2007-07-15: The Bottom Line


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Guest Starring:

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Summary: It's a Royal Rumble between Jaden, Eric and the Board of Directors.

Date It Happened: July 15, 2007

The Bottom Line


The Board Room.

It is a circular chamber in the Evosoft building, in one of the main towers and in one of the highest floors. The floor-to-ceiling length windows overlook the vast metropolis of New York, and a group of eight people, seven men, and one woman, are seated on the long table in the middle of it. They're all dressed in suits, all with black folders in front of them. Normandy Osbourne, being Chairman, sits at the head of the table, checking his watch and narrowing his eyes. What the hell was all this for?

The first of the people there, well…after the board members at all there at least…would be Eric Walker. In a full jet black business suit, with a large file under one arm and a briefcase in the other he strolls into the room with a slight smile on his face before walking over towards what would be Jaden's chair. He doesn't say anything at all for the moment, just waiting for his…partners in crime.

Jaden Cain, Entering Late. That's what he does. He doesn't have any briefcase or anything. He's just got himself. Whether or not his people come in after him, it doesn't matter. Jaden Cain's the man and he's about to get this party started. "WAAAAAZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" is how he greets the people that are already in there. Eric's there already, so he gets a fistbump as Jaden makes his way towards wherever his chair is supposed to be. Not that he's going to actually sit in it. That would put him at a disadvantage.

Eric fistbumps. Because thats just pure irony.

When she arrives, Elena is dressed in a suit herself, and she can't help but stare at Jaden as he whoops out his greeting. She closes the door behind her. Don't mind her. She's just here to….take notes! Yeah, that's it. She takes a corner chair, sitting down and opening up her pad of paper. And set a tape recorder underneath the folder on her lap.

Let the games begin.

Normandy Osbourne eyes the two young men as they enter. "Well. We're here, and it wasn't easy, mind. Terrence had to cut a trip to Egypt short." He nods to a squat, bald man down the table. "Well boys, let's get on with it. What's the agenda. Either -someone-." A glance cast at Jaden. "Forgot to notify the secretary to type one out, or there's only one item on the list."

"A little of the first a little of the second Mr Osbourne," Eric says with a smile towards the head of the board. "And I am sorry there Terrence is it? I'll let you get back to your trip as soon as we clear something up." He takes the briefcase and sets it softly on the table, not opening it there. "I'm Eric Walker, son of Laurence Lancaster and he has appointed me as Jaden's…guardian angel for lack of a better term. I'm here to make sure that he retains your help and coperation in running this business is all." He now sets the files down next to the briefcase. "…to that end I'm here to make a few offers and comments on the people of this board is all."

Jaden finally decides to sit himself down into his chair. He's not really sure about this part of the events and would much rather get comfortable. Thus, he's throwing his feet up onto the table and leaning back into the chair. His hands go behind his head and he just plants a big ol' smile. "That's right! Help and cooperation and looking the other way when me and Ingrid work late." Pause. "All over the office." Pause again. "All over the building." Pause one more time. "Especially in Normandy's office…"

"……………" Normandy EYETWITCHES at what he hears from Jaden, but he does keep his cool. But his focus is on Eric because between the two of them, he seems to have something to say that won't require him blowing an artery out of sheer stress in the board room. "Alright, Mr. Walker, what is it? I trust Laurence sent you?" Offers? This should be good. Several of the board members quirk their brows, looking over young Eric.

"Nooot helping Jaden…" Eric mutters under his breath. However he didn't really expect him to help much, it /is/ fun though and he has to keep the smile off his face. He opens the file first and takes out the top sheet. "First…well, my R&D man isn't here, but I hope he'll get here later. It would be the very first joint work from our two companies. Something new for the advertisement department…a flatscreen billboard that is actually cost effective enough to market, and blue tooth capable. Naturally, my father's electronics company puts together the hardware…Jaden does the software."

"Hear that, fellas?" Jaden's pushing away from the table now, using his roller chair to slide over to where a couple of other old dudes are. "/I/ do the software. Me. Jaden Cain. Not Bill Gates. Not Steve Jobs. Not Data from Star Trek the Next Generation." He pauses to toss a wink at Elena. Seeing her in a trekkie uniform would be so hot. Ahem. "Me." He flashes a big ol' smile in Normandy's direction and continues on his rolling towards the group of people that are all around this table. His eyes are checking out the one woman, to see how hot she is. "But yeah. BLUETOOTH BILLBOARDS. They will be so JAWSOME. Instant access to ads, communication, hot babes. Everything you can ever think of. All you have to do is Look Up."

