2007-10-06: The Buffalo That Run Wild


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Summary: Meanwhile, Nova and Meryl discussion an assignment.

Date It Happened: October 6th, 2007

The Buffalo That Run Wild

Kirby Plaza

Meryl's office in Kirby is… Remarkably bare compared to her office in Hartsdale. There are a few things here that make it seem like hers, though the space is much smaller, and she's sharing it with someone else. At the moment, she's alone, though, with Basil happily running in his wheel in his cage. (To clarify, that's Basil the guinea pig, not Basil the Beretta…) Meryl herself is leaning over her desk, staring down at some paperwork that she hasn't finished just yet. Or even started, really.

An envelope arrived for Nova earlier in the day. Typed, surprisingly, asking for a meeting in the afternoon. There are reasons she asked some questions of her fellow Aussie last month, and now it's time to reel Nova in. Well, Meryl hopes, anyway — Tell her the story, tell her why she'll be doing all this, and hopefully, get her on the A-Team! They'll need a themesong, possibly a uniform. Pink. Or light blue, or both. In fact, Meryl starts sketching that out on the Form-766 in front of her, which should be a routine transport-of-captive report. No, it's a sketchbook now.

It could be said that Nova has better things to do than to meet with agents on what could be official business, but really, Nova isn't sure if it is. She has bad guys to catch, is the thing. However, you don't ignore summons, especially nicely typed out ones (it was in an envelope and everything), and so Meryl will soon be able to hear the heavy sound of Nova's foot steps in the hallway as she approaches Meryl's office. Once they stop, there's a polite knock on the door before it's pushed open, Nova's serious expression peering in. "Agent Wolfe?" She steps further inside, dressed in typical Nova-garb, which is always a contrast to the more professional surroundings. Comfortable pants, running shoes, a black wife-beater this time, but with a denim jacket pulled over to ward off the coming cold weather. "You wanted to see me?"

"Agent…" She pauses. Last name, last name, last— Shit. "Agent Nova," she says, smiling, folding her hands atop the drawing in front of her. It certainly doesn't have spandex and little sparkly wings drawn on, no sir! "You want to have a seat? I'd like to talk to you for awhile about a possible mission. One I think you'll be qualified for.

"You'll remember I asked you about your record with the Company," Meryl starts, smiling. "Anyway, and I won't beat around the bush here, at least part of this mission might not be exactly by-the-book." Her eyes narrow a little; she reaches into her drawer and pulls out a file folder. It has Nova's name on it - full name, not just her first - and it's full of various papers. Of course, all the pages are blank, but as Meryl sets it down on the desk and puts her hand down on it, giving it a pat… Well, Nova doesn't need to know that, right. "I picked the people on this team for a reason. I think it might be something you'll enjoy doing."

Nova takes a seat as offered after shutting the door behind her, a leg crossed over the other and hands resting casually on her knee. As Meryl talks, Nova doesn't really react, simply taking in what is said passively, although her storm-blue eyes do flick down towards the file set out. It doesn't occur to her that it's there for effect, so Meryl scores a point. "Is this about your trip to Australia?" she asks, looking back at the woman, head tilting to the side and ponytail swaying a little as she does so, deceptively girlish. "What is it you reckon I'd enjoy doing?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact," Meryl says, trailing off. She honestly can't remember how much she told Nova when she was dragging a table around the hallway. She's starting over, from a point, because she's so easily distracted that it's sometimes difficult to remember her own name. "I'm after an Evolved fellow. Someone with the ability to alter the minds of others. Makes them a little crazy, I guess you could say. Amner— whatsit. Forgetfulness, like you'll be thinking one thing, and suddenly, you reset. Like goldfish. Not sure there's any other way to really describe it, really. Any'ow, I got this." Another file is pulled from the drawer, this one an identical copy of the one she gave Megan. Meryl can be organised when she wants to be, however, notably, the fake file on Nova and the file containing Dorsey's information are currently the only two in that drawer. Or, really, the whole office.

"I've got two of them on the team already. Then there's me. And…" Because they MIGHT let Meryl lead a team, but this would go over slightly better if the team leader was mentally sound, "We need another one of us. And a team leader." The file on Dorsey is pushed across the table.

There's only a ltitle bit of hesitation on Nova's part before she's picking up this second file. However, she doesn't open this yet as she catches the implication there. "You're not capable of leading a team, Agent Wolfe?" she asks, just a tad wryly, still not opening the file and restlessly tapping the end of it against the desk as she mulls over a few thoughts. "You're aware of the recent Level Five complication that's gone on. I'm assigned to track down one of the escapees and there's no telling how long it'll take, right? So I can't make promises." Now, she opens the file, as she asks, "Who're the other two of them you've picked?"

She's prepared to answer this question. "No," Meryl says, smirking a little. "It's explained in the file just why. But to paraphrase, a man named Jerry Dorsey tampered with my mind when I was a young girl. I'm easily distracted at times— And since I want this mission to succeed, I'm looking for someone who can handle it." Play up to the ego, right? Feed it. Then again, Nova was hand-picked by Meryl for this, and that's… Not saying a whole lot, but it must still mean something. "There's more in the file. My aim is for him to fix what he broke, for myself and my family, as well as several others affected."

