2007-05-18: The Bukkit List


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Summary: Mohinder isn't pleased with the results of his testing of Mara's abilities. Mara is Not Amused.

Date It Happened: May 18, 2007

The Bukkit List

Kirby Plaza - Mohinder's Lab

The weather outside is really far too warm for Mara to be wearing her duster, but the on-leave detective doesn't seem as though she was too bothered by the heat as she walks through the building at Kirby Plaza. The lack of sound as she makes her way to her destination makes her glad she left the Very Important Heels at home and swapped them for the green Converse. Even if they don't exactly match the rest of her outfit. She stops in front of a door and taps on it quietly. Mohinder's lab. She doesn't want to disturb him, even if she is expected.

Mohinder wouldn't know about the weather outside. Seeing as he's more or less stuck indoors. Work, more work, taking care of Molly with Matt, more work. And security, or what's starting to feel like a house arrest.. While Sunday is more or less a day off for him, as much as it can be considered one, he's down in his lab. It's been setup and prepared for the appointment with Mara. When the detective knocks at the door, he calls out, "Come in," even as he makes some adjustments to equipment that will be used.

Mara just pokes her head in at first before the rest of her follows. "Nice setup," she comments quietly, stepping inside. She approaches the geneticist, but keeps a respectable distance so as not to be peering over his shoulder. Even if that is exactly what she'd like to do.

Mohinder looks up and smiles at Mara as she enters. "It's not as comfortable or casual as the loft's lab, but it will do." That's a joke. No really. Since this lab is state of the art (Like the other!) But there's more equipment, facilities and it's very much more sterile in appearance. "I'll try to not tire you out too fast. Have a seat there, and we can get started."

"So does that mean you don't have a mattress for me to curl up on when I pass out? Well, /damn/." Mara grins lopsidedly. She finally shrugs out of her duster and sets it aside before she takes her seat as directed. There's a few fresh bruises on either arm, but nothing too bad. She shakes one wrist out, several goldtone bracelets clinking together as she does, matching a set on the other wrist. Before she can get comfortable, she checks the knot on the purple silk scarf tied around her neck that would really look more in place in, say, the 1950s.

Mohinder stares at Mara in brief puzzlement over the quip, then blinks as he catches on. Clearing his throat, he gives a half smile. "Even better. Your own hospital bed to rest on should we need to keep you about for observation." As Mara shrugs out of her duster, he notes the bruises on her arms and immediately reaches for one to take a closer look. "Dare I ask?"

Colour rushes into Mara's cheeks, but she lets Mohinder do his little examination. "Rough night at the bar," she explains with a soft huff of laughter. Absently, she readjusts her bracelets. "Is it going to be a problem? I've got a bunch'a bruises. …You aren't gonna want to see them all, are you?" That's totally a loaded question. To Mara's credit, however, she keeps her expression completely innocent. I totally didn't mean what that sounded like. Not me. Ever. No.

Mohinder frowns, looking most unamused by the explanation. He promptly lets go of Mara's arm when she goes there with that oh so loaded question. "Of course not.. I'll take your word for it." Oh so neutral and professional there. "I thought we would start with the basics, as before. Vitals, another blood test. I want to compare it with the results of past tests, to make sure you're at the baseline, or if there is any change." With that said, he gets started.

Mara turns her wrist so that her bare arm is exposed and ready for the whole blood test thing. She's beginning to get used to this routine. "How many times have you nearly died in the name of your research, Mohinder?"

Mohinder is getting better at the blood test portion here. Molly would be proud. His brows raise in a quizzical manner at the question. "How do you mean? Simply performing tests on patients, or the number of times that Sylar has been involved?" There's a wry sort of expression given at that. As the only times he could have been killed, Sylar was involved.

"I mean… is it worth it? For all the times you've been scared you were gonna die, all because of your work, and for people like me who have these crazyass abilities that get us into trouble…" Mara shakes her head. "Is it all worth it?" She's actually very impressed with how much better he's gotten at this whole taking blood thing. It barely even hurt that time.

