her up against the wall. Only…

Sylar's still a little bit groggy from the fact he was just in a coma, and he isn't exactly at his best state. Regeneration only works so quickly. His slam misses Cass, slamming a table into the wall instead of her. Throwing all caution to the wind, Sylar steps forward, picking up the pace as he crosses the room towards the woman, now very intent on grabbing her with his own hands.

Thank goodness for small favors. The grogginess, the table slamming into the wall next to her spurs her into a jerky sort of action. Luckily, she has the needle of curare with her as protection, just in case of this sort of horrible worst case scenario. While Sylar does manage to get his hands on her, that's exactly what the bookstore owner wants. It puts him close enough that it would be all but impossible for her to miss. With a quick stabbing motion, she moves to stab the needle right into Sylar's neck and depresses the plunger. The medicine distributing from such a major artery, it should start working relatively quickly.

As soon as he has her, Sylar picks her up off of the ground, ready to slam her into the wall. The last thing he's expecting is a syringe in his neck, and as soon as the needle plunges into his skin, Sylar drops Cass. He backs away, both hands moving up to the needle as he grimaces, pulling it out with his right hand. Throwing it down hard, he smashes the syringe on the floor, but it's too late.
The curare is already spreading through his system, and when Sylar lowers his head, eyes glaring at Cass through his eyebrows, he raises his hand… but not happens. He flicks his fingers, and again, nothing. "What did you do to me?!" he says, taking a few steps back. This isn't the tranquilizer Peter used. This is something different. "Who are you? Where am I?!"

Struggling, Cass attempts to kick out and incapacitate the serial killer. She already managed to inject him with curare, that's something good for now. When she's unceremoniously dropped, she attempts to get her legs underneath her, but she can't and she collapses onto the ground coughing. "It's curare." As far as who she is and where they are, she doesn't answer. That's not exactly something she's going to tell him. "You're powerless."

The serial killer lowers his head slowly, eyes full of murderous rage as he stares at Cass with malicious intent. The animal is beginning to feel caged. He takes a step forward, bringing all his focus into this one moment. He aims for Cass, holding his hand out and moving it upwards, hoping that she follows the exact same course up the wall… only she doesn't. Powerless. Sylar lets out a screa of rage, turning to the nearest table and grabbing it, flipping it up over end. After this, he pauses, before slowly turning and looking at Cass, eyes narrowing as he begins to move towards her.

Well. So this is the text book version of 'don't poke a caged bear'. Though, luckily, she doesn't get telekinetically dragged upwards by his powers, that's not going to stop him from physical attacks. Cass cringes and attempts to get away from her attacker at the flipped over table. This isn't good. If she can only get to the door and then quickly lock it behind her, then, everything will be okay. Not bothering to try and engage him, when he starts to move toward her, she makes a break for the door.

The killer advances quickly, kicking a stool out of the way as he makes his way towards Cass. When she breaks for the door, he pursues, picking up his own pace as he chases her. A table is knocked out of his way easily, but it's enough to slow him down. He doesn't make it in time, and when the door slams shut behind him he slams both of his arms onto it, letting out a yell of frustration. He bangs on the door a few more times, before turning around to lay waste to the lab. He kicks a table across the floor, slamming it into another table, spilling medical supples all over the floor. He turns back to the door, breathing heavily, and he stares at it. Waiting.

Slamming the door behind her, Cass quickly locks it and double locks it. For a moment, she just leans against the cool metal of the door, breathing heavily as she listens to Sylar laying waste to the small room. Luckily there's not too much of her expensive lab equipment in there - mostly just the things to monitor Sylar's vital stats and other medicines she hadn't taken away from the virus. Once she's gathered her strength, though, she looks at the door, wondering what to do. She doesn't want to open it, she doesn't want to risk that. Immediately, she starts rummaging through her pockets to find her phone, only to realize that it got dropped somewhere inside. Hm. Curiosity. Dragging one of the lab phones over, she dials her own number as opposed to Peter's.

The sound of a ringtone breaking through the silence of the lab catches Sylar's attention immediately. He turns towards the source of the sound, digging through supplies and a few files' worth of paper to find it. When he does, he looks at the screen. BCL. The name means nothing to him. He presses receive, moving the receiver of the phone up to his ear. "Where am I?" he says immediately.

"You're in a research facility." Cass looks over toward the door, unable to see Sylar, but now she can hear him. She's not quite sure what to do with him. "You're done ruining everything in that room now?" What do you say to a serial killer? What in the world is she doing?

A research facility? He wasn't brought back to the Company was he? Would Peter do that? It surely isn't Pinehearst. It could be someone Peter knows that Sylar doesn't. Sylar will have to keep his own secrets, too. "What research facility?" he responds to Cass. He doesn't respond to her last question, but simply waits for an answer.

"A private one. You're not back at the Company." She's sure that Sylar may be thinking that. But, she quickly adds, "But that doesn't mean we're not well secured." Cass looks around. Hopefully as secure. Or secure enough. "Especially without your powers." Whatever that means. She's not about to tell him the name of where he is. Not when he has a means to call someone to get out.

"And what are you going to do when my abilities come back?" Sylar responds, moving towards the door. "You can't keep me in here forever."

"That's not up to me." That's up to Peter. Who will, hopefully be coming back soon. "And your powers will be gone for long enough." Though she shakes her head, Sylar can't see that. "You're not going to be here forever. Believe me, I want you here even less than you want to be here."

"I hope for your sake you're right," Sylar says, before closing the phone with a soft click. He tosses it onto a nearby table, and turns back to the lab. He grabs a nearby stool, setting it up near the door and to the right, taking a seat on it once he has it placed. He then waits, eyes and ears on the door, for when they decide to come back through.

There's not much else Cass can say in response to Sylar, because he's shut off the phone. Though she debates dialing him back, instead, just cradles the phone. She waits a moment, takes a deep breath and finally dials Peter's number to let him know about the update.

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