Normandy quirks a brow. The Board murmurs.

"We HAVE been trying to break further into the commercial media sector…" says the woman on the other side of the table.

"Bluetooth Billboards? Has the technology even been DEVELOPED for that…?"

"What about the FCC requirements?"

Normandy stares at Eric and Jaden. Them? WHAT? No. NO. This wasn't good. All his plans from the last few months were going to hell before his very eyes. The idea was good. VERY good. Every high-class, advertising firm and every business in the city would want to be able to get their mitts into the slots for this ALONE. And if it's a good idea, that would mean it sells, and if it sells, the progenitors of the idea get the credit. And if Jaden gets the credit….there was no way of ousting him as CEO now.

"Risky," he says, steepling his fingers and narrowing his eyes at Eric. "What makes you both think it's going to work? Nothing like that's been developed before."

"Ah I'm glad you brought that up," Eric says as he opens the briefcase and pulls out…well…it looks like a miniature billboard. "This is over course just a small mockup of it of course. However it should work just the same with a larger version. If you want the technical specs we have them as well, of course they are the copyright of my father's company so I can't just hand them out. You all understand." He smiles again as he pulls a folder out and then hands it to the man on his left. "This is a projection of the profit that something like this can be thought to accrue in a year or so of working. This includes the money that will be sunk into developing the software of course. You can see the projections are quite substantial." Eric flashes a smile directly towards Normandy this time. "…surely the board can see this is worth the risk."

Jaden just continues to try and look like he knows what's going on. Because he doesn't. At all. He's all smiling and running his hand through his hair and what not. "You're cute. Wanna' go out after all this is over?" Jaden remarks as he rolls up next to the woman that's on the board. He's not quite sure if this is the right time to be doing this, but when Eric stops talking, he's raising his voice and waving his hand around. "Yeah. And it's gonna' make us a shitload of money too, dudes." He slides his card onto the woman's folder and moves off to stand up at a board. He reaches into his pocket and comes out with a folded poster! He folding it, he sticks it up on the board with a pin and steps back. It reads: LexCorp = EvoSoft. And he smiles. "Yeah. It's kinda' like that."

Eric facepalms. "…use your jPhone man. You can bluetooth to it remember."

"This proposal does need a vote," Normandy says coldly. Oh yes. It would make a lot of money. But he's suspicious. They even have a mockup. Who the hell in Lancaster has this sort of know-how? He runs through a list of recruits he's heard Laurence pick up over the last couple of years. All bright, young kids, recruited from all over. But no one, certainly, who can pull off what the Lancaster boy was describing. "So….this is your offer? A new product?" He narrows his eyes. He's been around Wall Street. He KNOWS something is up. "What if the Board decides to follow my lead and blackball the project? Projections are fine and good, but you've not answered my question as to how you got this thing to even work in such a small span of time."

"Company secrets," Eric reacts promptly as he reaches into the briefcase the second time. However he raises an eyebrow at Normandy. "You know how it is Mr Osborne. I can't divulge company secrets without Mr Lancaster's express permission." He says smoothly as he glances towards Elena and then Jaden for a moment. "If the board though decides to follow you? Well, my father wants to only promote cooperation between our companies after this merger. Therefore, he would not want this Board to have any unhappy members." He pulls out a tall stack of folders, each with the name of a board member emblazoned on in.

"To that end, anyone that doesn't believe they can put their faith in this merger, and the good it can do for this company, is welcome to take advantage of these."


"Severance packages." Pause. "Quite generous ones."

Jaden's actually in the middle of doing that thing that Eric has told him to. Which is fiddling with his phone and trying to get the image sent to the Bluetooth Billboard model. Since, well, he's definitely trying to prove that this damn thing is actually a good idea. His attention is finally caught when things start to work on the model and he looks up, "Huh?" Looking over to Eric he realizes that he's doing the part where he threatens everyone. "Yeah, which in case youse don't know what that means?" He presses a couple buttons on his phone and Vince McMahon's face pops up. "YOU'RE FIRED!"

No one wants to get fired. The executives at the table's eyes go wide. The woman looks like she's staying put though. She's clearly on Jaden's side.



