2007-11-17: The Best Shot at Normal


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Summary: Niki agrees to be Mohinder's experiment if it'll get her life under control for good.

Date It Happened: November 17th, 2007

The Best Shot at Normal

Reed Street Laboratories


"So how many times do I have to do this?" Niki Sanders sits amidst an unfamiliar world of lab equipment, situated on an exam table or … something like it, here in the loftspace that's been converted for Mohinder. The light high above her shines down on her head in an area of the lab-slash-loft that's otherwise dark, glinting off her straight blonde hair just as much as the metallic surroundings. A grey cardigan is folded loosely beside her, leaving her in a tanktop of the same colour as she holds out a bare arm to Dr. Suresh.

Hands gloved, instruments sterilized, Mohinder's back is to Niki as he works on the injection. "Rather than do this all at once.. this has to be a gradual change introduced into your system. I don't want to risk a major shock, which can happen." He stands up straight and taps at the syringe in hand, a few drops of liquid can be seen shaking off the tip of the needle. "I know I am repeating myself.. but I just want to make absolutely certain that you are aware of the risks. This is essentially untested on a human and I only have my lab results to go by."

And yet, every time Mohinder repeats it, Niki gets that unsure look on her face, as if she's reconsidering the whole thing; there's that flash of fear, the what if… but it's followed be a resolute hardening of her features. "It can't be worse than what I've already been through." Right? Blue eyes follow the geneticist closely, waiting for him to confirm or deny that statement. A careful smile finds its way onto her lips — halfway, almost daring to be hopeful and optimistic. "This could make things right."

Maybe Mohinder wants Niki to reconsider this.. He's not entirely comfortable with what amounts to experimentation.. on some levels. On the other hand, there's overwhelming curiousity as to whether or not this is possible, and he has a willing subject for this. "No.. I can't imagine that it could be." Although, he can imagine a variety of outcomes for this, but there's only one way to find out for sure. The syringe is set down on the sterile tray where a few other items rest. "I just want to make sure Niki. You also have Micah to think about." Plus an angry black man who might phase out of jail and punch the Indian in the nose if he does something wrong. "This will be the first of several injections. I want to monitor you regularly for any adverse side effects or signs that the formula should be altered. For the moment? Relax and think of this no differently than getting a flu shot." He tries to give the woman a reassuring smile as he dabs at her arm with an alcohol wipe.

"I'm doing this for Micah," Niki answers straight off the bat. "If it works, we can have a normal life." And if it doesn't work… well, that's a big grey area she can't help but think about constantly. She watches her arm get swabbed, thoughtful. Several injections… "We can always stop if something goes wrong," she says, looking up at Mohinder with her head slightly bowed, eyebrows raised in prompt. "We can just stop the injections. Right?"

"Normal? What is normal anyway?" Mohinder's laugh is short and has a slightly harsh edge to it. After what he's seen, participated in, studied.. it's a valid question. He reaches behind him to pick up the syringe as he ponders the request. "We can stop the injections, but it will be a bit like taking you down off any altering medication. I will want to keep an eye on you."

That laugh does little in the way of making Niki feel more comfortable about being injected. Way to go, Mohinder. She gives the scientist a rather critical eye, and for a moment, the harshness in his laugh matches the harshness in her voice as she says, "Normal is getting up in the morning and not wondering if my son is gonna be taken away from me because I'm a monster. Normal is not having to worry about … a trail of bodies." As her eyes follow the syringe, they shine with moisture and her voice becomes slightly uneven, emotional. "I don't … expect to be perfect, Mohinder. No one is. This is my last resort." Niki tries to relax, letting her arm lay on her thigh, the underside of her forearm facing up, ready for the injection. Her fingers curl slightly, though, a few degrees tenser than relaxed. "If it works, then… it's the best shot at normal that I have."

Mohinder isn't so sure he wants to return to normal.. even if he's vigilant about Molly having as normal a life as possible. "You're not a monster Niki," is said in a gentle tone as he regards the syringe for a few moments and what he's about to attempt. "You're a woman with an extraordinary ability who finds herself in less than ideal circumstances." Wordlessly, he contemplates the contents of the syringe, as if pondering the mystery of life, abilities, everything. "Are you ready?" This is the last chance to run screaming.

"That's fancy talk for 'out of control'." Niki gives the man an all-too-knowing smile, devoid of humour. Lashes float shut so that she can close her eyes for a few seconds. This is it. Now or never. Before she opens her eyes, she gives a nod. Instead of running, screaming, she says: "Do it."

Mohinder smiles just slightly at Niki's words, "I would put it exactly in those terms. You've done an admirable job at trying to find the control. I'm just sorry the medication you've tried has failed." When Niki gives her consent once again, he gives her the shot. It's almost with a guilty expression that he watches eagerly for any visible reactions or changes.

The only flinch Niki gives isn't from experiencing the pain of the needle breaking her skin, that's no big deal. She's just hoping against hope that that doesn't make things a thousand times worse. As the serum swims its way into her unsuspecting bloodstream, her eyes settle on Mohinder's, watching him watch her. Her gaze, slowly, starts to become distant, then rapidly less and less in the here-and-now. "I… feel…" She suddenly grips the edge of the table with the hand of her un-injected side. It rocks, one corner sending a cart of supplies reeling. It's Niki who's reeling next, slumping over onto her side at an awkward angle, everything slack from arms to mouth.

"You feel how? Niki?" Mohinder withdraws the needle, setting it down behind him as he turns to check the woman's vitals. "Niki?!" The overturned cart is ignored, as he's unconcerned with it right this moment. A small pen flashlight is pulled out as he peels back one of Niki's eyelids to check her eyes and their response to light. (Or lack thereof.)

… To Be Continued …

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