2009-11-04: The Choices That Define Us



Date: November 4th, 2009


Trust, choices, betrayal. Ivory visits Tracy in Building 26.

"The Choices That Define Us"

Building 26

Washington, D.C.


* * *

It's been days.

At least two. Tracy can't be certain; there's no clock in here, no windows, nothing and no one to tell her when night and day are, but she's been vigilant. As much as she can be. She's not going to lose herself.

The isolation room she's been forced into has been outfitted with every possible precaution to keep her controlled and weak. Bright heat lamps amp up the room's temperature by many, many uncomfortable degrees, searing at Tracy from three sides: two, massive rectangles of heat in front of her and more, smaller lamps facing her on stands. Just to be safe. They provide the only light, painting the room in vivid, scorching oranges and reds.

Tracy herself is sitting on a chair facing away from the door — right in front of the heat — with her hands shackled to a metal bar behind her and, in turn, to the floor by chains. Her head is down; a mess of strangled hair has fallen in front of her face.

The sound of the door opening can very likely be heard, followed by the soldieresque footsteps of a pair of guards. They immediately aim their weapons at the shackled target, to make sure that everything stays on the up and up. Within the next moment or two, Senator Ivory Wynn slides himself into the room. He reaches up to adjust his new, blood red, tie and shakes his head at the mess that he sees before him. Eyes are locked in a forever glaring position as he moves his hands to behind his back and makes himself known with the walking over to stand in front of the ex. Or the soon to be ex, considering the way she's being handled. "Hi. Remember me? The person whose side you're supposed to be on?" Ivory says, making sure to sound as patronizing as he humanly can. Even while his facial features are proving that he's royally pissed.

The noise stirs her. Tracy doesn't even have the advantage of seeing who's entering right away. She has to turn, look over her shoulder; a movement that spurs a metallic jingle and scrape of metal against metal. She's alert, even in this state — even though the look she gives the guards is instantly hostile, there's a certain modicum of hope behind it, in case they might precede Ivory. This time, unlike all the others, when it's been anonymous staff whose faces she didn't recognize, it is him.

The chains rattle again as she twists to follow his movement. The time spent in this hell room has made her skin dewy and slick with sweat. her bare arms — bare, because she's been made to wear a generic white tank and blue pants like a prisoner. "Ivory," she says insistently. "I tried to be on your side. Until your side meant arresting… children!"

Ivory brings his arms across his chest, wrapping them across each other and just stands there. Watching. Staring. Almost like he's just daring this woman to try and speak to him in some manner that will explain her actions. So far, he's not getting anything from it. He's not a happy camper, obviously. "Not that I have to explain anything to someone who doesn't trust me, I didn't know there was an order to do this to children. When I found out what happened, I went directly to the President himself. I'm doing everything in my power to get these children released." Ivory explains himself, regardless of not having to. "If you had come to me and talked to me, instead of trying to kill Swan, you wouldn't be in this position right now. I cannot believe you." He looks off to the side, clearly not happy with this woman. At all.

Tracy is angry beyond words, and the solid glare she has absolutely locked on the Senator expresses exactly that. She's heard a similar line from Ivory before, and… she believes it, but her anger doesn't wane. "I wasn't trying to kill him. He attacked me. What I was trying to do was stop him from hauling kids away like terrorists— to buy time, so I could call you and get it sorted out." And yet she doesn't sound particularly apologetic toward what happened to Max. Not at the moment.

Ivory is angry too. That's very obvious from the way he just seems to keep pacing back and forth. "I've already talked to Max. As if your punishment wasn't enough, he's also being dealt with." Ivory sighs and shakes his head, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose in some kind of thought. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do here, Tracy. You ask me to trust you and give you full access to everything and the next thing I know, you're fighting for the wrong side. Children or not, they've already caused some major problems in this war. I think you need to make a choice."

A choice. Tracy forces her lips together as if restraining herself against a biting comment and tars her glance away for a few seconds. There's nothing to her left but more glaring lamps and empty space, but for those few seconds, it's better than looking at Ivory.

"You know what side I'm not on? " she asks, oh-so-rhetorically, when her gaze does whip back at Ivory. "The side of being thrown in here without any rights and being treated like less than an animal! I guess you and your beloved President have really extended the reach of the Patriot Act," she says acidly. A cynical laugh rises to the fore. "Believe it or not? I was on your side. Your side, Ivory." His. Tracy looks hurt, for an instant. That would be betrayal strewn across her features. "Not … this." She looks around and lifts her shacked wrists uselessly. "I'm beginning to question the judgment of the sides you've picked."

