2007-07-09: Get Carter: The Chase Begins


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Also Guest Starring: John Carter

Summary: The chase begins now that the group catches sight of their quarry.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: The Chase Begins

Abandoned Metalworks Building, South Syracuse, New York

Ramon considers this problem for a long moment. And then, like the pragmatist he is, he just aims his guns at the ceiling and starts firing. Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! If this doesn't work he might try being strategic. He /does/ try to get a general sense of the man with his powers, but his face is now twisted with impatience and hate, and not a single instruction goes out to his partners. He's reinacting the scene from the Boondock Saints with the pink room and the bad guys and the peepholes and things, only verticle instead of horizontal.

… well. If Ramon is going to do that. After he's recovered from the second explosion, Lachlan sighs and shakes his head. Rubbing his face with one hand, he gets hold of the dogs: *CALM. STAY. SIT. LISTEN.* Then he starts waving his arm to get Ramon's attention. *HEY. WILL YE FUCKIN' STOP WITH THE NOISE?* He's trying to get the dogs to listen. They, after all, have much better ears than any human present.

Jack is trying to think smarter, not harder. If he'd been the one to drop a grenade through the ceiling, he wouldn't be sticking around to get shot by survivors. This doesn't stop the bartender from loosing a shitload of rounds from his Thompson at the hole in the ceiling as he sprints for the stairs. He's able to clearly identify and skip over whatever line or wire has been stretched across, and then he's hot in pursuit of their target.

LACHLAN: The dogs are barking, and barking like crazy. They're starting to chase whoever it is above them from the floor where they're at, because now they know it's a BAD GUY and there's someone running around above their heads. They start to take off down the hall, around a different part of the complex.

RAMON: He'll find the silibant hiss of his quarry invading his mind if he looks around for surface thoughts. *I almost thought you would face me alone, given how adamant you are into coming face to face with me, but I misjudged you. You're not above fighting dirty. Promising, but altogether futile. Your daughter belongs to us. Your -children- belong to us. Did you really think you would have them without our help? If your wife hadn't approached us? Poor Catalina….the tears in her eyes. She thought she failed you as a wife.*

JACK: When Jack VAULTS upwards onto the stairs and scrambles up the landing, he'll catch sight of a dark figure several feet in front of him stepping out from around the corner. He'll find the gleam of a gun in his hand, and bullets will start firing, pinging and sparking off the metal rails of the stairs and what separated people from certain death below. John Carter spins around, and ducks back into the corner.

What Lachlan "says" makes a lot of sense. Ramon stops firing, gives Lachlan a tight nod, reloads his weapons and charges up after Jack. But then he hears the man. He hears him in his mind, and he stops, pressing his back to the landing. He stops and he thinks it through.

Really thinks it through.

John Carter is not the only one who can give orders. So he eases back down to the second floor and gets a peculiar look of concentration on his face. He's going to try to get into the other man's head. Deep into the other man's head. All the way down to his subconscious. John Carter has to be close enough.

Meanwhile, Lachlan has got the dogs, and the dogs have got something. So with only a moment's hesitation, he turns to follow after them, sending out a thought to Ramon as he goes: *'M followin' the dogs.* Because as much as he trusts Jack and Ramon, there's a latent bond with dogs, even strays he's known for only a few hours. Besides, being with Jack and Ramon has almost gotten him blown up twice already. Jesus.

Jack ducks down in time to avoid the shots, but he swears fiercely as ricocheting bits of metal ping and zing around nearby. When the shooting stops, he pops back up and looses a barrage from his own weapon. It's blind fire to keep the other man pinned. He's only got one hand on the SMG, and it bucks wildly, ineffectively spraying bullets in Carter's general direction. At the same time, Jack fishes one of the flashbombs out of his pocket, flips the safety lever, and skids it across the floor toward the corner. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

Five second fuse. One… Two… Three…

LACHLAN: The dogs are effectively following John Carter's wake around the second floor, but it's drawing Lachlan deeper and deeper to the darker parts of the complex. But it looks like he lucks out this time because whenever some of the smoke and debris clears, he'll find…the other side of the stairs, running up to the second floor. The dogs are barkling MADLY, snarling and itching to get up the stairs. But they won't unless the Scotsman commands him to.

RAMON: He'll feel his power give in, and mentally he'll feel himself sink deeper and deeper into his quarry's mind. And then, the next step.

JACK: The flashbang is lobbed overhead, the metal canister clanging along the floor and rolling around. It explodes on impact, sending shockwaves and a disorienting sensation across the floor, and on those who are unlucky enough to get caught in it. But there's no sign of Carter, at least not in the angle they're in. They can't hear footsteps either.

The next step indeed. It's vicious. And it's much more satisfying than murder if it works, though if the man dies screaming as a result…well. Ramon won't complain. He takes his pain. His suffering. Everything he's been through since this man took Catalina was taken away from it. He puts it all into a tight ball, condensed down, away from all the normal every day things that sometimes distract away from it.