In the nutshell, that's the mission.

Nodding when Nova indicates that she's on one of the teams, Meryl does seem just a little thrown by that - something she hadn't thought of. But… She's practices this. She recovers quickly. "Ah, a couple people I think you're familiar with. Megan Deatley and Benjamin Winters."

Well that certainly explains a few things. Nova's compassion is buried somewhere very very deep, however, and so if it does flicker to life at Meryl's reasoning, it's certainly not shown. What does gain a reaction is the news of who Nova would supposedly be working with, and her eyebrows go up, looking towards Meryl. "I see," she says. Not exactly the firepower she would have chosen and the idea of two relative newbies is what makes her more nervous than their recent history. "Are you sure there's no one more experienced available for this mission?"

Meryl's not really looking for compassion, anyway. If she were, there'd be more than a handful of people who actually know why she's just on this side of insane. She likes the cover. She likes what people think of her. And behind all that, she can still do her job. There's no need to milk sympathy from people.

"No, these are the two. I know. I've been working with Megan, and with what she can do…" So Nova and Meryl are both Australian. So they can both fire a weapon. But. "I want to try to do this with as little bloodshed as possible. I want to go in, get out, and get the job done without, you know. Whatevering." Translation: Beating the everloving snot out of everyone they encounter. Which begs the question, why Nova?

"This balances the team. We've got you and I for the heavy hitting, and Winters and Deatley when we need to be a little more subtle." She pauses. "Plus, s'far as I know, you don't have a stick stuck up your arse. Might make it a little easier to enjoy the mission. When's th'last time you've been home?"

"I haven't been home since I left it," Nova admits, with— is that a hint of a smile? Why yes it is! And her face doesn't even break when she does it. She still has her reservations, but it's a mission just like any other. Besides, they're keeping Sylar is these facilities, alive - if all hell breaks loose, Nova can't see how being in a different country would be a bad idea, to be perfectly honest. "If I'm on this mission, rest assured I'll do my job with as much bloodshed as I see fit. But I can keep your aim in mind."

This is all what the balance is about. Meryl leans forward on the table now, smiling, as she slips Nova's 'file' back into the otherwise empty drawer. "To be honest, I assembled the team before Bingo told me you broke him." Green eyes glance away, toward the ceiling, then back at her fellow agent. "If you get the green light to break as many of the bad guys as you need to, can you at least attempt not to break anymore of the guys on our side?" They'll need everyone in good shape if this is going to work. "And not to mislead you… This isn't going to be the safest mission in the whole world." Meryl gives that brown folder another shove. "The information on our mark is in here. Read up before you make a decision. My number's in there, too. If you're in, just let me know."

"I don't make a habit of breaking other agents," Nova says, with a nod. "Unless they deliberately attempt to sabotage my mission." Which is what happened - Benjamin turned on them, and he got, in Nova's book, exactly what he deserved. However, he's not fired, and Nova is willing to trust the higher ups that he's not fired for a reason. She makes no more protest over Meryl's choices - it's not her place. "I'll read the file," she says, now standing and taking the folder with her. "And I'll talk to our superiors about if they want me reassigned to your mission. You'll get an answer before the week's out." She goes where they tell her to go, after all. She lifts the folder up in a sort of lazy salute, and heads towards the door.

Dude, she totally handled this like she's been in the Company for like two decades instead of three minutes like some people seem to think. This went beautifully, and she'll soon have another "OH NO WAIT" Meryl says, jumping to her feet as Nova starts to exit. Wide green eyes stare, as if the script has suddenly been re-written and she doesn't know what to do. "There are. Uh. Buffalo crossing in the hall this time of day. Sit." Yes, it had nothing to do with talking to superiors at all. So… "You might have awhile to wait before they… Finish. Crossing. And they haven't had their veggiemite so they might mistake you for supper and— Buffalo don't eat people, do they. Damn."

Nova doesn't sit down, but her journey to the door is paused, a hand frozen from where it was reaching for the handle. Slowly, it drops, Nova looking at Meryl like she is crazy, which she is so that's okay, and turning back to her. "Was there something further you wish to discuss?" she asks, formally, to perhaps lead the conversation back somewhere normal.

Stampeding hallway buffalo are normal, dammit. This is New York, after all. THERE IS BUFFALO IN NEW YORK. See? Yeah, she's like a deer in headlights, but that only lasts for a second. The regaining of composure comes, eventually, and she nods. "So far, I haven't spoken to our superiors about this proposal. I want to take it to them with all information and a team already assembled, and put it all on the table right then and there." Sitting down again, she leans back in her chair. "Contact me if you're in. Then I'll take the next step. We won't be doing this without permission, I assure you."

There we go, Meryl. See? You can be normal! IF YOU ONLY TRY! Nova glances down as if studying her shoes, but really that's just to hide the amused smirk from Meryl's transition from hypercrazy to professional. "Sounds fair," Nova says, with a simple shrug. "I'll contact you soon." As for her other assignment, well, she hopes that will conclude soon in any case. She doesn't spare Meryl any other kind of goodbye, turning away once more to head out.

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