"What do you want me to do, Tracy? Let you go? You could've killed him. He could be dead. How man murders do you want me to cover up?" Ivory is getting frustrated. And hot. "The only reason I even allowed you to be locked up this long is because I was trying to situate the children. I can't be everywhere at once. You want me to let the kids go? I'm trying to make it happen. You want me to let you go? I'm trying to make that happen too. I'm only one man!" Ivory turns and slams his fist into the wall. This is not a good thing because he's totally weak and there's much pain on his face at this moment. Followed by the clenching of his teeth, all the while he's holding his now hurt hand. A few moments of silence before he can whisper, "I have people that I have to answer to. People that can make all of our lives a living hell. As much as you want me to be, I'm not the bad guy, Tracy. I'm really not." Stupid hand.

Tracy's face hardens throughout Ivory's words, and holds back a wince when he slams his hand into the wall. Must've hurt. Looks like concrete over there. She can't keep up her ice queen level-headed guise up for long against Ivory — blue eyes, seeming rather red under the intense glow of the lamps, look up at look with some manner of commiseration. Even compassion, if one looks hard enough. Definitely imploring. "Just answer me one thing," she says, her voice falling into an intense. She leans ahead, pulling at her restraints. "If you do get me out've here? What happens then?"

Wincing is still going on but Ivory seems to be shaking out most of the pain. "I don't know. You tell me." Ivory's not sure about what's happening right now. He's just trying to do all of this stuff and keep everyone happy and not get caught up in the crossfire the way he is. "All I ever wanted to do was protect the country. That's all." He sighs and looks down at the floor, unable to really control his emotions at this point. "I never meant for you or those kids or anything else to happen. I just want to do the right thing." Realizing he's maybe saying too much, he looks back over to Tracy. "What do you want to happen?"

Tracy wastes no time in answering. It's immediate. She knows what she wants. "I want amnesty." Her own safety. By the way she looks at Ivory, though — tormented, sure, but strangely fond beyond all that — there's more to it. Priorities, though. First things first is getting the hell out of here. "You wanna protect the country. From— people like me, is that it." Once again, she leans toward Ivory, the metal bar between her wrists keeping her from going very far. "I have to know that I'm not just gonna be hunted down like a terrorist like all those people I've heard about— whether they deserved it or not." Sounds like they're not her concern right now. She is. "I have to know that I'll have a life to go back to."

Ivory frowns. He can't believe she's asking him this. He frowns even more. "Tracy. Who do you think I am? Do you know how much I care about you? Do you understand that I spent the last 27 hours arguing with the President to let you go. Don't you get that I'm doing all of this for you?" Ivory sighs, knowing that he's probably just talking to the wall. Since he's sure Tracy's too angry at him to even let these words register. "I want you to understand that I'm on your side. I don't like half of what they're doing myself. But I can't stop it. Not alone." He pouts. "I need you, Tracy. For everything."

The new captive listens sharply to Ivory's every word with an unblinking gaze — even with those bright lights so close, searing into her vision, she's not missing a beat. The words are registering, alright. Doesn't mean she's not pissed. Slowly, though, Tracy seems to accept it with a gradual nod and nothing else.

"I need a little more time. I'm getting you out of here. If not the right way…" Ivory sighs, not wanting to say more, so he just kind of nods in the direction of the guards waiting for him to finish. Yes, that look in his eyes says that he'll go the extra mile and just bust her out of here. "Please. Just tell me you…" Pause. Not that word, Ivory. Use another one. "…trust me. Still. I can't leave here without that." Pleading eyes and everything. Poor Ivory.

Poor Tracy. She looks on Ivory with sincerity, even though her eyes are forever critical. It's just her nature. The wheels are turning in her head. She's already made up her mind but she's too cautious, so far, to voice her decision. She looks away and continues to quietly boil.

"… Right. For whatever it's worth, I'm sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. I'll be back as soon as I can." Ivory says this, reaching up with his hurt hand (and wincing because he forgot about it SINCE SOMEONE HAS PAINED HIM DEEPLY IN AN EMOTIONAL WAY) to smooth out his tie. There's a pause, before he turns to walk around the Tracy and move off towards the door. Sigh.

As Ivory moves to the door, Tracy closes her eyes and tips her head back to the ceiling. The moment seems to extend longer than it really does, for her heat-soaked reality, but it's only a few seconds. Not long enough for Ivory to leave. She sighs — frustrated more than defeated — and her eyes open. "I trust you." It's spoken as if she wishes she didn't.

Ivory turns back to listen and he almost smiles. But he doesn't. No response is given, as he's more worried about just accepting the trust from her. As he leaves the room, the guards follow him and the door is finally slammed closed.

In the hallway, Ivory starts off down the hallway, before looking at one of the guards. "I want those kids prepped for Walkerization, immediately. Nobody embarrasses me and gets away with it. Nobody."

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