He adds the pain and suffering he's telepathically gleaned. Elena's. Nita's. Luis'. Manuel's.

He adds the Preacher whose wife was taken, and his children, adding it until this ball of pain and horror that John Carter made grows and grows to near exploding. He adds all the pain and worry from the hospital. He adds Eric, who Carter nearly killed. Everyone who he's known who this man's life has touched. The suffering of Nima and Lee and their parents. All of it. Then? He /shoves/ it into that vulnerable spot in John Carter's mind and hisses his command. *Feel what we've felt. Feel it. Really feel it, Carter. Feel it to your toes, and know that you caused it. You may never forget, as long as you live, and every illusion you've put up to think that this is right and okay? It goes. You're done with them. Feel this. Know it. It's your new reality. We're tired of it. You carry it. YOU MADE THIS. YOU DID THIS. HURT LIKE WE'VE HURT. Scream like I screamed when I found her dead. And don't ever stop. Feel it as fresh and as new and as raw as the day it hit each of us.*

As soon as he spots the stairs, Lachlan does not hesitate. *Up. Up. C'mon. Quiet,* he tells the dogs. He's taking the stairs two at a time, trying to be as quiet as possible. The Tommy gun is in his hands, held firmly and at the ready, and he's scanning ahead with both his own senses and those of the dogs. *Found another way up,* he adds through the telepathic link with Ramon.

"Shit!" When Jack pops back up, there's no sign of Carter. He springs nimbly up onto the landing, sweeping the hallway with both his eyes and the business end of his firearm. His ears still ringing from the report of the flashbang, he's forced to rely on visual input alone. Spotting Lachlan helps. He gives the other man a thumbs up, the jerks his head in the direction that Carter presumably fled. *Maybe he went that way? Go now, or wait for Ramon?*

There is silence, as Lachlan comes up, and Jack doesn't see anything, and everyone's doing their best to be quiet and then…


The pain, horror, years of accumulated crimes for the sake of whatever he was doing, slams into that same vulnerable spot. And the only way it can get out is by screaming, and screaming, and screaming, and then….


Something fritzes. Ramon would feel it, the wall slamming down. He mentioned he's done this for years. Perhaps he's dealt with Evolved too. But he was the Gomez Patriarch's nemesis for a reason, their powers were similar, perhaps even complimented, but mostly antagonized one another. It wasn't farfetched for the man to use his powers on HIMSELF to program some sort of resistance on him. Was it to ignore telepathy? Ignore mental invasions? Whatever it was, Ramon can feel resistance. He can feel his quarry pulling away.

But the scream is so loud they can hear it through their earplugs. As Lachlan manages to reach the top of the stairs no problem, they can ALL determine where it's coming from. The east wing.

For a moment Ramon had indulged visions of him feeling that for years, in a prison forged out of his own mind. He bares his teeth. Too good for him. Maybe that one moment of horror was enough. *I'm coming,* he lets the two men know. *Following Lachlan.* His mental voice has turned into a very dark thing, carrying the overtones of the savage justice he just tried to deal out. He feels like a stalking predator in the mind, but not one turned on either of the other two men.

It's just like hunting, really. Lachlan's done plenty of that with dogs before, mostly during his fun time in Canada, though there's been the occasional bout of squirrel-hunting and cat-hunting here in New York. Spotting the others, the Scotsman gives a nod, then turns and directs the dogs toward the east wing. The command? Find and kill.

Jack needs no second urging. He drops the nearly spent ammo drum from his gun and clips another into place. After chambering a round, he nods back to Lachlan and takes off after the dogs. Hot pursuit. Bullets and bombs. Traps and telepathic attacks. And the fun's just getting started.

And in that dark area, there is laughter. Loud, echoing, bouncing off the concrete walls. "ONE OF US IS GOING TO DIE TONIGHT, RAMON GOMEZ," John roars from the darkness. "Scream the way you screamed? Feel what you felt? It was YOUR sentimentality that let me into your humble abode to begin with!"

And this, with Ramon still stretching out into his mind, he would see it. Visions of Catalina stepping into a white room, being put under for her injection. A hand stretching out to toy with her crucifix and slip something there. Flashing forward to her funeral when she died. The crucifix. The crucifix.

The crucifix he gave to his own daughter to keep.

"GOD IS ALWAYS LISTENING, RAMON!" he roars admist unhinged laughter, as if sharing in on a joke he only found funny. "YOUR INABILITY TO LET GO IS WHAT GAVE ME ACCESS TO YOUR LIFE! That's what the fundamental difference is between you and I! You know what I saw when I looked at your wife? I saw CATTLE. A piece of meat! Prime breeding stock for corporate endeavors!"

And he laughs, and laughs, and laughs. Amidst the snarling of rabid, vicious dogs.

Somewhere in the other side of the building, three women are left to pick their way out of the hot zone....

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