"Hey, I'm cool with it."

All eyes turn to the youngest Board member at the table, who looks sort of like Ben Affleck. He shrugs. "What? I can get behind the Bluetooth Billboard idea," he says simply. "Catherine probably can, too."

"Knew it was a mistake putting him on board," mutters Terry.

Osbourne, however, turns purple in the face. "You… dare to threaten ME, BOY?" he snarls, slowly standing up from the head of the table and planting his hands on the wood. "I've poured -years- in this company. Billions of dollars! I am NOT." He points to Jaden. "Going to stand aside and let this pot-smoking, cartoon dog worshipping, skateboarding DEGENERATE drive this company into the ground! If you want me gone you're going to have to DRAG ME OUT OF HERE BY THE HAIR."

Eric now smirks slightly as he takes off his sunglasses, setting them easily on the table. He lets the board explode like he knew they would, standing there calmly as he does so. He drums his fingers on the table once, then twice. A smile crosses his face as he nods to the newest board member. Then to Catherine.

A look then towards Osbourne and he shrugs slightly. "Its not a threat, Mr. Osbourne. The packages only need to be signed by my father and by Jaden. They are completely legal and, as I said, quite generous. It's a promise instead of a threat. I will not tolerate anyone on the board trying to use Jaden's inexperience against him." He's perfectly calm as he says it, his eyes hard as he sweeps across the table and then shrugs slightly. "…yes, you have poured years into the company, and we are very thankful for it. However, your recent actions, I don't believe, are in the best interest of this company." A slow smile spreads across his face. "…and as for the last part, I'm sure Jaden can arrange something."

Jaden just takes a step back away from the table. He's smiling. "God, I was so hoping you'd do that." he remarks to good ol' Normandy. It's a very devious smile, but that's probably just a distraction because…

*CRASH!* The sounds of Stone Cold Steve Austin theme come pouring through the PA system of the entire EvoSoft building. It's especially loud in the board room, though, where Jaden's smiling and holding up his phone. Oh the screen are the numbers he just dialed: 316.

Suddenly and without too much warning, the Rattlesnake himself shoulders the door open and comes stomping inside. Shirt says Security 3:16 on it, just to prove that he is, indeed, the real deal. He shoves at a couple other board members as he makes his way down the table towards Normandy. His eyes are narrowed and he walks with a mission on his mind. The music cuts the moment he gets over to wherever Normandy is standing in his outrageous level of pissed off-ness.

"Is it you?" Stone Cold says as he gets right up in Normandy's face. The older Willem Dafoe looking man doesn't seem to be -too- nervous. But when a crazy ass wrestler such as Stone Cold gets in your face, you have to be a little intimidated. "I uh…"


"I'm not…"


"Mr. Austin, if you'd just listen…"


"This company is mine! I worked hard to get wher—"


"Will you shut up and listen?!"

Stone Cold tilts his head and takes a step back. He looks at Normandy like the man's grown a second head. "Did this crazy summabitch just tell me to shut up?" The question is rhetorical as Stone Cold walks around in a little circle. Normandy follows him with his eyes and sort of backs up against the edge of the board table. "I didn't mean—" Stone Cold's hand comes up and stops the old man from trying to weasel his way out of this. "If you wanna' see Stone Cold Steve Austin put this geriatric summabitch in his place… then give me a HELL YEAH!"

"HELL YEAH!" Jaden, Eric, Elena (probably) and the cool board members are fine and dandy with giving Stone Cold what he wants to hear. Normandy looks around at them as if they're all traitors. But the second he looks back at Stone Cold to try and talk his way out of it… he's rocked hard by the STONE COLD STUNNER! His head jerks back and he goes flying onto the board table, sprawled out and blood dripping from his face. Stone Cold hops up onto the table and drops down to yell in the KO'd board chairman's face.

"You're fired, asshole! And that's the bottom line! Because STONE COLD SAID SO!"

Elena….is staring. Her jaw is hanging open. She's so stunned by the entrance alone she doesn't even give a HELL YEAH.

"Jaden," Eric just pauses, and holds up his fist. This requires a fistbump. That was just perfect. Eric does indeed give a hell yeah to that. Then he looks at the KO'd board chariman's face and just simply hands Jaden the severence papers. "Sign this would you?" A smile crosses his face as he glances at the rest of the stunned board members.

"Any questions?"

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