"If I thought it wasn't worth it, I would have stopped last year. I had moments before this work really began where I was going to stop and go back to teaching." But Mohinder's just too much like his father when it comes to genetic quests. "So, to answer your question, yes, I think it's worth it. This is a new branch of genetics, the next step in evolution and I am at the forefront. Helping to unravel this mystery for future generations. Not to mention the people I can help here and now."

Mara's eyes light up with a whole new sort of appreciation for Mohinder as he gives voice to his conviction. She smiles slowly, obviously pleased to hear that he hasn't been considering abandoning his research. Especially considering recent events. Things have been really crazy. "I've kind of… compiled this list of things I want to do before I die." She chuckles softly. "It's a short list. I reckon I don't have a whole lot of time to accomplish these things."

Mohinder's brows raise as he continues to check Mara's vitals, finishing the drawing of the blood, examining that. Even as he converses, he's working. "That's.. a rather morbid list to compile, yet at the same time, a sensible way of looking at things. In the grand scheme of things, our time here is very brief and so many squander what they are given. A person could live to be a hundred, while the next could die before their life has even begun."

"Well, as morbid as it is, I don't want to live with any regrets, you know?" Mara shrugs one shoulder. What can she say? "Life expectancy for members of the NYPD isn't exactly that high in the first place. I'm pretty sure it's considerably lower when one has pissed off a serial killer that can throw you around like a rag doll with his mind."

"That is completely understandable." Mohinder's smile is tight and forced when it forms. "There is that added to the mix. Yes." Slide prepared with a drop of Mara's blood, he turns to examine it under the lab's microscope. The image is magnified and displayed on the large computer monitor there at the workstation.

Mara watches Mohinder work. It never ceases to amaze her. "Do you have a list like that? Things you wanna do? I mean, things that /aren't/ related to your work?" Conversation is good. Keeps her occupied. "I don't know. Like… Take Molly to Disneyland?" It's just an example. The idea of Mohinder at a theme park gives Mara a giggle fit which she stifles and hides behind a cough.

Mohinder chuckles himself at the very thought. "In a way yes. I never really gave myself time to think of what I'd like outside of work, until Molly that is. Beyond keeping her alive, I'm sure that Disneyland should be on that list. In fact, I think tonight I'll mention it to Matt, and then we can work on when to take her." The giggle fit Mara has doesn't seem to phase him. The Magic Kingdom might not be up his alley, but Epcot just might. "Ah, there we are. Everything looks normal here in comparison. Vitals are excellent. Now we proceed with the fun portion of today's examination."

"I know it's /my/ favourite part," Mara shoots back sardonically. "You get this look in your eyes when you watch my brain light up like a Christmas tree." She pauses briefly to press her lips together. Then, she amends, "Maybe more like fireworks? Either way, your reactions make /my/ reactions worthwhile." She takes in a deep breath. Time to be serious for a second. "I was a bad girl, Mohinder. And I swear to God I'm actually going to start listening to your instructions for a change. Learned my lesson. Really."

"What? Why shouldn't I? It's a fascinating pattern to examine." Some people geek out over the weirdest things.. some just weirder than others. Such as Mohinder's case. As he starts hooking Mara up with the monitoring equipment, he gives her a sharp look. "Care to elaborate? Or is this something that I may not want to know the details of?"

"No, no. You should probably know. I reckon it could be important. Being as how it's part of the reason I'm here." Mara sighs softly. That look he gives her makes her want to pout and apologise, but she doesn't. "Even though you told me to avoid having visions, I kind of… I forced one." She winces. Yes, I'm stupid. Not arguing the point. "It lingered. I couldn't shut it out. And I wonder if I just kind of… subconsciously didn't want to shut it out. Or if there's just something wrong with me. But I haven't had an /involuntary/ vision… Since you gave me that injection at the hospice."

