2008-01-07: The Calling Card


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Summary: The Pinehearst speedster takes a card and a pitch to Sinai's neurologist.

Date It Happened: January 7th, 2008

The Calling Card

Mt. Sinai Hospital

Aileen's come out of surgery. One of the best things about being a neurologist, was the variance in her job. Sometimes she was in surgery, other times consultations and speaking engagements, diagnosing and helping… but even with all of that, it was still work. But that was all she really did anymore. Having cleaned up, the doctor moves towards her office with a slight sigh.

A hospital is a busy place. No one really has time to notice if there's one extra person loitering about, unless that person's bleeding out of some bizarre orifice. At least that's what Daphne imagines as she leans against the wall of a Sinai hallway. But she's definitely paying attention to one surgery door and, when it opens to let out a certain woman, the speedster blurs past everyone to beat the woman into her own office. And that's how she's there waiting, in the middle of the room with an expectant look on her face, for Dr. Aileen Kincade.

Moving into her office, Aileen stops when she sees there's already someone there. Well, that was quick, but it was work for you. Always moving ahead faster than you can see. Looking over at the speedster, Dr. Kincade offers a kind smile. "What can I do for you?" There's no 'what are you doing in my office' tone, at all, just a genuine, simple statement.

Daphne can do simple, likes that. She tilts her head back slightly, "Hey, doctor, just got something I think you should listen to." She isn't threatening, it just seems to be the natural way she speaks—like the way she now crosses her arms under her chest, but not to be standoffish. "I'm here on behalf of my bosses, see. They work for this company," she pauses to fish a card out of her pocket, "And they've noticed you." The speedster makes a point of looking right at Aileen to conclude, "They like how dedicated you are, how you really want to help people. They'd like to help you do that."

Interesting person for a job recruitment. Aileen doesn't complain, though, taking the card. It's really, really been a while since anyone's acknowledged her work, and really the work is what she has left. "Someone.. noticed me." She tries really hard not to laugh, but she can't help it. "Sorry, it's just kind of a surprise." She studies the card. "So they want to help me help others." She glances to Daphne, studying her for a long moment. "Do you work for them too, or are you freelance?"

"Don't be surprised," Daphne elaborates, "You graduated with honors, high marks in your field," she gives a little shrug with one shoulder, "They'd really like someone like that on the team." When she's studied, the young woman shifts, glances away, and then back. "We've got a mutual arrangement. That's what Pinehearst's about— finding your full potential."

It's true, she did rank highly. But that's not why Aileen's surprised, just that she's actually having a job offer after so long. "Alright, well.. mutual agreement aside, what's your opinion of them?" She's asking, simply because she's never heard of Pinehearst. "I need to know what the company's really like. Not just what your PR says. How do you feel about it?"

Well, there's the large sums of cash. But Daphne doesn't say this, she only pursues her lips and considers an alternative answer for a moment. "They're great," she then decides on, finally smiling a little and generally putting on the happy-employee act, "It's like they know just how to make you feel… at home. I mean," she glances around the office appraisingly, one eyebrow raised, "It's nice here, right? But the people at Pinehearst, they can do a lot more. If I were you, well," she takes a step forward and taps the business card, "There's a number on here."

The happy employee act was not what Aileen wanted to see, but she believes it either way. Daphne seems more than content to work there, and she's basically hinted at a nice salary, which is always a plus. Glancing at the card, the doctor smiles a little. It would be different, at least. "Alright. I'll give them a call."

"Great," And done and done, as far as Daphne is concerned. "They'll take care of everything, and I mean everything." That one's true, too; she doesn't even have to exaggerate. But she does briefly struggle with a closer, mostly because she's not used to finishing conversations so much as dashing off. "Have, like, a good day or something. Later, doctor." So said, she moves around Aileen to the door. If there's nothing else, then she'll be out and gone like The Flash.

"Thanks!" Aileen calls, though it's doubtful Daphne even hears it. She peers towards the door, shaking her head a little. Pinehearst certainly had a strange welcome wagon. Could be worse, though. She'd at least call and see how things were. She was getting restless again anyways.

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