The look that Mohinder gives Mara is one reminiscent of a stern and disapproving figure of authority. "I advised you against doing such a thing. Why did you force it, and I would like the details as to what took place, what this vision was of, and how you attempted to shut it out. Leave out no details please." While it is a request, it's not phrased as thus. His work so far is brought to a halt as he pulls out Mara's chart and a pen, preparing to take notes.

"Oh, Jesus." Mara tips her head back and groans. "Where do you want me to start? There's a bit of a back story to why I decided to force this vision in the first place." She sits up again suddenly and looks around. "Do they have you bugged?"

"Of course this room contains security cameras and audio feeds." Mohinder tries to keep the 'DUH' tone out of his voice. This is Kirby Plaza after all. "Perhaps the more sordid details can wait, if that is in fact what it is."

"Oh, it's sordid all right." Mara closes her eyes and leans back again. "And it need not be in my file, thanks." She opens one eye to shoot him a look. "You're Mohinder goddamn Suresh. You're probably the most important cog in figuring out the evolutionary wheel. I wouldn't put it past you to be able to pull strings to- Never mind. Forget it. I'll say this much…" She takes in a deep breath and lets it out again, slowly. "I was trying to see the future. And instead, I saw the past. I wasn't expecting it. And it definitely wasn't what I wanted to see."

"I see.. So you chose to push yourself.. well.. I can't tell you not to do such a thing. It's your ability and your choice on how to go about learning to use it, manipulate it and strengthen it.." Mohinder is still chastising in tone, yet it has lessened. "I did ask you to avoid such things until today." The 'I told you so' is implied however.. Yet he doesn't pry further on the details of the vision itself. "How long did it linger?"

The short answer is 'too damn long,' but she's betting that that isn't a good answer. "I don't know. Fifteen… twenty minutes? I mean, I know that's nothing compared to some of the downtime from the more intense visions, but I've discovered the length of time that I've blacked out doesn't actually correspond with how much I saw in my visions."

Mohinder frowns at any rate as Mara answers him. Clearly, he's not pleased with this turn, yet puzzled at the same time as he works it over in his mind what could have brought on the change. As he mulls this over in the back of his mind, he starts the testing. Which is really no different from past sessions. More of the same, touching various items. Studying the physical reactions, brain activity, etc.

Mara leaves her eyes open to demonstrate the sightlessness brought on by her visions now. It's obvious that it bothers her more than she wants to admit, but she's playing it as cool as she can. With each object touched, her eyes go unfocused and glassy. Not entirely unlike the way Peter looks when he's painting the future, but without that milkiness. The involuntary visions are rather infrequent. Only the object Mohinder has deliberately selected to produce intense reactions actually seem to trigger the visions without Mara having concentrate and demand that her ability just /work/. By the time he hands her the fourth object, she's looking a little worse for wear. Tired. But she doesn't complain. She asked him to test her. To push her. And she'd be very disappointed if he didn't do just that. The fifth object is held in her hands and she shakes her head. "I can't see anything." She closes her eyes tightly, trying to concentrate. "Dammit. Just wo-" The sharp gasp signals that it finally kicked in, accompanied by a shudder running through her body. All of this is normal.

The brainscans, however, are different than before. All the same centres are firing as they should. The emotions trigger as they always have. But throughout each vision, the occipital lobe remains, curiously, mostly dormant, suggesting the slightless sight of her visions.

"Do you still have the tuning fork?" Mara asks uncertainly. Lord only knows what she could be thinking, but knowing her? She'll look back in a couple of hours and say it sounded like a good idea at the time.

It's that last item where Mohinder calls a halt to the proceedings. "We are stopping there for today." He's putting his foot down and the tone is final. "Yes I have it. But not with me." His tone is distracted as he turns from Mara to glance briefly over the scan results on his screens. Frowning, he turns back to the detective to start taking off the monitoring equipment. "You are to rest now. Do I need to have you admitted here.. to make certain that you do in fact rest?" Because he will. He's not above doing that for the health of the patient. "The loss of vision is concerning, as the results showing here," he taps the screen, "are quite different than what I got before the injections."

Mara fixes a tired look on Mohinder. "You wouldn't." No way. But then, he admits the results aren't what he expected. "What d'ya mean /concerning/?" Her eyes get wide and she leans forward. "What does that mean?"

"Yes I would." Mohinder states quite flatly. Frowning in concentration, he starts pointing out the finer details there on the screen and explaining his initial observations. "This is just what I see at first. I will need to study these results in greater detail and at length."

"S'ya don't know what's wrong with me, then?" Mara's lips press together and she's trying to keep the panic from surfacing, though it's screaming in her mind. "No idea? Not an inkling? Just- Tell me /something/. Anything. Just please don't tell me you don't know."

"I have a few initial theories, yet I don't want to jump to any conclusions." Mohinder turns from the screen to focus his attention on Mara. "It could very well be a reaction induced by the injections. I am going to stop providing them to you. I want it completely out of your system, and we will do a few more tests then. Seeing as here," he points at the occipital results, "This was functioning before. It is quite likely to be the injections causing the loss of sight during visions. Now. There are some cases, such as those observed during the usage of their abilities where they go into a trance-like state. Their eyes film over, looking 'milky'. It is part of the physical reaction to the usage of the ability."

"What am I supposed to do?" Mara shakes her head slowly. "Just… hope I don't have another vision between now and the next round of testing? Or do we hope that I /do/ start having them again? And that I start… passing out again?" God, she does /not/ want to start passing out again. "I updated my info at Mount Sinai, by the way. You're on my emergency contact list as my, ah… personal doctor. I just don't trust anybody else poking about trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I thought you should know."

"We could always lock you up while the drug leaves your system. For your own safety of course." Mohinder doesn't sound like he's kidding. It's possible that he's not. "You are of course still on leave from the police department. I would suggest that you rest as much as possible. None of this is what you want to hear, and I know this." Yet he's not deterred at all. As to being made her doctor contact with Mount Sinai, he gives a nod of acknowledgment.

"What are you gonna do? Stick me in some bloody cell like one of their experiments?" Mara starts detaching herself from all the monitoring equipment without a second thought. She has to GET OUT of here. "I don't think so. I'm not just going to sit here and wait."

Mohinder raises a hand and rubs at his forehead. "Not like that. Not a cell.. Dammit Mara.. I want to /help/ you." He's starting to sound frustrated and a little out of patience. Even a little insulted. "I don't want to continue providing you with these injections if they could be causing you some harm."

Mara is obviously weak as she gets to her feet, trembling as she reaches for her coat. "I can't do my work if I'm left in here," she says seriously. A meaningful glance is given to the geneticist.

Mohinder jumps up to assist Mara, meaning to guide her straight back to that chair. "Sit. I am serious. You are in no condition to walk out of here. Not just yet. And just what work is that? You are not in a state to work with us, or the police department just yet." He doesn't voice that he could list her as unfit until this initial bout of tests are finished.

"This." Without warning, Mara reaches out to grab the sides of Mohinder's face and half pull him in, half hold him steady as she meets him half way, pressing her lips to his. The kiss is brief and mostly chaste, but fierce, with her eyes shut tightly. She releases him and rubs her thumb over the corner of her mouth, fixing smeared lipgloss. Kiss Mohinder Suresh? Check! "One less thing on the list," she offers by way of explanation. She crosses her right leg over the left. Casual as you please.

Whatever the favor was, this was not what Mohinder was expecting. He really should have seen it coming, most people would, but not him. As when Eden planted one on him, he freezes like a deer in the headlights. When he's released and Mara's sitting there, ever so casual, he clears his throat awkwardly and looks away. "I'll see to your accommodations for the night." Which should be one of the rooms on the upper floors, like where he, Molly and Matt are staying.

"Excellent." Mara smiles in a sort of self-satisfied manner, but there's just no hiding that fatigue. She really overdid it today. Not that she'll ever admit it.

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